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Tyler - July 28, 1989

His skin felt like it was on fire. Sweat rolled down his spine, pooled at the small of his back, making his t-shirt stick. The backs of his knees itched under the denim of his jeans. It had been a mistake to put them on. The key in his hands rattled slightly against the lock as he slid it home, turned. His hands were starting to shake.

The house was thrown into shadow by the moon, but Tyler didn't need light to guide him. He knew the layout; it was ingrained, muscle memory. He left his keys on the kitchen counter, climbed the stairs up, up, up.

Second floor landing, third door on the right. Tyler paused in front of the ornate door, the pads of his fingers brushing gently against the wood. Everything felt sharper now. Focused.


Swallowing thickly, Tyler moved in.

The drapes stirred as he closed the door. The windows had been left wide to catch as much cool air as possible but the heat-wave that had scorched through Ipswich had left the air heavy and thick. Moving required effort, breathing almost hurt.

He felt the exact moment Caleb woke. A shaft of moonlight fell across the bed, illuminated slick skin and hard muscle and twisted sheets. His mouth watered. Pleasure slipped through him like silk, the Power and heat rising, making him dizzy, making him hard. Caleb turned, half open eyes glittering in the moonlight.


His sleep-warm voice rubbed against him like velvet and he was helpless against the quiet moan that fell from his lips. He was halfway to the bed before realising it, stripping off his t-shirt, shucking his jeans on the way. He caught a glimpse of confused dark eyes before Tyler crawled up his body and fused their mouths together in a bone-melting kiss.

The first touch was the trigger. Power surged like a tidal wave inside him, leaving them both gasping in the airless room. It raced across his skin - through his blood, in his mind - and left his body in a current of pure force. Tyler moaned and fell into Caleb once more, pouring everything he had into his lips and teeth and tongue. Caleb was murmuring his name over and over, feverish and urgent, and Tyler wanted more, wanted now, wanted all.

The world tilted, spun. Hot breath burned his face like the hands that held him down to the mattress burned his wrists. The moonlight threw stark light on Caleb's face above him, glinted off eyes sparking with passion and pleasure, confusion and fear.

"What… the hell was that?" His voice was unsteady but his body was anything but. Tyler could feel solid weight pressing down on him; the heaving of his stomach with each fast breath, the hardness trapped between thin sheets, hips firmly between Tyler's spread thighs. He twisted his wrists back and forth under strong hands and bit his lip when he found he couldn't move. His dick throbbed. Instead of answering verbally, he shook his head in two quick jerky movements and reared up to kiss him again.

Caleb pulled back, shaking his head as if shaking the haze away, "No, don't. What's going on?"

Tyler groaned in frustration and let his head fall back to the bed.

"Power," he breathed out, letting sensation coil through his system, letting it build layer by layer, "Siren Call."

Caleb frowned, "What?" Tyler canted his hips, rocked back and forth and teased them both with friction that was simultaneously too much and not enough. Caleb released his wrists to grip his hips instead, stilling him without much effort. "Focus, Tyler."

The youngest shivered at the growled command and strained to concentrate. "It's in the Book," he started, words slow and deliberate, "Didn't think it was important, just another riddle. Last one Ascends, then Power draws Power. It's called the Siren Call." He licked his lips, shook his head, "We can't resist it."

He'd studied the book almost non-stop since Pogue's Ascending, painstakingly pulling together anything he could find on the effects of the Power and the Bond after Ascending. A week before his own birthday he came across the Siren Call. "When the last Son Ascends, Power will call Power, and he will take his rightful place alongside his brethren." The vague words hadn't meant much to him then, but waking up tonight - just hours after he'd been screaming in agony on the stone floor of the Vaults - he knew exactly what it meant.

Need; an urgent and unbearable need to have and take and give.

Caleb's frown deepened, "Can't resist what?"

But the only answer he got was a soft moan. Twin brushes of Power caressed them, answering the wordless call. Caleb made a soft sound in the back of his throat, head dropping forward as he shuddered, and Tyler reached out, curled his hand around Caleb's neck and pulled him into his mouth again. He used his tongue to explain, his fingers to draw the diagrams on Caleb's skin, telling him without words what it meant.

That was how Reid and Pogue found them ten minutes later; so tangled up in each other that they looked like one entity.

"Baby boy trippin' already?" The surprise was evident in his voice under the leering tone, "That's gotta be a record, right?"

Pogue chuckled, closed the door, "Didn't know we were keeping score, Garwin."

The smirk he would have thrown at Pogue faltered with the quiet burst of Power that came from Tyler. The youngest pulled away from Caleb's mouth, let him suck kisses against his neck while he panted. With eyes at half-mast, he stared at the other two across the room until they moved towards them, losing clothes and inhibitions fast in favour of skin and sweat.

All thoughts of scores and records disappeared under the sluggish haze of heat and pleasure. Three pairs of hands touched him, stroked him, gripped and pushed him. Fingers and mouths left dark bruises on pale skin. Hushed murmurs and silky moans flowed over him like water and Tyler drowned in it. They twisted and turned him until he was straddling Caleb's hips, and while Pogue's blunt fingers opened him up, Reid kissed him slow and dirty, swallowing hitched moans with a smirk. A warm hand jerked him lazily, another ran the length of his torso from neck to cock and back again. Tyler whimpered; a broken noise that was almost lost on Reid's tongue.

And when they guided him back and down, down, down, Tyler swore he'd never felt anything so good in his life. Caleb's dick filled him inch by agonising inch until he sat fully in the cradle of his hips. Muscles tensed and jumped under his hands and the four of them were still for what seemed like forever until Pogue's large hands gripped his hips and forced him to move.

Tyler opened his eyes, not realising that he'd closed them, to see Reid settle down beside Caleb. He watched as Caleb turned to him, curled an arm up and drew him to his mouth. He watched as Reid reached up for the same hand, brought it down to his cock, and urged him to jerk him off. Pogue cursed into his ear, ran his tongue from shoulder blade to nape, bit down. His head fell back on a whine. Each deliberate movement of his hips was punctuated by soft groans and harsh breathing, accompanied by the wet slide of tongue and cock, and Tyler gave himself over to it willingly.

But the Power wouldn't let them keep their steady pace. This wasn't going to be a night of drawn out, easy fucking. Somewhere deep in Tyler's mind he knew what was coming next. He could feel the pull, the beat of his heart gaining momentum. Need was a fire that simmered in bones, turned to flames in his blood, became an inferno in his heart. Sweat blinded him, heat pressed in on all sides, and part of him wondered if he'd make it out alive.

Another part wondered why he cared.

Faster and faster. Whatever pace they'd once had was gone; pushed aside in urgency. One hand had Caleb's tense shoulder in a bruising grip, the other was held tight by Reid. Filthy encouragements from Pogue urged him on more than the hands on his hips. He'd gone beyond direction now. Pure instinct drove him to ride Caleb's dick hard and fast until he was rutting and keening like an animal. It was too much, too fast; he was going to burst with it, fly apart at the seams. Thigh muscles screamed with his effort but the Power and pleasure pushed him through it, built higher and higher until the noise in his head was a nothing but a desperate howl.

Time stopped; a split second that went on forever and not long enough. The world stopped spinning and they clung to the edge of oblivion, reaching out for the fall.

Then fire burned across black eyes and Tyler screamed his release into the dark. Power rose up, bright and hot like a solar flare, and wrapped around them like vines. Unadulterated pleasure reverberated between lines of unbreakable connection, bouncing around their bodies like electric current, narrowing their world to heat and sweat and sex. Muscles burned with strain, fingers gouged deep into flesh and left bruises and blood in their wake. They were being destroyed and rebuilt through sex and magic and love and the pain was so sweet, so beautiful that Tyler never wanted it to end.

And suddenly it was over. He swayed forward, gulped air like he was dying. Both arms shook as he braced himself above Caleb, hips rolling to wring every last pulse out of his cock. Trembling hands sought out his hips, made him stop, made him whimper. A burning hot mouth slicked messy kisses along his shoulder, neck, breathing words like "fuck" and "beautiful" and "forever" into his skin. Hands burned like brands on his body; their shaking touches coaxing him down to earth.

Gentle fingers brushed over his cheek, making him dimly aware of the wetness on them. A thumb pressed to his lips Tyler blindly flicked his tongue out, licked his lip and the thumb clean, rolled the taste of his brothers around his mouth. A fond smile stretched Caleb's lips when he opened his eyes.

"Hey." Caleb's sounded like torn silk and rough sex. His thumb drifted back and forth over his cheek, "You ok, baby boy?"

Words clogged in his throat but he couldn't make his mouth moved to form them. The ability to speak had left him some time ago. The most he could do was nod.

Strong arms slipped around his waist from behind, pulled him smoothly to Caleb's free side. Cramped muscles protested the movement and his hiss of discomfort was quick and automatic. But a warm body settled in close behind him, soothed the pain with his hands until he'd relaxed, boneless and sated between them. The air was thick with the smell of sex and spent Power. Tyler breathed it in, bathed in it, and finally let the darkness pull him down.

Someone pressed a kiss into his hair and it was the last thing Tyler felt before sleep claimed him.

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