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Christian's POV

I still can't believe how I ended up here. In a fucking courtroom and if this turns out the way it looks like I will spend the rest of my life in prison or if this ends really bad I might even get the death penalty. Though actually it wouldn't be that bad to die. Living in a world without Anastasia is my real punishment.

It all started over eight months ago. The day I punished Anastasia. God how I curse this day. If only I had stopped myself. I should have just made love to her. Tell her what she really means to me and instead I punished her and she left me.

I stayed away from her knowing I wasn't good enough for her. She deserved everything and all I could give her were rules and punishment. After three weeks I couldn't stay away from her any longer. I made a decision I would leave my lifestyle behind, get her back and be the man she deserved to have.

I send her an e-mail asking her to meet me at Escala. She agreed... and never showed up. I thought she just changed her mind and went to a bar where I got completely wasted. It was the next afternoon when Elliot called me asking me why Ana wouldn't answer her phone and why she hasn't been at work. Obviously a friend of hers at work called Kate to ask what was going on and Kate asked Elliot to call me.

I nearly lost my mind when I realised that Ana was missing. Welch and Taylor did everything they could to find out what happened. What we know is that Ana told Kate she would go to Escala to meet me, we know she was at work that day and told her friend at work that she was going to meet her ex-boyfriend. She was seen leaving SIP and we know she was walking as she hadn't bought a new car, but she never reached Escala.

Her phone protocolls show no calls that day. It's like she just dropped of the face of the earth without a trace. The police started to investigate. We got the media involved fuck I did all I could but we haven't even found the tiniest clue as to what happened to Ana.

As if that wasn't bad enough after four months the police asked me if I would know a Susannah Nolan or Leila Williams. I went for the truth not even knowing what the two of them could have to do with Ana and had to learn that they are missing as well. I knew immidiatly that there had to be somekind of a connection and of course the police thought the same way.

The shit hit the fan when they returned with a search warrant to Escala and found my playroom. Of course it leaked to the media and I was pictured as a sadistic monster that most likely killed all three women. At that point I knew I couldn't go back to work as I would only be hurting the business. So I had to give up the day to day business fully to Ros and my Dad jumped in as well.

Two weeks later the police was also given permission to search my apartment in New York and my house in Aspen. I knew there was nothing for them to find. Fuck was I wrong. The same night the started to dig up the backyard of my house in Aspen I got arrested. They had found two bodies burried there.

Funny enough even while sitting in a damned jail cell all I could think of please don't let it be Ana. Not that I wanted to see either Leila or Susannah dead, but living in a world without Ana was just to much of a horrible thought for me. So when it turned out that the bodies were Leila and Susannah I was shocked and relieved at the same time.

But for the district attorney it was clear that I did it and so now I'm here in a courtroom accused of homicide in three cases. Yes not only Leila and Susannah but also are they thinking that I killed Ana.

Fuck I still cringe when I think of her mother. Yesterday she had to make her testimony. Since they don't know what happened to Ana the judge want to hear anyone who saw us together. Her mother started to cry hysterically and on her way out she dropped to her knees in front of me begging me to tell her where I had burried her daughter, so she could at least put her to rest like she deserved it.

That was hell. I wanted to tell her I didn't do anything to Ana but my Dad told me to stay silent. So I just looked at her until her husband and Ray took her away. From their looks I know they think I did it, too. Hell besides my family everyone thinks I did it. Especially her damned roommate Kate. I bet that most of the articles written at the Times and every newspaper under Kavanagh Media was written by her as it painted me as a monster that had no soul or heart and takes pleasure in torturing and killing, young innocent women.

Then there is that damned barkeeper who made a testimony against me. He saw me at the bar the day Ana went missing and since I was drunk and have no memories of that night I can only assume that I really rambled on about heartless women. That only makes me more suspicious of course. The district attorney thinks that I killed Ana in a fit of rage right in my playroom and got rid of her body before I got drunk at that bar.

So all in all it looks really bad for me. But if getting me into jail would bring back Ana or at least give us a hint as to what has happened to her I would go gladly. Instead my greatest fear is that whoever killed Susannah and Leila is still out there and has Ana. That she is still alive and kidnapped by some psychopath who is hurting her. The police is only looking for her body and doesn't look into any other possible leads in terms of who could have taken her.

Thank fuck for Taylor. He keeps the team together as he knows I would have never hurt Ana or would have murdered Susannah and Leila. So he is still looking for Ana and he promised me he wouldn't stop until he had found her dead or alive.

Today is the last day were witnesses are heard and from the look on my Dad's face I know I won't leave this courtroom as a free man. And honestly I don't care. All I care about is that they have to find Ana and if she is really dead they might as well give me the death penalty. Because without her my life means nothing. Please God, let her be alive.

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