Love On Horseback:

Love On Horseback:


Sakura and the gang emerged from the cavern, and met the setting sun. Red and orange light hit their eyes; being a bit unused to it they squinted.

Suzy breathed in the fresh air. "I am so glad to be out of that horrible cavern!"

Fumi chuckled. "At least you overcame your fear."

Suzy brightened. "I did, didn't I?"

Fumi went over to the tree and untied Shelly, while Li came over and untied Lightning. Gumi glanced over at Li. "You and Sakura have been really quiet since the battle. Something on your mind?"

Li sighed. "Nothing, really."

Fumi mounted Shelly and helped Suzy up behind him. Li threw a leg over Lightning and pulled Sakura up. She seemed really tired.

"You okay?" Li inquired.

Sakura slowly nodded her head. "Just tired. All that fighting took a lot outta me." She gave him a weak smile.

"Don't worry. You sleep. I'll take it from here."

Sakura nodded and laid her head on his back. Li started Lightning in a smooth walk. Fumi followed behind with Shelly.

Sakura's head bobbed back and forth with the movements of Lightning's gait (walk). The group slowly walked away from Dead Man's Cavern. Leaving the cavern and all its memories.

Sakura sighed happily and laid back into Li's embrace. They were back at the tree, on top of the hill, where they had their picnic before. Everything they brought with them was still there. Brian had had enough sense to eat the food, but for some reason left the guitar. Li was thankful it was there. It was something that belonged to his father. One of the few things he had left.

"Li?" Sakura asked.


"Play that song again."

"Well…" He hesitated. He didn't really play that much, let a lone sing.

"I'll do it!" A voice rang out.

Sakura and Li bolted to their feet and looked around. "Who's there!?" Sakura asked.

From above in the tree jumped Suzy and Fumi. "What are you doing here?" Li asked in shock.

"I had a little favor to finish." Suzy said slyly.

"What kind of favor?" Sakura asked.

Suzy smiled and held up a video camera. "One of your friends from home, um Madison, asked me to record you guys for her."

"She what!?" Both Sakura and Li exclaimed.

"Yeah, she said that she was sad she couldn't come, but wanted me to record any juicy, kawaii stuff. And I did." Suzy explained with a smile.

"Just how much have you gotten?" Sakura asked worriedly.

"Well, I got the horse lesson and the picnic…"

"How'd you get that?! You weren't even there!" Li said.

"Not in person, but I have this mini camera I snuck into your picnic basket."

Sakura and Li groaned. "Oh don't worry." Suzy said. "I think it was sweet! I didn't even know Li could sing."

Li blushed with embarrassment. Sakura giggled slightly. "Wanna hear him?"

"No!" Li exclaimed.

"That's okay. How 'bout I just play?" Fumi said.

Li nodded and handed Fumi the guitar. Suzy stepped back and started recording. Fumi started "Glory Of Love" on the guitar and the music seemed to carry out father than usual.

Sakura gently took Li's hand and pulled him away from the tree. She put on hand and his shoulder and smiled. "Shall we dance?"

"What here?" Li asked skeptically.

"Why not?"

Li sighed and conceded placing his hands on Sakura's waist and pulling her closer. "Like this?" Sakura felt her face get hotter.

"Y…yeah." They started slow dancing to Fumi's chords and Suzy smiled at the two.

"Thank you." Sakura whispered in his ear.

"For what?"

"For coming to rescue me."

"You don't think I'd actually let Brain have his way with you, do you?"

Sakura laughed lightly. "Guess not. But…it still meant a lot to me."

Li smiled. "Anything for you." Li looked down and saw they were not on the ground anymore, but in the air! They were hovering about 3 meters above the hillside. "What…?"

Sakura looked down and giggled. "Guess when Brian linked with me, I got some of his powers." She looked up and Li. "Guess this is a side effect."

Li smiled and sighed with relief, and leaned into Sakura. She closed her eyes and they kissed, right there in midair, witnessed by Fumi and Suzy.

Suzy smiled. Madison's gonna love me for this one.

Though the sun had set long ago, Sakura and Li stayed there at the hilltop, locked in each other's arms. A full moon rose behind the mountains, casting a bluish glow on the two lovers. If one looked carefully they could see Sakura's pink aura blend with Liu's green and know that they too were linked. Their destiny's intertwined, for whatever the future held.