04.30.2003 @ 2249


            You all have full permission to smack me…and I totally think you should, as that might help me get an IDEA HERE!!  I'm so jammed it's not even funny.  Really

            I never thought that I'd have such a hard time writing this story…I've gotten plenty of words of encouragement from a lot of you, and thank you very much for them.  I'm really trying here, guys.  If you have any ideas for me, by all means send them my way.  I probably won't use them (though there's always the chance that I will), but they might help stir up the creative…whatevers in my brain.  *sigh* 

            But the good news is that school is out for me, and since I only work part-time, I can devote most of my time to writing and the like.  I haven't been doing much lately…except…*grins*…for my new J-rock obsession. 

            OMG, I love Gackt!  I cannot say this enough times…and there are a slew of other artists that I've recently discovered.  Anyway, that's not what this is about…although if you care to discuss them with me one day, I'd be more than happy to…^_^

            Okay, so…. what was my point?  Oh yeah, please don't think that I've abandoned this fic!!  I honestly never expected to get as many readers as I did.  I've dubbed this my "GW soap opera" fic because…. well, that's what it is.  And I'm really trying to finish it…my original sketch/outline for this had it over and done with in seven chapters.  And as you can see, I'm not even halfway through chapter nine, and I can't seem to put together a decent sentence.  It's been what, five months???  Yeah, I'm kicking myself here…

            I hope you all can bear with me a bit longer, and hopefully I'll have something put together…

Love and lots of Gackt,

Mistress Noin