Search for Mildew's Helmet

Chapter 1

Bob's POV

My name is Bob (A: N/ I know it's not original) and I am a half human/dragon. Night Fury to be exact. I live on Signal Mountain with my mate Katie who is also half human/Night Fury. We have lived for 800 years almost, we are immortals because of Mildew who somehow put a curse on us before he died. We will keep on being immortals until we find his helmet and destroy it which is somewhere on the earth. He also put a curse on his helmet that will turn any half human/dragon into full dragon if they don't fight it in a day or two if they touch the metal on his helmet. Oh and I still have to go to school every time I resurrect so does my mate.

Today is the 12th day of my 10th grade year… again. I have lost count of the number of times I have been in this grade it is either 20 or 27 times but I can never remember which is really annoying. My mate is also going through 10th grade… again we rarely get to see each other during the school day.

I walk into my 1st period class, which is world geography, the teacher was out again for the 5th day in a row. By the way I can understand and speak dragonese in human as well as dragon form. We were learning about Vikings which I know a lot about of course.

"Can anyone tell me what type of Viking wore this helmet?" the substitute asked holding up a Viking helmet.

I raised my hand to answer the question.

"Yes Bob." The substitute said.

"A village elder" I replied without hesitation.

After a second or two I heard a squeaky voice speaking in dragonese. I looked on the substitutes shoulder and saw a nano dragon sitting on her shoulder. They are very rare especially in this part of the world. I was so surprised that I dropped my pencil catching the attention of the nano dragon.

"That is correct." The substitute said after I picked up my pencil.

"Who are you?" I asked. (A: N/ Italicized dialogue means that the dialogue is being spoken in dragonese)

"Bob can you please step out into the hall for a moment please?" the substitute says.

Once in the hall way the substitute closes the door most of the way.

"I am you're teacher of course." The nano dragon says.

"What are you talking about the teacher is not a dragon?"I replied.

"Half right I was half human/nano dragon." The nano dragon replied.

"Impossible I would know if my teacher was half human/nano dragon!" I shout.

"I said WAS half human/nano dragon until I touched a weird looking Viking helmet." The teacher said.

"What did it look like?"I asked.

"Well let's see… it had four horns and the metal was about half the diameter of the top of your head." She said describing the helmet.

"Was there anything else that stood out about the helmet?" I asked.

"Now that I think about it there was a beautiful scroll work on the metal of the helmet."The teacher said.

"Well I need that helmet then." I demanded.

"Why?" she asked.

"So I can destroy it and stop being immortal." I said.

"No I still need it to show my classes!" She shouted.

"I have been through this grade 20 or 27 times!" I shouted.

"Why if you are immortal?" She asked.

"I resurrect instead of living forever." I said

"That makes no sense." She said.

"How about you go back into the room but I will keep the teacher out here with me." I said to the substitute.

"Okay but come back in when you are done talking." The substitute said putting the nano dragon on my shoulder.

"If the helmet means that much to you I can just make a replica of it for you." I proposed I am a competent blacksmith unlike my father before me who was the best blacksmith in the village.

"But it is not the same…" She started.

"I have had to live for almost 800 years! Why do you think I know so much about Vikings because I was alive back then" I shouted as I started to go back in the room.

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