Izuki Shun had always been the sort of amiable and ordinary guy. He scored averages grades and while slightly athletic; his gift on basketball was not the type that attracted too much attention. It had come as a surprise when he discovered a part of him that he never knew existed. And the shock continued when he discovered yet another part.

Kuroko Tetsuya had been the key to trigger them. The boy came into his life calmly and the next thing he knew, he was trapped in a whirlwind of emotions.

He couldn't have been more pleased.

He liked Kuroko Tetsuya enough to date him, to want to kiss him, to endure a seventeen hours marathon of the whole season of a Korean drama. He could even say he was in love with him. But, as such things were still early for his younger lover; he kept himself at bay and let Kuroko made the first moves.

'Easier said than done' had never been truer.

Their relationship had been quite new when the invitation to a joint training camp came. Izuki had been quite giddy at the idea of spending days and nights with his lover. Kuroko was too, Izuki could tell.

The bliss quickly died out when the horror dawned to Izuki on the first morning of the camp.

Kuroko had been cutely oblivious; Izuki thanked God above for that mercy. Of course, it had been aggravating to see his lover with drooling hormonal teenage boys trailing after his gorgeous behind. But, it could have been worse without Akashi.

(Izuki had taken a liking to the redhead but that sentiment quickly died out too when he caught him with his arm around Kuroko's waist and dangerously trailing down to scoop a feel.)

Unfortunately, Izuki's hands were tied and his mouth was shut.

He couldn't do anything to save Kuroko, because the boy wanted to keep their relationship a secret until he was comfortable enough to come out. Izuki very nearly smacked his head to the nearest floor because dammit, Kuroko was kind of cute and frustrating at the same time.

It was at this point where he truly discovered his hidden sides.

First, it was that he would jump off a cliff if Kuroko asked him to. Like a loyal dog to its master. It was not a bad image but it disturbed Izuki quite a bit. To be perfectly honest, he had always been under the impression that he would date a pretty but normal girl.

When he found out that he was gay for Kuroko Tetsuya, he accepted it easier than expected; probably because against his better judgment, he had always put Kuroko under the 'pretty but normal' category.

But the revelation of his utter devotion to the younger boy was mind-blowing. In a not quite nice way.

Second, every time those damned dogs came anywhere near his lover, those worrying homicidal thoughts danced around his mind happily. He consulted his teammates, not including Kagami and Kuroko, of course. He very carefully left out Kuroko's name or that he's dating anyone.

(Though it had been quite pointless. But he did not need to know.)

Tsuchida, Mitobe and the freshmen trio gave him worried glances every now and then. Worried about his mental state rather than him, no doubt. Hyuuga just threw his hands up and walked away, too tired to deal with his teammate's shit. Kiyoshi and Koganei laughed merrily before walking away.

Some teammates they were.

Not too long after, he finally established the fact that Kiyoshi was an asshole in his nice and kind big brotherly way.

"Excuse me, but do you mind?"

There was nothing Izuki loved at the moment more than ripping Himuro's pretty face apart. Oh look, he's intimidated. Well, good. Because he won't concede defeat without a brutal fight. All these assholes had been touching and looking at his property like he was free.

It's time to give them a rude wake up call.

"Izuki-san, good evening."

At least the asshole still remembered his manners towards his seniors. Himuro scooted to the left, to give Izuki some space to sit on. Kuroko looked at him blankly, as if trying to comprehend his actions because Izuki had kind of blew up at him when they were alone after the whole karaoke fiasco.

Jealousy was an ugly feeling, Izuki admitted. It was not even Kuroko's fault. But on Kuroko's part, he should have just announced that they were together. The karaoke fiasco could have been avoided. Not that Kuroko even knew that the assholes were trying to take him to their bed. Eugh. Yeah, blame him for thinking that Kuroko was just so cute being oblivious and all that.

But, that still did not change the fact that Izuki being pissed off at Kuroko – seldom it was – had heavy effects on Kuroko too. The boy nearly burn Takao with the sheer intensity of his glare alone. Even though nobody, not even Takao with his fancy-ass hawkeye, could tell. The pass almost sent Takao straight to seventh sky.

"Izuki!" Kiyoshi beamed, "How nice of you to join us!"

Izuki gave him a tight smile, "Why yes. I saw you guys were having fun so I thought I might join in."

"Is that so?" Himuro smiled at him before turning his attention back to Kuroko. "Kiyoshi-san, how about I take over now? I'm sure you haven't had your dinner yet."


Izuki could almost hear his teammates' internal thoughts.

Screw what Kuroko might think later. Izuki would show them once and for all that Kuroko Tetsuya belonged to Izuki Shun, and Izuki Shun alone.

(It was just his jealousy and yandere-ness speaking. He would regret it later when this was over.)

End chapter.

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