"So, this is our new inmate? Doesn't seem like much of a trouble maker to me." The warden said to his guard.

"He's got an innocent face, until something evil crosses his mind. You'll never believe what this guy is in for." The guard assured. He was escorting the newest inmate at Toronto Juvenile Detention Center, a dark-skinned boy with hair that flopped over his right eye, he looked innocent enough, but behind that smile was a soul as dark as night.

"Ok, so this guy's name is Malcolm Sorrentino." The warden read the newest inmate's file. "He's in for arson, vandalism, theft, assault, possible attempted murder." The warden turned the page to see that the whole 2nd page was just the continued list of crimes Malcolm had committed, as well as the 3rd, 4th and 5th pages. "I'll just read this next time I'm on the crapper, bring him to cell W-305."

The guard led Malcolm to the west block, down to cell 305, where another inmate, sporting a black t-shirt with a skull on it and a green Mohawk was already inside.

"Malcolm, meet your cellmate, Duncan Phillips, if he doesn't kill you, you just might make it through the year." Malcolm was thrown into the cell and it was quickly locked.

"What're you in for?" The other teen spoke coldly.

Malcolm's innocent face turned to a devious grin; the teen pointed a finger behind him.

"See that hallway?" He asked.

"Yeah?" Duncan replied.

"The list is about that long, maybe bigger." Malcolm bragged.

"Woah, at least give me one." Duncan's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Let's just say the last person that crossed me got out of hospital the other day, he was supposed to be buried ten feet under the ground, but the hospital was fine."

"So, you nearly killed a guy?" Duncan asked in disbelief, nobody he'd met in this place had gone as far as attempted murder.

"Well, if I did, I'd be in a real prison, the cops couldn't prove anything so they shipped me off here for everything else I did that week."

"Hey, what's your name again bro?" Duncan asked.

"The name's Malcolm, but I prefer Mal…."