Magicae ligatum ad praetorium

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Chapter 1: Page 607

Harry Potter sat on his bed on private drive (if that lumpy old thing could even be called that) trying to block out the memories of Sirius Black. The mental and emotional pain was making Harry want to cry for the first time since he was five years old and told by his uncle that freaks don't deserve to cry and should just enjoy their lot in life. Harry honestly wasn't sure how much more he could take of this pain before he did something stupid. With that thought in mind he went searching through all of his books hoping for a cure to his pain.

On page 607 of his potions book Harry found a potion called the Obliviation Potion. The Obliviation Potion was apparently the only way to self-obliviate. Reading the passage Harry quickly discovered that in order to use it you had to be thinking of a specific set of memories while drinking the potion which would obliviate those memories. What harry didn't notice in his haste was a side note stating that a person who has had mind magic used on them within the last six month's would instead find every mind magic used on their person dispelled upon use of this potion instead of the desired effects.

Harry quickly retrieved his cauldron from his trunk and set it on his desk only to find it filled with water because of accidental magic. Quickly brushing it off in his haste to be healed harry heated the cauldron with his cousin's old discarded Bunsen Burner. While waiting for the water to boil Harry quickly chopped up 5 forget-me-not's and put them in distilled lethe water to soak. Harry than quickly crushed 2/3 cups of diricrawl talons and mixed it with 1/3 cup crushed billywig stings before putting that mixture in the now boiling water.

Harry than stirred the mixture counter-clockwise thrice before stirring it clockwise once. Once the mixture had turned peach as the potion's text indicated Harry dumped the forget-me-not and lethe water mixture in the potion. After five minutes of waiting the potion had turned an opaque off-white marking the potion as done. Harry than ladled the potion into a potion vial and sat down waiting for it to cool enough to drink.

Picking up the now cooled off potion Harry smiled and thought "Here's to you Sirius ," before downing the potion in one large gulp thinking about every memory he had of Sirius Black. However instead of blissfully forgetting the existence of Sirius Black what happened instead was something that would change Harry's life. It started as an almost numb feeling headache which quickly spread into a searing pain that made his head feel like it was set on fire and being frozen all at once. Harry tried to speak or scream for help but he was in so much pain he had no control of any part of his body. The pain finally reached a crescendo leaving Harry blissfully unconscious.

Eleven year old harry was out on one of his midnight strolls under his invisibility cloak when he happened across Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape talking in hushed voices.

"Now now Severus now is not the time for cold feet my boy we have worked too long and too hard for us to back out now," said Albus brightly.

"Be that as it may Professor I must question the no doubt brilliant thought processes behind your most recent plan," Began Snape sarcastically "I mean what possibly compelled you to give that horrid brat his father's cloak is beyond me,"

Albus smile turned into something that more strongly resembled a baring of the teeth and the twinkle in his eye grew sharper " Severus my boy I'm shocked that you would question me knowing all that my plans have done," Began Albus "Please recite for me all I have done and all I plan to do for me, I know you know it by heart by now after all I made sure you did ," said Albus happily while retrieving a lemon drop from his robes.

"First you made sure that Lilly Potter married James Potter by carefully giving her low doses of amortentia that had been attuned to that fool every morning from her six year up. Secondly you have been dosing Peter Pettigrew with gimlet potion for years a concoction that makes it's victim see nothing but betrayal when it comes to their friends. Thirdly you used carefully cast compulsion charms on Walburga Black during the wizengamot meetings to make her abuse young Sirius Black. All this put together with you offering to cast the Fidelius charm on the Potter's home after that disgusting spawn of a potter was born ensured a nasty culmination of event's.

The fact that Sirius would be well and truly indebted to his best friend James but his survival instincts honed by abuse would make sure he wouldn't be the secret keeper. You also told James and Lilly that werewolves couldn't be secret keeper's ensuring that Peter ended up the secret Keeper who with the gimlet potion in his system was ensured to become a death eater selling out the Potter's to Voldemort. You gave Lilly your research on magically binding contracts and their backlash against defying them. Finally you made sure I was present when you magically induced Sybil Trelawney into a previously prepared prophecy and making sure that I only hear half made the first half of your plans work out exactly how you wanted.

The end result of all of that would be the potter's wouldn't expect that Voldemort would be able to get to them so that when the dark lord did show up at their house James would be unprepared and would fall first like the foolish gryffindor he was. My own begging for the safety of Lilly Potter would ensure the dark lord would at least give her a chance to live. So that when Lilly managed to as far as the magical contract was concerned get him to agree to take her instead when he turned his wand against Harry the magical contract would make his magic backfire destroying his body in the process. With that mutt's conditioning to be unstable via his mother's abuse he was ensured to go after Pettigrew eventually leaving you as the sole guardian of Harry Potter.

After that you placed the brat with the Dursley's and paid them to systematically abuse him so that he would be easy to mold into the martyr that you need him to be. When the Brat showed up at Hogwarts you paid the Weasley brat and the Granger mudblood to be friends with him and tell you everything he does. Ever since he has been in Hogwarts you have been using a careful regime of compulsion charms to mold him even further into what you need. Finally you intend to use Harry's scar which is actually Voldemort's horcrux to destroy them both making you a hero and Harry a martyr ensuring that you have access to his vaults as his sole guardian," finished Snape in a monotone voice.

Harry hearing all of that dashed off thinking he could get away what he didn't take into account however was his trainer's falling off as he was running causing him to trip and fall noisily.

"It seems we have a listener Severus," said Albus who was already lifting up Harry's invisibility cloak "Tut tut and here I was hoping that you would behave dear boy oh well we can't very well let you remember this can we Harry," said Albus brightly before holding out his wand "Obliviate"

Fifteen year old Harry Potter sat across from Professor Dumbledore nervously playing with the hem of his shirt. "Now Harry my boy Professor McGonagall tells me that you wish to speak with me about something important," said Albus Dumbledore. "Um about that professor I think I might be gay, see I was reading in the library about gay wizards and one of the books mentioned you were gay and I decided to speak to you about it," said Harry looking at his feet. Harry not hearing any response looked up and noticed Dumbledore looking pale "Sir ?" asked Harry in a concerned manner. "No no this doesn't fit into my plans at all no this just won't do," said Dumbledore under his breath but loud enough that Harry could here him.

Professor Dumbledore pulled out his wand and before Harry could move a muscle Professor Dumbledore quickly intoned "Facite Imperatum ," which Harry recognized as the compulsion charm. The professor's wand released a cloud of purple energy which when it touched Harry he felt a strong desire to stay in the closet and never come out. Before Harry could even get up to run out Professor Dumbledore had already intoned " Obliviate ,"

Harry Potter was ranting and raging in Dumbledore's office while his accidental magic was destroying everything. Dumbledore meanwhile was getting madder and madder and deciding that enough was enough pulled out his wand and intoned "Crucio". Dumbledore's wand released a crimson jet of light which hit Harry in the chest causing him to fall over screaming in agony. Dumbledore stopped the curse and looked down at Harry who was looking at him like he had never seen him anymore.

"Dear boy their are certain things that are unacceptable even from you," said Dumbledore before pulling out his wand and intoning "Obliviate"

When Harry woke up the next morning after his potion induced dream he frantically reached for his potion's book and finally noticed the warning on it. "Any use of this potion six months after a person has been subjected to mind magic of any kind will undo any mind magic's on their person in their entirety". After Harry read that passage he began sobbing in earnest for his innocence, for all the lies, for all the missed chances and most of all for Sirius.

When Harry finally calmed down he all he could think about was getting out of there. Packing his things and grabbing Hedwig Harry was about to step outside of his room when he suddenly found himself in Diagon Alley due to his accidental magic again. Seeing Gringott's Harry quickly dashed into the building and ran up to the nearest teller.

" I need to get into my vault please," said Harry whose voiced was laced with desperation.

The Goblin smiled nastily and said in a droning voice "Key please,".

"I don't have my key, surely their has to be a way to verify I'm who I say I am," said Harry who was trying his hardest not to shout at the goblin.

The goblin seemed to sigh before taking out an ornate dagger and a piece of parchment with a bunch of intricately styled runes on the paper "Hand please," said the goblin who was clearly bored.

Harry gulped but did as he was asked and gave the goblin his hand. The goblin grabbed Harry's hand harshly and swiftly cut Harry's hand in the most painful way it could without chopping anything off before pressing Harry blood to the paper. The goblin the released Harry's hand with an almost sadistic smile on his face only to pale as the bloody paper quickly spelled out "Harrison Aster James Gerard Potter heir to house Potter," before turning to the nearest runner and shouting something in a strange guttural and warbling language before turning to Harry and saying politely "Mister potter please wait here and your account manager will be with you in a moment.

"I will not wait a moment I need to get into my vault and who the heck is Harrison Aster James Garret Potter my name is Harry James Potter," snarled Harry.

A low and guttural voice chuckled and said dryly "I believe I can answer that and more mister potter,"

Harry quickly found himself ensconced in a office deep underground sitting across from Griphook who apparently had always been Harry's account manager. Looking around harry noticed that the office was very spartan. The only furniture in the place was Griphook's desk and chair as well as the two chair's in front of his desk. Harry also noticed that not one inch of space on Griphook's desk was dirty or being wasted leaving the whole office feeling very well managed.

"Now as I'm sure you are wondering why you are here young master Potter it is because their are a couple discrepancies in your account," said Griphook in an all business tone of voice.

"We attempted to contact you via owl for this meeting but you never responded which is why you were brought here," said Griphook only to be interrupted before he could continue.

"I'm sorry but you said you sent me owl's but that couldn't be possible because I never received them," said Harry sounding confused.

Griphook suddenly looked concerned "Hold on one second while I call one of our Owl Goblin's to find out what happened to your message's," said Griphook who placed his claw on the stone of the wall behind him and said something in gobbledygook. Five minutes later a goblin wearing goggles came in and had a short conversation with Griphook before he turned around and left.

Griphook than turned and said to Harry "It appears that your mail had been redirected to your magical guardian who is apparently Albus Dumbledore,"

Harry growled and said under his breath "That stupid manipulative old fool,".

Griphook smiled nastily and said "I take it from your words that Dumbledore is once again playing in things that he shouldn't be,"

Harry than told Griphook the whole story of Dumbledore's betrayal leaving out nothing.

"I see well their are several provision's in place for situation's such as this even more so in your situation considering your the heir of a most noble and ancient house and you are 15 years of age," said Griphook pulling out a piece of paper.

"This is an emancipation form, by law if a heir of a most noble and ancient house is at least 15 years of age and confesses dissatisfaction with their magical guardian to their account manager provided that the magical guardian in question is not kin than we are authorized under ministry by-laws to emancipate the heir in question for a fee of course," said Griphook smiling nastily before laying the paper down in front of Harry and handing him a quill.

Harry read the document quickly before signing it "You have no idea how much that means to me thank you Griphook," said Harry who was smiling.

"My pleasure master potter however we do have other business to attend to in regards to the will of one Sirius Orion Black who made a separate and private will to be read to you and you alone," said Griphook pulling out Sirius' will from his desk which quickly began to read itself.

" I Sirius Orion Black being of sound mind and body (Very sound body if I may say so) do hereby bequeath the following.

"Hey pup if your hearing this than I'm dead and I don't want you to blame yourself because no matter what happened, you are not to blame for my actions no matter what. I also want you to be more wary of Professor Dumbledore their is something fishy there and I don't need to be padfoot to smell it. Now onto important matter's. I hereby leave the following to my godson one Harrison Aster James Gerard Potter and yes pup that really is your full name.

I first leave him with the following pre-paid services from the goblins

1 annulment of any and all marriage contract's that mention my godson as the groom

1 blood test to confirm which vault's and lordship's belong to him

1 blood test to determine his magical power and potential abilities

1 blood test to check for any foreign influences on him including but not limited to potion's or spells to control him

Anything required to counteract anything found by the influence test

I also leave everything I own to him including my Vaults and my Home

This concludes the will of one Sirius Orion Black So mote it be,"

Griphook quickly pulled out a potion, an ornate dagger and a piece of parchment "Before we do anything else on this list we are going to test you for foreign influence and than counteract it," explained Griphook in an all business tone.

"Drink this potion please," said Griphook holding out a potion that looked mint green with white motes in it. Drinking the potion quickly not wanting to taste it Harry was surprised by the lightheaded feeling it induced.

"Give me your hand please," requested Griphook who upon reception of Harry's hand swiftly cut Harry's thumb before placing it on the parchment.

Harry's hand healed immediately the moment it was removed from the parchment which had filled itself out in moments in red ink that looked like blood. Griphook handed Harry the parchment while he used the same system as before to contact the goblin potioneer's. The parchment read:

5 Compulsion Potion's created by Albus Dumbledore

5 Obedience Potion's created by Albus Dumbledore

30 low dose Amortentia Potion's created by Albus Dumbledore and attuned to Ginevra Weasley

10 Core Weakening Potion's created by Albus Dumbledore

1 Binding Potion created by Albus Dumbledore

After Harry had finished reading the parchment he was in shock so he hardly noticed as a goblin dressed in all white came in a dropped off a tray of potion's and left.

"Mr. Potter if you would drink these potion's they should counteract the potion's in your system," said Griphook.

Harry reached out and drank each potion one by one as indicated by Griphook only to pass out as the last one was swallowed.

Harry woke up and was terribly embarrassed "I'm so sorry Griphook I didn't mean to pass out like that it just happened," said Harry apologetically.

"No matter Mr. Potter it allowed me to prepare the blood adoption ritual should you choose to partake," said Griphook.

"What exactly is a Blood Adoption Ritual Griphook," asked Harry curiously.

"It's a ritual that turns adoptive parents or parent as is your case into biological parent's," explained Griphook.

"Well I don't want to lose my dad as my dad I mean Sirius is great and all but I just can't do that," said Harry anxiety clear in his voice.

"That won't happen all the ritual will do is make it as if you safely had three parents instead of two," explained Griphook.

"Ok I'd love to do it," said Harry smiling brightly at the thought of being closer to Sirius.

"Hand please," said Griphook who cut Harry's hand over an intricate bowl with odd runes carved into it upon receiving Harry's hand. Griphook than pored the bottle of Sirius Black's blood into the bowl before swishing the mixture around and pouring it into a vial that was only a third full with a swirly red and brown looking potion. When the blood touched the potion it turned all the liquid in the vial pure white. Griphook seeming satisfied handed Harry the potion and indicated he should drink it.

Harry deciding to drink the potion before he loses his nerve quickly downed the potion. After drinking the potion Harry felt odd like their was a million tiny ants running around inside his body rearranging things. Than the ants caught fire and even if the pain only lasted a second it felt like forever to Harry.

Harry looked up only to notice he couldn't see anything with his glasses on so he took them off only to do discover he had perfect eyesight and that Griphook was holding out a mirror. Looking in the mirror Harry noticed his Hair had gotten longer though he still had James typical messiness. Harry also noticed his eyes had gained a silver ring around the iris making the emerald green stand out even more. Furthermore Harry's cheekbones had moved higher while his face had thinned out and his lips had morphed into a perfect cupids bow.

Griphook than pulled out two different pieces of parchment "The first one is more important so we will use that last and it tells us which lordships and vaults you can claim as yours while the second one tells us how magically strong you are what your affinities are and if you have any magical abilities," said Griphook who was gesturing at the two before asking harry for his hand. Harry than gave his hand to Griphook as he once again cut his thumb and pressed it to the two papers. Griphook handed over the second test which read:

Magical Power of a muggle: 1-50

Magical Power of a squib: 51- 100

Magical Power of a weak wizard: 101- 250

Magical Power of a below average wizard- 251- 500

Magical Power of an average wizard- 501-1000

Magical Power of an above average wizard- 1000- 1500

Magical Power of an adept level wizard- 1501- 2500

Magical Power of a Sorcerer level wizard- 2501-5000

Magical Power of a mage level wizard- 5001- 10000

Magical Power of an Archmage level wizard- 10000- ?

Magical Power of tester- 4500

Affinities of tester- Defensive Magic, Wind Elemental Magic, Transfiguration and Necromancy

Abilities- Animagus Transformation, Parseltoungue, Parselmagic

Potential Creature Inheritance- None

Without saying a word Griphook handed over the other parchment which read:

Harrison Aster James Gerard Potter

Lordships and associated vaults

Potter Family via Paternal line Vaults: 685,686, and 687

Peverell Family via Paternal line Vaults: 13 and 14

Skyheart Family via Paternal line Vaults: 323 and 324

Black Family via Blood Adopted Paternal line Vaults: 451 and 452

Vencave Family via Blood Adopted Paternal line Vaults: 727 and 728

Yukichi Family via Blood Adopted Paternal line Vaults: 102 and 103

Quinn Family via Maternal Squib line Vaults: 1012 and 1013

Lefaye Family Via Maternal Squib line Vaults: 53 and 54

Approximate total worth: 4,850,973,964 Galleons 350,000 Sickles and 2,000,000 Knuts

"Is this for real Griphook ?" asked Harry who was clearly in shock.

"Yes master potter now we have one final matter to attend to today," began Griphook pulling out a very simple but beautiful wooden box. Opening it up and placing it before Harry he waited.

Harry as if acting on instinct reached out and grabbed the Potter family ring which is a beautiful ivory ring with the gold crest that had what appeared to be a ruby gryphon on it and the words "Stemus simul in virtute semper ," emblazoned on it before putting it on his left hand's ring finger.

Harry than reached out and grabbed the Black family ring which is an obsidian ring with the silver crest and what looked like a grim mad of Onyx on it with the words " Toujours Pur ," emblazoned on it and put it on the same finger. However before he could continue Harry felt like his blood was on fire only for Griphook to place a bucket in front of him right before Harry vomited up what looked like mud.

"The ring is enchanted to expel all muggle blood in it's wearer's body and transfigure it to mud," explained Griphook.

Harry than deciding to continue reached for the Lefaye family ring which is a beautiful wooden ring with the brass crest with what looked like a mandrake made of jade on it with the words " Proditores corruent uiribus nostris ," emblazoned on it.

Harry next reached for the Peverell family ring which is a ring that looked like it was made of bone with the platinum crest on it that had a onyx grim on it with the words " Etiam mors non potest vincere nobis ," emblazoned on it and placed it on his pinky finger.

The next ring Harry reached for was the Skyheart family ring which is made of silver and had a bronze crest with what looked like a turquoise wyvern and the words " Etiam caelum possunt non finire nobis ," and placed it on his pink finger as well.

Harry than reached for the Vencave family ring which is made of obsidian with a black iron crest that had a diamond basilisk and the words " Nobis lucem tenebras ," emblazoned on it and placed it on his middle finger.

Harry than reached for the Yukichi family ring which is a ring made of what looked like ice and had an ivory crest with a sapphire Yuki-Onna in the middle of it with the words " Fuyu no sae zankokude wanaku saikō no watashitachideshi ," emblazoned on it and placed it above the other ring on his middle finger.

Finally Harry reached for the final ring in the box which was the Quinn family ring and was made of a material that looked like someone had succeeded in reshaping a pearl with a crest made of ivory and in the middle of it was an amethyst fox and it had the words " Nous nous élevons toujours au-dessus de chance ," emblazoned on it.

Once Harry had finished placing each one on his finger they all sank into his skin. Harry looked at Griphook in confusion "You can choose which one's to display by wishing them to be invisible," explained Griphook seeing Harry's look.

"Now master Potter is there anything else Gringotts can help you with today," asked Griphook.

"Is there anyway I can change my name legally without documentation," asked Harry.

Griphook looked thoughtful for a moment before answering "You can claim one of your lordship names as your primary title making that name your last name and in the process you have the option to change your name doing this will cause magic itself to recognize you as that person and gringott's can than draw up the documents confirming your existence for a fee of course and the ministry doesn't even need to be notified," explained Griphook.

Harry nodded and brought out the Lefaye family ring before tapping it with his wand and proclaimed "I hereby claim the Lefaye family as my primary lordship and hereby name myself Evan Mordred Lefaye So mote it be," causing a flash of light.

"We will deal with the paperwork later is there anything else you need," asked Griphook.

"Two things can you recommend a hotel in the area that is decent and knows the meaning of the word confidentiality and can you have someone retrieve any books that are relevant and discuss a wide variety of magical schools and goes into detail about them," asked Harry.

"For a fee of course," said Griphook and when Harry gave his consent he called for a runner to retrieve the book's requested by Harry.

"As for the hotel might I recommend The Screeching Eyrie as it is both comfortable and discreet enough that Gringotts itself uses it for business meetings of a high level of import, furthermore it is just off of Diagon alley and on Fortuna Alley which is just left from Gringotts you can't miss it," said Griphook just as the runner returned.

Harry looked at Griphook and said "Thanks for everything I hope this year is profitable for you," said Harry before grabbing the book the runner was holding out. Harry than thanked the runner while following Griphook back to the surface.