Team Damon:

So, first of all, my apologies for my slightly prolonged absence over the last month or so. Life has gotten exceedingly busy and is on the way to only becoming busier, so in light of that and a few other personal reasons that would take way too long to fully explain, I've decided to hand over this story to midnightwings96 to continue. She's been the brain behind this story from day one, and all of the best ideas and scenes have come from her, so I could not possibly leave it in better hands. I want to thank all of you who have read and reviewed and followed this story (and have been waiting patiently for an update), and I'm sorry to leave the fic mid-story, but it's just the way the cookie's crumbled (derp lol). The story is going to stay here on my profile, and midnightwings96 is going to continue it as is, so none of you have to worry about finding the story somewhere else - just hold tight and keep an eye out for her future updates. Also, my huge and heartfelt thanks to her for helping with the story so much from day one and now taking it over and adopting the story for me to keep it going. In the words of the little green dudes from Toy Story, I am eternally grateful :D Thanks again to all of you readers and reviewers, and sorry again for the abruptness of this, but at least I leave you all in completely fabulous hands. :)

And now, I yield the floor for a word from the lovely lady who will be taking for me :)


First of all, I'd like to officially say hi to all of you! I've been kind of like a lurking ghost, popping up here and there but never meeting you all officially! I'd also like to thank you all for being so supportive to Team Damon throughout this process; she certainly deserves it from this masterpiece she's created.

I know it's really disappointing to see Team Damon step down (I myself almost had a panic attack when she told me), but I fully support and understand her decision. I am going to try my very best to keep this story going until the very end, and I'm both nervous and excited to be taking on this challenge.

Thankfully, Team Damon will always be by my side to guide me, and know that everything that happens in the plot is what she initially intended. I am not completely taking over, I'm just putting her plan on paper. With her expertise to guide me, I think it will all turn out well. She IS amazing, after all. :D

Also I, sadly, am unable to update weekly since I am about to enter my first year of college while maintaining a job, but I figure slow updates are better than no updates. Hopefully once I get my schedule levelled out updates will come much faster and regularly.

Anyway, I look forward to this and speaking with you all!

Much love,