Tumblr Prompt - Will and Mac on their 1 year anniversary.

She smiled when she felt him finally stir.

He rolled closer to her, tucking himself around her body and nuzzling into her neck. "Good morning," he hummed against her skin.

"Good morning to you." She had been beginning to contemplate how to wake him, considering she had been awake long enough to see the sun rise over the skyline.

"And Happy Anniversary."

Her smile turned to a grin before she turned in his arms and felt his mouth travel from her neck to her lips. "Happy Anniversary, Billy."

He crooked his elbow onto the mattress and rested his head on his hand, looking down at her with the same excitement as that of a child of Christmas morning. He turned away and groped a hand into the bedside table, before leaning back over her. "So, the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper…" he held out an envelope for her as she shuffled up the bed.

She took it and fed a finger through the fold, pulling out two pieces of paper and leaving the envelope on the duvet. She looked to him with quizzical excitement, straightening out the paper and gasping at the words 'St. Lucia' and tomorrow's date.

"You said you always wanted to go."

She grinned, threading her hand through the hair at the nape of his neck and pulling him down for a kiss.

"Charlie okayed us for a week. Elliot's going to cover the eight-o-clock and Sloan's going to cover Elliot. It's all sorted." He fed his hand behind him and pulled out a long thin box in the tell-tale colour of light blue. "Oh and this is just a traditional anniversary present," he smirked.

"Billy…" she warned, sliding a velvet box from within and gasping – again – at the glistening diamond bracelet it held. "Billy, this…"

"You like it?"

"Are you kidding me?"

He chuckled, bringing his lips to hers again before settling further into the bed, a smile still tilting his features.

"I almost feel bad for not wrapping yours…"

"That's okay."

"I supposed you could say I unwrapped it? Maybe? In a way?"

"What are you…?"

"Do you remember a few months ago? We went to that meeting in DC?"

The smile on his lips became a smirk; naturally, he was remembering the hotel room more than the meeting.

Her eyes widened, encouraging him to get to the point at his own speed. "Yeah, well…"

His smirk slowly morphed to confusion and to burgeoning realisation. "Wait… wait, do you… are you…?"

"Pregnant? Apparently."

The burgeoning realisation jumped to shock and then quickly to unbridled excitement, pride and love; so much love.

She pulled down the duvet to reveal her stomach, watching as Will's wide-eyed gaze lowered. The creamy expanse of her stomach was still flat and toned when he smoothed his hand across it, her fingers coming to entwine with his.

"When-when did you find out?"

"Yesterday. I haven't had morning sickness – yet, at least – but I knew something was off. I did a test more out of curiosity and… I'm sorry I didn't tell you straight away, Billy. I had this romanticised image of telling you on our anniversary and-"

He cut her off with his lips on hers, pouring every single possible fibre of love he felt for her into his kiss, squeezing her fingers between his over her belly. "I love you so much."