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Chapter 30: Farewell

She didn't know how many minutes or seconds passed as she stared at the ring. It was perfect and simple. It was Jess and Rory. She wanted to cry. She didn't see this coming. She finally said something "Jess..."

He continued staring at her "I meant Yes. Yes Jess" he smiled and slipped the ring in her finger. And he stood up wrapping his arms around her.

"I've never been so happy to have my name rhyme with yes" she smiles and he wiped the tear that fell through. Then gave her a kiss. They rest their heads on their foreheads.

"I dont know what my future is. But the idea of being married to you sounds good"

-Break...7 years Later. Year: 2014-

Rory is in a desert and she waves to her crew goodbye as she walks into her tent. She sits in her bed bunk and takes out her phone. As she hears the phone ring her stomach fills with butterflies. There wasn't a time it still didn't. She hears the other end answers and smiles. "Hey"

"Hey. How's Egypt?" Jess asks

"Well I'm trying to sneak in to be able to actually look at the hidden temples underground. But they've been secured."

"See I knew you should've taken me. I could've distracted the security."

"I thought I had tamed your bad boy ways"

"There are some things that are distilled in me"

"I miss you" she finally cracks. They always try to see who would be the first to say it.

"I love you" he says

"This is what I wanted right?"

"To be in Egypt? Idk you kept saying Fez"

"No to be-"

"Cristina Amnapor? Yes"


"You'll be home soon."

"For our seven year wedding anniversary"

"Ah how could I forget seven years ago I signed that deadly paper"

She laughs "I love you" she hears kids in the background. And even though they had been married for so long they hadn't had any of their own. She asks "Where are you?"

"The only place where you would hear children stars hollow. Specifically your mom's-"

Lorelai steals the phone from Jess "I tried to give you, your mushy talk now it's my turn. Therapist I had a dream"

"What about Marting Luther king?"