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Overprotective Obsession

Chapter 6


Team Kakashi is now tree running heading to Kiri, well near Kiri where the island of the Uzumaki clan is. The twins hope it is still there. After finding out some information some days ago they learned that their clan was wiped out except for some who ran away so their clan could survive. They knew that their mom was the only one in Konoha but wondered who else out there would be Uzumaki. They also learned the reason why the word 'whirlpool' is in their name. Turns out the island is surrounded by whirlpools which made them wonder how to get around them.

While they thought that the team makes it to the edge of the land of fire and stop when they see the island of wave. "You think we can find a boat here sensei?" Naruto asked. "Let's hope so Naruto. Come on let's go across the water." Kakashi said before all three water-walk. They see a bridge that is in the process of starting to be built but there are no workers. The three narrow their eyes at that as they make it to land then take to the streets of the village from the base of the bridge. From there they see why there are no workers.

The whole place seems abandoned and run down though they also see some people on the streets. "What happened here?" Naruko asked. "I'm not sure." Kakashi said. The three stayed close together just in case though they saw some children in ragtag clothes. A little girl came up to Naruko and looked at her. Naruko looked down at the little girl. "D-do you ha-have any fo-food?" She asked. It broke their hearts seeing this little girl forced to beg from this life style. Naruko pulled out a small scroll then unfurled it before unsealing a loaf of bread. She handed it to the girl. "Here you go little one." Naruko said.

The girl took it and smiled at her. "Thank you nee-chan." She said before running to a man and a woman who was holding a small child in her hands. The couple smiled at them. The three smiled back before they continued their walk. "We should tell Ji-Ji about this. Shouldn't the Water Daimyo be helping these people?" Naruto asked. "Yes but I don't know why he wouldn't. Let's find the boat and send the message when we find one." Kakashi said. The twins nodded as they went to find a boat to take them to Uzushio.


It took them about an hour to find a boater. But they also found some good information about why the place became like this. A business man named Gato took control of the island almost a year ago and since then everything went down the crapper. Even the Water Daimyo has fallen prey to his schemes. When they found someone who would take them to the island, Kakashi sent a message via one of his nin-dogs. Right now they are on the boat heading to the island of whirlpools.

The man stops about a mile away from the whirlpools not to get sucked into them. "Meet us here in five hours. If we aren't back in that time, come back tomorrow at around the same time." Kakashi said. The man nodded since the three helped out with not only paying him for this job but also giving them food that would last four days until help arrives for the island. The three get off the boat and water-walk heading for the whirlpools as the boater turns around and heads home, wishing them luck.

The three make it near the whirlpools when the twins start making handsigns. They practiced them for some days and knew how much chakra to add to the jutsu. "Uzumaki Style: Whirlpool Collision." The twins yelled out before slamming their palms to the water. As soon as they did that, a whirlpool swirling in the opposite direction slams into one of the whirlpools surrounding the island causing a reaction in where the whirlpools cancel each other out. "Come on we have to run quickly." Naruto said before the three sprinted across the water.

Soon they make it to the island and land on the beach then look back to the see the whirlpool spinning again. "That was close." Naruko said. Naruto and Kakashi nod also before the three catch their breath then walk into the foliage that is on the island. The forest is dense and full of wildlife while the path that used to be on the forest floor is now almost completely covered up though there are still glances of carved stone under the growing plants. They also see some stone statues along the path, some weathered while other almost gone. They only saw two of them that were fully complete. On them is the Uzumaki spiral with another symbol on them.

"Why is the Senju symbol on here?" Naruto asked. "Well not many know or by now it is almost forgotten but the Senju clan and Uzumaki clan are very close. In fact the first Hokage married an Uzumaki named Mito." Kakashi said. The twins looked at him as they walked past the statues, not noticing that they glowed along with some others before going back to normal. "So the Senju and Uzumaki clans are or were allies?" Naruko asked. "Yes. So much so that the Uzumaki swirl is integrated onto the Konoha symbol." Kakashi said as he points to his forehead protector. "Wait you mean the swirl in every hitai-ate stands for the Uzumaki name?" Naruto asked. Kakashi nodded. That made the twins think before they scowled.

"So the bastards wear our symbol without even knowing it and yet treat us like trash. Makes me sick." Naruko said. Kakashi sighs but knows the Hokage will hear about this. The three stop though before the come upon and huge set of double doors. "Whoa." The three say as Naruto walks to the center where the lock is. "Hmm this looks like a seal of sorts. Didn't it say in the book the only way to unlock it is by using Uzumaki blood?" Naruko nods. Naruto cuts his hand before applying it to the seal of the door. From there a groan is heard before the lines of the door light up blue. Naruto walks back to the group as they watch the walls that are attached to the door are lit up also with lines waving around them. Even the pathway is lit up the same. They even notice the foliage on the walkway has disappeared and now the whole stone path is shown.

Suddenly another groan is heard before the sounds of the door being unlocked are heard. Then the doors open inward till they are wide open, showing the three the village of Uzushiogakure. The trio walks inside and they feel like they have stepped back in time. The village looks partially preserved though they see the last remnants of a battle take place. They see most buildings standing while others are either half broken or fully destroyed. They also see bodies everywhere though it surprised them that they all have skin and don't look like they are over a decade old. In fact it looks like they might have well died the week before.

The twins and Kakashi said a silent prayer to the fallen before walking around. They first check all of the buildings that are still intact. Inside each has what a family of four would want: a kitchen, living room, dining room with a table, and upstairs four bedrooms with an office. Kakashi noticed the twins having tears in their eyes and smiled wondering if they were thinking of how their lives would be if the Uzumaki never died off.

Then they found a library that somehow stayed intact. They walked inside and saw most of the shelves empty though there were some books. Seems like either most books were taken away from the village or the Uzumakis hid most. Some they picked up and saw that some had history about the Uzushio and the clan while others were kid books. They still took them though to read later on. They would only share with their circle of trust and no one else. The villagers would never have that privilege even if they begged.

After they left the library, they went and checked out some of the buildings that were either burned out or partially destroyed though some they sent a shadow clone to see if it was safe. Two buildings fell making the twins and Kakashi sweatdrop. They didn't find much in those buildings. Then they found a weapons shop though the place had seen better days. They headed inside but were disappointed when then whole place was cleaned out. They still searched though to find anything of value. Naruto found the forge and looked around. He saw some unfinished weapons on the walls and parts of the floor then spotted something that caught his eye.

It was a katana that somehow survived and was never found. He picked it up and saw that the blade was onyx black in color but the handle was ivory white. The sword had a glint to it when Naruto inspected it. Though he noticed there was a pattern on both sides of the blade showing multiple swirls on them from the top to bottom, some swirls in the shape of the Uzumaki swirl. He even noticed a fox head at the tip of the handle. He then tried to put some chakra into the sword and to his surprise the sword glowed blue as wind chakra pulsed through it. He stopped though as he then cleaned he sword and saw that the swirls had a blue glow in them now. Afterwards he found a sheath for the katana and slid it inside before strapping it to his right hip next to one of his cutlasses. Naruko and Kakashi came down and Naruto told them what he found. Kakashi inspected the katana and was impressed. "I heard rumors that Uzumaki were excellent blacksmiths and this proves it. You should have it inspected by Ten-Ten's father. He is the best blacksmith in Konoha." Kakashi said before handing the katana back to Naruto. "I know. I go there sometimes."

Naruko searched the forge for anything else and found a false section in the wall. She made sure to check for traps. She found one but it was rendered useless when she felt no chakra in the seal. "Hmm odd…" Still wanting to be careful though, she made a clone open it as she warned her brother and sensei. The three backed up near the entrance before the clone opened it. Nothing happened as they all breathed a sigh of relief. The clone puffed out before the three checked what was inside the hole. They saw some scrolls as all three took them out. Only the twins could open them but they told Kakashi what was inside. They are plans for making weapons using certain ingredients which would give each weapon different properties. There are even some that said regular weapons could be changed using certain metals and methods. Naruko even found a scroll that would make her bow and arrows stronger and better.

They packed what they could before the three walk out of the shop then head for the biggest building in the village. "I'm guessing this is where the leader would stay." Naruko said. The three walk towards the building before jumping to the sides from an attack. They turn to see some bandits behind them. "What the hell? How did they get here?" Naruto said as he takes out his cutlasses. He doesn't want to damage his new sword until he can have it checked out by a blacksmith. Naruko takes her bow out while Kakashi gets his tanto out. They each count fifty plus bandits.

"You know how long we have been trying to get in here? Thanks to you three we finally can." One said seeming to be the leader. The twins and Kakashi narrow their eyes before the other bandits brand their weapons. However only the twins and Kakashi notice the blue on the walls and doors turn red before the main doors slam shut then lock. The bandits turn to the door before looking at them. "What did you do?" The leader demanded but the three stayed quiet. The leader scowled before calling the order of attack. The other bandits ran to them but were stopped cold by black blobs coming from the ground and impaling some. The others backed up as the three are now in a full defensive stance.

More blobs appeared though these are white. But that wasn't the disturbing thing. At the end of each both black and white gunk type thing was the shape of a demonic head, each with four eyes. The black having red eyes and the white having blue eyes. Multiple tentacles appeared from each one before they all impaled every bandit either in the head or heart before the heart was pulled out and eaten. The twins and even Kakashi had to turn their heads from seeing that. The leader was now at the door though he couldn't escape, shaking and scared out of his mind. All the blobs came together before two big ones, one being black and the other white, attacked the man before devouring him.

"Mmm it has been so long since we had a good dinner." One said in a feminine voice that held power. The twins and Kakashi turn to the things with wide eyes. "Yes it has sister though it seems we have been awakened from our slumber." The other spoke in a darker tone with a masculine voice. The two creatures turned and saw the twins and Kakashi. The three put up a defensive stance again wondering if this would be their last day alive. The two creatures moved towards them, stretching their bodies until their heads were in front of the twins. The twins didn't know what to do.

The white one sniffed the air. "Well brother it seems these two are Uzumaki by the scent of their blood." The black one sniffed also. "Yes it seems like they are." He went and sniffed Kakashi. "And this one has their scent around him. Must be their protector." The three are now standing still as the two blobs are now facing the twins. "Well are you going to speak?" The white one said. "Uh… What are you?" Naruko spoke, slowly though since she was shaking in fear since in front of her was something not human. Naruto was quiet though he was trying to talk to Kurama who at the moment is very silent.

The two creatures chuckled. "We are a lot of things. Though my brother is a creature of hell and I am a creature of heaven. I am Brightness or Akaru-sa." The white one spoke. "And I am Darkness or Yami. Yes she is light and I am shadow but you may call me Ankoku or Shadow." The three nodded slowly. "You may call me Hikari or Light." The three nodded at that but said nothing. Hikari shock her head. "Don't worry we don't bite. Well we do but not you guys." The three sweatdrop as Ankoku shook his head. "That was a bad joke sis. Now what are your names?" The three shook their heads, breaking from their stupor. "I am Naruko Uzumaki." "I am Naruto Uzumaki." "And I am Kakashi Hatake." The three said.

"Well Naruko, Naruto and Kakashi I am guessing you are wondering why we are here huh?" Hikari said. The three nodded as they put their weapons away. "Well think of us as what you humans call a Bloodline to the Uzumaki clan but at the same time we are also summons." Ankoku said. That made the three go wide eyed. "Yes it is true though we have been dormant for some time now after the battle that took place here. The Uzumaki was a very strong clan but even strength can be defeated by numbers. Though before that battle was lost, everything inside including us have become dormant and sealed which is why we have never been heard of before." Hikari spoke.

"That makes sense though Naruto and Naruko are probably the only Uzumakis left." Kakashi spoke. That made Hikari and Ankoku look down. "I see though tell us who were your parents?" Ankoku asked. "Our father was Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure. Our mother was Kushina Uzumaki, the Red Death." Naruko spoke. "Kushi-chan made it out? But wait what do you mean was? What happened?" Hikari spoke. The twins look down. "She was killed during the sealing of Kyuubi being put inside me." Naruto said. "Both were." "I see. Sorry for your loss. So that is why I felt his aura around you. How is Fluffy by the way?" Ankoku spoke. "Fluffy?" The three asked. Kurama was grumbling inside Naruto after hearing that nickname. "Ah yes Fluffy. We gave him that nickname a long time ago. He always hated it though. But we can talk about that later since it seems like the prophecy might come true." Hikari said. "What prophecy?" Kakashi asked.

"Did you know it is very rare for Uzumaki twins to be born? Let alone one being a girl and the other a boy. See before me and my sister became bloodlines and summons, we hated each other. You know Dark and Light can't be in the same spot though one can't survive without the other." Ankoku spoke. "But after millennia of bickering and fighting we got tired of it. Though we came to an agreement after one night in the bedroom." Hikari said with a perverted giggled. All three blushed hearing that, more the twins than Kakashi.

"Anyway, after that we decided to fight together but also wanted to help the human realm out. I found one man but that went south a couple of different ways. It wasn't until the earth changed after a big event where it became like you see now. When the Sage of Six Paths had his sons, we choose the one that gained both body and mind from him which he later made the Uzumaki clan. We became summons at first until we became very close to all Uzumakis that we kinda merged with them in a sense. Basically they could use our powers but not us. Think of minions that are like us. Very hard to explain though you saw before we merged." Ankoku spoke.

"That is basically what he meant but inside that building behind you will have everything explained to you. Now since the time of the Uzumaki we could only be summoned but there would be a day when a twin girl and boy would be born that we would become bloodlines to them. It seems that day is today since we are feeling ourselves being pulled in you. I will go into Naruko." Hikari said. "And I will go into Naruto. We will tell you how to summon us after you head inside the building. Yes Kakashi-san you can come also. Now I hope Fluffy made some room because I am going in." Ankoku said before both were drawn into the twins.

The twins gagged as the two beings went inside them through their mouth, nose, eyes and ears. They got onto their knees as they felt like their bodies were going to be pulled before the pain stopped. The twins gasped as Kakashi checked on them. "You two alright?" He asked. The twins nodded. "They could have warned us…" Naruko said as they both stand up. "Sorry Naruko-chan. Guess we should have." Hikari said. That made Naruko jump. Naruto wondered why he heard her too though. "The reason you can hear her is because we share a mind link. Now time to see Fluffy." Ankoku said. Naruko jumped again hearing Ankoku. "Uh can you do that later? Right now we need to do what you said." Naruto said as he felt a headache growing. Said headache was being caused by Kurama who really didn't want Ankoku there.

"Right we can do that later brother. Though I can't believe how perverted you two are. Wow me and bro should try that sometime." Hikari said with a perverted giggle as she looked through the memories of Naruko and Naruto. "What are you doing looking through my memories?" Naruko asked. "Sis, do that later when she gives you permission. Though we can't really help it since we are now one." Ankoku said. "Right." Naruto said before looking at a confused Kakashi. "Sorry sensei. Our new tenants are talking with us." Kakashi nodded before the three saw the double doors of the main building open. A blast of air came out of the place as the three coughed from the dust.

The three walked inside as they saw the place barren except for some desks and chairs here and there. "So where to?" Naruko asked. "Head straight and there will be another set of double doors." Hikari spoke. The three walked straight until they saw the double doors then pushed them open. The doors revealed a set of stairs that went down, the steps illuminated by candles that lit up themselves. The team walked down the steps wondering what was at the end.


After thirty minutes of walking down the steps, making many turns in what felt like a labyrinth and avoiding some traps, the trio is now in a huge room deep underground of the island. "So in here is something that will reactivate the Uzumaki bloodline?" Naruko asked. "Yes. Just walk to the center, do a simple jutsu and after drawing some blood from you both the bloodline will be active again." Ankoku spoke. "Why does that sound more complicated than it really is?" Naruto said. Hikari and Ankoku sweatdropped. "It isn't, though tell Kakashi-san to be near the doors." Hikari spoke. The twins did as Kakashi stayed by the door.

The twins walked forward until they saw lines going around the room along the floor, walls and ceiling. "See the markings on the floor? Stand where the feet shaped symbol is then cut your palms before doing the signs we will show then slam them down where the hand shaped symbol is and hold it until we say so." Ankoku said. The twins nod as they take their sandals off and place them in a scroll. They shiver from the coldness but walk to where they need to be and stand at the spots. They cut their palms with a kunai before doing the twenty handsigns they need to do in a quick succession. "Seal Release: Awakening." The twins yell out before slamming them onto the floor over the symbols.

Suddenly the whole room lights up in a blue hue where the markings are. The twins feel a strain as the blue color glows bright. Outside everyone can see a huge tower of light coming from the island before some people around the Elemental Nations fall in pain. Then just like that the light disappears and the people are back to normal. In the room, the twins are on the ground panting. Kakashi runs to them and kneels near them. "You two ok?" He asked. "We are fine sensei. Wonder if it worked." Naruto said.

Just then Ankoku appeared from Naruto's left shoulder while Hikari appeared on Naruko's right shoulder. "This answer your question?" Hikari asked. Naruto dumbly nodded. Before anyone could say more, a door opened the opposite of where they came in from. Everyone looks in that direction. "Uh what is in there?" Naruko asks. "That is the archive. Everything and anything Uzumaki is in there. Well I hope." Ankoku said. That made the three look at him in confusion before the twins put their sandals back on and the three walked in that direction.

"So since we did that, we can summon you whenever now?" Naruto asked. "Yep. You don't have to use chakra or handsigns to have us come out. Remember we are bloodlines now. Just think it." Hikari said. The twins nodded before all three finally make it to the doorway. They gasp when they see a huge vault like room full of riches, scrolls, weapons and other artifacts. "Wow…" The three said slowly. Then Naruko remembered something. "Sensei how many hours have we been in here on the island?" Kakashi looks at her. "More than four. I know we only have less than an hour before the boater comes again so let's find what we can in twenty minutes before leaving. We can come another day here. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a strong security seal around here."

The twins nodded before they made some clones. Now ten groups of them stand in the room. "Ok guys let's find anything useful we can take with us. We don't have much time. Meet us here in twenty minutes." Kakashi said. The clones nodded before they each took a random direction. "Forgot how useful clones can be. Been a long time since we have seen any." Ankoku said. "Ankoku since now we activated that, can either of you sense any other Uzumakis?" Naruto asked as they head for a section full of scrolls.

"Ah yes we can. And we feel a lot of them though it seems like there are only twenty plus left in the world." Ankoku spoke. "What if they use the bloodline for evil?" Naruko asks as she opens one of the scrolls which contains on how to make your own paper, ink, brush and other sealing techniques and necessities. "That wouldn't happen. You see the bloodline will activate only if they will use it for good, especially the females. See only the males could get the Darkness bloodline while the females could only get the Brightness bloodline. Even though the Darkness is stronger, thanks to our little 'deal' per say, not even Darkness would allow to be used that way." Hikari spoke. "You said you two are summons. Does that mean that Naruto and Naruko can't get any others now?" Kakashi asked as he looked at some weapons he found, one being a huge three pronged throwing star. "Actually they still can. Even though we are, we are acting as bloodlines so they can still get a contract." Ankoku said.

Naruto found a big scroll though it was empty inside. "Hmm a very big storage scroll. You can seal a lot in here. This will be useful." Naruto scrolled it back up before looking at Ankoku. "Say can you sense any Uzumakis nearby?" Naruto asked. Ankoku thinks. "The nearest one I sense is about thirty miles out." "You mean there is one Konoha? Odd there has been no records except for Kushina-sama." Kakashi said. "That reminds me, you two knew our mother?" Naruko asked as she used the scroll Naruto had to seal some other scrolls she found. "Yes little Kushi-chan. We only met her until she had to leave when she was around four. She was a feisty little girl though but very cute. I bet she grew up to be very strong." Hikari spoke.

"She was. Only a small percentage knew she was a jinchuuriki but she hid it well. Though people feared her for her angry side. Boy does she get scary when she got mad. Something Naruko got." Kakashi said with an eye smile. "Let me guess, Naruko's hair goes all tail crazy when she gets mad?" Ankoku asked. All nod at that making the two beings laugh. "But I wouldn't change them both. They are unique in their own way. I even see them as my little siblings though technically I am their God brother. Just wish the council would stop plotting against them." Kakashi said. The twins sigh. "Let's forget about them right now. Say is there anything else we should know?" Naruto asked.

"Oh right. We almost forgot. The Darklings and Brightlings. These little guys are a part of us. Think of them as our children though we made them a different way. Now the Darklings are all males. The Brightlings are all female. It should be simple who gets who. Now to summon them just call them by name. Think for abit. They will come to your mind." Ankoku said. The twins think for abit. "Chainy." Naruto calls out. "Sunny." Naruko calls out. From the shadows a small little creature comes out holding a chainsaw with a potato sack on his body. His beady little red eyes look around till he spots Ankoku. "Master." The little one calls out. At the same time from the lights above a small ball of light comes down before it changes to a little creature that is the same size as the one Naruto called upon. She holds a tambourine with a white dress on her body and wings on her back. Her little beady blue eyes look around till she spots Hikari. "Mistress." They both bow.

"It has been a long time." Sunny said. "Yeah. Uh who are the monkeys?" Chainy asked. The twins and Kakashi look at him oddly while Ankoku and Hikari mentally face palm themselves. "Chainy respect the twins. We have merged with them as you can see from us sticking out of their shoulders. We have been dormant for a while but the prophecy will come true. Now we would talk more but we have a deadline. We will see you two later ok." Hikari spoke. The two gasp before nodding. "Yes ma'am." They said before disappearing in their own way.

"Well that was interesting but let's go. Twenty minutes have passed and we only have at least twenty more left." Naruto said. The rest nodded before they met up at the door with the other clones. Using the big scroll Naruto found, everything the clones found which included money, weapons, more scrolls, three summoning contracts which surprised the three and books were all sealed up before the clones poofed out and the three shushined to the top of the island. They stood in the center before they headed to the door.

After applying some blood the door reopened. They walked out as they turned to see the door close and lock. "Good mechanism." Kakashi said. The team ran down the stone path before they make it to the beach. There the twins do the handsigns before slamming their palms to the water and doing the jutsu again. "It would be best if you guys head back in. Don't want to freak out the boater." Naruto said. Hikari and Ankoku nodded before retreating. The three ran across the water before seeing the boat then get in it.

"So how was the island?" The man asked. "Found some interesting things. Didn't think there would have been bandits though." Naruto said. "Yeah that was a surprise. How did they get on the island in the first place?" Naruko asked. The three thought about it as the boat headed back to Wave, the sun setting. "Say is there a hotel we can stay at?" Kakashi asked. The man sighed sadly as she shook his head. "Sorry but all of the hotels have been closed down thanks to Gato. You three can stay at my place till you want to leave. It is the least I can do after the money and food you gave me and my family." The man said. "Thank you." Kakashi said as the boat motor hummed along the water.


Next Day

After spending the night in the boater's home, the trio head home to Konoha though they look around the village one last time before heading out. They will come back but with more people to clean up the place and get rid of the cockroach. They took to the trees and hopped along them. "So how do you think Ji-Ji will take our bloodline?" Naruto asks. "He might freak out though he has seen a lot. Not sure." Naruko said. "It'll be fine guys. Don't worry the Hokage won't freak out. Just hope the council doesn't get wind of it." Kakashi said. "They better not." The twins say as they keep running.

In some hours, they make it to the village and after greeting the guard they head to the tower. In there the three are standing in front of the Hokage desk with only the Hokage inside. "So how did everything go?" Sarutobi asked. "Well the village of Wave we did not expect to be in those conditions Hokage-sama." Kakashi spoke. "Yes I read the note. I also sent one to the Fire Daimyo. Still waiting for a return message. How about the island?" Sarutobi asked.

"Well we made it inside after doing the jutsu we found. Most of the village inside is still intact though we saw the bodies of the fallen and some buildings destroyed." Naruko said. "We didn't expect for bandits to arrive though. But we REALLY didn't expect two beings to defend the village." Naruto said. That made Sarutobi raise an eyebrow. "Beings?" He asked. The three looked at one another before looking at him. "You want to see them?" Naruko asked. Sarutobi looked at them with confusion on his face.

"Guys come on out." Naruto said before Hikari and Ankoku came out. "Greetings." They said. Sarutobi was wide eyed now. "Ji-Ji?" The twins asked. Sarutobi said nothing. "And he broke…" Kakashi said. The three waved their hands in front of his face and snapped their fingers before Sarutobi broke out of his stupor. "Huh? Uh well this is interesting. So what are they?" Sarutobi asked. "We are Light and Darkness. We are also their bloodline. The Uzumakis have a bloodline that has been dormant from the time of that battle so long ago. Until yesterday when the twins reactivated it." Hikari said. "It is difficult to explain so we might be a while." Ankoku said. The two spoke to the Hokage telling him what they told the twins and Kakashi.

After an hour or so, the two finished. "Wow. That is a lot to take in. Didn't think the Uzumakis had that kind of bloodline though I understand why Kushina never showed one though she can keep things like that a secret. And you say there is another Uzumaki in the village?" Sarutobi spoke. "Yes. He is nearby in fact. He probably had his name changed though. If you would like you can join us." Hikari spoke. Sarutobi nodded. "Yes that would be great. Now did you guys find anything else?" He asked.

Naruto pulled out the scroll that is on his back. "We found a lot though right now it is a jumbled mess." He opened the scroll before unsealing the items. On the desk and around the floor are all the items they brought with them. Money was everywhere though the Hokage wasn't going to take any of it. Some scrolls were on the desk while others where in other areas of the room. Weapons also littered the floor and desk. "Forgot how much we took… and there is still plenty left." Naruko said. The twins made some clones and resealed the money and weapons back into the scroll while some cleaned up and put the scrolls in a pile.

The three picked up three scrolls. "Though these are the most interesting items here." Kakashi said. Sarutobi gasped. "Those are summoning contracts. I didn't know the Uzumaki had any. Well they were and still are secretive." He said looking at the twins. "Yes the Uzumaki have contracts though you only grabbed three. They actually have five. The ones you are holding are the Chameleons, the Eagles, and the Dragons. The other two are the Dolphins and the Chimeras. We would be a sixth one but as we said we are bloodlines though our contract, if anyone else wants to use us as summons, is locked away. Only we can get to it. Now if you two want you can pick one of the contracts. Though be wary of the Dragons. They are stubborn and can get aggravated easily, especially not being used in over three decades. Well some are ok." Ankoku spoke.

Kakashi looked at the scroll he was holding. "So this is the Dragon contract? Wasn't this lost?" Sarutobi nodded. "Those were the rumors though there were rumors of Dragons being seen almost forty years ago. Guess the Uzumaki had them. Now we know why they were never seen again. Good thing too. Not sure how the other nations would be if they got their hands on the contracts. For now I will let the twins keep them but they can't keep them at their apartment. Would you two want the manor of your father?" Sarutobi asked.

The twins look at each other then at him. "Would that be a good idea? We don't know who might be watching us. And if the council gets wind they would want answers." Naruko spoke. "Maybe we can keep the scrolls and other items there and use the manor as a getaway spot. The civilians don't bother us as much as before but just to be on the safe side. So it would be a good idea but we won't live there yet. Just to use the manor as a safe house of sorts." Naruto said. Naruko agreed after thinking about what he said.

Sarutobi wondered about what he said. "Well that is a good idea. Alright we can go with that plan. Though would you want to use one of those contracts or the one your father had?" The twins look at him. "Which one did he have?" Naruko asked. "He had the Toad contract." Sarutobi spoke. The twins thought about it. "Well even though we respect our father we would like to go down our own path." Naruko started. "So no offence but it would be best for us to sign with one of the others. Besides you already have a contract Ji-Ji and so does Kakashi-sensei. We don't know about Neko though and Kan isn't a shinobi anymore. We don't really trust anyone else right now." Naruto finished.

Sarutobi sighed sadly but nodded. "'Jiraiya won't like this though I guess I could tell him about them. Soon anyways.' Alright if that is what you want then I am fine with that. Now what else did you find?" For the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon, the six talk with one another.


After they talked, the four walked out of the tower and headed to where Hikari and Ankoku told them where the other Uzumaki is, though Hikari and Ankoku are inside the twins again. They head to the weapons shop called the Black Dragon and walk inside. There the twins greet Ten-Ten who is bored out of her mind. "Hey Ten-Ten. Didn't know you worked here." Naruko said. Ten-Ten looked at them. "Hey Naruko. Hey Naruto. Hi Kakashi-san. Ho-Hokage-sama." Ten-Ten stammered out the last part before bowing. "Nice to see you Ten-Ten. Is your father around?" Sarutobi asked.

Ten-Ten stood up straight and nodded. "Yes. Let me go get him." Ten-Ten walked out as the others looked around the shop. Ten-Ten came back with her father in tow who is a burly man with square glasses, a handle bar mustache, a white shirt and black pants with a blacksmith's apron. His muscles bulged out as his brown skin glistened with sweat. "Hello Hokage-sama. How can help you?" The man asked. "Hello Hirasoshi-san. Actually it is these two that need help." Sarutobi pointed to the twins.

Xan Hirasoshi looked at them. "Ah the Uzumaki twins. Are your swords in tip top shape?" Naruto nodded. "Yes Hirasoshi-san but we aren't here for that though there is a sword I want you to look at." Naruto slid out the black katana and presented it to Hirasoshi. Hirasoshi gasped as Ten-Ten looked at the weapon with awe. Hirasoshi took it and inspected it. "So she did finish it…" He said in a whisper before clearing his throat. "Ten-Ten go tell your mother to prepare some tea. I have so much to talk about." Ten-Ten looked at her father before nodding and going to her home behind the shop as Hirasoshi lead the four to his home.


At the living room, everyone is sitting with Ten-Ten, Xan and his wife Meiko across from their guests. Xan has the sword on his lap. "This sword was made by my aunt though last I saw it she was still working on it." He looks at the Hokage. "Sorry I lied but I changed my last name when I first entered the village when I was in my teens. Since Uzumakis were still feared back then I thought it would be best to change it. I am sorry I never told you." Sarutobi put his hand up. "I understand Xan. I won't hold it against you. Please continue."

Xan nodded. "Yes well my aunt was the best blacksmith of the time. Better than me though she taught me everything I know. She was working on this masterpiece at the time. I never knew what happened to it but now I know. This metal is special. In fact it is only found on the island below the whirlpools. Very hard to get to." The twins and Kakashi nodded in agreement after seeing the whirlpools. "But if you can get some you have to know everything about it. Otherwise the metal will be unusable." Xan looked at Naruto. "Take care of this sword son. This is an Uzumaki heirloom now." Naruto nodded before Xan handed it over to him.

Naruto looked at Ten-Ten and sweatdropped. "You want to hold it Ten-Ten?" Everyone turned to her as they saw her with stars in her eyes looking at the sword. Ten-Ten nodded though Naruto wasn't sure now. "Ten-Ten you better not do anything rash." Meiko said as she sipped some tea. Ten-Ten looked at her with a blush. "I know kaa-san." Naruto then handed the sword to her. Ten-Ten looked at it as she held it. "This is one of the best katanas I have ever seen. No offence tou-san." Xan chuckled. "Trust me none of my swords can come close."

"Hirasoshi-san just wondering, did you feel anything yesterday?" Naruko asked. Xan looked at her then thought about it. "Now that you mention it, I fell after I felt some pain but only for a few seconds. Why?" The four look at one another. "Well yesterday we reactivated an old bloodline." Naruko said. Xan gasped. "You mean?" The twins nodded. "Ten-Ten don't freak out." Naruto said though it was in vein since she was still looking at the sword making everyone sweatdrop.

The twins shook their heads before Hikari and Ankoku came out. Xan gasped as Meiko looked at the two creatures. "So what you said was true?" Meiko asked. Xan looked at her. "Yes. Though I guess seeing is believing." Xan looked back at the two beings. "But you two don't look like the old ones." "That is because we are the main ones. I am Hikari and he is Ankoku." Hikari said. Xan gasped again. "But I thought you two couldn't be merged?" "Yes but that was because no Uzumaki twins were born with one being a boy and the other a girl until now." Ankoku said. Xan nodded. "So then the prophecy will be true?" The two nodded.

"I have been meaning to ask, what prophecy?" Kakashi asked. Hikari and Ankoku look at him then sigh. "Well we have some time to waste. It was written after the Sage of Six Paths passed on. Basically he knew the Juubi might return but didn't know when. It wasn't until some hundreds of years later that a gypsy got a vision of what the Sage said. At first it was just a rumor since not many people believed in psychics though the story was still passed down. It wasn't until about a millennia later that another gypsy got the vision but with more to it. She said that it was someone from the Uzumaki clan and that it was twins, one a boy and the other a girl. That story was passed down the Uzumaki family. Though the only times twins were born were three times, twice being girls and once being boys." Hikari said.

Halfway through the story, Ten-Ten started to listen to them and was intrigued. It wasn't until Hikari stopped speaking that she noticed them sticking out of the twins shoulders. She screamed. "AH WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS COMING OUT OF YOU SHOULDERS?" Everyone looked at her oddly. "Nice of you to join us girly though not polite to scream." Ankoku said. Ten-Ten blushed as she looked down. "Now how did you like the sword?" He asked. Ten-Ten looked at him. "It is very remarkable though I guess it belongs to Naruto though. Here." She said as she gave it back. Naruto took it then put it in the sheath.

"So then does this mean Ten-Ten is half Uzumaki?" Naruko asked. "No Ten-Ten is our adoptive daughter. I can't have any children sadly. "Meiko said. "Oh sorry." Naruko said. "It's alright." "By the way we also found some plans to make weapons and upgrade them. We even found some unfinished ones and some materials." Naruto said as he took out the big scroll. He opened it and took out the scrolls that contained the plans then took out the materials. Xan checked them. "These metals are the same as your sword. Do you want me to upgrade the cutlasses?" Xan asked. "Yes. Also sis wants her bow and arrows done too." Naruto said.

Naruko opened the plans to upgrade bows and handed the scroll to him. Xan adjusted his glasses before reading. Ten-Ten looked at them but couldn't read them. "Hey why can't I read them?" She asked. "You have to have Uzumaki blood to be able to read the scrolls. It's a failsafe should the scroll be stolen or lost." Naruko said. Ten-Ten pouted. Xan finished reading. "Well I can do it though it would take a while Naruko." He spoke. "That is fine. I can wait. Though Ji-Ji what are we gonna do about Wave?" Naruko asked as she looked at the Hokage. "Not sure. Still waiting for the Daimyo's response. Though I know you three want to help but Wave isn't allied with us. We aren't sure who they are allied with." Sarutobi said.

The three sigh as Ten-Ten and her parents look at them. "What is wrong with Wave?" Ten-Ten asked. The six look at one another before telling them of what they say. After an hour, the mood in the air was heavy. "How can one man do that to a village?" Ten-Ten asks. "Those people…" Meiko said with tears running down her cheeks. Xan looks at the Hokage. "There must be some way to help. No way Konoha will sit back after hearing about this." Sarutobi sighed. "I know. I want to help but since I don't know who they are aligned with…stepping into enemy territory is basically like walking into a mine field. Each step could be your last."

Everyone sighed. "Wish we got more info. Maybe we could have learned who is building that bridge and maybe we can send help under the guise of helping building the bridge while investigating more." (I probably could have written that better.) Kakashi said. The twins look at one another before looking at Kakashi. "Sensei I declare to do a recon mission there." Naruko said. "I second that. Maybe we can say that Gato is wanted here and execute him on the spot." Naruto said. Kakashi nodded but then looked at Sarutobi. "Well we do need you to order it." Sarutobi smiled. "Ok then tomorrow Team Kakashi can go to Wave. But you will have to wait till I get the message from the Daimyo." Sarutobi said in an authoritive tone. The three nodded.

Hikari and Ankoku looked at them before remembering something. "Xan we forgot to ask but have you used your bloodline yet?" Ankoku asked. Xan looked at them in shock forgetting about that. "Wow I forgot too. No since I didn't think it was that yesterday but I forgot how to use it since it has been a while." The two nodded. "Well all you have to do is think about it." Hikari said. Xan nodded as he closed his eyes before opening them. He looked on his shoulders as he saw two black tentacles there the same as Ankoku but slightly different. Instead of four eyes there are two and they look fiercer than Ankoku though he knew Ankoku can change his look.

The two creatures look around before seeing Ankoku and Hikari. "Masters." They say and bow. They both look up. "So the prophecy has come true?" One asks. "Yes. And these two are the twins told in said prophecy." Ankoku said. The two creatures bow again. The twins chuckle nervously. "Please don't bow to us." Naruto said. "We don't like formalities anyway." Naruko said. The two creatures nodded before looking at them. "By the way, do each of them have names like you guys and the Darklings and Brightlings?" Naruto asked. "It depends though they should be the same ones Xan got before the bloodline went dormant. Most are named but some rare ones have to be named." Hikari said.

"Yep. These two are Jin (left side) and Gin (right side). Been a long time you two. Though where did you guys go after becoming dormant?" Xan spoke. "Well we went back to our realm. Though it was pretty crowded." Jin spoke. "Oh yes it was. Though now it should still be since there aren't many Uzumakis left. Well that will change in the future." Ankoku said. The twins blush lightly hearing that. "Anyway, right now we should put the rest of the stuff we found in a safe place. We will leave the unfinished weapons, the scrolls and the metals here since you would do better with them than us. Same for our weapons." Naruko spoke.

"What about the mission? Wouldn't it be better to have you weapons?" Ten-Ten asked. "Well I will still have my sword while your dad works on the cutlasses and nee-chan's bow. She does have a back-up bow plus we have other weapons." Naruto said. Ten-Ten nodded before the twins, Kakashi and Sarutobi stood up. "Well I guess see you in what two weeks?" Naruko spoke. "The mission might take longer so not sure." Kakashi said before the four left after dismissing themselves. The Hirasoshi family said their goodbyes before Xan and Ten-Ten went back to the shop and Meiko went to the kitchen, with Jin and Gin retreating back into Xan.


After leaving, the four walked around the village. The twins followed their Ji-Ji until they walked down a path that is between the Inuzuka compound and the Hyuuga compound. "So is this were the manor is?" Naruto asked. Sarutobi nodded. They entered a forest before a huge clearing opened up inside. It was empty which confused the twins. They stopped after taking some steps forward. "It has been a while since I have been here last." Kakashi spoke. "Indeed it has." Sarutobi turned to the twins who are still confused.

"If you are wondering, the manor is here in the clearing but it is heavily protected. Right now it is invisible thanks to a seal made by your parents." Sarutobi spoke. The twins nodded slowly as they tried to wrap their minds around that. "How advanced of a seal is that?" Naruko asked. "Very advanced." Sarutobi and Kakashi said. "You might be able to find about it inside the manor or in one the scrolls you found." Kakashi added. The twins nodded. "So how do you deactivate the seal?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi turns before touching a certain area in the air. As soon as he did, a dome-like shape shimmered before it 'broke' revealing the manor. "The seal is still up but if I wanted to I could make it visible again. At the gate is another seal that uses blood which is where you two will apply yours." Sarutobi said though the twins kept looking at the manor making the men chuckle.

The manor is a huge three story house painted white with the Uzumaki swirls painted in various areas. On the front of it is a huge patio with double doors for the entrance. In front of the patio and surrounding most of the manor are flowers of various colors. The path to the gate is made out of hand-carved white stones with flowers decorating the sides. Surrounding the area around the manor is an iron fence with the gate towering over the twins. On both doors are the Uzumaki swirl and the Konoha leaf without the swirl pattern.

The twins walk up to the gate and see the seal over the lock. The two cut their palms before applying their blood to the seal. After that, the gate opens with a slow creak. The four walk in as the twins look around. From what they could see, the front yard had two fountains, both on opposite sides from each other. The pathway had an intersection that leads two other pathways to the backyard. The four walk up to the manor and onto the porch.

"So how do you two like it?" Kakashi asked. "It is very beautiful though why all the flowers?" Naruko asked. "Your mother liked to garden and this is her personal garden. There are flowers from many different places. They never withered because of the seal around the house." Sarutobi said. "By the way do we have to reapply our blood to the seal?" Kakashi asked. "I think so. You know how paranoid Kushina was. We can do that later. Right now let's head inside." Sarutobi said before the twins opened the door.

The four walked in and Hikari and Ankoku came out and looked around. Inside the home was just as magnificent as the outside. The living room is huge with two long sofas opposite of each other with a long coffee table in between. The wall opposite to the window has a huge landscape of the island of Uzushio before the war. At the far was is a fireplace with a picture of Minato and Kushina holding each other, Kushina being five months pregnant.

The twins shed some tears as they looked at the picture. Kakashi wiped one tear while Sarutobi had a smile on his face. "Kushi-chan grew up to be a beautiful woman. Wish we could see her again." Ankoku said. Hikari nodded in agreement before the four walked to the kitchen. In there are the best appliances a Hokage and kunoichi could ask for. The cabinets are oak wood with granite counter tops and matching island. "Wow I bet nee-chan would be jealous to see this." Naruko said with Naruto agreeing. "We can show her later though she might want to use them immediately…" Naruto said. The twins chuckled.

They then looked at Sarutobi. "Ji-Ji is there a safe here?" Naruko asked. Sarutobi nodded. "Yes there is one in the basement. Follow me." The twins nodded as they and Kakashi followed the Hokage. After opening a door past the kitchen, they walked down a flight of stairs. At the bottom, Sarutobi flipped a switch as the room lit up in light. In the basement there is a combination washer/drier along with an ironing board and a sink to one side of the basement. The other side or more like most of the basement had what looked like a second living room but with a single couch big enough for five, a love seat and recliner with a round coffee table in the center. On a wall opposite of the couch is a flat screen TV.

Sarutobi walked behind the recliner and hit a spot on the wall. That caused a doorway to appear as part of the wall next to him slid into the rest of the wall. It revealed a wooden door but the twins could see the multiple seals on them. Sarutobi turned to them. "The same as you did on the gate is the same here. Just apply blood and the door will open." The twins nodded as they walked to the door then cut their palms. They applied their blood onto the seals.

The seals glowed before disappearing into the door. The lock on the door was heard moving before the door opened with a creak. "We will stay out here since only family can go in there." Sarutobi said as he and Kakashi sat on the couch. The twins nodded before heading inside. The inside of the room looked like a small library with the walls having cubbies filled with scrolls. The wall opposite of the door has a desk that looks like it is bolted to it with a lamp attached to it. On the desk are four envelopes, one with the words 'From Father' on it, another with the words 'From Mother' on it, another with the words 'To Daughter-In-Law' and the last with the words 'To Son-In-Law'.

The twins picked them up though they blushed at the words in-law. Hikari and Ankoku snickered knowing why they blushed. Even Kurama did though he remained quiet but kept watching through Naruto's eyes. The twins first opened the letter written by their father. Naruto gently opened the envelope and took out the letter. Their father's handwriting is one of the best they have ever seen, each word and letter written clearly though they could tell it was rushed.

To my children Naruto and Naruko,

By the time you read this you probably will know who your mother and I are. I want to say I am sorry for doing this to you both, even though Naruto would be carrying Kurama. I want the villagers to look at Naruto like a hero but something in my gut says otherwise. I really hope you will be seen as a hero and not a pariah. If you are my son then I am truly sorry. There might be a chance that the villagers will want to use you as a scapegoat since most humans are like that. I know I should have put family first but if I didn't do what I did then no one would have been left alive. You two wouldn't even been living in the village since after all no human can kill a bijuu. Your mother gave me an earful when I told her about what I would do but she knew I had to.

Right now I am writing as much as I can since I am fighting Kyuubi at the moment. I also wish it was me writing this and not a clone but no one knew this would happen today. Kushi-chan is also writing a letter to you both right next to me though in clone-form also. She is very stubborn but I love everything about her. In the large drawer on the right of the desk is the journal that belongs to me and I want you both to read it. There is also another one that belongs to your mother.

Naruto and Naruko I want you both to have my two greatest jutsus I created: the Rasengan and the Hiraishin. The Rasengan however is still an unfinished jutsu but I hope you both can finish it and make variations of it. The Hiraishin is completed though it does take a lot of training. The scrolls for the Rasengan and the Hiraishin are in the large drawer on the left side of the desk. There are also other scrolls that are from your mother but she is writing what they are about on her letter.

I hope you two forgive me for leaving you both so soon. I am proud to say that I am happy to have been your father, even if it was only for some minutes. I wish Kushi-chan and I could see you both grow up. I know you both will make me proud in every way.


Minato Namikaze

The Fourth Hokage and your father.


Go ask Sarutobi about Jiraiya. He is your Godfather just in case you don't know. He is a very busy man so I am not surprised he won't be there a lot or if ever. He has a spy network to maintain. But when you see him, tell him to send you to Mount Myoboku. Tell him the Yellow Flash sent you.


Also give him a swift kick in the nuts for me. He owes me. And another just in case he does never see you.

The twins smiled at the last part though they were crying as they read the short letter. They even saw some tears stains on the paper close to the end with some parts of the ink smudged. Hikari and Ankoku shed some tears as they read along. Kurama was quiet but shed a tear. However he didn't blame himself for taking their parents away from them. No that blame fell on one man, one person that he wishes to see die in the most painful and brutal of ways that will send nightmares to anyone who just hears about it.

The twins wiped their eyes as they looked at each other with a smile. They knew that their father loved them and wondered how things would be different if they both would still be here, though they really wanted to carry out his wish on their Godfather.

Somewhere in the elemental nations, a certain pervert felt a shiver down his spine and cupped his nuts but shrugged it off as he went back on doing his research.

The twins looked at the letter from their mother wondering if he should buy a cup and wondered what she wrote. They gently opened the envelope then took out the letter opening it. Her handwriting is the same as their father's though it had a different style. Her's letter was rushed also but was cleaner.

To my Naruto and Naruko,

I don't really know how to start this since I was never good at writing letters but to my children, know that I love you both very much. Know that I am very happy to be your mother, even if it was for a short amount of time. The nine months you were both inside me were eventful but I won't write all of that in here. As I am sure your father wrote in his letter, he is the Fourth Hokage of the village. Even though I berated him I knew what he did was the only way to save the village and for you two to grow up and live your lives, even though jinchuurikis' lives aren't so great.

Naruto, Naruko I hope you forgive both of us. We both really wanted to be in your lives but this circumstance messed it up for all of us. I can't think of a reason why Kurama would even attack. Yes even though he is a hard ass most of the time, he would rather leave the village alone than attacking it. I hope you can befriend him but don't use his youki Naruto. He would tell you the same and don't let anyone try to have you use it. It is toxic to humans though I have used it but on rare occasions.

My children I hope your lives are going alright. I know Sarutobi will look out for you as will Kakashi who is your God brother and Yugao who is your God sister. If anything has happened then I am sorry. I really wish I could be there. I am happy to say that you brought me joy to my life, even if it was only for a short time. As Minato-kun probably wrote I am just a shadow clone like him but we both love you very much. Please don't hate us and hope you can forgive us if you do. We are sorry and hope we can see you both again when the time comes.


Kushina Uzumaki

The Red Hot Habanero, The Red Death and your mother.


I am sure your father said this but my journal is with his on the bottom drawer. On the other one is some scrolls that contain my sword, the exercises to use the chakra chains and a twin-blade nagitana that I used also. There is also a scroll that has the Uzumaki fighting style though I am sure you both made your own. Also I hope you find your old clan village Uzushiogakure. In there is the history and everything there is to know about the Uzumakis. Make me proud my children. I miss you.

The twins are on their knees crying after reading the letter, both also seeing tear spots on the paper. Hikari and Ankoku couldn't also hold back their tears. Even Kurama was on the floor inside Naruto with his paws over his face. 'That bastard will pay. I will make sure of it.' He roared inside his mind before retreating into the darkness. The twins wiped their tears before standing up. They looked at both letters before putting them back in the envelopes and putting them in an empty desk drawer.

They then looked at the other two letters and blushed. "Maybe we should read them at another time." Naruko said. "Yeah. Let's check out the journals." Naruto said as he went and opened the bottom drawer on the right while Naruko opened the left one. Naruto pulled out two journals, both the same size and thickness though one is yellow in color and the other red with an Uzumaki swirl on the cover. Naruko pulled out the scrolls their parents mentioned. "Hmm let's talk to Ji-Ji and sensei about this. Maybe we can practice for a day before heading out to the mission." Naruto said. Naruko nodded before the two headed out of the room.

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