Harry was walking around the grounds of Hogwarts when he passed by Luna looking at a purple lilac. "Hello Luna," Harry said. "Hello Harry," Luna said dreamily and turned around, she looked surprised to see Harry by himself, "Where is Ron and Hermione?" "Oh there around here somewhere, I just came out to get some space." "Well since you are alone, would you like me to join you and keep you company?" Luna asked. "Yeah sure, that would be great," Harry replied. She walked over to him and they started walking. "so, have you found out anything new on the crumpled-horned snorsacks?" "Well daddy says there was a sighting in London and he has gone on a short vacation to look for it," Luna replied.
"That is very interesting," said Harry, who knew the crumpled-horned whatsits did not exist, though he always found it interesting to listen to her talk about them.
"How is Hedwig doing?" Asked Luna. "Oh Hedwig? she's great, yeah I think she's out hunting right now."
"Oh that's good, maybe she cant help with the nargle infestation, they've been everywhere lately."
Harry smiled bleakly. "Hogwarts seems to be going kind of mad, doesn't it?" "Yeah, people seem to be losing there minds."
The walk continued with Luna occasionally bending down to observe a flower or a creature, they had both enjoyed the walk very much and were not happy when it ended. "That was a lovely walk," Luna said. "Yeah it was, we should do it again sometime," Harry replied, "Well I got to get back to Gryffindor common room, so I'll see you around." "See you harry."
Luna could see the longing of wanting to say something in his eyes, but before she could say anything else, he ran off and she was left standing there, alone