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Overprotective Obsession

Chapter 7

Wave Recon

After the twins left the room and talked with their Ji-Ji and Kakashi, and sealing the contracts and what they didn't need at the moment, the four left the manor and went to their homes. The sun had already set so they planned to meet up tomorrow at training field three to test the weapons.

At the apartment, the twins are reading their parents' journals though they wondered whose handwriting is worse at the time; their mother's or father's. Sometimes it was illegible. They also read the jutsu steps for each of their techniques. They started with the Rasengan but couldn't get the first step down. The Hiraishin should only be done outside, same with the chakra chains. The twins checked out the twin blade nagitana. The staff is made out of a dense, black metal that is light weight but sturdy. On it are red swirls and yellow dragons swirling around the staff from hilt to hilt. The blades are long and thin like tantos with a curved tip at the end. There are no fancy stuff like feathers or strings or anything like that, just the staff and blades.


Naruto gave Naruko the staff since he already has the cutlasses and the new katana. Naruko smiled and kissed her little brother heatedly. The two kissed before they put the stuff away then got on the bed and got naked. They kissed some more as they played with each other's tongues until Naruko flipped over. Naruto grabbed his cock and slid it into her waiting pussy then bottomed out in her. Naruko moaned before Naruto began moving his hips, his cock sliding in and out of her already wet pussy.

Naruto spanked her ass as he fucked her hard, Naruko moaning as she gripped the sheets. He bent down and licked and kissed her back from the top to the center as he thrusted into her. She moaned and shivered from the touch then moaned more feeling him fuck her faster and rub her breasts. The bed rocked from the movement as Naruto left some hickeys on Naruko's back. He pinched her nipples and pulled them gently making her moan louder.

Naruto reached up to her ear and licked the lobe before whispering. "Want a creampie?" Naruko moaned and looked back, kissing him deeply as Naruto fucked her harder. "Mmm yes little bro. Give your big sis a nice creampie." She moaned out as she kissed him more, her tongue moving around in his mouth as Naruto kept hitting her cervix with the head of his cock. Soon Naruko came after Naruto pinched and pulled on her nipples again before he went deep inside and came also. The two panted as they stayed together and cuddled on the bed, Naruko doing the BCJ before falling asleep.

Mini-Lemon End.


Next Day

The twins are in training field three although they came earlier than when they would meet. Right now Naruko is doing the stance that her mother used using a wooden practice nagitana. Naruto, who is some distance away, is practicing katas using the black katana. He noticed how it felt lighter and better to use than his cutlasses but he had to get used to the longer reach of the sword. They did this with clones until eight when Kakashi and Sarutobi along with Neko came.

"Morning Senseis, Ji-Ji." The twins say as they take a small break, their clones dispelled. "Morning you two." They said. "I see you are training in your stances. It has been a while since I saw Kushina-sensei's nagitana." Neko said. Naruko went and unsealed it. "Did mom train you with it?" Naruko asked. "She tried but I never got the hang of it. I'm not sure if anyone here can help…" Neko said then pondered.

"So what have you two been doing?" Sarutobi asked. "Getting a feel for my sword. It's very light. Just need to get used to the length." Naruto said. "I'm just practicing the stances mom wrote in the scroll she left for the nagitana. Not easy but good exercise." Naruko spoke. The three nodded. "Now I am here to tell you two that the Fire Daimyo approved the request of helping out Wave. I know you two have to practice your skills but you can do that during this recon and assassination mission. I'm not sure how long this will last but there is no deadline. Just find what you can, kill Gato and whoever else is behind this atrocity and any other information you have. Understood?" Sarutobi said. The twins nodded with a salute. "Yes Hokage-sama." They said.

Sarutobi nodded before turning to Kakashi. "I already gave you the orders. Leave when you are ready." He then turned to Neko. "Neko I want you to go with them also. I want you four to pretend to be a traveling family and one that will be staying in Wave." Neko nodded though she had a small blush behind her mask. Kakashi and Neko saluted. "Ok you two go get packed for at least two months. You already know how bad it is down there so be prepared." Kakashi told the twins. They nodded. "Meet at the gate in thirty minutes." The four shushined out as Sarutobi smiled before walking away.


Thirty minutes later

The four are now at the gate, each with just the clothes on their bodies as they packed all that they needed into scrolls. After making sure everything is fine, they took to the trees. During the run, they made some small talk but it was mainly silent. It took some hours but they make it to Wave. Before they enter however, they henge into looking like a regular family. Kakashi is now dressed as a fisher man with regular attire (kinda looks like what Kaiza wore). He still had his mask on even though his hair changed to black and became abit longer and not defying gravity.

Neko, who the twins found out her real name being Yugao, is now wearing a long blue dress with black sandals, with her purple hair now blue and cascading down her back. The twins are now wearing a matching attire of red and blue clothes with Naruto having a blue and red shirt and black shorts with black sandals and Naruko having a dress matching Yugao's but it being red with blue flowers. She also has black sandals. Naruto's whisker marks went away as their hair turned a dark blue though Naruto's is still spiky and Naruko's is still in pigtails. After making sure everything is in order, they enter the village. They would learn that this mission would be more complicating than they would think…


One month later

The village of Wave is quiet as the moon shined overhead. Everyone is in their homes asleep as the wind gently blew through the island. The waters roared against the shore as the crickets chirped their song. In the forest nearby however, four shadows could barely be seen in the darkness, though only someone with a very trained eye would be able to see them.

They stealthily moved in the trees and along the grass as they headed to a destination; a huge treehouse type of building that has five floors and can house plenty of people. A few guards are seen around the area of the building however all are taken down easily and hidden from view. The shadows slowly make their way inside the building, already knowing the crooks and crannies of the location thanks to weeks of scouting and information gathering.

Inside the four shadows split off knowing what their objective would be. Each took a floor leaving the top for last as they went and searched for what they are looking for. The first shadow is on the first floor looking around, checking each room and taking out any enemy; sleeping or otherwise. They already have gone through this floor a good amount of times and know what each corner holds. However what this person is looking for is a person that went missing some days back, a boy they met during their time in Wave.

The shadow makes its way around the floor until they arrive at a dungeon-like area with prison cells. Most are empty except one where said boy is in a corner crying softly in the fetal position. As the shadow moves around, a bit of light shines through one of the windows and reveals blond pigtails though only for a second as the person goes back into the shadows. Said person now stands in front of the cell. "Inari." The person whispers in a feminine tone. The boy looks up slowly and gasps seeing someone there in front of the cell. Then gasps and smiles as Naruko reveals herself but for a brief moment. "I need you to stay quiet ok. I am getting you out." Inari nods happily. Naruko begins thinking of the time they met Inari and their time in Wave.


Flashback, three week prior.

During the first week of the mission, Team Kakashi along with Neko saw how bad things really were. During the time Team Kakashi was in the village before, they only saw a fraction but after just some days of seeing the whole island they knew they had to get through with this mission. Almost every home and shop is either run down or just fully abandoned. Others just weren't there and only had remains left. Some homes were fully intact but just barely thanks to the taxes Gato put on the villagers.

The first week, Kakashi worked with the boater they met before as a fisherman. He learned a lot and not just the job but how much the boater had to just give Gato and barely keep any for himself and his family. Yugao and the twins didn't really do much work except for information gathering and sometimes going stealth around the village. It was when they met Inari and his mother though Inari was very closed off and angry, well more regretful than angry. Through them they learned a lot about Gato and how he took away her husband some months back. They also learned about her father and the bridge he wants to build. Sadly Gato's goons keep halting the process.

During the two weeks they met Tsunami, Inari and Tazuna, the team got close to them, the twins getting close to Inari after breaking him out of his shell, not fully but just enough for him to talk to them normally. The twins and Kakashi during some days helped out at the bridge but sometimes were stopped thanks to Gato. They couldn't do anything since they couldn't reveal themselves but knew they would take the scumbag down and free this village.

Some days ago they had to take action after Gato had sent some goons to kidnap Tazuna's daughter and grandson. The twins were at their house at the time with Kakashi working and Yugao picking up some food. Even though the twins couldn't do much they managed to keep Tsunami away but a threat to kill Inari made them hold back and not do anything. Since then, the team has been planning on going through the assassination plan. They also revealed themselves to Tazuna and Tsunami and told them they would get Inari back and kill off Gato. They were both thankful though Tsunami the most after hugging them all and crying while doing so.

Flashback end.


Now Naruko is working on the lock trying to free Inari but stops when she feels a presence. She jumps back before blocking an attack from an unknown assailant. Naruko narrows her eyes through her mask when the assailant appears from the shadows. They have on a hunter mask with the symbol for Kiri on it along with anbu-like attire on them. Though Naruko knows this person is not anbu but is as strong as one.

"So you thought you could free the boy without us knowing? You are a fool to think that and now you will die here." The assailant spoke. Naruko said nothing as she took out her mother's nagitana and twirled it in her hand before lunging at the fake hunter nin. Said nin took out a kunai and blocked the attack but jumped back when the blade of the nagitana cut through the kunai cleanly. "So blocking won't work but you will need more than that." The nin said before taking out senbon and throwing them at Naruko.


Meanwhile on the second floor, one of the other shadows moves around the place looking for something. They cleanly take out any opposing enemy on this floor as their purple eyes look around through the mask. They head to a door and open it as inside are a multitude of bandits and samurai working for Gato. All turn to the door but see nothing before the light goes out and all scream as the sounds of skin being ripped and bones being broken are heard before silence. The light flickers as it shows the room covered in blood and gore along the floor, wall and ceiling.

"You know you could have eaten a bit cleaner…" The shadow speaks before a second voice is heard. "Sorry but I get like that when I haven't eaten in a while." The second voice spoke. The shadow appears in the center of the room as it searches the bodies, whatever is left of them. "Nothing. Let's keep looking." The person leaves the room, only their red hair barely being seen in the light before it goes out completely. During the time though, Naruto thinks about the time he and his sister trained with their bloodline.



During their second week of being in Wave, the twins, when they could unless sleeping, would spend some time in the forests of Wave training with either their weapons or their bloodline. In some days, the twins became close to mastering their new weapons using shadow clones though their other weapons came to them via bird messenger but they found ways to compensate for both. Training with their bloodlines was easier since they have a mind of their own along with their personality. Though there was one set back, well mainly for Naruto though Naruko had it too.

During that week, they told the twins about their feeding frenzy that they get from time to time which varies. Ankoku's is stronger than his sister's and both the twins had to find some unlucky…mice so to speak. They found them when some of Gato's goons decided to terrorize both of them after being found in the forest…

Afterwards Ankoku and Hikari told them more about the Darklings and the Brightlings. Chainy and Sunny were the first since they were the first the twins summoned. Chainy basically uses his chainsaw to cut up whoever Naruto tells to cut up. Sunny uses her tambourine to cast genjutsu-type spells that can range from confusing someone to killing them, depending on the sound or music she makes.

They also found out about some others. Danny and Hayley, a Darkling and Brightling that look at each other as siblings with Hayley being protective of her brother much like Naruko is with Naruto. Though they learned that these basically clinged to them the moment the twins summoned the two. They even called them Mommy and Daddy which had random reactions, Kurama laughing his ass off at that. Both are childlike though Hayley can get serious when the time comes to it.

Danny has the same power as Sunny however his are very powerful though thanks to his child-like personality they can get broken easily if a person can detect them. If they are detected, he can use the shadows to kill whoever he is targeting using shadow spears. He wears a white shirt that is ragged and torn with a black spiral on the back and black pants and sandals, both in the same condition as the shirt (Think Blackstar but with black hair and red eyes as said in the review but shorter than him by a foot).

Hayley's power deals with healing but instead of like the Mystical Palm Technique, it's more of an orb that appears out of her hands and hits whoever she wants to heal. Though if she gets mad or is ordered to kill, she can launch powerful beams of light from her hands and eyes that can burn anything. Though she can lose control. She wears a black dress with white spirals around the hem and white sandals. She has white hair and blue eyes like most Brightlings (Think Maka but shorter, almost a foot and a half). The twins also found the hard way that these two love appearing at the oddest of times, actually scaring both Yugao and Kakashi a couple of times during the month.

Shady is a Darkling that can bring any mood down. As most Darklings, he is short with black eyes and red eyes. He has a sickle as his weapon which he uses to cut up his enemies but he can also use it to deal medium to long range attacks with wind chakra infusing them with darkness. He has a red bandana around his neck with a black trench coat on his body and round sunglasses on his face.

Shiny is a Brightling than can bring any mood up, basically the opposite of Shady. Like most Brightlings, she has white hair and blue eyes but she has a third eye above the bridge of her nose. However this eye is pure white and is always closed unless she is attacking or using a spell. Shiny has no weapon or instrument. She has seals on her hands that can let her use alchemy and basically make anything she wants without problem. Well when she puts her mind to it. She can get easily distracted… She has on a similar dress to Sunny but it is yellow and she has no wings.

Then the twins summoned two very interesting Darkling and Brightling. The Darkling is named Smokey and the Brightling is named Misty. These two have no physical bodies. Instead their bodies are fully made of gas. Smokey is a dark cloud while Misty is a white cloud. Smokey can use his 'body' to enter any person and either control them or kill them slowly. He can also become poisonous, corrosive, heavy or light depending on the situation or order he gets. The only way to tell where his 'face' is is by looking at his red eyes however they aren't beady. They are more slanted and aggressive looking much like Ankoku's.

Misty can use her 'body' to actually create either a mist or clouds, and become different temperatures. She can make hail, rain, snow or, if pissed off, lighting, acidic rain and smog. She can also control the weather to a certain extent as in area and length of what she wants. Same as Smokey, the only way to tell where her 'face' is is by her blue eyes but they aren't beady or slanted like Smokey's. Her eyes are more human shaped but fully blue.

The twins would have summoned more but they had to practice with the ones they summoned. It was hell at first, mainly for Naruto especially when Kurama just laughed at whatever happened. The easiest were Sunny and Chainy while their 'kids' where the hardest but good listeners, most of the time. The twins also learned about a special kind of Darklings and Brightlings called Megas who are as big as the Boss Summons but can only be summoned as last resorts. There are four: Gigantor, Fists, Justice and Alice.

Gigantor is a huge four legged beast with an arched back and an ugly face. Its mouth opens up from the top of the head all the way to its chin with its multiple red eyes higher up on its head. On its back are multiple holes where bird-like creatures come out of its back covered in darkness and fog with four red eyes on their small heads and nasty jagged teeth in their mouths that stick out. Gigantor's whole body is made out of shadows but can have a physical form. Only when it darkens the skies fully that it can fully appear. And when it is in its physical form, the bird-like creatures come out and tentacle-like appendages also appear on its back that can cause devastating damage. (If anyone has played Borderlands, Gigantor is basically a Rakk Hive but a bit altered and very, very huge in size. Just add the details I wrote and there you go, you have Gigantor. The Rakks are also altered with the head being more bird-like and dark with fog coming out as they fly.)

Fists is a human-like creature with four human arms, three lion legs and the head of a bull. Size wise he is as tall as Bunta and has dark skin with claws for hands. He wears a huge cloak that hugs the body that has a whole bunch of symbols on him that can do different things when he activates them. Despise his size and three legs, with the third leg attached where the ass would be and facing backwards, he is very fast and nimble. As his name states, he mainly uses his fists and can use all and every element, whether with his arms, feet or mouth. Unlike Gigantor, he can appear whenever, even in bright sun light but is stronger in the dark.

Justice and Alice are both literal angels but both have differences. Justice has angel wings and she has on a blue robe with a cross in one hand and a balance on the other. She can use attacks based on light, fire and wind but also can heal and make anyone tell the truth no matter what. She is also a good fighter but she mainly hangs back for healing and long range attacks.

Alice however is the opposite from Justice. Alice is huge but the smallest compared to the others however her power is deadlier. Her body is that of a small child with a blue dress and platinum blonde hair with some rings around her eyes like if she has never slept. Even though she is a Mega Brightling, her powers deal with death in a number of ways. From using her hair as whips to summoning any kind of weapon from the sky and launching them at whomever she is ordered to.

All four can work together but Hikari and Ankoku gave both the twins a warning. Out of the four, Alice is the most dangerous because she is unstable. They told Naruko not to force her and be a bit more friendlier to her because she can turn on them. And her power deals with both light and dark. Something the two aren't fully proud of but she, like all of the Darklings and Brightlings, is like their daughter. They did meet the Megas in their mind though Naruko met the Brightlings and Naruto met the Darklings and Naruko found out how unstable Alice is. Basically she can go from a sweet girl to a dark demon in a snap and back. Though she tried her hardest to befriend her which she kinda did. Naruto found out that Fists is actually a logical and smart man while Gigantor is more of a pet that likes its belly rubbed. That time was weird for the two…

(The last three are based on Persona characters from Persona three mainly but altered abit. Fist is Chi Yu but with four arms instead of seven and no weapons.)

Flashback end.


On the third floor, the third of the four shadows is barely seen moving around the place. Their eyes are looking for anything of worth even though they have been in this place countless of times before. Though this person is looking for a certain item. Plans about something they overheard about before sometime during their scouting of the building but had no luck prior. They search each room of the floor, taking out any enemy they see. They go past a window where the moon light shows a bit of purple hair but just for a second. They find a room however it is locked though not for long after a successful lock picking. They made sure not to set off any alarms though and threw in a small bomb full of sleeping gas just in case.

After sometime, the person goes inside and sees two guards out cold then searches them before searching the room. Soon enough, they find the plans and unrolls the scroll to read the contents. "This is odd… Look like some kind of contraption but for what?" They whisper to themselves before kawariming with a nearby chair. Said chair gets destroyed by a long chain as the person turns and scowls seeing two people there. "Oh look brother we found a spy." One said. "Let's show them what we do to rats." Said the other before lunging at the person.


On the fourth floor, the final shadow could be seen moving around. Like the others, they take out any enemy cleanly and quietly as they search for someone. Not a person to rescue but a person to kill. Someone that would hinder their mission to assassinate Gato. The shadow makes its way through the place finding rooms from sleeping quarters to offices. Though they stumbled into a huge room with a big bed where there are some naked women sleeping on them, though they are chained up. The person, whose silver hair could be seen through the moonlight entering the room, gets a small nosebleed before recomposing themselves. "On a mission here… but they don't like they are here on their own will. I will come back for them later." The person says to themselves before closing the door and heading down the hall.

They pass some doors before stopping at one. They open it without stealth or anything as they enter. "So I was right. You aren't a fisherman but a ninja in disguise. Though a very good one at that, Kakashi of the Sharingan." A man spoke who is sitting across from Kakashi on a couch, alone. "Zabuza Momochi, Demon of the Mist. To think you would be working for Gato. Well then again you are a lowly missing-nin." Kakashi said though with a neutral tone. Zabuza narrowed his eyes before standing up and looking at Kakashi who is still standing by the door. "Big words coming from you but then again I hear you are a very lazy man. Let's hope you aren't or you will die a quick death." Zabuza said before grabbing the hilt of his sword and lunging at Kakashi.


Naruko and the hunter nin would attack with long range attacks after Naruko took out her bow. Before it was a regular wooden bow that could be reinforced with chakra but after the upgrade it is made out of the same metal as Naruto's swords. It made her accuracy and speed deadlier than before. So fast that she could actually cancel out any senbon the hunter nin would throw at her. Though both had to dodge a couple of times when they missed however Naruko got in a lucky shot and hit the nin's left elbow. Naruko learned the hard way that the nin can use one-handed seals which made her surprised but intrigued at the same time.

Inari got as far as he could in the cell while watching them fight. He is amazed at the power and speed the two put out and a lot of the times he couldn't keep up. The hunter nin pants as Naruko just keeps launching arrow after arrow faster than the nin could launch senbon. What the nin doesn't know is behind Naruko she has a small pouch that has a seal inside it that contains hundreds of thousands of arrows inside it. Though these are regular arrows. In another pouch she has a special set of arrows made of the same material as her bow and would only use them when necessary. However on her hands she has black gloves with seals on them that are connected to the pouch and can quickly summon arrows to her hands quickly without smoke and do it in quick successions.

The entire hallway where they are in is littered with water, senbon and arrows with a small amount of blood in some locations. Most from the hunter nin though they got lucky in hitting Naruko in some spots. Though it is in vain since Naruko wasn't affected by that which made the nin wonder just who this person is. The nin wanted to use their ultimate jutsu which is their demon mirrors but with it being a tight spot it isn't an easy feat. The hunter nin had only one thought and that is to retreat. Using some one-handed signs, they disappeared via a nearby puddle. Naruko scowled before making a clone. Said clone took Inari out of the cell and ran away from the location as Naruko went after the nin.

It took some minutes but Naruko found them again, this time in a huge room with plenty of space. Said nin is standing in the center of the room still bleeding since they had little time to recover. "In there I couldn't do much but here I have plenty of space for my strongest jutsu." Said nin said as Naruko looked around seeing the doors closed, including the one she came through. She also saw water in various spots around the room. Then Naruko saw the nin make one-handed signs again.

"Ice Release: Demonic Ice Mirrors." The nin called out as the room grew cold. Naruko looked around her as mirrors made out of ice formed and encircled her and the nin. Then she sees the nin jump into one. "You are a fast opponent but now I will show you real speed." The nin said before they appeared in all of the mirrors. Then quickly thousands of ice senbon come flying at Naruko. Naruko is unfazed as she quickly seals her bow and takes out her mother's nagitana then twirls it quickly and beautifully around her body. The nin just watches with amazement as each and every senbon is quickly blocked and destroyed with the movement.

Naruko soon finishes as she holds her weapon with both hands, her left arm over her head as the nagitana is almost parallel to her body on her right side. She stays quiet as her eyes keep looking around through her mask. The nin scowls as they start another barrage of senbon. Naruko scowls at the same attempt and twirls her weapon again but then starts adding wind charka. Now before the senbon ever reach her, they get cut in half. She doesn't stop as she starts sending wind blades at the mirrors though they don't crack. However each gets multiple scratches though in vain as the mirrors repair themselves quickly.

The nin inside the mirrors is amazed at her power and that she could scratch their mirrors. With having only a small amount of chakra in them left, they use it for their last resort attack. Using multiple signs, they jump out of from one of the mirrors as all mirrors become spikes facing Naruko. She raised an eyebrow before she sees all of them moving at her together. She closes her eyes and smirks before all converge on her and come together.

The hunter nin pants as they take off their mask reveling a boy with a very feminine face. Sweat comes down his face as he holds onto his left arm which is bleeding from various parts. He turns and looks at the dome of ice that he created. "Ice Release: Dome Prison is my last resort jutsu. You are a strong opponent but I couldn't let you win." He said before he heard cracking. He gasped as he saw light come out of the dome before the whole thing shattered revealing an uninjured Naruko along with a very pissed of Hayley and Hikari. The nin fell back on his ass as he looked at the three with fear and confusion.

"If you are wondering why I am uninjured and your dome broken, thank my daughter Hayley." Naruko spoke in monotone. "Daughter?" The boy asked. "You tried to hurt my mommy." Hayley yelled out before launching some beams at the boy. He screamed as his left arm and right leg is severed from the searing light. Naruko walked forward with Hayley holding onto her as they and Hikari looked down at the defeated nin. "Kill me…" The boy said. "I have no purpose anymore…" He looked at Naruko with pain. "Can I have your name first?"

"It's Naruko Uzumaki. Yours?" "Haku." The boy smiled before he laid back, his last breath leaving him as his heart gave out from all of the pain coursing through his body. Naruko closed her eyes and said a small prayer before Hikari went and devoured his body. Naruko got down and hugged Hayley. "Good job baby." Hayley giggled. "Thank you mommy. Where is daddy?" Hayley asked her as Hikari finished eating. "I don't know baby. Let's go find him." Hayley nodded though before they could move on, Naruto busted through the ceiling some feet away though he recovered before landing. He looked up with a scowl behind his mask as a figure jumped down from the ceiling. "You are good boy but I am better." Said the figure. Naruko scowled as she wondered what happened and why did her little brother come through the ceiling.



After Naruto and Ankoku dealt with the room full of goons, Naruto is going through the second floor still, doing so in the shadows again. So far he searched most of the rooms in the second floor then came across a room full of women who are chained up. Though most are out cold, some are still awake fighting sleep. They hated this place and wanted either to be let out or put to death but knew neither would come. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the sight as he watched from the open door through the shadows.

Stealthily he walked inside and looked everywhere though he wondered how to get these women out. Some he recognized from the time being in the village and knew a couple of them. There is no guard but thought that is weird. He kept his guard up as he searched the room thoroughly and found a chart. He scowled seeing it is a chart for human trafficking and where they would go. He scrolled up the chart and sealed it away before he heard someone walk inside. "Wake up you whores." A male voice screamed waking up the women who were asleep and scaring the ones who are awake.

The women looked at the door and shook in fear as the man has a smile that sent shivers up their spine. The man has on a grey shirt with black pants and work boots with a monocle on is face over his right eye along with a mustache and trimmed beard. He has a bald head as his black eyes gleamed with lust. He walked forward as the women tried to scoot away from the man though couldn't thanks to the chain. However no one expected for the man to be kicked back out of the door and hit the wall opposite of the entrance with force. The man grunted as he fell on the floor. The women gasped as they see Naruto at the doorway. Though none of them recognize him, they are happy that someone is here to rescue them.

Naruto stands at the doorway looking at the man through his mask as said man gets up with a groan. He pops some bones before looking at Naruto. "And who the fuck are you, you little brat?" The man spat out. He got an answer after Naruto roundhoused him in the face sending him sprawling and smashing through a small table in the hallway. However he recovered quickly and smirked at Naruto. "You are strong I will give you that but you are messing with the wrong person boy." The man gets in a stance and lunges at Naruto.

Naruto sidesteps before sending a punch to the man's side. The man sees it and dodges out of the way before moving to get a punch at Naruto. Naruto moves out of the way as he kicks the man's punch away then kicks his chin with his other foot, spinning in the air as the man is sent backwards. Quickly he makes a clone and sends him to the room with the women and tells him to get them out after he draws the guy away. The clone disappears via shushin as the man gets up with a groan. "You are getting very irritating."

The man grunted as he cracked his knuckles before lightning formed around his fists. "By the way, the name is Kahn." "Naruto." Kahn nods before lunging at Naruto. Naruto jumps back as Kahn punches the floor where Naruto stood and sends out a wave of electricity out. Naruto moves out of the way then quickly moves behind Kahn and kicks him in the back of the head. Kahn, not used to the speed, is sent forward and sent sliding across the floor before recovering quickly. But as soon as he did that, Naruto is right next to him and kicked him in the head once more though Kahn saw it and blocked but is still sent through a door to a room.

He recovers and sees Naruto throwing a punch at his face. "That won't work again brat." He yelled out as he grabbed Naruto's fist, pivoted his foot and sent him through the wall of the room. Kahn smirked and walked to the hole but before he could check out the damage, he is kicked from behind and sent through the hole and now is back out in the hallway. He groans as he stands up again and looks at Naruto who is standing on the rubble near the hole. Kahn scowls and attacks Naruto with a flurry of punches though none landed as Naruto effortlessly dodged all of them then kicked Kahn in the chest sending him at the wall.

Kahn groaned and grabbed his head before he felt cold metal on his neck. He looks up and sees Naruto holding one of his cutlasses at his throat with his eyes narrowed. Kahn smirks before his whole body lights up in electricity making Naruto scream in pain as the electricity goes through the sword and through him. Naruto slumps down before Kahn gets up and grabs him by the throat and throws him through the wall behind him and makes Naruto's body go through it and into another room, a very large bedroom. Naruto groans as he gets up while Kahn walks through the hole he made. "Kid you are out of your league." Kahn smirked.

Naruto scowls as he holds up his cutlass and brings out his other one and gets in a stance. Kahn raises an eyebrow before lunging at Naruto. He sees that is a mistake as Naruto moves around him and cuts up part of his arm quickly before he trips Kahn and makes him land on the bed with force, destroying said bed. Kahn screams as he jumps out of the destroyed bed and goes at Naruto again, this time with electricity coursing through his body. "Try to cut me up again you fucking brat." Kahn screamed out. Naruto just sends charka through his swords as they light up in wind and fire though stronger than before thanks to the metal the cutlasses are reinforced with now.

Quickly Naruto sends a strong wind-powered fire blade at Kahn which hits him at full force sending him back and destroying the bed more. Naruto pants a bit before shuddering getting memories of his clone that got the women out safely. Though it is abrupt as Kahn just quickly goes at Naruto, grabs him by the neck and sends him through the floor of the room. Naruto's body falls before he recovers and lands on the floor below then looks up scowling as he sees Kahn jump down and land. "You are good boy but I am better."

Naruto gets in his stance again before lunging at Kahn. Kahn jumps back grinning before he screams as a metallic arrow is sent through his left shoulder. Naruto turns and sees his sister before smiling behind his mask and nodding. Naruko nods back as she readies more arrows while Naruto looks at Kahn. "Where the fuck did that come from?" He screamed out before grabbing the arrow and pulling it out. He looks around and sees Naruko. "You bitch. I will kill you." Then the room grew cold. Kahn shivered abit as he saw Naruto look at him with anger in his eyes. Kahn actually grew somewhat scared but brushed it off before looking at the twins. Then noticed Hayley and Hikari.

"What the hell are those things?" He asked in a panic looking at them making the twins angrier. Then Ankoku came out along with Danny from the shadows. Kahn backed up seeing them. "What the hell are you two?" He asked, this time with fear laced in his voice. The twins smirked abit though Kahn couldn't tell before the lights in the room burst. Kahn looked around scared out of his mind as he coursed electricity through his body, lighting up the room in a blue hue but only by some feet. He looked around before feeling some cuts on his body appear and some arrows piercing his body. He screamed in pain before all went silent as his head is beheaded. The room went dark again as the electricity disappeared. Then the sound of Kahn's body being eaten is heard before silence is heard throughout the room, the twins already gone.


On the third floor, scuffling is heard as three people are fighting in a room, trashing the whole place. Papers are everywhere as bookshelves and some monitors in the room are thrown about everywhere. In the room, Yugao is standing in the center of the room as she faces the Demon Brothers who have seen better days. The two are panting and bleeding from various areas. On the floor is their chain which was broken thanks to Yugao's tanto. Their claws are messed up as the two barely have any energy to stand.

Quickly Yugao goes and kicks the two, sending them through the door of the room and out into the hallway. Both lay on the floor unconscious as Yugao walks to the entryway and looks over the two before cutting their heads off and sealing them in a scroll before burning their bodies. She sighs as she looks to the right and sees the twins walk up to her. "How did it go?" She asks. "I found Inari and had a clone of mine take him to safety as I fought a fake hunter nin." Naruko said. Yugao nodded. "I found some women who were about to be taken away to who knows where and had a clone send them to safety as well when I fought someone named Kahn. I have his head in a scroll." Naruto said. Yugao nodded again. "I found the plans for some weird contraption but let's talk later. We have to find Inu." The twins nod before the three head to the fourth floor.


During the time the twins and Yugao fought, Kakashi and Zabuza have been going at it ever since Zabuza lunged at Kakashi. Zabuza learned that Kakashi is no slacker. Only using a kunai, Kakashi held off Zabuza as he used his sword. Both only attacked using their weapons as the room they are in gets destroyed bit by bit. Zabuza is amazed at Kakashi's skill considering he is one of the seven swordsmen and Kakashi hasn't even revealed his Sharingan yet.

It was only when Kakashi kicked Zabuza's sword away when the real battle started. Kakashi threw the kunai at Zabuza making him jump back away from his sword before Kakashi started doing hand signs. "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique." Kakashi called out as he blew out a huge fireball at Zabuza. Zabuza did his handsigns in quick succession. "Water Release: Water Dome Barrier." Zabuza called out as water from a nearby indoor pond that is in the room went and formed a barrier around Zabuza just as the fire ball hit the dome of water. Both techniques exploded as a huge amount of steam is created. Zabuza uses this to his advantage as he makes a pose and a sign. "Hiding in the Mist Technique." He calls out as the mist thickens and spreads throughout the whole room.

Kakashi puts his guard up as he looks around the room only seeing the mist everywhere. He closes his eyes as he raises his hitai-ate then opens his eyes. His Sharingan is spinning as he keeps looking around. "So you finally show your Sharingan, Kakashi. Too bad it won't do you any good in this mist." Kakashi stayed quiet as he kept looking around before taking out a kunai. He moves as Zabuza tries to cut him down with his sword before retreating back into the mist. Kakashi uses the Sharingan and the sounds of Zabuza's footsteps, though they are very quiet, and slowly tracks him around the mist.

Zabuza comes from behind Kakashi and tries to stab him from behind but the sword gets blocked by Kakashi's kunai before he jumps over the sword and kicks Zabuza in the face. Zabuza is sent stumbling back before hiding back into the mist. Kakashi scowls before he quickly bites his thumbs and does some signs then slams his hands down to the floor. "Whatever you did won't work." Zabuza called out as he came at Kakashi again though he struck nothing when his sword came down. He looked around before groaning as he fell to the floor on one knee.

Soon the mist cleared as Zabuza is in the center of the room. He looks forward and sees Kakashi standing near the doorway as he looks at his body and sees dogs biting down on his shoulders, neck, arms and legs. "Ho-how?" He asked panting. "My nin dogs don't need sight to track someone down in mist. They can use smell which they used to track you down before grabbing you." Kakashi said before grabbing his wrist as his hand started to light up in electricity. Zabuza just watched on and called on Haku as Kakashi came running at him. But Haku never came as Kakashi pierced Zabuza through the chest. Zabuza gasped as he looked at Kakashi before he slumped onto him.

Kakashi took his hand out as the Chidori disappeared as did his summons. He looked at Zabuza's lifeless body before taking out a kunai and cutting off his head then sealing it before burning the body. He also grabbed the Kubikiribocho and sealed that too. He sighed as he pulled his hitai-ate down and covered his Sharingan again before walking out of the room. After some more walking around, he found the twins and Yugao. "How did you search go?" Kakashi asked. "It went fine with some interference but they were dealt with." Yugao said. Kakashi nodded before looking at the twins. "By the way I saw some women tied up in a bedroom nearby. Can you two make some clones and rescue them? I couldn't do it because of distance." The twins nod before they make some clones and sent them on their way. "Ok let's find Gato." Kakashi said as they run down the hall, heading to the last floor.


The fifth floor of the building is like the others but has fewer rooms. However the four found a very huge room in the center of the fifth floor that is as big enough to fit half of the Hyuuga compound and about twenty feet high. They look around the dark room before it is lit up. They squint their eyes to adjust with the sudden assault to their vision before they hear clapping. "I congratulate you for making it this far in my building but this is as far as you go." The voice of a man is heard that they are all too familiar with making them scowl and narrow their eyes. Soon their sight adjusted and see the man they want to kill up above some rafters along with hundreds of henchmen around the place.

Each one smirked at the four as Gato has on a sickening smile on his face. However the four are looking at Gato with hate in their eyes. "Though I guess the ones you encountered couldn't complete the job. To the ones who kill them gets triple pay of what I would have paid for the others." Gato called out as the men cheered before lunging at them. The four sighed before the twins snapped their fingers. Soon, the henchmen are either killed via spikes coming from the shadows by Danny, getting cut up by Chainy's chainsaw, falling into genjutsus and getting killed by Sunny, getting obliterated by beams of light by Hayley, being melted by an acidic cloud by Smokey, being frozen to death by a white, almost light blue cloud by Misty, being split in half by Shady's sickle, killed by falling objects appearing from the top of the room by Shiny and being devoured by Ankoku and Hikari.

Gato gasps at the carnage and steps back on the rafter as he just watches all of his men die painfully and horribly. He takes out a handkerchief and wipes his brow before putting it away. "Wh-who or what are you?" He asked incredulously as he looks at the four standing together in the center of the room along with Sunny, Chainy, Danny, Hayley, Shady, Shiny, Smokey and Misty near the twins and Ankoku and Hikari on their shoulders. They all look at Gato with hate as Gato grips his cane…then tosses it aside. Everyone there raise an eyebrow, the ones who could, as they watch Gato take out a vial. "Fuck it. I will just use Orochimaru's power to kill you." He yelled out as he popped the cork off the vial and drank the contents.

Kakashi and Yugao gasp at hearing Orochimaru's name while the twins wonder what the hell that purple substance is. Soon they see Gato fall on his knees and start sweating more before he screams loudly. They watch as his suit is ripped apart before he starts laughing. His body grows as he goes from being a short, stubby man to a six foot tall muscle bound giant. Only his pants are on but torn below the knee caps, everyone there thankful for that. Then they see fur grow on his body as his glasses break on his face. His hair grows longer and becomes a dark blue as his human ears fall off and wolf ears grow on his head. His hands change to claws as his feet change to paws while a wolf tail grows behind him. His face changes that to a wolf snout as his teeth grow. Gato growls and howls before laughing wildly. "YES. SUCH POWER." He looks at the group though they still keep looking at him with hate. "I will kill you now starting with those things next to you." He said as he jumped down.

The group narrowed their eyes as Naruko took out her bow, Naruto his katana, Yugao her tanto and Kakashi lifting up hitai-ate revealing his Sharingan once more. Gato smirked as he lunged at Chainy. Chainy just jumped over Gato while the others jumped away as Chainy brought his chainsaw down and cut Gato's tail off. Gato howled in pain before kicking Chainy away. Chainy bounced away before getting up like nothing happened. "Crazy monkey." Chainy called out though they all saw Gato's tail regenerate quickly. Gato smirked while they scowled as Gato went and lunged for Naruto. Naruto used his sword and blocked his claws as he moved out of the way.

Naruko launched a barrage of arrows at Gato, all landing on his body. Gato groaned in pain before ripping all of the arrows out of his body and growling at Naruko. "That fucking hurt." He lunged at her but is kicked at his side and head by Naruto and Kakashi sending Gato's body sprawling across the room. He recovers quickly and lunges at the two however he falls after feeling his legs getting cut up. He rolls around in pain as his legs heal before getting up and seeing Yugao and Shady with their weapons dripping in his blood. "You insignificant worms." Gato growled out before lunging at them.

He screamed loudly as his right arm is blown off by a beam of light. He holds his shoulder as he looks around and sees an angry Hayley pointing her palm at him. "You little bitch." He screamed out as his arm regenerated then screamed loudly as his body convulsed and started to grow more. Now Gato stood at seven feet tall and even more muscle bound and fiercer. He roared at Hayley and lunged at her. He got close before howling in pain as his feet and legs are pierced from shadow spikes coming from the floor thanks to Danny who grabbed Hayley and moved her to a safe distance.

Gato looked at Danny and tried to move but the shadow spikes are too strong. "NOW." Kakashi yelled as he, Naruto, Naruko, Yugao, Chainy and Shady all moved in with their weapons, Naruko using her nagitana and all cut up Gato's body before cutting off his head. Danny made his spikes disappear as Gato's body fell dead onto the floor, his head nearby with both having blood ooze out of his head and squirt out of his body. All of them pant a bit as they look at Gato's body. "What the hell was that idiot thinking?" Naruko asked.

All walked to Gato's body before taking a blood sample from it then burning it and sealing his head. "Not sure but how did he get in contact with Orochimaru is a bigger question." Kakashi said making everyone agree. "Well at least the bad man is gone so everything went well." Shiny said with a cheery tone and smile making the others chuckle except Shady who just disappeared back into the darkness. Danny and Hayley jump into their parent's arms. "Did we do good?" They asked together. "Yes you two did well. But come on we still have to search this place. I never found a treasury room when I was looking around." Kakashi said. "Same here." Yugao said. "It is probably in this floor since we didn't do a full search." Naruko said. The four nod as the others disappear into either light or shadow in the room.


After doing a full sweep, the four find the room where Gato kept his money and other valuables inside of a huge safe. "This is enough for the village to rebuild twice over." Naruto said with awe. "Yeah. Let's seal it all and give it to the villagers. I'm sure they will be happy that they are free from Gato's tyranny." Yugao said. The others nodded as they sealed it all into some scrolls. Afterwards they set up explosive tags everywhere in the building, after doing a secondary sweep to make sure they didn't miss anything. Anyone they rescued is outside of the building waiting for their rescuers to return. The women and Inari cheered after seeing the four come out then gasp seeing the building explode in a loud explosion, strong enough to be heard by the villagers and even felt by them.

The group head to the village in the dead of night as the moon shines overhead into the forest as they make it to the village. Everyone sees people outside talking about the explosion they felt and heard. "Everyone." Naruto called out making everyone look at him and quiet down. "You don't have to worry about Gato anymore. Gato is dead." Everyone gasped at that. "Is he really dead?" Tsunami asked as she is there along with her father. Inari sees her and runs to her then hugs her. Tsunami cries as she hugs her son. "Yes. We even destroyed the building he was using as you all heard and felt." Kakashi said. Everyone gasped again and whispered some more before some of the women there ran to their husbands and children.

"Then we are free?" Tazuna asked. "Yes." Naruko said. Tazuna cried and turned around. "Everyone we are free from Gato's reign." Tazuna called out making everyone cheer. The group smiled at that as the villagers started to celebrate in the village. The group turned to some of the women there. "Are any of you from here?" Yugao asked. The women shook their heads. "No me and the others are from small villages nearby. We were captured a week ago and been here ever since." One said. "Then after we help the villagers here, you can come with us. We are ninja from Konoha and we were sent to help Wave." Kakashi said. The women smile and nod. "Thank you." They said before all of them head to the center of the village though the four never took off their outfits.


Next Day

Throughout the night, the whole village celebrated the death of Gato and their new found freedom. The fishermen went and caught as many fish as they could and had a huge feast with whatever alcohol they found. The kids played outside while the men and women, in their drunken stupor, though not all, sang songs. The group of four and the women that belonged to other villages stayed either with the family they stayed with or Tazuna's home though Tazuna had a blast at the celebration.

Now its morning and the group of four packed up ready to leave but in their henged form. Right now they are in Tazuna's house talking. "So you will be back soon?" Inari asked. "Yes we will. Even though we will give the village all the money we found, this place needs a bit more help to recuperate along with helping with the bridge." Kakashi said. Tsunami nodded. "Thank you. Though I wish my father wasn't passed out drunk right now…" Everyone chuckled at that. Soon all hugged before saying goodbye, the small 'family' meeting up with the women they rescued and head off to Konoha.


It took some time since the women are civilian with no ninja training but they make it to Konoha. From there, everyone heads to the tower though Kakashi, Yugao and the twins talked with the Hokage alone first, telling him of everything that occurred. "Hmm so Gato got some help from Orochimaru and hired some missing nins from Kiri." Sarutobi looks at Kakashi. "You have the sword?" Kakashi nods. "Yes. What shall I do with it though?" He asks. "If you want you can keep it. Don't see the point on sending it to Kiri, especially with their civil war going on." Sarutobi said.

"Civil war?" Naruto asks. "Yes. Right now there is a huge civil war between Kiri and some rebels that don't see eye to eye with the kage there. Jiraiya informed me of it some weeks back. It has been going on for a while but we can't interfere on the account that we could start a shinobi war again against Kiri and their allies. Especially when we haven't fully recovered after that day." Sarutobi said as he looked out the window. The twins nodded knowing full well what he meant. "But for now I congratulate you four for a mission well done. I will give you two weeks off unless something comes up. Anything else you want to add?" Sarutobi asked. No one said anything. "Ok. Dismissed but bring in the women in." They saluted as the twins and Kakashi shushined out while Neko went and called for the women.


After the twins left, they headed to the Inuzuka compound. There they see Kan and Lightning hanging out with some of his family including Kiba. "Hey Kan." The twins say. Kan and the others look up. "Hey guys." They greet. The twins greet them before they sit with them at the tree they are sitting by. "So how is everything?" Kan asked. "Fine. We just got done with our mission." Naruto said. "What was it?" A girl named Janice asked. "A long recon mission." Naruko said. "So that's why you were gone for a month." Kan said as Lightning sat on Naruko's lap.

Naruko giggled and petted her. "So what exactly you do?" Kan asked. The twins look at one another. "Not sure if we can tell you yet since it was a secret mission of sorts." Naruko said. "Ah." Kan said. "Doesn't sound so bad. I bet I could have done it." Kiba said. Everyone looks at him making shrink down abit. "What?" He asks. "You are still in the academy Kiba so I highly doubt it." Hana said. Kiba grumbled and pouted as Akamaru barked. "Besides it was more than just recon. Well I guess we can say that it dealt with assassination but of who we can't say." Naruto said.

Everyone looked at the two incredulously as Naruko just kept petting Lightning. "Another one?" Kan asked. Everyone else looked at him now with wide eyes making him chuckle in embarrassment. "Right. Forgot you guys don't know that." He said. "It's fine. Besides they might have to do it in the future anyway. Just don't tell anyone else." Naruko said. They nodded then looked at Kiba. "What? I'm not a blabbermouth. That is Ino." He retaliated. "Yeah but you can't shut up sometimes." Hana said. "HEY." Kiba barked out then grumbled.

The twins chuckled slightly then looked at Kan and his leg. "So is that the new leg?" Naruto asked. "Yep." Kan stood up and showed it off. "Better than the other one. Though I won't be able to get back to being a shinobi." He said. The twins saddened a bit. "Hey you know I want to go back being a team like before. It gets boring around from time to time." Kan said as he sat back down. "Yeah until Kiba does something stupid." A boy named Ash said. The rest chuckled as the twins raised an eyebrow. Kiba just muttered before standing up and walking away. "Aw come on Kiba, we are just messing around." Janice said. He said nothing with Akamaru walking behind him.

The rest shrug before Kan looks at the twins. "So what are you two gonna do now?" "Well Ji-Ji did give us two weeks off but not really sure. We still have to go through the stuff we found in Uzu since we were doing that mission. We also still have to practice some more with our weapons and come up with collaboration attacks." Naruto said. "Maybe we can do the summons…" Naruto thought out loud. Everyone minus Kan raised their eyebrows. "Summons?" Hana asked. "Yeah we found some contracts back in our old village. But keep it a secret. We don't want the council getting wind of it. Though they haven't called on us for a long while but I'm not complaining." Naruto said. The rest promised not to reveal. "How bad is the council?" Ash asked. "Well… They are just annoying. I feel sorry for Ji-Ji having to go through with them." Naruko said making the rest chuckle. Soon Ash and Janice are called away. "Sorry guys. See you later." They said. "Later." The others say before Hana gets up. "I have to go too. Have fun guys." She said.

The twins and Kan say bye before looking at each other. "Say you hungry?" Naruto asked. "Yeah a bit. Ichiraku's?" Kan asked. "Yep." Naruko said before the three with Lightning get up and head to the small stand. "So when you get the leg?" Naruto asks. "Like two weeks ago. It feels so much better than that wooden one. I can run with it too but can't really apply chakra to it. Too difficult trying to balance it between my leg and this prosthetic one." Kan said. The twins nod slowly. "Well at least you don't have to use crutches now." Naruko said. "Oh yeah that is the best part but I just wish we could be a team again." Kan said. "Yeah…" The twins say. The three walked in silence after that.


At the stand, the three are sitting down as Ayame comes out and hugs the twins. "Where have you two been? You have been gone for too long." Ayame whined and cried anime tears making the twins laugh. "Hey, where is my hug?" Kan pouted as Lightning barked in agreement. Ayame giggled and hugged them both. "I know Kan but you come here from time to time. It's these two that have been gone for too long." Ayame pointed at the twins. "Sorry but we were on a recon mission." Naruko said. "Ah ok. You could have told me anyway." Ayame pouted. "Sorry but it was a sudden mission and we had no time. Though we can't tell you yet until it is fine to. Not sure when but soon maybe." Naruto said. Ayame nodded. "So what can I get you three?"


Next Day

It is high noon as the twins along with Hiruzen, Kakashi, Neko and Kan with Lightning are at the training field behind the monument. The twins hold in their hands two contracts; Naruko holding the Eagle contract and Naruto holding the Dragon contract. They brought the third one for Neko who agreed in accepting the third contract, the Chameleons. Naruko goes first as she opens the scroll then using her blood writes down her name on the contract. Afterwards, she bites her thumb and does the appropriate hand signs. "Summoning." She says out loud as she slams her hands down on the ground. The circle appears along with the complicated symbols before smoke appears, a lot of it.

Soon it dissipates and reveals a tall red eagle over ten feet tall with an eye patch over its right eye and a yellow mohawk on its head which is long and runs down halfway on its back. It has various battle scars all along its body but its stance says it is ready for anything. It screeches before clearing its throat. "My, it has been a while since I have been summoned." The Eagle spoke in a male voice before looking down seeing everyone. "And out of all of you, who summoned me?" Naruko looks at him. "I have. My name is Naruko Uzumaki." The Eagle chuckles. "An Uzumaki I see. It has been ages since one of us have been summoned. Tell me, why has the contract been dormant for so long?" He asked looking at her. "It is because Uzushiogakure was in a war long ago. Only a small amount of Uzumakis made it out, one being our mother named Kushina Uzumaki." Naruko spoke.

The Eagle nodded and scowled. "I see… There used to be three people who could summon us before but we felt them fade out from this world. We didn't want to accept they were gone but seeing you here and hearing that means it really did happen. Me and my kin have been waiting for decades to be summoned again. And my name is Crimson. I am also the Boss summon." Everyone became wide eyed hearing that. "By the way, are there other Uzumakis here?" Naruko turned around. "My brother Naruto is. There is another but at the moment he still wants to keep his identity secret."

Crimson looks at Naruto and the scroll he is holding and smirks. "I see. And you want to sign up with the Dragons huh? Heh be wary boy, the Dragons are not easy to please. In fact they are stubborn as hell. Well most. When you do the summoning, be sure to summon the Boss, Ryoji. But be careful of your words. Just tell him I suggested to you for him to be summoned." Naruto nodded slowly before Crimson looked at Naruko. "Now before I accept you as our summoner, you must past my trial. So hop on." Crimson said as he leaned down. Naruko looked at Naruto as he nodded to her. She nodded back before going to Crimson and getting on his back. "Now hold on. I will reverse summon us to my realm. Don't worry, even if you fail I will bring you back here." Crimson said before reverse summoning himself along with Naruko as the two disappeared in a large puff of smoke.

Naruto looked on at the smoke before it slowly dissipated. Kakashi put his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry Naruto, your sister will pass this test." "I know sensei. I just don't like being apart from her." Naruto said as he sighed before looking at Neko. "It would be best for you to do the summoning for the Chameleons first just in case they reject you for not being an Uzumaki." Neko nodded in agreement as she went to where Naruko was and did the same. Soon a huge puff of smoke appeared before it cleared revealing…nothing?

Everyone became confused as they wondered if Neko did the summoning right. Though Naruto looked closely as did Neko. "Oh right, Chameleons can camouflage themselves though why did it appear invisible?" Neko thought out loud. "Excellent deduction my girl." A female voice is heard as the summon appears. She is huge compared to Crimson standing at over twelve feet tall and over thirty feet long. On her dark green skin is battle armor that goes from her head all the way to her tail and covers most of her body. Everyone looks at the summon in awe and surprise as the Chameleon chuckles. Her eyes look at them all before looking at Neko. "Are you the one who summoned me?" Neko nodded. "Yes. My name is Neko."

The Chameleon titled her head slightly in confusion. "Neko? What an odd name. And why the mask? You shouldn't be able to hide anything from me." Neko nodded before looking at Hiruzen. "It is fine Neko." She then looked at Kan. "I will just turn around." Neko chuckled. "No that is fine Kan." Neko looked at the summon before taking off her mask. "My real name is Yugao Uzuki. I am part of the ANBU which is a secret group that protects the Hokage and the village." The Chameleon nods. "Ah that explains the secrecy. But you aren't an Uzumaki. Care to explain?" Naruto walked forward. "I can. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Me and my sister along with my sensei are the ones who found your contract along with the Eagles and Dragons."

"And where is your sister by chance?" The Chameleon spoke. "She already signed up with the Eagles and was already reversed summoned to their world for Crimson's test." Naruto said. "Ah I see. And I am guess you want to sign up with the Dragons?" Naruto nodded. "Yes and I already got the warnings." The Chameleon chuckled before looking at Yugao. "My name is Liah. But why should I take you as my summoner?" Yugao looked at her. "Naruto here deems me worthy to be your summoner. I am also one of the few he trusts."

Liah looks at her oddly, the best a Chameleon can, before looking at Naruto. "There aren't many Uzumakis left in the world. Only me and my sister are the only ones I know along with a third but he isn't a ninja. Ankoku told me there are others but I am not sure where they are or if they are trust worthy or not." Naruto said. "Hmm…what exactly happened all those years ago?" Naruto sighed before looking down. "About forty years ago, Uzushiogakure was attacked by some of the main villages and fell to them. Only a small number made it out alive, including my mother Kushina Uzumaki."

Liah nodded slowly and became saddened. "I see. No wonder we felt our summoners disappear." "They were feared because of their fuinjutsu." Naruto added. "Yes. Their knowledge of seals is unsurpassed and stronger than anyone could ever imagine. But hearing their loss is devastating. However it is good to see an Uzumaki still alive and trying to bring back their clan. Though it is a big goal my boy." Naruto nodded, though a small blush came to his face. Leah looked at Yugao. "Even if you aren't an Uzumaki, I will give you a chance. But my trial is not an easy one. If you think you won't be able to pass then I won't look down on you if you back off." Yugao nodded. "I want to take the trial." Liah nodded once before lowering her head. "Then hop on and hold on tight as I reverse summon us to my realm." Yugao nodded as she jumped on Liah's head before Liah sat up. Soon a huge puff of smoke appears before it dissipates to reveal nothing.

"Your turn Naruto." Kan said. Naruto nodded as he proceeded to do the same as the girls. Soon a puff of smoke appears, a very large puff. Lightning then appears around the smoke as a dragon roar is heard coming from it, so loud that everyone in the village hears it. Naruto face palms as the rest just wonder how big this summon is. Naruto looks at Hiruzen. "Ji-Ji you better come up with a good excuse for this unless you want to hold a meeting later." Hiruzen nods dumbly as they all see a large blue dragon appear from the smoke.

Said Dragon is over a hundred feet long with metallic blue scales all over its body. It has very large wings but what really stood out are its two sets of mouths. (Think Slifer the Sky Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh but blue.) The Dragon looks around, sniffing the air. "It has been so long since I have last been summoned." A wise male voice is heard coming from the bottom mouth as the Dragon looks down. "Boy, are you the one who summoned me?" Naruto nods. "Yes. My name is Naruto Uzumaki." The Dragon roars at Naruto but he doesn't move. The Dragon then chuckles. "I see. The last time my kin was summoned was almost forty years ago in this realm. Tell me boy, why has it been so long?" Naruto looked at him. "Uzushiogakure was attacked and most of the Uzumakis were killed. Only a small amount of Uzumakis exists to this day but the contracts and bloodline were sealed away until me and my sister along with my sensei went to the island and reactivated the bloodline once more along with getting your contract and the others except the Chimeras and Dolphins."

The Dragon narrows his eyes hearing that as he gets down low. "Why were they attacked?" "Because of fear."The Dragon closes his eyes. "Hmm… Do you deem yourself worthy to be my kin's summoner?" The Dragon opened his eyes looking at Naruto. "I won't know until I try. Though Crimson and Ankoku told me you would be stubborn." Naruto said questioningly. The Dragon raised an eyebrow; well it made the appearance of raising one. "Crimson is a smart ass but how do you know Ankoku?" Naruto sighed before Ankoku came out of his shoulder. This made Kan freak out. "Ah Naruto what is that on your shoulder?" Naruto face palmed. "I knew I forgot something… Sorry Kan but I will tell you later." Kan slowly nodded as Naruto looked at the Dragon.

The Dragon chuckled. "Ankoku, it has been a long time. Though why are you on that boys shoulder?" Ankoku chuckled. "Still the same as always Ryoji but your age is getting to you. Did you forget about the prophecy?" Ryoji looked at him then gasped. "You mean it will happen?" Ankoku nodded. "Yes and Naruto and his sister Naruko are the ones who will fulfill it. Now stop being a stubborn old dragon and take Naruto to your realm so he can take your trial." Ryoji scowled. "I am not old. Especially compared to you but fine. Naruto get on my head and I will take you to my realm. But my trial is not for the light hearted or the weak." Naruto has a slight smirk as he shushins to the top of Ryoji's head. "I will take my chances." Ryoji chuckled before reverse summoning to his realm. Kakashi, Hiruzen and Kan stand there wondering how long the trials will take.


Clouds. It is the first thing Naruko saw the moment Crimson reversed summoned to his realm as he flew among them. She held on tightly using her chakra but also holding on to him using her hands. It was an exhilarating feeling and sight before Crimson landed on a rocky cliff. He screeched before hundred more Eagles came out of random caves and hollowed out trees. Naruko looked around as she got off of Crimson.

"Everyone I present to you Naruko Uzumaki, our first summoner in decades." Crimson speaks. Most of the Eagles there gasp, each varying in size and color. One steps forward. It is gray in feathers and looks to be past their prime but there is still a small amount of fire left in their eyes. "And pray tell to why we haven't had one in said decades?" The old eagle spoke in an elderly man's tone. "Because Uzushiogakure was attacked around that time. Most of the Uzumakis didn't make it. Only a small amount had." Naruko said.

The old Eagle nodded before looking at Crimson. "Do you think she will be able to pass the test?" He asked. "Yes father, I believe so. I see a strong will in her eyes." The old Eagle closed his eyes and smiled before turning around. "Then take her to the nesting area and proceed with the trial." Crimson nodded as his father walked away. Naruko looked at Crimson. "The nesting area?" Crimson nodded as he walked forward with Naruko following behind him.

All of the other Eagles watched her, most with smiles while others wondered about her power. But no one expected for Hayley to come out of nowhere and tackle Naruko, not even Naruko herself. "Mommy." She said excitedly. Naruko sighed before looking at Hayley while holding her in her arms. "Hayley, what did I say before?" Hayley squirmed. "Um not to appear at random but mommy I'm bored. And where is daddy? Where are we?" Hayley looked around as all of the Eagles, including Crimson, looked at the Brightling. "Um Naruko why did that Brightling call you mommy?" He asked. "It's a long story. Even Hikari has no idea why she clinged to me." Naruko said.

Everyone there gasped while most started to whisper to themselves. "Really?" Crimson asked. Naruko nodded as Hikari came out of her shoulder. Everyone raised their eyebrows at that, never seeing Hikari on anyone's shoulder. "It has been a long time my friend." Hikari said. "Hikari-san, um why are you on Naruko's shoulder? Is the prophecy going to come true?" Crimson asked. Hikari nodded. "Yes and her brother Naruto has Ankoku. They are the twins mentioned in the old tale. And everything they said about Uzushio is true sadly. The village is in a bad state." Hikari said with some sadness at the end.

Crimson nodded slowly before sighing softly. "I see. Well it is good to see you again. Come Naruko, time to have you go through our trial." Naruko nodded as she followed Crimson still holding onto Hayley who is looking at everything with awe, Hikari going back inside Naruko. They head to an opening on the side of the cliff and walk inside it. Inside, Naruko and Hayley see multiple openings to other parts of the mountain with other Eagles moving around doing anything to keep their home in tip top shape. Soon they head to an area where multiple nests are, each with a multitude of eggs.

Crimson turns to her. "Ok the trial deals with taking care of an egg and having the hatching imprinting on you. From there, the hatchling does grow quickly but will only be as tall as Hayley there. During the time, you have to teach it to talk, use chakra, and fly. Successful and you pass the trial." Crimson said. Naruto nodded slowly and looked at Hayley. "Hayley I will have to do this on my own so can you come back later?" She said. Hayley pouted cutely. "Aw do I have to?" She whined. "Yes. I have to do this on my own." Hayley groaned. "You and Danny can come back and play later ok?" Hayley nodded slowly before disappearing. Crimson chuckled before leading Naruko to a nest.

He pointed to one of the eggs and Naruko picked it up before Crimson leads her to a private spot. Naruto looks around the small field inside the cavern. Up above is a hole where the sun is shining through. "Good luck Naruko." Crimson said before walking away. Naruko nodded as she walked to a spot in the center of the field and sat on a stump. She held the egg on her lap as she looked around. The field is mainly grass with trees on various spots and flowers in other areas. Then soon she felt the egg shake.

Naruko looked at it before a beak breaks through the shell before the whole egg cracks open. The little hatchling is the same as a regular bird chick would be just twenty times bigger in size almost. It has light blue feathers with red eyes and black feet. The newborn slowly opens its eyes as it looks around before spotting Naruko. It gently squawks making Naruto giggle. "Hi little one. My name is Naruko." The little bird smiles and nuzzles against her. She giggles some more. "You need a name though not sure if you are a boy or girl… Wish Crimson would have told me how to distinguish that."

The little bird tilts its head in confusion as it squawks gently. "Your squawk sounds female. Well maybe because you are a new born. Hmm can you say mommy?" She asks. The little bird squawks. "Mo-mmy." Naruko says. "Mo-" The bird squawks the rest. "Keep trying. Mo-mmy." "Mo-mmy. Mommy. Mommy mommy mommy." The little bird says over and over in a child-like voice. Naruko chuckles lightly. "Good job." The little bird squawks. "Hmm you need a name though… How about Sky?" "Sky." Sky says in a cheery manner. "Sky Sky Sky Sky."

Naruko giggles but then notices Sky grow abit. "Hmm I guess you grow whenever you learn something new?" She thought to herself out loud. She puts down Sky as Sky tries to walk but struggles abit. Naruko gets up and helps Sky. "Come on. I'll help you walk." Sky nods as Naruto helps it walk for a bit until Sky can walk on its own. Sky laughs as it walks around before going to Naruko. "Mommy." Naruko giggles. "Ok time to teach you more words." During the next ten minutes, Naruko teaches Sky more words and their meanings and Sky absorbs it all.

"Mommy, what shall we do next?" Sky asked. "Well let's go teach you about chakra." Sky tilts its head. "Chak-ra?" "Yep. It is what we have in our bodies that keeps us alive and we can do very cool things." Naruko turns and does some hand signs before launching some wind blades across the field, cutting up the grass before dissipating. "Those are wind blades and I used chakra to make them." Sky looked at her with awe. "Can I do that mommy?" Naruko nodded. "Yes but I have to teach you the basics." Sky nodded as they got to work. Naruko taught Sky tree walking and leaf balancing, though using Sky's head, and some stances. During the time Sky got bigger to the point that Sky is almost as tall as Hayley. And Naruko found out that Sky is a girl from her voice changing.

"Good girl Sky." Naruko said. Sky giggled before using her wings to make some wind blades. "Thank you mommy." "Now you have to learn to fly." Sky tilted her head. "Fly?" "Yes. It is hard for me to explain but you use your wings to move around in the air." Naruko said. Sky opened her wings up and looked at Naruko. "How mommy?" Naruko thought for a bit. "Hmm…lets head to that tree over there." Sky nodded as both of them walked to said tree. "Ok now climb up." Naruko said.

Sky did as told and tree climbed up then sat on a branch. "Now what mommy?" "Open your wings then jump." Naruko said. Sky nodded slowly and did as told. At first she just fell though Naruko caught her. They kept doing this until Sky started to glide. "Flap your wings Sky." Naruko yelled out as she ran under her. Sky did as told and slowly began to fly. "Look mommy, I'm doing it." Sky called out as she circled over Naruko. "Good job Sky." Naruko giggled. Then a small snag. "Mommy, how do I stop?" Sky called out. Naruko sweatdropped. "Ah crap I forgot that. Um come down and use your wings to slow down." Sky nodded and came down…just at a wrong angle. She flapped hard but came in too fast and crashed into Naruko. The two lay on the ground with Sky on Naruko. "Ow... Sorry mommy." "No that is my fault. I forgot to teach you how to land." Naruko said apologetically. The two get up before trying again.


Yugao and Liah arrive at the Chameleon's realm which is a huge forest not anywhere near the Elemental Nations. Yugao looks around as Liah walks around. Yugao sees trees bigger than the ones around the village or anywhere else for that matter. She wonders also about the trial. Soon Yugao sees a clearing that is full of other Chameleons ranging from different sizes to different colors. She also sees huts everywhere and guesses that they live in them.

"Everyone." Liah calls out. All stop and turn before bowing to their Boss. "This is Yugao Uzuki. She is here for the trial to be our next summoner. The reason our previous summoners disappeared is because a war broke out long ago and most Uzumakis passed away. Even though she isn't an Uzumaki, one of the children of an Uzumaki that survived puts trust in her to be our summoner." Liah looks at Yugao as the other Chameleons there talk among each other. "So are you ready?" Yugao looked at Liah. "Yes but what does the trial entail?" Liah chuckled. "A simple game of hide and seek. Well not that simple."

Yugao became confused before she jumped down onto the ground and looked at Liah. However before she could ask anything, Liah disappeared. "Come and find me." Her voice trailed out as Yugao just stood there dumb struck then snapped out of her stupor before she went to search for Liah. She ran along the forest floor as she kept her eyes and ears open for anything. Though she wasn't sure where Liah had gone since she never heard her leave. "This is not gonna be easy…"


In the realm of the Dragons, Naruto looks around the huge mountainous range big enough to fit three Konohas. He sees various Dragons everywhere as Ryoji walks to a spot that is almost dead center of the place. He also sees Japanese-style homes everywhere that are huge with various Dragons going in and out of them. Ryoji stops and looks around. "Everyone I bear you some news." Ryoji called out causing everyone to stop and look at him. Naruto wondered what the Dragons would say or how they would react.

"On my head is Naruto Uzumaki who is here to take the trial to become the next Dragon summoner. Sadly I heard the reason that our previous summoners left was because of a war that broke out in Uzushiogakure. Sadly only a small percentage survived." A lot of the Dragons there talked with one another, some bickering before Ryoji called for their attention again. "There is also another matter. The prophecy of old is going to come true and Naruto along with his twin sister are going to fulfill it. But for now I must take Naruto to take the trial." Ryoji looks at Naruto. "Are you ready?" "Like I said before, I won't know until I see the trial but I will attempt it in confidence." Naruto said with a short nod. Ryoji chuckled before taking to the skies, Naruto holding on tightly using chakra and his hands as the other Dragons down below wonder about the boy.

In the skies, Ryoji is going almost supersonic as Naruto holds on to dear life while seeing Ryoji go around mountains, towers of stones, caves and forestry before he sees an arena. As quickly as Ryoji hit the skies, he lands smoothly on the arena floor. Naruto pants a bit before jumping off and landing on the ground before turning around and looking at Ryoji. Ryoji chuckles. "You are very interesting Naruto but that little ride was part of the test which you passed but now comes the main part." Ryoji then changed as his whole body shrunk down before becoming more human shaped. Soon a tall man over six feet tall wearing blue dragon armor stands in front of Naruto. On his chest is the head of his Dragon form while on his right hand is a long sword in the shape of his tail and on his left hand is a shield in the shape of his wings put together. All of his body is covered except his face as it shows red steely eyes with a long snout. All in all, a warrior ready to go to battle.

Naruto looked on in awe before steeling himself. "So is the trial a kenjutsu fight?" Ryoji chuckles. "Yes but also a timed fight. If you can last for ten minutes or take me down, you pass this trial and become the new Dragon summoner." Naruto nodded before unsheathing his katana. Ryoji looked at it with a raised eyebrow. "That katana… did you find it in Uzu?" "Yes. I found it in the blacksmith shop there buried away. I also met the nephew of the blacksmith who made it back in Konoha." Naruto said. Ryoji nodded before getting in a stance. Naruto did too, with his right hand behind him and his left in front, his katana in his right hand. This stance is good for speed since Naruto has no idea how strong Ryoji really is or even if he will use his full power.

Ryoji looks at the sun with just his eyes before lunging at Naruto. Naruto gasps slightly at the speed before moving and clashing with Ryoji's long sword. Both weapons create sparks before Naruto jumps back then quickly runs around. However Ryoji is faster and swings his sword at Naruto. Naruto jumps over it before lunging at Ryoji. Ryoji uses his shield and Naruto hits that before he is sent flying backwards. Naruto recovers quickly then goes low to the ground as Ryoji swings over him, the sharpness of the blade only inches from his face.

Quickly Naruto launches a high kick from the ground. Ryoji jumps back quickly as Naruto does a handstand then lands on his feet, just in time for him to block Ryoji's sword. Again sparks are created before Naruto jumps back and grabs the cutlass on his left side then attacks Ryoji. Ryoji blocks both swords with his long sword and shield before he kicks Naruto back. Naruto rolls around before lighting up his katana in wind and his cutlass in fire then goes on the attack again. Ryoji smirks as he blocks every single strike sent his way before he launches a fireball at Naruto.

Naruto jumps back and launches some wind blades at the fire ball though all it does it makes it stronger. He does a kawarimi with a nearby boulder but soon blocks a downward strike from Ryoji. However Ryoji pushes him down. Naruto smirks making Ryoji raise his eye brow before Naruto explodes. Naruto comes out of hiding across the arena but dodges when Ryoji comes down and strikes the ground. "Not bad but you are dealing with a Dragon here." Naruto says nothing as he launches fire-powered wind blades at Ryoji. Ryoji just cuts them all down making Naruto scowl.

Ryoji goes on the attack again, this time faster than before as Naruto blocks his sword again but is pushed back, his feet dragging along the ground. Naruto quickly dives down and under Ryoji making him fall forward thanks to the momentum but quickly recovers only to see Naruto gone. He raises an eyebrow then sniffs the air. Quickly he turns around and blocks three swords. Ryoji smirks seeing the katana in Naruto's mouth and both of his cutlasses in hand, the cutlasses covered in fire chakra and the katana covered in wind chakra.

Naruto jumps back and lands in the center of the arena before spinning wildly. Ryoji goes to attack and stop him. "Sword Style: Firestorm Tornado." Naruto yells out as a tornado covered in flames forms from the spinning before he launches it at Ryoji. The wild tornado goes straight at Ryoji as wind blades and fire blades are visible on the outside of the fire tornado. Ryoji smirks though and jumps back before lifting up his sword. Lightning courses through it before he launches a wave of it as he swings the sword down. The two attacks collide before they cancel each other out. However Ryoji smirks more seeing three Narutos on him, all nine swords pointing at certain body parts where the armor doesn't cover. Ryoji looks up seeing the sun then chuckles.

"Good job Naruto. You passed the trial. It is an honor to have you as our summoner in decades." Naruto smiles as he jumps off and his clones disappear. He puts his swords away as Ryoji changes back into his Dragon form. "Now come and I will have you meet some of the others." Naruto nodded as he jumped on Ryoji's head before Ryoji took off at high speed.


Sometime later

In Konoha, Hiruzen is in his office doing paperwork as he wondered about the twins and Yugao and when they would return. He would check on the field from time to time but no luck. Kan is at home and Kakashi is doing who-knows-what. Hiruzen sighed as he checked the crystal ball again and noticed three huge puffs of smoke appear. Quickly, he puts on his hat and calls for an anbu and tells them to get Kakashi and meet him at the field. He then heads straight there.

At the field, the smoke slowly clears before revealing the three Boss summons along with Naruko, Naruto and Yugao on their backs with Naruko having an extra passenger. The four jumped down before the twins hugged each other. "I guess you two passed?" Naruto asked. The girls nodded as Sky looks at Naruto with a tilt of her head. "And who is this?" He asks. "Oh this is Sky. She is the reason I passed the trial." Naruko said. Naruto and Yugao nod. "Mommy, who is this?" Sky asks in a more mature voice. "That is my little bro Naruto." Sky nods and smiles. Naruto chuckles before Ryoji clears his throat getting their attention. The four turn to them.

"Now, Naruto from now on you have to guard the contract scroll with your life since you are the only one that can use it. I trust you to be able to do this until more can apply." Ryoji said. "The same can be said for me Naruko, though since you both live together, I'm sure you two can find a safe spot for the scrolls." Crimson said. "Yugao, I'm sure you can find a safe spot also with the scroll or if you want you can give it to the twins for safe keeping. As long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, I am sure you can keep it safe." Liah said. The three nod before they hear Hiruzen walk up along with Kakashi.

"So I am guessing you three passed the trials?" Hiruzen asked. The three nod in reassurance. Hiruzen smiles as does Kakashi. "Congratulations to you three but there is a tiny snag." Hiruzen said. "Let me guess, the council?" Naruko asked in irritation. Hiruzen sighed as he nodded. "Apparently, some saw the Dragon when you summoned him Naruto and decided to see what is going on and now want to know about your contract. At first I said no but the elders insisted on wondering why." Hiruzen said though his voice said he really didn't want to go through this meeting. The twins, Yugao and Kakashi sighed as the three summons looked at one another then Hiruzen.

"I don't mean to pry but why should they know our business?" Crimson asked. "They are usually like this. Ji-Ji you really have to cut down their power." Naruto said with a small groan. "Yes but they do help with the village needs. Though they do think it is a safety issue. But come along so we can get this over with." Hiruzen said. "Hai Hokage-sama." The three said before turning to their summons. "Well that is something not expected but since you three passed the trials, you can summon any of our kin whenever. Though only summon us when it is a dire emergency or to train and getting to know your summons more." Liah said. The three nodded before Ryoji turned to Crimson. "So I hear you think of me as stubborn…" Ryoji said. Crimson chuckled. "Well it is true." Liah puffed out before that would escalate as the others there sweatdrop. "Um…" Naruto started before Ryoji and Crimson puffed out. "Ok…" They all said before heading to the meeting room with Sky walking next to Naruko.


Inside the council room, the twins, Kakashi and Yugao are next to Hiruzen with all of the members of the council, though Yugao has her mask on again. Sky is behind Naruko. "Is everyone here and ready?" Hiruzen asked. All quieted down. "Now you may begin." Hiruzen said. Homura is the first to speak. "Yes well this meeting deals with the roar we all heard earlier. Some of the ninja and civilians saw said Dragon behind the monument and wondered what it is all about. Then saw Hokage-sama along with Kakashi-san, Kan Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki. We are just wondering about what they saw." Homura finished as the others started to whisper among each other.

Hiruzen looked at Naruto and nodded. Naruto sighed and stepped forward. "What the ninja and civilian population saw was a summon. And before you say anything, no one else is getting the contract." He said the last part with narrowed eyes which caused the civilian side to start yelling. "QUIET." Hiruzen ordered as he along with Naruto unleashed their KI making them shut up quickly. Danzo cleared his throat making everyone turn to him. "Surely there must be something we can work out." He said while looking at Naruto. Naruto closed his eyes. "The answer is no." He said before stepping back.

The civilian side started bickering again as the elders wondered about the contract, Danzo how to get a hold of it while the shinobi side just stayed quiet, some not wanting to be there. "QUIET." Hiruzen yelled again. "If Naruto says no, then his word is final. I have no control over this, especially after seeing the Boss summon." "But there has to be some compromise. Having a contract like this can help us." Koharu spoke. "The Dragons will only allow Uzumakis to sign up unless I say otherwise." Naruto spoke. "And I say no one else gets to sign it." He finished making most scowl while others raise their eyebrows. "What do you mean only Uzumakis, Naruto-san?" Inoichi asked. "It is just as I said. Uzumakis are the only summoners the Dragons had. And they will not change. They are stubborn to a tee." Inoichi nodded slowly.

"Now is there anything else to ask?" Hiruzen asked. "Yes. That eagle behind Naruko-san. I have never seen one that size." Hiashi spoke making the ones who didn't see it wonder what he is talking about. Naruko sighed as Sky peeked her head around and looked at them all oddly. The ones so can see her gasp at the size. "That is a very big eagle." Tsume said looking at Sky. "Do I have to Hokage-sama?" Naruko asked. Hiruzen sighed but nodded. "Show yourself Sky." Naruko said as Sky walked around then jumped on the table. She looked at each council member slowly.

"She is a summon. I have signed up with the Eagle contract. And like my brother said, no else is getting it." She said with her eyes narrowed at the last part. Once more, the civilian side bickered before Naruko, Naruto and Hiruzen let out their KI on them making them quiet. "Same for the Dragons, the Eagles only had the Uzumakis as summoners and don't really want others unless I say otherwise. And right now there are only a small number I deem worthy but right now only I will keep the contract so don't try anything." Naruko finished before calling back Sky who walked back and stood near Naruko.

Most of the council members talked with one another while others wondered when this will end. "Anything else…?" Hiruzen asked, annoyed and bored out of his mind. "Ah yes one more thing. When the ninja who checked out what was going on, they saw something weird. Like a blob of sorts sticking out of Naruto-san's shoulder. They have no idea what it was and I want to know exactly what he saw." Homura said. Hiruzen, the twins, Neko and Kakashi sighed in irritation as Naruto looked at Hiruzen. "You know what, they are bound to see it sooner or later so might as well show them now…" Naruto said. Everyone wondered what he meant before Ankoku came out. Most had an obvious reaction and were about to react but a fat man from the civilian side beat them to it:

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" The man screamed while the others are intrigued at the thing that came out of Naruto's shoulder. Danzo wondered if he could use it. Ankoku looked at them all. "QUIET. You humans are getting irritating…" Ankoku said making them shut up and go wide eyed, even Danzo and Hiashi. "It can speak?" Hiashi asked. "Yes I can speak. I am no ordinary bloodline. And before you can say or start yelling, no you will not turn the twins into breeding stock. I will devour you before that happens." Ankoku growled out though no one bothered to argue. "Question: if you are a bloodline, how come you have never been heard of?" Shikaku asked in a bored but interested manner. "Because we were sealed up almost forty years ago after Uzushio was attacked because the enemies of the Uzumakis feared their fuinjutsu. It was only recently that we were reawakened." Ankoku said. "We?" Tsume asked with confusion.

Ankoku turned to Naruko and nodded as Hikari came out, though has a pissed off look on her face. "I am Shadow and my sister is Light. We are actually older than you think for we have been around for millennia. However I won't tell you the story since you don't deserve it. Not with the way you are all acting. And I swear if you try to bring harm to the twins, I will be your death. You hear me?" Ankoku growled out making everyone nod, some slowly and others quickly. "So anything else to talk about?" Hiruzen asked. No one said anything. "Then this meeting is adjourned." Hiruzen said. Everyone got up and slowly filled out. Before long, the room became empty, except for Hiruzen, the twins, Kakashi, Neko and Sky.

Hiruzen sighed as everyone sat down on a chair. "These meetings are getting more annoying every time we get called in here." Naruko said as Sky stood next to her still. Hiruzen nodded as he rubbed his temple. "Yes. And I think it is time to bring their power down a notch…" He spoke, though with a tired manner. Everyone agreed to that. "But all of that aside, tell me how did you three pass?" He asked looking at them. Naruko went first. "Well my trial was to basically raise Sky in a short period of time although with her being a summon she actually grew at a fast rate." Sky nodded in agreement.

Hiruzen nodded before looking at Neko. "Well I had to play hide and seek with the Boss summon though I had to smoke her out just to find her." The twins, Hiruzen and Kakashi just look at her oddly as Ankoku and Hikari snickered. Neko just hung her head. "It wasn't easy either considering I was playing with a Chameleon. Makes me want to step up my skill level some more…" Neko said before shaking her head. Everyone else nodded slowly before looking at Naruto. "I had to fight Ryoji for ten minutes and also to hold on for a very fast ride. If I didn't know how to stick using chakra, I don't think I would have passed. But it amazed me that he has a human-form, so to speak, and that he can fight. He can fight better than Bee-san back in Kumo and he is a kenjutsu specialist, no offence to you Neko-sensei." Naruto said. Neko waved it off knowing about the eight tail jinchuuriki after hearing from Naruto.

Hiruzen nodded and smiled. "Well I will say again to you three for passing and as you know you still are off for the next two weeks including Kakashi. But are you ever going to go back to Uzu to get the other contracts and anything else you might have missed?" Hiruzen asked. "We will but not sure when. After all we just saved Wave from that tyrant and they do need time to recover." Naruko said. Hiruzen nodded in agreement. "Well then if there is nothing else, you may go except for Kakashi and Neko. I need to talk to them both." The twins nodded. "Ok Ji-Ji. Later guys." They said. "Come on Sky." Naruko said as the three left the room.

Kakashi and Neko turned to their Hokage. "Does this deal with Jiraiya-sama?" Kakashi asked. Hiruzen sighed but nodded. "Yes. I got a note from him saying he is to arrive soon with some info. I will tell him then but not sure to how he will react or how the twins will." Hiruzen closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I am not sure who will hate me most after this but I just know I will have to fix this somehow." Kakashi and Neko looked at one another before looking at their Hokage. "Well let's just hope for the best Hokage-sama." Kakashi said. "Besides, the twins know of Jiraiya as in his work so they would understand, to a degree. Jiraiya I am not sure." Neko said. "That is my point. He is going to wonder why he has never heard of the twins though I rarely see him visit Konoha unless its business. Or research." Hiruzen said. Kakashi giggled as Neko growled but has a tiny blush behind her mask. "Anyway that is all I wanted to say. You are both dismissed." "Hai Hokage-sama." They both said before disappearing.


As the twins walked out of the tower and headed to the Inuzuka compound, every one that saw them looked at them with confusion or intrigue. Not because of the twins but the large Eagle walking next to Naruko. Sky looks at everything in awe and mild confusion since it is the first time in the village. "So Sky how do you like the village so far?" Naruko asked. "Well it is certainly different from home mommy." Sky said as she kept looking around. "Say Sky, would you have to go back for like training or anything?" Naruto asked. "Yes. Crimson-sama told me to return soon for some training." Sky said as she looked at Naruko. "Mommy can I go fly around?" "Not yet sweetie. We don't really trust many people here for you to be alone yet." Naruko said as the twins glance at some of the civilians looking their way. "Besides, we are on our way for you to meet one of our friends." She added. Sky nodded as they kept walking.

Soon they reached the compound before the three walked in. "Kan you around?" Naruto called out as Lightning came running out and tackled him making him giggle. "Hey Lightning." The twins said with a giggle as Naruto rubbed her head as she let out a bark. "Lightning why couldn't you wait?" Kan called out as he jogged to them before smiling at the twins. "Hey guys." He then noticed Sky. "Whoa. I am guessing you passed Naruko?" He asked as Naruko nodded. Lightning looked at Sky as she jumped off Naruto and sat in front of her. The two just looked at each other and titled their heads, Sky never seeing a ninken before and Lightning never seeing an eagle this size.

Kan chuckled as he looked at Naruto. "How about you?" Naruto nodded. "Yeah I passed too but man can Ryoji fight. I want to learn that fighting style." Naruto said as Kan nodded. "Is he stubborn like Crimson said?" "To a tee. Well most of the time though not all Dragons are stubborn like him but stubborn. There were like four of them that I met that are ok, one being his daughter who reprimanded him. It was pretty funny though." Naruto chuckled as Kan did too. "Hey want to get something eat? We haven't eaten in a while." Naruto said. "Yeah sure. Want to Lightning?" Kan looked at his ninken who still looked at Sky before barking at her in a friendly manner. Sky smiled. "Nice to meet you Lightning." Sky said. Lightning wagged her tail as the three chuckled. "Hey maybe you can teach Lightning to talk. I mean it will be difficult but not impossible. I mean Kuromaru can talk." Naruko said as Kan thought about it. "Oh and this is Sky." Kan nodded and waved to the Eagle as Sky looked at him with a smile. "Well come on and let's go talk to Ayame-nee. I'm sure she would be wondering about us." Naruto said. The two nodded before heading to the stand.


The three kids sat on the stools inside Ichiraku's as Lightning sat on Kan's head and Sky stood on the table looking around, smelling the wonderful scents coming from the kitchen. Ayame came out and smiled at the four before noticing Sky. "Whoa I have never seen an eagle that big though to who is it with?" She asked. "She is my summon nee-chan and her name is Sky." Naruko said. Sky tilted her head at Ayame as Ayame chuckled. "Really? So you have a summon now?" Ayame asked. "Yep, me and Naruto have summons now though he has the Dragons." Naruko said. Ayame raised an eyebrow. "The Dragons as in the Dragon roar the whole village heard just earlier in the day?" She asked. The twins chuckled as Kan laughed abit. "Yep. The roar came from the Boss summon. We got in a bit of trouble after we came back though. Stupid council…" Naruto said making Kan raise an eyebrow at that.

"That sucks. Oh by the way you still haven't explained about that thing that came out of your shoulder before you were reversed summoned." Kan brought up making the twins face palm. "I knew I forgot, again." Naruto said. "Now don't freak out nee-chan though I am guessing Kan saw Ankoku huh?" Naruko asked. Naruto nodded as Ayame wondered what these two are talking about. Soon she got an answer as Ankoku and Hikari came out of their shoulders. "Hello." The two said though sweatdropped at seeing Ayame's reaction which has her face frozen in a look of fear, wonder and 'What the hell is that?' mixture."

The twins waved their hands in front of her face. "Oh boy. I think we broke her." Naruto said scratching his cheek. "Nee-chan." Naruko called out but has no reaction. Naruto did some hand signs before he splashed Ayame with some cold water coming from his hands. That snapped her out of the trance. "Huh? What the-? Why am I wet?" She asked as she looked at herself before looking at the twins then Ankoku and Hikari. "Uh…" "Before you freak out again nee-chan, these two are our bloodline. Say hello to Ankoku and Hikari." Naruto said. Ayame just stood there dumb founded before Kan spoke up. "Wait bloodline? You never had one before." The twins nodded as Lightning just looked at the beings sticking out of the twins shoulders. "Well we activated them some days before we left for our long mission. We went to our old village, Uzushiogakure and reactivated them there along with finding the summons and a lot of things." Naruko said.

Ayame and Kan nodded slowly before Teuchi came out…then turned right back around after seeing the twin's bloodline sticking out of their shoulder. All of them there sweatdropped. "Dad, come back." Ayame growled out. "It is just the twins and their bloodline. I mean yeah they are scary looking but don't do that." She retorted. Teuchi peaked his head out from the door way. "Bloodline?" He asked. "Yes now come out." Ayame said with a sigh. Teuchi did though still wary not ever seeing this kind of bloodline. "It is complicated though Ji-Ji did the same when he found out. Well the whole 'freezing in place' thing Ayame-chan did." Naruko said. The three there gave them the 'Are you serious?' look at the twins making them nod. "Wow. And I though our Hokage seen everything. Well I guess now he has." Teuchi said in thought.

"Yes well we actually wanted to meet you and thank you for treating the twins with kindness. We saw their memories of the past and well while there were never abused except in the orphanage and that one time on their fifth birthday, you are some of the few that treated them like human beings. Just wish most if not a huge majority of the villagers treated the twins like you have. Well some are turning around while others just don't really mess with the twins." Hikari said. "Well me and tou-san aren't like most of the villagers. After all we got to know the two and I see them now as little siblings. I could never turn them away." Ayame said. "Same here. I never saw any real reason to turn these two away and I never regretted it since. I am more than happy to help these two in time of need and for anything they need help with." Teuchi said.

The twins smiled and went over and hugged the two who returned them. Kan smiled as Lightning barked while Sky wondered about what Hikari said and what the two owners said. The four separated before the twins sat back down. "So do you two eat?" Ayame asked although part of her is scared for the answer. "Well… We do but it would be best we don't tell you." Ankoku said making Ayame nod slowly. "Say, what are your abilities?" Kan asked. "Well, me and my brother can both stretch beyond what anyone can think. We can scare the hell out of anyone not expecting us." Hikari started making everyone there chuckle. "I can control darkness while my sister can control light. We all have what we call the Darklings and Brightlings." Ankoku said.

Before the three could ask, Hayley and Danny came out of nowhere like they like to do and tackled the twins making them fall off their stools. Ayame, Teuchi, Kan and even Lightning have wide eyes seeing them come out of nowhere and tackle the two. Then it got weirder for them. "Mommy. Daddy." The two called out before hugging their 'parents'. That made them raise their eyebrows more before the twins sat up and sat back on the stools as their 'kids' are now on their laps. The twins sighed before looking at the two. "Are you two ever going to listen to us?" Naruko asked. The kids chuckled nervously on their laps making the twins sigh more. "Anyway, guys these two are Hayley and Danny. Hayley is a Brightling while Danny is a Darkling as you can tell from how they look. Now only I can summon Darklings while Naruko can only summon Brightlings. Though these two are kind of the exception…" Naruto said.

The two blushed and chuckled before looking around. "Where are we mommy?" Hayley asked. "We are in a restaurant because we are hungry. Now say hello to Ayame-nee-chan, Teuchi-oji-san and Kan." Naruko said. The two looked at the three before saying hello to them. The three said hello back after hearing what the twins said. "So those two are like you two?" Kan asked the beings. "Yep. Think of them as our children, sorta." Hikari said. Kan nodded as Lightning barked. "So do you two eat?" Ayame asked. "YES. We eat-." The twins didn't let them finish. "Uh best not to ask. So can we get our usual for today? Though can Sky eat ramen?" Naruto asked. Naruko looked at Sky. "Well I don't think it can harm her. After all she is a summon and I think summons can eat whatever humans eat. You want some ramen to try?" Sky looked at her mom and nodded. "Ok mommy."

That set off some reactions though Kan's came out first. "Heh wow not even twelve yet and you two already have kids." He chuckled as the twins sulked. "Not funny Kan…" The two said making the rest chuckle except for Hayley and Danny who pouted. "But we are supposed to be the only ones to call you mommy and daddy." The two whined. The twins chuckled from that before rubbing their heads. "You two still can but Sky also can call me mommy too ok?" Naruko said. "Ok mommy…" The two said slowly before Ayame and Teuchi went to the back and prepared their orders.

Kan looked at the twins. "Hey just wondering, what else do you think is back in Uzushio?" He asked. The twins looked at him. "Well there are two other contracts that we need to find plus other stuff that I know we will need some storage scrolls for. The one we found is pretty big but not sure if that one can fit everything left in that vault. There are a ton of weapons, riches and other valuables there." Naruto said. Kan nodded. "Wait two others? So that means the Uzumakis have five contracts?" Kan asked. "Yep. Though don't tell anyone. You know how some morons here would love to get their greedy hands on them." Naruko said. Kan nodded in understanding.

"Wish my leg wasn't taken away though I wonder if there is way to make a better one. I mean I really do wish I could get back with my team though I would have to catch up." Kan said making the twins nod in agreement. Then Naruto looked at Kan. "There might be a way. Say who made the leg anyway?" Naruto asked. Kan looked at him. "It is a man that used to be a ninja but had to drop out after losing both of his legs. But since he could still make handsigns and use his hands, he set up a shop where he makes prosthetic limbs. But what did you mean by there might be a way?" Kan asked. The twins looked at one another. "Well it deals with some metals we found back in Uzu. It can be used to channel chakra through it and I thought that maybe we can use that metal along with your prosthetic to make a way better limb." Naruto said.

Kan thought about it. "Well if you can make one it would be great but I wouldn't want to drag you both down. I mean I haven't been training much because even though I can channel chakra through the limb, the balance isn't that great. It makes it hard just to do a collaboration attack with Lightning." The twins nodded. "Well can you think about it?" Naruko asked. Kan nodded as Ayame and Teuchi came out with some bowls and set them down. The twins and Kan grabbed their chop sticks and broke them apart as they said 'Itadakimatsu' before digging in. Sky looked down at the bowl in front of her and sniffed it a bit before taking a sample taste by slurping up a noodle. Everyone there wondered how she would react. Sky savored it before licking her beak lips then downing down the bowl. They all sweatdropped before chuckling.

Hayley and Danny looked at the bowls in front of them as they poked the twins. "Mommy daddy, can we have a taste?" Danny and Hayley asked. "You two won't like it since you can't eat human food. Your stomachs won't let you." Ankoku said. The two pouted as the twins shook their heads. "Well at least Sky likes it." Naruko said as Sky popped her head out of the bowl. Everyone there chuckled as Sky slurped up the noddle in her mouth. "Any more?" She asked. Teuchi nodded as he went back along with Ayame before bringing out some bowls since the twins finished their own. It went on like this before the trio along with Lightning and Sky left the establishment and headed home.

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And now some omakes.

Omake One: Ankoku seeing Kurama again.

In Uzu, when the two being entered the twins, and after talking with them a bit and helping them with activating the bloodline, Ankoku headed straight for Kurama. He found him trapped behind bars inside of Naruto's mindscape which for some reason has sewers connected to the cage. He wasn't sure if it was like this when Kurama became sealed into Naruto or, after finding out about the twins' sex life, became this way because of his dirty mind. He would ask Naruto later. Ankoku looked at the cage though didn't see Kurama. "Fluffy, I know you are in here." Ankoku spoke. No response. He snickered. "Don't want to be called Fluffy?" He asked loudly as his echo reverberated inside the cell. Still no response. "Do I really have to go and drag your butt out here?" He asked himself as he turned into a more humanoid form. He looked a lot like his last user except more darker and sinister looking with horns protruding along certain parts of his body. Ankoku walked into the cell and headed down into the darkness.

Some minutes pass before Ankoku is seen heading to the bars, dragging Kurama by his tails as his nails scrape against the floor. Kurama couldn't do anything. After all, he is dealing with a being more powerful than he could even think of reaching in terms of power. Soon they neared the bars as Ankoku stopped dragging Kurama before walking out of the cage and turning around to face Kurama, who still hasn't turned back. "Kurama." Ankoku said in all seriousness. Kurama just turned his head but said nothing as his right eye looked at Ankoku. "Are you really going to be like this?" Ankoku asked. Kurama stayed quiet. "Oh come on, you can't be mad about that still, right?" Kurama just turned away and mumbled to himself before laying his head down. "You want me to apologize?" Ankoku asked. Kurama kept quiet. "Well how was I supposed to know that you and Matatabi where having sexual relations and wanted it quiet?" Ankoku asked. The room became filled with KI but Ankoku barely felt it. Kurama turned around. "You know damn well why." Kurama yelled angrily. "Because she is your sister?" Ankoku scratched his head. Kurama's eyebrow twitched. "Not just that but she is very sensitive with that." He told Ankoku. "Well me and Hikari did apologize a lot about that. Besides, we don't really care about morals. And you shouldn't either." Ankoku said.

"She was pregnant." Kurama said plainly. Ankoku blinked. "Hmm, well not sure what to say. What do you want from me?" Ankoku asked. "For you to go away." Kurama said. Ankoku sweatdropped. "Um did you forget what just happened?" He asked. Kurama just grumbled. "Besides, it would be best if Naruto changed this so he could practice in his mindscape while his body rests." Ankoku said. "That is fine since at least both of the kits respect me and not because I am more powerful than them. At least they got to know me, to an extent. Somethings I can't tell them yet." Kurama said. Ankoku nodded then sighed. "Can't we start over? I mean I am still your uncle." Ankoku said. Kurama just narrowed his eyes. "Ok, ok, fine. I will leave you alone then. But Hikari does want to see you and you know you can't say no to her." Ankoku said. Kurama just rolled his eyes. "It will be a long time before you two earn my forgiveness." Kurama said before walking back into the darkness. "Well that went well… Good job Ankoku…" Ankoku told himself as he shook his head. "I have all the time in the, well all eternity actually." Ankoku told himself before disappearing.

Yeah… that didn't go how I wanted it… Well I will just keep this Omake up… Onto the next.

Omake Two: The letters.

After the twins left the manor and went to their apartment, and after reviewing everything else they found, they sat on the bed with both of the letters in hand. The twins are nervous. "Well we should just read and get it over with." Naruto said. "Yeah." Naruko said. They laughed a nervous laugh before looking at the letters. For some reason, they feel thicker than the first two like if there are multiple pages. "Uh let's open dad's first." Naruko said. "Ok." Naruto said unsure but nodded. Naruto turned it over and gently opened it up. She pulled out the letter…a thick letter… The two sweatdropped as she opened the letter and both see a five page letter, with the first page having both sides written on it. They look it over and see that even though their father wrote most of it, their mother either 'took' words off or 'added' her own. Apparently, their father is an overprotective father who really loves his daughter, even though he probably only saw her for some hours. They looked at the beginning. "Dear Future Son-in-Law, If you haven't figured out who I am yet then it would be best to not be with my daughter. If you have or know and are only with her because of me, then it would be best to not be with my daughter." The two sweatdropped since the whole first page goes on like this. Except the bottom line. "If you are with my daughter and really do love her but have nasty sex, it would be best not to be with my daughter or I will haunt you for eternity." Naruto paled abit and looked around nervously. "I don't think he means that bro…" Naruko said chuckling nervously.

Naruto looked at her. "Well…I guess you are right… Let's keep reading." He said as Naruko turned over the page. "Now there are certain rules…" They started and looked at the numbers. Over one hundred. "How the hell do you fit a hundred rules onto a page…?" Naruto asked. "Look at rule five: if she is hurt, protect her with your life and if she is being overwhelmed by fan boys, beat them to a pulp." Naruko read. "That I already do…" Naruto said as he held her close. "He, he, I know little bro." Naruko said before kissing him. "Look at rule seventeen: Always give her space. And if her hair becomes 'alive', really give her space." Naruto read. Naruko chuckled nervously. "Rule eighteen: If her hair does come 'alive' and you did something wrong to cause it, I give you permission to curl up into a ball and cry…" He also read. They both sweatdropped. "Well you do get scary but I know you won't harm me." Naruto said kissing her. She kissed him back giggling. "I know." She looked over the list. "Rule thirty one: If you get her pregnant, you are her bitch; no ifs, ands or buts…" Naruko read. They both some blood stains though near that rule for some reason. "Rule thirty two: As stated in rule one: She is a princess and queen, no matter what. Even if she is beating you to bloody pulp…" Naruto read. "That is true. You are my queen." He said making her giggle and blush. "Hmm…Rule fifty four: Whatever she asks for when pregnant, get it quickly before she changes her mind. If you know shadow clones, this helps. If you know the Hiraishin, which I doubt, this REALLY helps." Naruko said. "Will pregnancy be that bad…?" She asked. "If it is, then at least it will be with you. You know I won't ever leave you." Naruto said and both kissed deeply. "Thanks. And you know I love you a lot little bro." Naruko told him. "I love you too." He said back. "Rule seventy seven: If neither of you can't cook, there is a recipe in her mother's journal for a ramen dish that came from the Uzumaki family." They read though it wasn't in his handwriting oddly. "Wait, is that why we like ramen so much?" Naruto asked. "Maybe… I mean we don't eat it a lot since we can cook other things but I guess it is hereditary." Naruko said. "Hmm…the last rule: Naruko is my daughter and royalty and even if she doesn't want that kind of life style, still follow rule one. Yeah I can follow that one." Naruto said.

Naruko chuckled before getting to the third page. This one is actually written by their mother though short. "Well I guess she wanted to say something to her son-in-law." Naruko said. "Yeah, though dad didn't write much in this one. Well some interference." Naruto said. "Dear Son-In-Law, Ignore the rants of my husband since even though he is right in some parts, other parts he gets too protective. Anyway, I hope you treat my daughter well and, even though I won't be among the living, I hope you give me plenty of grandbabies. Also make sure Jiraiya stays away from your 'activities' in the bedroom. Even though he is the twins' godfather, he is a massive pervert and would not hesitate to make a story about you both." The twins would remember that. "I love my children and I will be watching them both. So if you hurt my daughter, I will hurt you when your soul moves on. Got me?" For some reason, they imagined an oni-mask appearing. They shivered. "Heh, scary…" Naruto said. "There is more. P.S. The part below this and the next three pages deal with a set of rings that look like our own and other valuables from both of our family. Please treat my daughter well. And remember, GRANDBABIES." Naruko reads. The twins chuckle as they look at the summoning circles. Naruko summons the one under what she read and a box appears. Naruko opens and gasps seeing a golden ring with inside having the inscriptions 'Love Conquers All'. She looks at the next three pages and summons the items in each. In the first is a scroll, which the outside reads 'Money for Wedding' though both wonder since shouldn't a wedding happen in order to have an In-Law? They shrug before looking at the second item. It is a bracelet that has little trinkets on them from the Uzumaki swirl, to little shoes made out of gold and silver, what looks like a hair pin with it red in color and other little things. Naruko put it on her right wrist though it is a little loose. She decided to store it for later. The last item is a simple hair pin that oddly looks like the one on the bracelet but worn. She also sees a note and opens it. "I know this little pin might look ordinary but this pin is the first thing your father gave me. I want you to have it since it will be the only thing outside of my blood that belongs to me that really means a lot to me. Take care of it my little Naruko." Naruko smiles. "I will kaa-san…" She said softly as she put the hair pin on her hair, moving the bang that went over her right eye slightly, out of the way.

Naruto smiles and hugs her. "Now you have something of hers forever." He said. "Yep… Let's see what mom wrote." Naruko said wiping some tears that formed. Naruto nodded as he opened the envelope gently then took out the contents but are surprised of it not being a letter. The twins raised their eyebrows as they unfolded the large paper before it is basically three feet by three feet in size. On it is a summoning circle. "Why is there a huge-" Before Naruto could finish, the circle activates and a puff of smoke appears. The twins cough before the smoke clears…revealing something they never expected to see. In front of them is their mother, who has a smile on her face. The twins are speechless as she looks at the two. "Ka-kaa-san?" They say slowly on the verge of tears. Kushina nods. "Hi my babies." She says before hugging the two tightly. The twins hug her back as they openly cry on her shoulders. "I guess you two never expected me, huh?" She asks. The twins keep crying holding onto her. "Don't hold me too tightly. I am just a clone and can dispel quickly." Kushina said though she is crying also. The three stay together before separating and wipe their tears. "How long can you stay before dispelling?" Naruto asked. "Only for some hours." She told him. The two nodded. "Well why not take a soldier pill? It will make you stay longer." Naruko told her. "I know, but it wouldn't be fair for the two of you since I will still dispel eventually." Kushina told them. The twins nodded. "Then can you take one for the rest of the night until morning?" Naruto asked. "Heh ok. I will. But I have a question. Why am I here since I was only supposed to be summoned by you and your wife?" Kushina asks pointing to Naruto. "I mean I don't mind seeing my daughter but the letter is marked to 'Daughter-In-Law'." Kushina added.

The twins blush and squirm making Kushina raise an eyebrow. "Well…" They said. "Funny story kaa-san…" Naruko said with a nervous smile. Kushina gets suspicious. "Ok, what are you two hiding?" She asked with narrowed eyes. The twins stutter before Kushina sees the hair pin on Naruko's hair. "Why do you have the hair pin? Did you open the 'Son-In-Law' letter too?" She asked being even more suspicious. The twins sat down being very nervous for once in their life. "Well…before we say; kaa-san, do you love us no matter what?" Naruto asked. Kushina is taken aback by that. "Of course my children, I always will. Why?" She said in a worried tone. The twins look at each other and nod slowly before looking at her…and telling her everything. However, they didn't get the reaction they expected. "WHAT? Aw damn it. I didn't think you two would get that Uzumaki trait." Kushina yelled then sighed then muttered to herself. The twins are at a loss. "Uh…what are you talking about kaa-san?" Naruko asked. Kushina sighed. "Well, incest is actually common in the Uzumaki family. In fact, most clans approve of it to ensure clan secrets and, if they have one, bloodlines stay pure and not lost. I just didn't think you two would do that…" She explained. "Oh." The twins say. "It is fine you two. I know you both won't betray each other or hurt each other so I am fine with it, alright?" She told them. "Thank you, kaa-san." They said before hugging her. She hugs back. "It is fine, but no funny business when I stay over for tonight, got it?" Kushina said with a small grip on them. "Yes kaa-san." They say quickly and with a blush. "At least your father didn't have the same idea. I am not sure how he would take this. But enough of that, how are you two? Were you both treated right growing up?" She asked as she let them go. The mood slightly turned as the twins looked down…before telling her everything. After hearing that, Kushina walked outside of the apartment, after taking off the security seal, and unleashed a KI for the ages. Since the time is before midnight, most people are asleep. Well, were. No one slept after waking up feeling that KI while animals howled and made noise. Though it quickly died off so ninjas wouldn't come to the source. After that, Kushina went back inside and talked with her kids some more before taking a soldier pill and teaching them both some minor things and tips about the jutsus in the scrolls they picked up. Then they went to sleep before Kushina dispelled overnight. The twins slept well that night, even though they knew that might have been the only time they would see their mother again…

Hope you guys liked that and I am sure no one expected for Kushina to make an appearance, even if it was a clone.

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