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"I believe I've told you this before…. You don't have to always put up that mask."

Claude's words echoed in Sebastian's head as he paused, arguing to himself wether to give in or keep the mask on. As he pulled away and wiped his eyes, he decided that he couldn't let his guard down, this could all be a plot to simply hurt him. The young prince shook his head and then turned his red and puffy eyes to Claude, who was sitting there, expressionless.

"You are to address me formally once again. And I require you for service, you are no longer dismissed. My gratitude for bringing by treasures, now follow me to my new room." He ordered, fixing his clothes and placing his ring back inside of his pocket.

"As you wish." Was the servant's clipped reply as he picked up the box. As Sebastian led the way out of the secret room, he could feel those golden eyes practically burning a hole in his skull. He shuddered slightly and then shook off the feeling, focusing on the problem at hand - getting out without being seen. The hallway was swarming with servants carrying boxes, some going to Sebastian's old room, some going to the one he was to live in now. He waited until there was a lull in the passing and then slipped out of the hidden door in the wall, walking proudly and desperately hoping that nobody would recognize his puffy eyes as a sign that he had been crying. He didn't check to see if Claude was following him, he could feel the glare being directed at him once again as he walked towards his new room.

"What the fuck?!" Sebastian gasped as he felt himself being slammed against the wall roughly. "What the fuck?! I can't believe that you, the weakest one in Hell, gets to live next to Father now! What the fuck?! Are you trying to piss me off?! Because it's fucking working!" Angry red eyes, the same color as Sebastian's glared down at him. It was his brother, Alowwe.

Sebastian and Alowwe were born at the same Sebastian's hair was long, framing his feminine face, whereas Alowwe's was short, his face square. Also, Alowwe towered over Sebastian, despite being the younger brother.

"Get off me!" Sebastian hissed, trying to shake off the arms that were holding him in place.

"Were you crying? Huh? You little weakling. I can't wait until the day where Father decides you're expendable and finally kills you."

"Don't mention him right now!" A low growl came from the elder twin's throat.

"Oh? So Father's a touchy subject right now? Why? Did he do something to you? You fucking pussy!" He picked Sebastian up and slammed him back down.

"Get your fucking hands off of me!" Sebastian snarled and sharpened his nails into points before clawing at Alowwe's face.

"FUCK!" He yelled as he wheeled back, putting a hand over one eye which was oozing blood. "YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

"Boys!" A booming voice yelled from behind Alowwe. Sebastian looked up to see his father and flinched slightly. He wasn't ready to see his father. Not so soon after… that. Both twins separated from each other and bowed to their father.

"My apologies." They said in unison before straightening and going back to glaring viciously at each other.

"Alowwe, your room is set up. Aryte, your room is close to finished. Both of you go to them. Now." The glare that the king of the demons gave both twins made then cringe and nod, before walking in opposite directions.

As Sebastian entered the new room, he had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The room was big… very big. A grand bed sat in the center, covered in black sheets and luxurious pillows, demons did not require sleep, but sometimes they did so, to recover from a wound or sickness or just simply because they could. Besides, beds were not normally used for sleeping alone. It was obvious that Sebastian's father had hoped him to tune into his more lustful side during his time in this room. A walk in closet and a bathroom were attached to the room and a small bookshelf lay as far away as it could get from the bed. The walls were windowless and the room itself only lit by torches occasionally spitting sparks down onto whoever stood below.

"I have finished placing all your treasures underneath the blanket, in case anyone walked in. You may hide them wherever you please. The rest have been neatly sorted and are in their rightful places in the room." Claude explained, appearing behind him. A startled Sebastian jumped slightly and let out a small gasp, before narrowing his eyes and giving him a glare.

"Don't do that again." He ordered, walking to the bed to make sure his treasures were there. A sigh of relief escaped his lips when he felt the familiar fabric of his cat toy. He would definitely need it to cuddle with tonight. Although the room was grand, it was quite empty and gave off a lonely feel to it.

"My apologies." A slight sarcastic tone was set in the elder demon's voice, although Sebastian chose to ignore it.

"Mm." Was all what he responded with, lowering his ruby gaze so Claude couldn't analyze his eyes. He had noticed that his servant had a particular obsession with studying them, and it make him nervous. While his own gaze might be complex and interesting, Claude's golden ones were cold, rarely showing even a slight bit of emotion.

"Excuse me, my prince." Sebastian turned around to see a female servant in the doorway, bowing. "Your father requests your presence at dinner."

"Alert him that I shall be down in a few minutes." Sebastian straightened his back and puffed out his chest as he watched her bow once more and walk away.

"… Dammit…" He muttered, sighing as he took out his ring and slipped it on his finger. "Stay here. Do not touch anything. Am I understood?"

"Yes Majesty."

Sebastian was out of the room before he heard Claude's reply. With a sigh, Claude himself opened the door and walked out of the room, and after walking briskly through a maze of hallways, out of the castle itself. A garden of brambles came into view. The plant of the demon. They grew, twisted around themselves closely, creating a dark black wall that contrasted brightly against the grey sky. A small stone door, almost unnoticeable, lay to the left side of the demon, who was now closing the door he had came through.

Perfect… It's still here. He thought as he pried open and crouched through the door, leaving it open a crack, just in case he needed to get back quickly and didn't have time to mess with the stubborn piece of stone again.

As he calmly walked through the passage he had made years ago, he nodded his silent greetings to his friends. Spider webs with spiders going about their business lined the small stone hallway. He, of course, could turn into one as well, but he disliked it slightly. There was the risk of being stepped on, or killed in an equally pitiful way. He was a demon. A powerful demon. He was not going to die from being stepped on. His pride wouldn't allow it.

As he gently brushed a small spider back into it's web so it wouldn't travel with him, Claude was finally able to straighten up to a standing position.

"It as going as we planned." His glasses glinted as he pushed them up with his black-tipped fingers. "The young prince is angry at the king. It is just as you predicted."

He paused for a moment and then smirked at the figure hidden in the shadows.

"I'm impressed."

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