A/N: This story will be six chapters long and each chapter will correspond to a different character's opinion on the Oliver/Felicity relationship. The chapters stand alone and the order doesn't matter, they just fitted together this way.

This occurs after season one, sometime in the future, and doesn't reference any specific events.

Chapter Index:

1. Walter Steele

2. Detective Lance

3. Laurel Lance

4. Thea Queen

5. John Diggle

6. Oliver Queen


"Where have you been?" Felicity hissed as Oliver walked out of the elevator, Diggle a step behind him. "I've been stalling for twenty minutes. I had to make them coffee." She said the last word with all the indignation that it deserved.

"Sorry," Oliver said. "There was a little incident."

"Did you get shot again?" Felicity whispered shouted, half in worry and half in exasperation.

"He's fine," Diggle answered as Oliver glared. "One got away but not for long."

"Good. Not that he got away, that's bad. Good that you got him." She shook her head. "Right, um, the meeting. Jackson has a lot of issues with trying to scale down the budget but he's been talking with Walter while waiting for you and they seem to be working something out."

"Who else is in there?" Oliver asked as he straightened his tie.

"You have no idea what meeting you are walking into, do you?" Felicity accused. "You're here for the preliminary finance meeting. Walter is here as a consultant, but you're hearing the budget report from Fredrick Jackson, Head of Finance, and the department manager Peter Kane. Ms Rochev asked to be advised of anything major, but didn't think her presence necessary right now. Thank God," she added under her breath.

Oliver gave her a nod and squared his shoulders before striding into the boardroom, apologising for his lateness. Felicity followed a second later with a tablet already loaded with the documents he would need and took a seat to his right, across from Walter. He gave her a warm smile which she returned before Oliver started the meeting.

It was a long meeting; the department head Jackson had been given the nearly impossible task of cutting the budget in an effort to reduce Queen Consolidated's expenses. He had done the work, researching each individual department's needs versus wants, but it was up to Oliver to decide which got the worst of the budget change. Jackson just had to advise him and Walter was there as a fresh opinion, who had experience with the intricacies of the company's finances. Oliver himself said his one goal was to not have to fire anyone. That would be a last resort despite what Isabel Rochev had been telling him; that the company came first.

After an hour they were getting nowhere fast and they had turned from reasoning to arguing. Oliver called for a break and Jackson agreed. Peter Kane, an older man in his forties and already balding, started to stretch but Felicity knew that he had been texting on his phone under the table for the last half hour, never having actually contributed. She sensed that while Kane was in a managerial position, he didn't do any work, just gave it to other people, much like her old supervisor in IT. However her supervisor was that way because of ignorance not laziness.

Sitting back in her chair Felicity took out her tablet to look at the news reports and inconspicuously check the police feed for news on Oliver's morning exploits.

"Hey, love, fetch me another coffee would you," Kane requested and it took a moment for Felicity to realise that he was talking to her.

Plastering on a fake smile that would rival Oliver's Felicity stiffly rose and went to do his bidding. Bowing to the inevitable she made enough coffees for everyone, as well as a tea for Walter because you could take the man out of England but you couldn't take England out of the man.

Carefully balancing the tray of drinks Diggle graciously opened the door to the boardroom for her and they shared a look of resignation for their shared roles as Oliver Queen's personal employees.

Placing a cup in front of Oliver he thanked her with a surprised smile. Walter chuckled when she gave him the tea and Jackson nodded at her gratefully when she placed his off to the side away from the sea of paperwork he had spread in front of him. Kane barely looked at her as she passed him a cup too engrossed in his phone. He took notice of her when he took the first sip and made a face.

"More sugar next time, sweetheart," he commented.

"Of course, Mr Kane," she responded frostily.

"You got any cakes or a muffin to go with this, babe?" he asked as he noisily slurped at his coffee, still playing with his phone.

"I'll check," Felicity said before stalking out.

Diggle found her in the small kitchen area on the floor, angrily rummaging through the fridge.

"Anything you'd like to say, Felicity?" he asked. "Before you go out there and scare the poor man with your loud voice."

"Ugh," Felicity groaned. "He is such a…such a pig! I mean, really? Fine, okay, I can deal with being called 'love' or 'sweetheart' from a random guy if they are fatherly or grandfatherly, I think it's sweet. Well it also depends on how they say it and the context because there are several I can think of…" Diggle coughed pointedly and she regrouped. "That guy just makes it demeaning. And the 'babe' thing? Do not get me started on that. It's just creepy and I have to find the man a muffin. Maybe I'll give him biscuits instead just to spite him."

"You're powers of revenge are terrifying, Felicity," Diggle deadpanned.

She snorted. "Oh, no I'm saving that for later." Even Diggle had to admit that a pissed off Felicity was a scary thing. Oliver could terrify you but Felicity would ruin you.

She pulled a ready-made platter of fruit from the fridge, prepared by the caterer she regularly hired for long meetings and changed her expression from a scowl to a pleasant smile. "And now I have to go smile and be polite because no assistant of Oliver Queen's would ever speak out of turn." She took a deep breath, "Thanks, John, for listening."

"No problem, just as long as you listen to me when I rant about being the driver."

"The best driver," Felicity emphasised, patting him on the arm and returning to the boardroom.

Felicity placed the platter on the table in reach of the men and went back to her seat. Kane looked up as she passed for the first time and she just knew he wasn't looking at her back. She was proved right a moment later when she heard the sound of paper hitting the ground. She spun around to see some of Kane's files, which he had yet to touch, on the floor.

"Get that would you, love," Kane said.

Felicity looked at the papers and knew that he was trying to perve at her butt. She smiled sweetly. "No."

Turning around she returned to her seat. A glance at Diggle's face, who was standing in the corner of the room, showed that she hadn't imagined the whole thing. She hid behind her tablet when she felt Kane's gaze on her.

After looking through her notes on her tablet for a few minutes Felicity dared to look up at the table again. Walter and Jackson were talking together while Kane appeared to be now dividing his time between leering at her and looking at his phone. She turned to Oliver and froze when she saw the look on his face.

"Mr Kane," Oliver said smoothly, head tilted to the side with a predatory smirk. "What do you think a proper term of address it?"

Kane's head popped up, his eyes wide in surprise. Jackson and Walter stopped talking to listen. "I don't understand," he said.

"How would you address me?" Oliver asked.

"Uh, Mr Queen or sir, I suppose."

"Good," Oliver smiled. "So I would never catch you calling me sweetheart or babe then?" he asked bluntly.

"No, Mr Queen," Kane spluttered.

"Then I would thank you not to address Ms Smoak in such a way. It is unprofessional and disrespectful."

Kane frowned and went to defend himself but Oliver cut him off.

"I would think very carefully about what you are about to say, Mr Kane. While Ms Smoak has very willingly provided us with refreshments it is not in her job description and she has done so out of politeness only. She is in fact your superior at this company."

Felicity watched as Kane's face went from an unusual red to very white. Sneaking a glance at the other men at the table she saw Walter was failing to hide a grin while Jackson was only managing slightly better. Diggle appeared to be hiding laughter under the pretence of a coughing fit.

"Are we clear, Mr Kane?" Oliver demanded.

"Yes, Mr Queen."

"I will require a written apology to be delivered to Ms Smoak by this time tomorrow and you will participate in a seminar for sexual harassment in the workplace." Oliver made a show of straightening out his files before he added on an afterthought, "And Mr Kane, if you cannot participate in the second half of this meeting I will have no choice but to ask Ms Smoak to compile a performance review on your work in the finance department."

"Of course, Mr Queen," Kane replied hastily.

Felicity resolutely did not look at Oliver as he resumed the meeting, in fact she did not make eye contact with any of the people in the room. Her tablet was her new best friend she decided.

The meeting eventually wrapped up, Kane having contributed after being forced to realise that his CEO may not be a business expert but he should not be taken lightly.

Felicity escaped the meeting quickly and waited in Oliver's office while he answered a few last questions from Jackson. Kane had disappeared as quickly as Felicity had. Walter went into the hallway to wait for Oliver as they were having lunch out together, Thea included.

Finally Oliver walked into his office to see a mad looking Felicity, her arms crossed across her chest.

Walter watched in amusement as Felicity started to point her finger at Oliver's chest. He had his hands up in a defensive position as she backed him up against his desk.

Walter couldn't hear the argument through the glass wall but he did unashamedly move himself so he had a good view without being conspicuous.

He had watched Felicity quietly suffer through the meeting, doing tedious tasks without thanks and remaining polite towards Mr Kane's unprofessional manner. Everything he knew about Felicity told him she should have been putting the man in his place. Everything he knew about Felicity told him that she never would accept a role as an assistant and that she was entirely too qualified for the role.

When he had first discovered that Oliver had hired the young woman as his EA, Walter had assumed Oliver was abusing his power and forcing her to change her job and ultimately give up her career in IT. That Felicity had done so was even more surprising. He knew the rumours circulating about Oliver and his decidedly young and blonde assistant but whatever else he didn't know about the situation, he knew Felicity wasn't that kind of girl and Oliver had demonstrated how much he respected her.

Now, his feelings on the matter were somewhat resolved as he watched Felicity tell Oliver exactly what she thought of that meeting. The respect went both ways it seemed as she had held back while in company only on his behalf.

Walter chuckled as he watched the fiery blonde punch Oliver in the arm, which just confused the poor man more than hurt him. If he was to guess, he would say that Felicity was telling Oliver off for confronting Kane, saying something along the lines of it wasn't his place and she could have handled it. He watched as Oliver tried to defend himself but Felicity wouldn't let him and the boy wisely stood down.

What surprised Walter was when a second later Felicity stood on tiptoes and gave Oliver a small kiss on the cheek before she quickly walked out of the office. She didn't see Walter as she walked past and entered the elevators.

Eyeing the stunned look on Oliver's face and the accompanied blush, Walter suddenly had a very good idea of why Felicity agreed to work with Oliver and why he had asked her in the first place. The boy was evidently protective of her, while Felicity was honest with him which was something Oliver would not be used to.

Whatever form it took, whether it be friendship maybe changing into something more, Walter recognised true affection when he saw it.

A/N: Just a public service notice here readers. If you think you could be suffering from sexual harassment in your workplace, you probably are. Just a person looking at you sexually can count. It is more common for women to be harassed but men can be as well, and it doesn't matter the gender of the harasser. The internet should easily provide a definition for sexual harassment in your state/country and what you can do about it. Even if you don't think you are being harassed, have a look at the definition anyway because it might surprise you.