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A light whistle like sound could be heard coming from the middle of a small town as an old man played a silver flute. Many small children had gathered around him smiling wide at the beautiful music he was playing.

A girl of seventeen named Grace walked out of a flower shop in wonder of where the music was coming from. She could see the crowd and smiled upon seeing the old man, who was her Grandfather. She should had known the old man was the one who was making the beautiful music.

Grace had heard him play it ever since she was a little baby. She walked away from the shop and over to the crowd. The girl stood by and waited till the song to be over. When the song was over her Grandfather began to cough.

Worried about her Grandfather's health Grace rushed to his side.

"Grandfather, you are still ill." she told him as she placed a hand on his back.

"I am fine, Grace. Do not worry about me." he told her with a smile on his face, "I made enough money for dinner tonight."

Grace gave him a small smile.

"Alex? Alex? Are you out here playing that damn flute of yours?" Sarah, the wife of the old man and Grandmother of Grace shouted as she walked through the crowd.

"Over here, Granny!" Grace shouted as the 5'0 old woman ran out of the crowd.

"You should be in bed, Alex! You are still ill." Sarah told her husband as she looked up at him.

"But I had to work, so we could eat." he wheezed and looked at Grace, "Take these coins and buy some things for dinner tonight."

Grace nodded her head and took the coins from him.

"And this flute too. I don't want him sneaking off again with it." Sarah told her tossing the silver instrument at her.

Grace caught the instrument and turned around leaving her Grandparents behind. She walked through the town passing many people as she made way to the market. She had accidentally bumped into a man dressed in white. She quickly apologized to him and continued in her way.

At the market she bought items for a stew that her Grandmother was famous for making.

"And it was huge!" Barry the son of her neighbours shouted.

Grace stopped and listened to what he had to say.

"What exactly happened?"

"I was out in the forest helping my old man cutting wood for the fire place when I heard this most beautiful sound. It was like an angel playing a flute." he said with a dreamy look on his face, "I was looking around for the source when I saw these giant monsters flying in the sky. They seemed to be mesmerized by the music. I think I seen one fall asleep."

Monsters? They aren't real. Grace thought to herself as she began to walk home. But what Barry had said would explain those things she saw on occasion when she snuck out at night with her Grandfather's flute to practice playing.

It had only been a month since she began to practice and two weeks since those things began to show. She wondered why they did it. When Grace saw that she was close to home, she stopped thinking about what she had learned.

"I'm home!" Grace called out to her Grandparents.

"Did you have enough?" Sarah had asked her.

"Yes, the butcher even gave us a little extra, because he enjoys Grandfather's music. He says it relaxing." Grace told her with a smile.

"I think he likes you, Grace." The old woman smiled at the blushing girl.

"No, I don 't think so." Grace shook her head as she tied an apron around her waist, "He likes Cordella."

"That girl haven't been acting the same since her Mother died." Sarah said as she cut some carrots, "I catch her sometimes just wondering the town like she is looking for something."

"Well it was hard on her. She probably just needs someone to talk too." Grace said picking up a potato, "I'll visit her tomorrow."

"You're a good girl, Grace." Sarah said giving her Granddaughter a proud smile.

"Well she was there for me when Mama and Papa passed away last winter." she said sadly, "I'd be a bad friend if I didn't return the favor."

"Hey, everyone." Charlie, Grace's older brother shouted as he walked inside of the small home from a hard day of working in the forest.

"How was your day?" Sarah asked her grandson as he walked into the kitchen.

"Wonderful, Mr. McNear said if I keep up the pace, he'll give me a raise next month." Charlie spoke happily.

"I hope he does. It'll mean we can finally get some medicine for Grandfather." Grace said and Charlie nodded his head.

At that moment Alex walked into the room and sat down in a chair.

"Do not waste you hard earned money on an old man like me. You deserve it." he said.

"Grandfather, I am not wasting it on you. I want you to get better." Charlie spoke.

Grace began to chop the potato as her grandfather and brother began to argue. It was like that everyday. After a day of working her brother would come home, and get into an arguement with their grandfather over his health or money.

Grace wanted them to stop their arguments and help her brother with providing for their family. That was why she snuck out at night with her grandfather's flute. She wanted to play just like him, so she could play it in the street for people walking by.

"Those two never stop." Sarah grumbled as she tossed the ingredients into a cooking pot.

"They're both stubborn, but that how our family is." Grace said and Sarah nodded her head.

"That is true." she spoke and the two waited for the stew to be finished as they listened to Alex and Charlie argue.

When dinner was over and the dishes were clean, Grace retired to her room for the night. However she was not going to bed just yet. She waited for thirty minutes, until sneaking out of the house with the flute.

The forest wasn't far from where she and her family live. It was a nice peaceful area with hardly anyone around, beside her neighbors. Before she ran through the tree lines, she looked at her neighbors home to make sure Barry wasn't out.

She didn't want anyone to know just yet what she was doing. Her grandmother would get angry at her for sneaking out and playing that flute. Her grandmother hated that thing ever since her grandfather had found it.

It was annoying and nothing, but junk, her grandmother complained all the time. Her grandfather would just laugh it off and continue playing. Grace knew deep down in her grandmother that she didn't really hate it, she just didn't like her husband sneaking off when he was suppose to be resting.

Grace let out a sigh and sat on a stump of a tree. She licked her lips and raised to flute up to her face. Closing her eyes, Grace began to play.

-Black Order- Three days ago-

Three people stood in an office that was covered in papers as a man sat behind a desk with a stack of papers in his hands. The man sitting down was known as Komui.

"It has been reported that Akumas have been seen near a small village. One of the finders have mentioned that they noticed something strange about these Akumas. They seemes to be drawn to something in a forest late at night." Komui said pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Is it innocents?" Asked a young man with red hair and a bright green eye.

"We believe so. If it is innocents you must find it before they do." Komui said, "In the morning you will leave first thing."

The three nodded their head and walked out of the office.

"Tch, I can't believe I am stuck on a mission with you." A man with dark blue hair muttered the next day as the three men sat on a train.

"It's not that bad, Yuu." The man with the one eye spoke cheerfully.

"Don't call me that!" Yuu, or as he liked to be called Kanda shouted angrily at the other man known as Lavi.

The third memeber of their group shook his head as Lavi provoked Kanda again. The old short man known as Bookman wondered if his grandson had a death wish. Not many people were known to survive against Kanda's wrath.

And so after two days of traveling the three exorcists finally made it to the village. They were greeted by a finder and shown to an inn. Once settled in the finder told them all that he knew.

"There is something in the forest that is drawing the Amuna there late at night. I have even seen some fall asleep and crash to the ground." the finder spoke, "The strangest thing of all music can be hear."

"Music? What kind?" Lavi asked the man.

"It sounds like a flute." the finder told him.

"It could be the wind." Kanda spoke and stood up, "I will be investigating the forest for any sign of Akuma or innocences."

With that the swordsman left. Lavi stood up.

"I'll go with him." Lavi said and left after him leaving Bookman and the finder alone.

"I will investigate the village." Bookman said leaving also.

The finder blinked for a moment before running off to where the two exorcists were.

The three men searched the forest most of that day and found no traces of innocenes. However they did find a few Akumas that had been lurking around. They were easily brought down by the two exorcists.

"I thought a flute could be heard." Kanda commented as they walked through the forest that had darken from the night sky.

"Must've been the wind after all." Lavi said as he glanced at the starry sky.

"It isn't time yet." The finder told them checking his watch, "The music usually starts around midnight or later. It will only last for an hour though."

And when midinight struck a flute could be heard. Lavi and Kanda looked around for the source of it. They couldn't pin-point it.

"Where is it coming from?" Lavi asked.

"I don't know." Kanda muttered as he looked around.

"We should split up then. We'll cover more ground that way." Lavi said and Kanda nodded his head in agreement, even though he hated that the annoying future bookman was right.

~The Forest~ Grace~

Grace sat there alone with her eyes shut as she played thr silver flute in peace. A slight breeze blew by as she stopped for a moment to rest. She opened her eyes and jumped at the sight of the monster floating in the sky above her.

None of them had been able to get that close to her before. It scared her bit as she saw the white face on it. It's eyes wide and black markings on it. She blinked when it began to move towards her.

Time felt like it had slowed down when something jumped at the monster slashing it in half. Grace stood up and took a step back falling over the stump and landing on her bottom. The monster fell to the ground and a large explosion happened.

Grace sat up ignoring the pain comig for her now sore bottom. Her eyes went wide when she saw the man standing there with a sword. Was he going to kill her like he had killed that monster? She wondered as he noticed her.

The man walked over to Grace and held out his sword with a suspicious look on his face. Grace shook with fear and held onto her grandfather's flute tightly. A strange small glow came from the thing as tears of fear came to Grace's eyes.

"P-please, don't hurt me." she stuttered not noticing the glow as her eye were locked on the swordsman.

"That flute." Kanda muttered as he stared at the flute.

A loud sharp noise suddenly came to his ears. He dropped to his knees as it louder. He covered his ears with his hands and closed his eyes while his teeth were clenched.

Grace watched him there wondering what was wrong with the man. The noise did not attack her nor could she hear it. After a moment, she stood up and ran from there. She dodged trees, rocks and tree roots as she ran for her home.

When she made it home, Grace locked her window and put away her Grandfather's flute before going to sleep. However sleep did not find her until the sun began to rise. She couldn't stop thinking about that mysterious man and what had happened.