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Grace P.O.V

I walked into town exhausted from barely having any sleep. I couldn't get over what had happened last night. That kind of stuff never happened in the village. It was just a boring peaceful place.

Who was that strange man? Why did he slay that monster? Was he going to do the same to me? So many questions swam inside of my head.

I let out a sigh and rubbed my eyes as I walked into the flower shop I worked at.

"Rough night?" my boss, Mr. Maes Huggins asked me.

"Kind of." I told him.

I didn't want him to worry about me. He was too kind and sort of like my second father.

I laid myhead on the counter and Mr. Huggins laughed.

"Well you can go home early then." he told me and I shook my head.

"No, I can't. Who will help you close shop?" I asked him sitting up.

"Well just don't over do it, okay?" he said with a kind smile and walked into the back of the shop to work on some of the flowers.

I let out a sigh and rested my head in my hands. I couldn't wait for the day to be over so I go see Cordella. I was worried about my friend and missed seeing her everyday. Ever since her mother had died, she hadn't been around me or anyone else.

Town - Kanda, Lavi and Bookman - Third Person P.O.V

The three men walked through the town searching for the girl that Kanda had seen the night before. They believed that the flute she had was the innocent that drew the Akumas to the forest and she was it accomadator. (AN: Spelled wrong?)

"So what did she look like, Yuu?" Lavi asked the swordsmen.

Kanda glared at him.

"Don't call me that." he hissed in anger.

Lavi rolled his eye and placed his arms behind his head.

"She was around 5'6, light brown hair and blue eyes. That was all I could see." Kanda told him.

Lavi looked around for any sign of the girl that fit that description, but found none.

"So was she cute?" Lavi asked and Kanda let out a sigh not answering his stupid question.

Bookman just shook his head and stopped when he heard a flute playing somewhere in the town. Kanda and Lavi stopped also after noticing the music.

"That sounds like the flute from last night." Lavi spoke and Bookman nodded his head.

"You'd think she'd be in hiding from last night. She seemed to be scared." Kanda spoke.

"I'd be scared too if you showed up out of no where with that sword." Lavi said as the music began to get louder, "Hm, are you sure it was a girl?"

The three stopped walking as they found the source of the music. An old man stood in the middle of a group playing the flute that the girl had. Seeing that Kanda walked over to the old man.

"Hm?" the old man, Alex paused when he saw the man in black walking over to him, "May I help you?"

Kanda didn't speak and took the flute from the old man. He didn't want to waste time with useless chit-chat. He looked at the flute and saw that it was the exact one he had seen glow.

"Where did you get this?" Kanda asked the old man.

"I found it twenty years ago in the forest. A traveler must had dropped it." Alex told him.

"I saw a girl last night with this flute. Where is she?" Kanda asked the old man.

"What girl?" Alex asked glaring at Kanda.

"I don't have time to play games old man." Kanda told him and Lavi rushed to the rescue.

"I am sorry about my friend here. He is just in sour mood." Lavi told Alex, "It's just he saw a girl last night in the forest playing it and was curious as to who she was because she played so well."

Alex glared at the two suspiciously. He did not trust them. They were searching for his granddaughter for some reason.

"I'm sorry, but I have no idea as to what you are talking about." Alex said shaking his head, "I only have a grandson."

"Are you sure it was a girl?" Lavi asked Kanda in a whisper.

"Yes." Kanda said and glared at the lying old man, "Tell us the truth old man."

Bookman stood in the back watching the two younger exorcists question the old man. He could see that the old man was protecting the young girl, and understood why he would.

"I am telling you the truth." Alex told him and then saw Grace leaving the flower shop.

It was too early for her work to be over, and it was a bad time also. If the three men saw her then, she would be in trouble. Alex grabbed Kanda's arm as he saw him turning to leave.

"Give me my flute back." Alex told him and Kanda shook the old man off of him.

"Grandfather!" Grace shouted and the three exorcists turned to her.

Grace started to run to her Grandfather, but stopped when she saw Kanda.

"Run, Grace! Get out of here!" Alex shouted.

Grace P.O.V

What do I do? I can't leave Grandfather to those men. It is all my fault! I shouldn't have snuck out last night. Maybe if I did run like Grandfather told me do they'll follow.

I turned around and ran. I glanced back to see the two men chasing me. I quicken my pace and pushed my way through the crowd of people in the streets. I shouted out apologies.

"Hey! Grace where are you off too?" the butcher shouted as I ran past him.

I didn't answer as I ran into an alley. I hide behind a crate and listened for them to run by. After a moment heard one of them speak.

"She's fast." One of them said.

"Keep a look out for her." Another said and then they ran.

I stood up and dusted my skirt, before running the opposite way. Why were they wanting to find me so bad? Was it because I had saw what happened last night?

"Hey, Grace why were you running?" the butcher asked as I walked passed his shop.

"Oh, uh..." I began, but he cut me off.

"You weren't being chased by those men in strange coats were you?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes and I don't know why either." I told him.

"Come inside my shop, you'll be safe." he said and I shook my head.

"I can't I have to find my grandfather." I told him and ran.

When I reached the spot where my Grandfather had been, I became worried. He wasn't there. I frowned and looked around. I saw Cordella walking by slowly. I ran over to the girl that was like my sister.

"Cordella have you seen my grandfather around?" I asked her and she shook her head.

"Is everything alright?" she asked.

"No, these men are..."

"Yuu! She is over here!" One of the men shouted as he ran into view.

I froze. They must had did a circle around the area.

"Stop calling me that." the man from last night shouted angrily at the red head.

"Those men." Cordella said eyeing the men with a blank look on her face.

"Cordella?" I said as she started walking over to them.

The men stopped seeing Cordella. The man from last night pulled out his sword and the red head pulled out a... tiny hammer? What was he going to do with that?

"That's far enough." the swordsman told Cordella, abd she stopped a few feet.

I ran to my friend and stood in front of her.

"Don't hurt her! It is me you are after." I said.

I couldn't let her get hurt, because of me. She used to take up for me when we had been children. She still did, but I wasn't going to let do it this time.

"Cordella, get out of here." I told her and glanced at the girl behind me.

She just stood there staring at the two men.

"Grace get away from her!" the red head shouted, "She's an Akuma!"

Akuma? I had heard stories over the years about demons showing up, but those were only stories. Right?

"Impossible." I said and looked at the men, "You are lying! Those are only stories!"

"That thing last night was an Akuma." the swordsman told me, "That thing behind you is no longer your friend."

"Cordella tell them you aren't a Akuma." I said turning to her.

She didn't say anything, only a grin appeared on her face. My eyes went wide and I shook her.

"Tell them! Quit acting like this!" I told her.

Cordella pushed me away and transformed into one of those giant monsters. No! It can't be true. This has to be a nightmare!

The monster above me lowered it cannons at me. I shook with fear as I stared at it.

"Little hammer, big hammer! Grow! Grow! Grow! Extend!" the red head shouted and the tiny hammer grew ten times it side and hovered over me as the Akuma shot giant bullets.

"Get out of here!" the swordsman shouted and I couldn't move. I was frozen with fear.

"Tch, idiot." the swordsman hissed, "Lavi, get the girl out of here. I'll take care of this thing."

The red head nodded and ran over to me as the swordsman ran at the Akuma.

"Come on." Lavi said and helped me up.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the area. But we were forced to stop when another Akuma appeared.

"Here, keep this safe." Lavi said and handed me my grandfather's flute, "It's a thing called innocences. The Akuma want it."

"Why not give it to them then?" I asked him as he swung his hammer at the demon.

"Because our innocences can destroy them. They're known as Anti-Akuma weapons." Lavi said and used the fire stamp on the Akuma.

The creature expolded.

"That hammer of yours, it is an anti/weapon?" I asked and he nodded his head.

"Kanda's sword is also a anti-Akuma weapon." Lavi said, "Every innocenes have a accommodator to use it."

"An accommodator? So that means my grandfather's flute will be taken away then. So it's accommodator can use it to fight the Akuma, right?" I asked him looking at the sliver instrument.

"Not neccessarly, because your it's accommodator." Lavi said and my eyes went wide.

"You mean I have to fight Akuma?" I asked him and he nodded his head.

"You'll become what is known as an excorcist." And so Lavi explained to me about the Black Order and their goal in saving people, and stopping the Milineum Earl. By the time he was finished Kanda appeared.

"We got the innocences, lets go." Kanda said.

"I'm not leaving. Neither is the flute." I told them as my grip tightened on it.

"Grace, it is your choice to come or not, but more Akuma will come for your innocences. People you care for will be in danger. Do you really want to stay here?" Lavi asked.

Everyone in danger? I looked at my flute and frowned. I couldn't bare to see everyone get hurt, because of me. But what about my family? I couldn't leave them here. Grandfather is sick. Who would help Grandmother with the chores and taking care of Grandfather? Charlie was busy working most of the time.

"What about my family? What will happen to them?" I asked them.

"They'll stay here." Lavi told me.

"I can't leave them. My grandfather is sick, who will help my grandmother? We barely get by and my brother is busy working everyday." I told them.

"You get paid being an exorcist. You can send them some of your money." Kanda said with his arms crossed with an annoyed look on his face.

"As for your grandfather being ill, I'm sure Bookman could heal him. He knows all sorts of things." Lavi told me, "Speaking of the old panda, where is he?"

I let out a sigh and looked at the flute. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay and help my family, but if I stayed I would only cause trouble for everyone in the village.

Kanda was right though, if it was true that I get paid for being an excorcist, then I could send them money. Grandfather would be able to get his medicibe and they would be able to eat.

"Okay, I will go, but I want to say good-bye to my family and explain to them about about all of this." I told the two and they both nodded their heads.

And so we began to walk back to my home. The walk was in silence mostly, Lavi spoke once in a while about how everyone was nice at the Black Order and warned me about a man named Komui. He seemed to be a little insane.

When we got home we were met by my brother who was just getting back from work. He stopped and eyed both Lavi and Kanda.

"Who are they?" Charlie asked nodding at the two.

"Oh this is Lavi and that's Kanda." I told him, "They saved me from a monster."

"Monster?" he asked and I nodded my head.

"You are joking right? Monsters aren't real, Gracy." Charlie told me.

"They are real, young man." a short man wearing the same coat as Kanda and Lavi said standing in front of the opened door of oir house.

"There's the old panda!" Lavi shouted smiling wide and the old man quickly jumped at him kicking Lavi in the face.

"How many times must I tell you. Do not call me that." the old man said and walked back to the door.

Both Charlie and I stood there dumbfounded and confused by what we had just witnessed. Kanda seemed to not care about it and followed the old man inside. After a moment Lavi sat up and rubbed his head.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Yeah, he does that all the time." Lavi explained and stood up.

Charlie and I looked at each other before walking inside with Lavi. We stopped reaching the living room. I ran to my grandfather and hugged him. He hugged me back. I was so glad to see him. So glad that he wasn't hurt either.

"What is going on?" Charlie asked looking at us both.

"I'd like to know too." Grandmother said walking into the room.

Grandfather let go of me and looked at the two.

"Grace will be leaving." Grandfather told them and my eyes went wide. He knew?

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