Just a little explanation why Ana said no instead of asking for a long engagement... basically, even before I started to post stories I had this one scene in my head, but to me it only made sense in the context of a cheating story... which I will never write because that's my hard limit... but while thinking about where this story is going I realised, the scene could fit into this story... the only problem was it wouldn't have been realistic for Ana and Christian to live together, have two kids and he never proposed... so that's why Ana said no...


I watch Ana as she stands in front of the mirror looking at her bump. Ana is now 20 weeks pregnant and she is more beautiful than ever. Though the stress of the trials is really getting to her. Especially now that Elena's trial has started too and we have to go to court today. I asked Ana if she wanted me to try to delay the trial, but Ana just told me she wanted this part of our life finally dealt with.

So, I agreed and Ana has to be there only today, while I have to be there at least four or five days. Ana will only come with me today and for the verdict. She doesn't need to sit there and hear all that shit over and over again. And once it's over I have a surprise for her. I have contacted the FBI to give Isaac the message that he is welcome to stay with us for a couple of days after the trial. Poor bastard, after he lost his sister as a kid now his parents passed away from cancer in a matter of three months leaving him with no living relatives. Ana still sees him as her brother and I owe him for keeping her and Mireya safe when I couldn't do it. So, offering him a place to stay for a while once the trials are over is the least I can do.

I know Ana misses him and she has me convinced that she really only sees him as a brother. So, I will have to see how this is going to play out. As long as he doesn't try anything I don't mind them being friends. If he does however... well let's just hope he really only wants to be Ana's friend.

I continue to watch Ana when all of a sudden she bends forward clutching her stomach.

"Ana! What is wrong baby?" I am at her side in a second and lead her to the chair in the corner of her walk in closet.

"Not sure, maybe Teddy landed a sharp kick. It just really hurt for a moment, but it's gone." she says and takes some deep breaths.

"I am going to call the court. You are not going today, you need rest and I want you to see Dr. Greene" I tell Ana but she shakes her head.

"I am fine Christian. I promise. Please, I want to go, I just want this to be over. I am pregnant and my uterus is expanding, that can cause pain from time to time. It's nothing to worry about, trust me."

I am not convinced at all, but reality is we have to be at court in 45 minutes and I am not sure if we can post pone Ana's testimony, so I give in, having the feeling that I am going to regret this and praying that I am wrong.

Once we are at the court I sit down in the audience with Ray, my parents, Elliot and Kate. Mia is at our house helping Gail to watch Mireya. Our little girl started to walk recently and she sure figured it out quick and we are always running behind her trying to stop her from falling. Christ help us, my daughter is just as clumsy as her mother and I am tempted to wrap her in or maybe even both of them in bubble wrap.

I watch Ana answering the questions from the D.A. and she is doing very well, of course she can't really say much as she was unconscious by the time fucking Hyde delivered her to Elena, but she is recalling that day and answers all the questions without looking scared or nervous. When Elena's lawyer get's up I glare at him. That fucker is a sneaky bastard and my Dad has helped to prepare Ana for his questions. But the fucker is grilling her and I am just about to get up and punch him when the judge has had enough with him making it sound like Ana is trying to pin this on Elena.

"Mr. Hastings, we already know that Miss Steele has no recollection of the events which took place at Mrs. Lincoln's home. She never said anything differently, so please do not yell at the witness. If you don't have any other questions, Miss Steele is dismissed."

Well thank fuck for that. When Ana comes walking towards me she is utterly pale and instead of stopping she heads right outside. I get up to follow her with Ray and the rest of my family, but we only see Ana disappearing in the ladiesroom.

"Don't worry, I'll check on her" Kate says and follows Ana into the ladiesroom. I don't like this, something is wrong and just when I am thinking this we hear Kate yell.

"We need help in here, get an ambulance!"

That's all I need I burst into the ladiesroom. Inside I find Ana sitting on the floor and sobbing into Kate's neck.

"Baby, what is wrong" I ask and try to check her but she is just sobbing.

"She is losing amniotic fluid."

"Oh dear, Ana I need you to lie down flat on your back. Christian, take your jacket of, put it under her head." I didn't even realise that my mom followed me, but I am glad she is taking charge, I have no idea what to do and Ana is clearly scared out of her mind. I take my jacket off, help her lie down and put it under her head.

"It's all going to be alright, baby, but you need to calm down. Okay, take deep breaths with me."

"I'm scared, Teddy is never going to survive this if he is born now" Ana sobs and I look at my mom. I am at a loss. I have no control over this and I am scared beyond anything I have ever experienced.

"Ana, look at me. We don't know yet why you are losing the fluid. It could be a slight tear to the amniotic sac and yes it could be raptured, but even if this is the case it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to give birth today. Right now, I need you to be as calm as possible. I can't have you going into premature labor now. Think about Teddy you have to stay calm for your baby, can you do this for me?"

My mom is stroking Ana's cheek as she is talking to her and Ana nods slowly and takes a deep shaky breath.

"That's good sweet girl, just try to take deep breaths and I promise you we will do what ever we can to make sure that your baby boy stays right were he belongs." My mom tries to reassure Ana, but all I can think of is that we might lose our son. This can't be happening. Fuck, where the hell is that ambulance?

"Kate, please go and make sure the ambulance knows where to find us, tell Ana's dad to come in." At least my mom seems to be in control of the situation, but I feel utterly useless. Why has something like this even have to happen? Damn it, maybe it's my fault, we fucked for hours last night, oh shit, what if that's what caused the tear in the amniotic sac. Oh fuck, if that's the reason...

"Christian!" my mother is waving her hand in front of my face and I snap out of thoughts. "Move out of the way, darling, we need to get Ana on the stretcher."

Oh thank fuck, the paramedics have arrived. I take a step back and watch as they put Ana as careful as possible on the stretcher and start to move. I follow them still holding on to Ana's hand and if I am not mistaken I see Elliot knocking a paparazzo to his ass, but I don't care. Damned fuckers better not try to get pictures of her now. Christ, don't they have any boundaries. There is a pregnant woman on a stretcher and those fuckers have nothing better to do than trying to get the best shot.

I keep holding Ana's on the way to the hospital and nearly lose it when I am told I can't stay with her while Dr. Greene is checking on her. I have no idea who called her, but I am glad that she is here to take care of Ana. As I am pacing the hall way Ray, my Mom and Kate arrive.

"Where are Dad, Elliot and Taylor?"

"Your Dad is bailing them out as we speak, son. Christ those fucking paparazzi. Good thing Elliot and Taylor knocked two of them to their asses." Ray mutters.

"Mom, they won't let me in. I need to be at Ana's side."

"Christian, let Dr. Greene do her work. They will allow you in as soon as they are finished. Depending on what is happening they need to work fast you would only be in their way."

"Mom, please tell me, is Ana going to lose the baby. I mean he doesn't have a chance if he is born now, does he?"

"Christian look, right now, I can't tell you what is happening. But Ana wasn't in pain, losing amniotic fluid can have many reasons. Not all of them result in premature labor, we have to hope for the best here."

I know my mom well enough to know that she is avoiding to give me a clear answer. Fuck, this just can't be happening. Everything was fine when we saw Dr. Greene earlier this week, how can this just happen?

I pace the hallway like a caged animal trying to stay positive and failing miserably. Why is no one telling me what the hell is happening to my girlfriend and son?

"Mr. Grey?" I spin around when I hear Dr. Greene's voice and find her looking at me.

"Where is Ana? What is happening? Is the baby, okay? How could this happen?"

"Mr. Grey, please calm down. Miss Steele is fine, all things considered. She has a rapture in they amniotic sac, we are running several test to find out the reason. She lost about half of the fluid in the sac, which is about 175 ml. She is not dilating and there are no signs of premature labor which is good. The baby seems to be doing fine and the chances of giving birth to a healthy child are still high."

"But how could this happen?"

"The most common reason is an infection, which can be treated and there is even a change that the tear in the amniotic sac is going to heal, but for now we have to keep Miss Steele here under close surveillance and strict bed rest. She has to drink as many fluids as possible, in order for her to produce more amniotic fluid. If she has a infection it can be treated with antibiotics, but we have to wait for the test results."

"So, that means our son still has a chance?"

"Of course, it was a good thing she realised what was going on so fast or this might have ended differently, but like I've said, if Miss Steele sticks to the bed rest there is still a good chance of her giving birth to a perfectly healthy baby."

"How long does Ana have to be on bed rest?"

"Well, that depends if the tear is going to heal or not. If not she has to stay here until your son is born. I have already talked to Miss Steele about the other options we have, but she wants to talk to you first."

"What options?"

"We could try to stitch the tear and we could try to refill the amniotic sac, both options have their own risks, which is why I want you talk to Miss Steele now."

"Wait... what risks are we talking about?" Shit, that does not sound good and how the hell are they going to do that anyway?

"Well, in order to refill the amniotic fluid we would have to inject it into the amniotic sac, which would mean in the worst case it would leave a second rupture and the same goes for trying to stitch the tear."

I need to talk to Ana, this doesn't sound good and I am not sure trying to fix this by basically making more holes into the amniotic sac is the right thing to do.

"I need to talk to my girlfriend."

"Of course, please follow me, Mr Grey; but keep in mind that Miss Steele needs rest." I give a curt nod and follow her through a door. Inside the room Ana is already in a bed and she has still tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Baby, please don't cry. It's all going to be fine."

"I am scared, and I don't know what to do, Christian. I am so afraid I allow them to stitch it or refill and it goes wrong. If it goes wrong Teddy has no chance to survive this. I can lie down and don't move. I can do this as long as I have to, but what if I say no and it's the wrong decision?"

"Baby, don't be scared, I don't think trying anything now is the right choice either. If you say you can stay in bed as long as it takes for Teddy be born safely then that's what we are going to do."

"But what about Mireya, she needs me, too."

"We are going to figure it out, baby. For now Gail is with her and I am sure Ray and my parents are going to help us out, and the same goes for Elliot, Mia and Kate. Don't worry about Mireya, she will be fine. I want you to focus on yourself now, you don't have to worry about anything else. Okay, let me deal with everything else and you focus on yourself and Teddy."

"Do you think it is my fault, that I did something wrong?"

"Ana, look at me, this is not your fault. I don't want you to upset yourself by thinking that way, things like this just happen sometimes. You have nothing to blame yourself for, okay?"

"Okay, I just don't want anything to happen to Teddy."

"I know baby, me neither." I kiss her and stroke her cheek. "Now, no more tears, you need to relax. Is there anything that I can get you?"

"Yes, they want me to drink a lot. Can you get me some flavored water, cherry or strawberry would be great and some books maybe."

"Anything specific?"

"No, though nothing sad, maybe some love stories or something like that."

"I'll look what they have in the shop downstairs. I'll send Taylor to get you some clean clothes and your toiletry bag."

"Okay, but just nightgowns and robes. I'll probably die of embarrassment." she murmurs and I frown.


"Dr. Greene told me for now I am not even allowed to get up to use the bathroom" she pouts and her face heats up.

"It's not forever baby"

"I know... just make sure I won't have a male nurse, okay?" What the fuck? Does she really think I would allow a guy to take care of her. Damn it, I know that there are male nurses working here, I better make sure that none of them get assigned to her.

"Do not make me laugh, Christian."


" You should see your face, are you going through ways how to make every male that is working here stay away from me?"

"Yeah, something like that." I admit.

"Don't worry, I am sure no one is even going to look at me. After all I am pregnant and on bed rest."

"Baby, you are always the hottest woman I have ever seen." And as I say that she rolls her eyes at me making me smirk.

"Keep on doing that, baby. Because I am sure by the time I can take you and Teddy home, you will have misbehaved enough for a nice spanking."

"Only if you have those silver balls" Oh fuck, don't even think about it Grey. Shit, I quickly do the maths and come to the conclusion that I am facing six and half month without sex and I can tell by the look on Ana's face that she knows exactly what I am thinking about.

"I am sorry, Christian ... I mean that I can't take care of..." I hold my hand up to stop her.

"Ana, I am not a Neanderthal, do I like the prospect of six months without sex, no. But, I am sure I am going to survive it." I wink at her and she gives me a small smile. A moment later a nurse comes in followed by Doctor Greene and we inform her that for now we don't want any treatment in terms of fixing or refilling the amniotic sac done. And so Ana is brought to the maternity ward and while my mom stays with her I get the flavored water and some got awful chick flick books along with some magazines I saw her reading before.

When I get back into the room Ana is fast asleep and my mom tells me that they gave her something to sleep, because her blood pressure was to high and she needed rest.

"Don't worry too much, darling. Ana is a strong woman, if she has to lie down for 20 weeks to ensure that little Teddy is born healthy then I know this is what she is going to do."

"I know mom, christ she is so strong, I am convinced she can do just about anything if she puts her mind to it. I just wish there was more that I could do to help her. I feel useless and out of control." I would never confess this to anyone else... well besides Flynn maybe, but my mom has the best advice in times like these.

"You are not useless Christian. Ana needs you, she will need you not only because she isn't allowed to get up, but also to cheer her up. It is not uncommon for people who have to be on bed rest for extended periods of time to get depressed, so this is something you need to watch and can control in so far as to make sure that even here she doesn't feel isolated or useless."

"Yes, I can do that, but mom I need you and dad to help me with Mireya, I will try to spend as much time here as possible, and I don't think that a hospital is the right place for a toddler to spend most of her time."

"No you are right and you know we love to have her around and I am sure that Ana's dad will help out too. Don't worry too much Christian, it's all going to be fine." my mom gives me a loving smile and I return it looking at her and then back to Ana. We have been through so much already and suddenly I know that we are going to get through this as well. Teddy is going to be born healthy... I just know it...

I am so sorry that it took me so long to get this chapter out, but I was on bed rest myself for nearly three weeks... anyway there are about 10 to 12 chapters left of this story and I will try my best to give you weekly updates from now on...

I hope I got all the medical stuff right. It's a lot more difficult to write about medical stuff in a different language, so if I messed things up, it's mostly due to language problems... One of my cousins actually went through this. She had the tear stitched and it only made things worse. As a result she was on strict bed rest for nearly 5 months, but had a healthy baby in the end.

I'm going to give a spoiler alert now, if you don't want to know if Teddy is going to make it then you should not scroll down any further...









Teddy is going to be fine. Or did anyone seriously think that I was going to kill off little Teddy before he was even born?