The END... is Just The Beginning

Donnie rushed to the others, The Evil Queen threw hexes at her with lightning speed but they missed and sometimes they hit a Mirror who broke upon impact.

"Come back here!" the Queen shouted. "I'm not done with you! I know you found the cure!"

Donnie wasn't listening, she was looking for someone important, someone who could end all this, save Raven and Ever After.

She was looking for Dexterous Charming.

She felt her hair being yanked before she could find her target.

"Oww! Get off!"

"No, no, no, my pretty, more like let's continue. Didn't you hear the Queen calling? It's so rude not to listen," the voice, Vanilla's, Mirror Vanilla's voice.

She was still pulling Donnie's hair as the moved closer to the Queen and Raven.

"Yes, bring her to me," the Queen instructed with her hands.

Donnie had to free herself, she couldn't let the Queen get her and then she saw Dexter, he aimed his bow at her, and her eyes widened, was he going to kill her?

No, Dexter moved his bow and released the arrow, it hit Mirror Vanilla's head and it shattered, mirror shards falling like small stars.

The grip on Donnie loosened and then it was no more, she got up and rushed to Dexter, she took his hand and with her powers flew them to the top of the building.

"Hey, this is my look-out spot," Kitty said. "I'm trying to find Mirrors."

"Sorry Kitty, but I need to talk to Dexter, I know how to save Raven," Donnie answered.

"You do," Dexter and Kitty gasped.

"Yes, you see the Queen sent me to the future... On second thought let me say this story when we are not about to die."

"Agreed," Kitty nodded. "I'll be right back, just spotted Mirror Cedar."

Kitty smiled and disappeared.

"So how do we save Raven?" Dexter asked.

"You kiss her," Donnie replied.


"That's the only way, true love's kiss."

"You mean Raven likes me?" Dexter smiled.

"I think so, well the older one did but maybe this younger one has some feelings for you, I'm not sure but I think it might work."

"Wait you are not sure?"

"Well not really, but in the future she kills everyone except you but that's not the point, she doesn't kill you because she loves you."

"Where's your proof?"

"Dex, do you really want to do this now? Our world could cease to exist in no less than an hour and you are worried about proof?" Donnie asked.

"You're right, I'm sorry, it's just that what if it doesn't work."

"Trust me, it will work."


"We could get Cerise... no," Donnie said, remembering that the only reason Cerise's clone had the ability to turn others into shadows was because she was fused with the hood's magical properties.

"Listen to me, I'll get the Queen's and Raven's attention and you run as fast as you can to hear and don't stop, you kiss her square on the lips, don't let her go, understand?"

"That's sounds dangerous. Raven is very powerful."

"I know she is, how about I knock her out with some winds and you do it, that way she doesn't know and the curse can be broken quickly," Donnie said.

"I'll do the first one," Dexter answered.

"One more thing, I think the queen knows so try and stay in the background in case she tries to kill you."

"Thanks, will take note of that."

Donnie ands Dexter flew back to the fight scene, more and more Mirrors were being shattered, there were now about two more, Mirror Apple and Mirror Lizzie.

The Queen smiled when she saw Donnie, "So you found out, well bravo, smart little genius but there's nothing you can do, this war has been lose by your side."

"I don't think so, as you can see there are only two Mirror left," Donnie said.

"I can still make more," the Queen proclaimed.

Donnie gasped, she was right, she could make more, she gently tapped Dexter's hand and he rushed into the crowd, trying to find a way to get to Raven.

"Yeah, but we would still destroy them," Donnie said, trying to buy Dexter some more time.

"But as you can see, you are all so exhausted, while the new ones I created will be full of energy," the Queen laughed and so did Raven, her eyes were fixed on Donnie as well as the Queen's.

"What will you do if we lost it?" Donnie asked, she already knew the answer but she had to get the Queen talking.

"Haven't you already seen?" the Queen said with a cold tone in her voice.

"Yeah, but I only saw Raven and me, no you, someone in the future told me that Ms. Queen over there killed you."

That had to seal the deal.

"What?!" the Queen almost screamed and looked at Raven.

"It's obvious she's lying, just trying to divide as and all that," Raven answered. "Do you actually think I would kill you?"

The Queen smiled a little, "Of course not, we are family...but we are also evil and love power, we would do anything to get more."

Donnie knew where this was going, she had caused the Evil Queen to distrust Raven and none of them were paying attention as Dexter got closer with every second.

"I would never do that," Raven said with anger it her voice. "I can't believe you would trust her over me."

"I should believe you, you are my flesh and blood after all," the Queen replied and turned to Donnie, she started walking towards her, perfect, now no one could warn Raven. "You are going to pay for lying to me!"

Dexter was close now and he looked at Donnie who quickly nodded, he grabbed Raven's arm and turned her towards him, surprise had slowed her actions and it was enough for Dexter to land a kiss on her lips.

Raven looked around, everything was as white as white could be, someone could even say it was snow white.

She didn't know why but she was stuck, she couldn't move her feet and the harder she tried, the harder the pain in her legs were. Then the shadows appeared, they didn't look like normal shadows, normal shadows didn't have shadowy mouths and eyes; normal shadows couldn't even speak.

No where to go!

You are with us now


Till the end of time and space!

The voices continued till she had to shield her ears to avoid it all, the shadows circled her and with no place to run but then suddenly a door appeared on the far side, Raven gasped: a way out.

But how could she escaped if she couldn't move, Raven tried out and found out she could move, she began to run and the shadows followed her, faster and faster and then she reach it.

She quickly tried the door, it was locked! Oh no, and the shadows were almost on her.

Raven checked her pockets in case she could something to help open the door, her hands got hold of a key and she took it out.

With a swift move she unlocked the door and stepped outside, making sure she shut the door behind her.

The next thing she knew, Dexter Charming was kissing her.

"Dexter! What are you doing?!" Raven asked.

"Oh sorry, are you the real Raven?" Dexter asked.

"What do you mean, I was always here, so I think."

"You're back."

"Why were you kissing me?"

"Oh to break the curse and all that," Dexter answered.

"A curse! What curse?"

"You got poisoned by the Evil Queen and you turned all evil."


Raven remembered her many greats-grandmother possessing Apple and using her to get her to eat a poisoned apple.

"No, no, no! My plan is ruined," the Evil Queen said as she turned to see Raven and Dexter.

"Looks like our side won," Donnie said.

"Not yet, little air girl," the Queen smiled and raised her hands, Willow suddenly appeared on a broom stick, she was tied up and her mouth was covered, when she saw Donnie her eyes widened.

"Willow!" Donnie cried.

"Yes, if you want her to live then I suggest you come with me, with us," the Queen said as she smiled at her victim.

Us, who is us, Donnie thought, she then saw shadows, but they looked like the shadows of her friends so she ignored them.

"You promise?" Donnie asked.

"Of course, my dear."

"No Donnie you don't have to go with her," Raven said.

"Yeah, that's just not right" Blondie added.

"We could do something to help," Apple commented.

"No, I can do this myself," Donnie said. "I'll come."

"NO!" everyone shouted even Willow didn't want that.

"Excellent, now come, girl, Ever After is ours for the picking," the Queen said. "And Raven, I can't believe you betrayed me."

Willow watched as Donnie walked forward, she couldn't let her BFFA do this for her, risk her life and turn evil; just for her.

She tried to free her hands, no luck; a spell she could use a spell but could it work with this tape on her mouth, maybe.

She began to recite, although no one else heard:

Fire and fire, coals of Make, let these ropes have a break

The ropes around her hands began to melt and burn and then her hands were free, she removed her tape and looked at Donnie.

But she wasn't looking back, Willow raised her hands but still her eyes didn't meet with hers.

"Donnie!" she whispered.

Donnie looked up and smiled, she then looked at the Queen and sent her flying.

"Oh hex no!" the Queen screamed and used her magic to cause the broom to break, Willow went flying down.

"Willow, no!" Donnie cried.

Willow was going down and fast, what to do, magic, she moved her palms and a broom stick magically appeared, she sat on it and fell into the sky.

"The witch is here," she smiled.

"Willow," Donnie said.

"Yep, in the flesh."

Raven waved her hands and purple aura surrounded the Queen, "Let's get rid of you for good, Grandma."

After a few seconds, the Queen screamed, purple aura moving here and there around her body, engulfing her dress and all, then she vanished.

"Where did she go?" Daring asked.

"My mum had told me she was locked in a mirror, I put her back and broke the exit, she's never coming out ever after again," Raven answered.

Donnie rushed to Willow and gave her a long hug.

"So glad you're alive," said Donnie.

"So am I, of you being alive that is," Willow smiled. "So we're still BFFAs then?"

"Yep, Best Friends Forever Ever After," Donnie replied.

The skies transformed from their dark hue and turned into their normal colour, it was sunset and the sun was waving goodbye.

"Do you think anyone will believe us if we told them?" Vanilla asked.

"They have too, we fought long and hard and we deserve some respect," Irina answered.

"I'm sure they will, cross my true heart," Cedar added.

"Well people, let's get in and tell Headmaster Grimm," Briar said, looking hexcited, this was her and also everyone else's first and dangerous battle, they could have all died; but they were alive and kicking.

Everyone except Raven and Dexter began to walk to the door, when Donnie noticed this she hurried everyone out, "Let's give them some space."

When everyone left, Raven turned to Dexter, "So, about that kiss."

She hoped she wasn't blushing, her skin was snow-white and the red would be seen from a mile away.

"Umm, yeah, about that, sorry," Dexter replied.

"Don't be, you saved my life, thanks Dex, you're-" Raven began. What could she say, 'you're a what'. "You're a good friend."

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for everything."

"You're welcome," Dexter answered.

The tales left the balcony and closed the doors behind them, not knowing that the shadows had seen everything.

One of the shadows, the biggest out of them all, smiled.

You may have won this battle, but there are still more to come, Ever After will fall and I will rise with chaos and destruction, the End is coming!

The just the Beginning.