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"In one day you've undone my doubt. I wanted to believe in myself and believe someone could want me for me, but I never could."


"I was teased, belittled, and tormented—but never accepted."

"You were special!"

"I was different."


"It's okay. You're the reason the miserable man in those pictures isn't miserable anymore. I'm broken and have work ahead, but for once actually want to do it."

"I'll be here for you when you do."

"I'd like that."

"Um, I think we have a love story to write."

"And our own to work on in the process."


Bullying is no laughing matter. The teased, belittled, tormented child became an adult with little self-esteem. Whether young or old, we all need respect.

That said, how do think B&E should write it? Historical fiction? Semi-biographical? Trashy romance? Humorously exaggerated?

Please lend your ideas.

Thank you, Chayasara!

Thank you for reading.