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She sees me standing next to my barren bed as I'm panting and sweating.

Winking, she gives, "I hope you didn't finish without me. I wanted to get my hands on you this time."

"Oh, you'll pay for that." I retort, teasingly, not knowing what pawnshop I just acquired my brass balls from.

Earnestly she replies, "Would you like some help . . . making your bed?"

"I'd love some." Like I love you. "Bedding's in the hallway closet by the bathroom."

Clicking doorlocks and feminine footfalls bring my dream girl back behind a fabric stack.

"Step aside for the mistress of bed-making."


I think Edward needs to fill up that barren bed; what do you think?

Do you think Bella should get her hands on him?

Is it too soon to exchange their ILYs?

What else besides bed-making do you think Bella could be a mistress of?

Thank you, Chayasara, for always finishing me off.

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