Andrew was sitting in a bar, not really drinking but listening to the music. He was lying against the wall just thinking as he had shut down due to an inability to deal with his emotions.

"So, what are you here for?" A woman asked while sitting next to Andrew. This woman was smoking an electronic cigarette, which Andrew hated the smell of.

"Someone killed themselves and I failed to stop it." He complained.

"Well there are drinks and smokes. Have at it." The woman told him. Andrew thought about it for quite a while but in the end he made his decision as he walked up to the bar.

"Anything non alcoholic please." He ordered as the bartender made his drink. He put down the money and sat at a table as he drank his tea. He was miserable but he was highly against drinking as he witnessed the destruction it caused. Once he finished his tea the waitress in the short skirt took it and he went back to the wall by himself. Suddenly Monica appeared before him, glowing.

"Andrew." She said in a demanding voice.

"Monica?" He asked, paying attention to her this time.

"Andrew, God loves all his children and angels alike. He knows we're not perfect and that we'll make mistakes. He forgives you for that. Can't you forgive yourself?" She asked which finally got through to Andrew.

"I suppose." He concluded as he got up. He then walked out with Monica who was met by Tess and Rafael.

"Glad to have you back Andy." Tess smiled.

"Don't call me that. It's weird." Andrew complained. Tess chuckled and they all went back to Heaven for the rest of the day as they weren't needed.