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Chapter 1: Time to head home


It's time. I can't hide here forever, even though it might be easier…so much easier. How can I face him, Kal-El, my friend, my lover and my sun? Facing my mother was one thing but him. Two months of hiding, somehow I'm sorry doesn't seem good enough. He saved my life. Ride to hell and back for me. Walking onto my balcony in the palace I begin to think of how Kal rescued me.

Sitting in that dark dank cell, alone helpless his face was a shining beckon. In the final days of Darkside's invasion he stood in front of my cell eyes of crimson red blazing, armor of royal blue riddled with dents and Spartan red cape in tatters. The look in his eyes when he saw I was alive and well, he had found his moon.

Lost in thought I barely hear my mother enter my chambers. She senses my nerviness and places her hands on my cheeks.

"My little moon, why are you so down trodden?"

"I'm just worried to face him. What if his love for me has faded?"

"Daughter I do not believe that is even possible. You were kidnapped and tortured by Darkside. You needed time, he understands."

I sigh, "I can only hope." My mother doesn't everything. How I left, just a small note. "Need time, going home, Love Diana." After those nights together he deserved so much more. In his arms, so warm so safe. No amount of my mother's words could lift the feeling of dread that crept into my heart.

My mother leans in and kisses my forehead. She knew what it is like to love and be loved, even though she would never admit. She loved Zeus and he her so complicated.

"I will pray to the gods that your journey is safe and that you meeting with him ends as you desire. You both have earned some happiness." She grabbed my hands and stare at my stomach. A simple smile, I would have never thought she would do so.

"As do you mother. May the gods be with you and our sisters until my return. See you soon."

I gaze towards the heavens and began to fly. As I head towards the magical barrier I began to think to myself. "As soon as leave this barrier he'll know."

Taking a deep breath I turn and look one last time at my home. Placing my hands on my stomach I smile. "Oh beautiful blue waters and white sands of Themyscira I know I shall see you again soon with my beloved. Please welcome them with open arms as you do me. And let him feel this to be his home, oh my beloved island as much as you are to me." Removing my eyes from my people I turn upwards to Man's World, Kal's home, Smallville.

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