Joint training camp was a bad, bad idea, Riko mused forlornly as she palmed her face with one hand. Momoi was beside her, biting her handkerchief with a frustrated growl. Riko lowered her hand and her eyes twitched dangerously at the sight that greeted her that morning.

Kuroko was sitting obliviously to the stares he was getting, still sleepy as he nodded off a bit. His bed hair was adorably sticking out in every direction as usual and there was a faint trace of drool on his side of lips. It was not a rare sight for Seirin and Momoi, but the trouble lay with the other teams.

Hanamiya-which-part-of-him-is-Makoto was shamelessly staring with open mouth and faint blush at the sleepy bluenette. Imayoshi had opened his eyes, staring dangerously at Kuroko with foxy glint in his eyes. Himuro was not as shameless as Hanamiya as he tried to cover his blush and stole glances at Kuroko once in a while. Kasamatsu had looked away the instant Kuroko stepped into the cafeteria. A deep scowl and red hue decorated his face. Takao had squealed loudly upon seeing the bluenette. Mibuchi was shamelessly cooing at the still unaware Kuroko. Sakurai was stammering out inaudible apologies as his blush started to spread to his neck. Riko did not know what to think as Miyaji ate his vegetable while staring at Kuroko, looking like he wished it was Kuroko he was eating instead. Majority of the other boys had blushed. And some were still staring shamelessly.

And it was not helping that Kuroko was wearing one of Kagami's oversized shirt. The pale teen had been knocked out last night at the onsen and Kagami took the liberty of bringing Kuroko's unconscious form to their shared room. Riko knew there must be a reason why Kagami had Kuroko wearing his shirt. She had a hunch that Kagami was too stupid to know which one is Kuroko's nightwear. That, or there's definitely something going on between the duo. Back to the track, the problem with the shirt was the fact that it showed Kuroko's luscious shoulder. Oh she knew that these boys rarely get to see such pale and smooth skin what with being the basketball idiots they were. So it was expected that they stared at the prettiest and most feminine among them. Boys…

It seemed that Izuki had noticed the none-too-friendly stares his kouhai was getting. Kagami was too oblivious. Hyuuga had once again gotten into an argument with Kiyoshi. And it looked like they're getting heated up by the second. Izuki coughed and the boys snapped out of their trance. Izuki gave them a polite smile (or was it threatening? Riko wouldn't know) while bringing up the collar to cover Kuroko's shoulder. Most of them looked away, pretending to be preoccupied with other things. The ones that were still staring were Takao, Imayoshi, Miyaji and Mibuchi.

Riko palmed her face once again, and wishing for the first time in her life that the GOM had woken up earlier than she did.

To be continued? Ohohoho~

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