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He knew he was dreaming. He knew, because all around him were faces of men and women who were dead and gone. Tate didn't want to see what happened next and was trying to force himself to wake up. It wasn't enough. Flashes of memory had his eyelids fluttering, hands fisting in the single sheet he had draped over his hips, and beads of sweat forming on his face and chest. Blood, so much blood, the sounds of gunfire and once again Marty was shot in the chest. The dream warped this time, though, and he was soon face-to-face with a Triceraton and Tate only woke up a split second after the dinosaur's weapon was pointed at his face and fired. Gasping for air he jackhammered up in bed, eyes looking wild as they traveled around his room. A hand ran over the top of his head while the other tossed the sheet away. He retrieved underwear and slipped them on along with a pair of black training shorts. His dog tags, ones he always wore despite it being a new age of war, jangled against his bare chest as he slipped on socks and running shoes. He wasn't 100 percent yet, but he was too wired and perhaps a little fearful about going back to sleep. He wouldn't show his fear, though. As soon as he opened his room door it was turned off, a mask slipping over his face, the mask that had people taking the effort to walk out of his path. His normally calm, blue eyes were a raging storm and his jaw was tight with tension as he slipped into one of the many work-out rooms. There was an open treadmill and despite his injured leg he cranked it up to his usual speed and soon his feet were pounding against the machine. Sweat dripped down his body and harsh breaths were exhaled through his lips. His leg started to throb at the thirty-minute mark and had a sweet burn after about an hour but he was still too worked up. When his lungs felt like they were going to explode he finally stopped running only to find a hanging bag. Quickly, messily, he taped up his hands before working the bag over, hitting it again and again with all the might of the soldier that he was.

"What did the bag do to you now?" asked a soft voice from behind him. He turned around then immediately straightened. "At ease, Jenkins."

He relaxed, taking the towel Emily offered and running it over his face before wrapping it around the back of his neck, holding the ends with each hand. She crossed her arms over her chest to inspect the damage done to him. His leg was throbbing and when he looked down at it he saw that fresh blood was staining the bandage that had been white before his run. He was certain his shoulder was bruised as well but the venting work-out had been worth it.

"You look like shit," she said.

"Did you need something, ma'am?"

Once again her brow lifted and he cleared his throat, straightening once again with his hands at his sides. She was his superior officer, and deserved his respect, something that had been drilled in his head since he was eighteen and enlisted in the Navy. He'd been working with the President against Saki, and when Raphael had taken over he'd offered his services to bring peace between humans, aliens, and mutants again… Until this shit-storm started. It was a surprise, really, that some of the aliens (like Siren) were fighting WITH them instead of against them… Though it was sometimes his job to MAKE SURE that they were on their side.

"I just wanted to check on you," she said softly. "I've been through your reports. I'm sorry for the loss of your team mates."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry too," he said, looking up to meet her eyes. "The mission might have been a success, but maybe the cost was too much."

"They did not die in vain," said Emily. "We obtained helpful information. Molly and Donatello are going over it now but it looks like they have plans for the equivalent of an E.M.F. bomb. The blast would be aimed for our technology, not theirs… We plan to steal it, and use it against them."

"Sign me up," he said urgently.

"I'm not certain you're fit for duty," she said, eyes flickering down to his leg.

"All due respect, ma'am, but I'm what's left of the ground team specialists that had been part of this facility," he said, but then his gazed turned almost pleading. "Please, ma'am, I need to do this."

"All the Generals are putting their best women and men together for this mission," she said, and after a moment she nodded. "Time is of the essence, Jenkins. The conference call is in two hours in the meeting room. Bandage that leg up, get your shit together, and you can be a part of it."

"Ma'am," he said with a salute before exiting the gym.





Emily watched Tate go with a heavy heart. She knew what it was like to lose members of your team. Hers had been decimated by fire bombs that her husband had created while under the rule of Saki. It was her husband, however, that ended up saving her in the end. He had hidden her from sight while ordering his team to search elsewhere when Shredder had ordered their execution, and when they had left he'd handed her a pistol and told her to run. She had been confused, and had been tempted to shoot him the moment he gave her the gun, but she had one wounded soldier to help get back to base and she had opted to limp away. Years later, she had found him carrying a bleeding Michelangelo, and had been one of the few humans to accept them into their fold. Many wanted then tried then executed for their crimes. She had spoken out against it as had her teammate. It had taken time, but soon, with the fall of the great country: people had started looking to them for leadership.

Shaking her head she wandered back to her husband's lab, feet silently traveling down the halls of the compound. Her badge easily slid over the keypad and after entering her code a chime sounded before the doors opened. She immediately found him hunched over a desk and eased her way to his side, bending to press a quick kiss to his cheek. He reached up to take her hand, turning in his chair to look up at her.

"Hey," she greeted.

"Find him?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "He wants to fight. Like you said he would."


"And I think he's up to it," she said with a nod. "Alice knows him, albeit only a little, but maybe enough to be comfortable enough on the battlefield. Plus, he's looking for payback for his teammates."

"His injuries aren't too severe?" he asked, making her think of his bleeding leg, and he had been limping a little.

"No," she said, not feeling like she lied, because she knew Tate and knew he could handle it. "So who do we have so far?"

"From our base? Tate, Belinda, and you," he answered.

"Belinda?" asked Emily.

"She's a damn good pilot," said Donatello. "Better than the both of us and you know it."

"Yeah," she said. "I do… Who else?"

"Michelangelo wants in on this mission," he said, frowning. "As does Raphael. I don't like the idea of having them BOTH out there… Because you know if Raphael is going out, so is Siren, even if he orders her to stay behind she'll just do her morphing thing and somehow sneak on."

"Jake can watch the second base," said Emily. "As for base three? That's Raphael's problem... Though with Molly going along on this mission there isn't someone that comes to mind that can run it. Did I say I was proud of you, yet? Letting Molly tag along instead of you?"

"It's only logical," he said with a sniff. "Can't have all three of us out. Besides, I can do more here. Ff things go south I can run interference."

"Damn good team. I'd be scared if I was the other guys."

"Now we just need a solid plan," said Donatello.

"We know where it's at," said Emily, bending to rest her chin against the top of his head, body curling over the top of his shell as her eyes traveled to the same computer screen he was looking at. "We know their security detail. Any idea what there is inside?"

"No," said Donatello. "But that's where Raph, Mikey, and Tate's expertise come in. Of everyone, those three have been in the field the longest."

"And Alice," said Emily. "If all else fails she can just blast the damn doors open."

"Indeed," said Donatello, turning off his monitor and swiveling around in his chair. He looked up at her, a smirk spreading across his face as the lights in the lab suddenly dimmed, encasing them in darkness. "We have some time…"

"Yeah," said Emily, aware of the glass windows of his labs tinting automatically with whatever program he just ran. She undid her pants and he watched, breathing quickening as she undressed her lower half only, straddling him after undoing the buttons of his lab coat. Both sighed as his hardening member pressed against her already slickening entrance through the thin material of his pants. "Donnie…"





She was the only one allowed to call him Donnie, and he sighed while undoing the binding in her hair so that her red curls fell over her shoulders. She smiled, pressing her lips to his, undulating her hips against him, making him groan before standing. There was a table that had one end free of clutter and he deposited her on it. He freed himself from his pants and she purred, reaching down to run her fingers over his length. His hands flexed in her hair and hip and he fought the urge to just bury himself into her as her thumb circled the head of his cock. Finally she guided him where he wanted to be the most, pressing into her an inch to tease…

"Please," she whimpered. "I can't wait."

There was no foreplay, something he excelled at, because the both of them had been ready and willing to forgo it. She was already so damn wet for him and he was already tightly wound from the stress of having such a critical mission that she was going to be part of. He leaned down to press kisses up and down the column of her throat while she braced one hand on the table and curled the other around the back of his neck. "I love you…"

He closed his eyes in pure bliss as her inner walls contracted around him, teasing him. "Em… Love you so much."

He moved faster, hitting that spot she liked so much. He knew, from his vast amounts of studies, that he was much larger than the average male. Though at first he'd been careful, now that she was accommodated to him, he let himself go a little more each time. Like now, as his teeth nipped at the skin of her neck and hands gripped her hips a little harder, he grew even surer of himself with her panted breath and the dig of her nails at the back of his neck.

"Baby," she moaned, head falling back, eyes closing.

"Touch yourself, darling," he requested, and he watched as her hand left the table to travel to her clit. He shivered as her fingers brushed over his cock as it slid in and out of her before moving against that bud of pleasure. Her moans grew louder, chest heaving, and he knew the moment she came because her mouth fell open in a silent scream while her core fluttered and clenched. Frantically he thrust, wanting to follow after her, pleasure coiling deep within him before blooming until he was coming inside her. He grunted, swallowing the churr that wanted to escape, pressing his lips to her throat until he was spent. His body relaxed into hers and she pulled him closer, the both of them not wanting to break the spell of their afterglow. All too soon, though, he'd have to go to his desk to get the shot that would prevent her pregnancy. They both yearned for a child, for a product of the love they felt for each other, but both agreed bringing a child into this hellish world would be selfish on them. They had made a promise once, while lying in each other's arms, that when this was all over with they would try.

"I love you," she said again, lips trailing over his face until connecting with his lips.

"Love you, too," he answered.





He stared down at the plate in front of him, shifting what was apparently potatoes and gravy around with his fork, waiting for Alice to arrive. He'd sent her a message to meet him in the mess hall, because he was still reeling from his earlier confession to her. He'd told her something that shamed him. He was defective. He had no shell, and was already an outcast in a way when it came to his brothers, and this was just the icing on the cake. It was sick, how eager Leo was to please Shredder, when the sick fuck suggested he get 'fixed' like his brother. Shredder then made the comment that he could keep the shell, and with his eyes on Raphael, said it was so that his back wasn't vulnerable for someone to stab it. Fucker. Sick bastard. He wanted to kill him all over again.

"Hey." His head snapped up as Alice joined him, sitting across from him, a slightly nervous smile on her face. "This seat taken?"

"Only by you," he said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. She smiled, though, and she looked beautiful. Damn, he'd missed her so much, and now that she was here he had no idea how to act. He wanted too many things at once, but for now, he settled on this dinner. "I see you skipped the potato soup."

"I did," she said, scooping up some peas with her spoon. "Opted for the peas."

"Never did like peas," he said conversationally.

"Pity," she said, stuffing the spoon in her mouth, making a dramatic show of how good they were by moaning softly and rolling her eyes in bliss. "SO good."

He huffed, scooping up more potatoes in the process. Around them others milled about, eating their food and sneaking glances at their General who was sitting with his returned lover. He wasn't stupid. He's heard the gossip while walking through the halls, could feel their stares and pick out his name in the crowd. He didn't care, and from what he could tell, she didn't either.

"So I talked to Don today," he said, cutting into what was supposed to be pieces of chicken. "I'm going out on mission tomorrow. We're going to have a meeting tonight about it."

"Michelangelo might have mentioned that," she said, taking a pile of sugary peaches that glistened from the overhead florescent lights, swallowing, and then continuing. "I don't know the details or anything. I… I want to help."

Raphael sighed, putting his fork down. "I know."

"Do you not want me to?" she asked.

"Like I could tell you what to do and not to do," he said, eyes meeting hers dead on. "It's going to be intense. If you're coming you're glued to my side the entire time unless told otherwise. I can't… I can't risk you…" He looked away, eyes drifting to a dried up ketchup stain on the table. "We're meeting to talk about it later tonight. We'll hit a meeting, get some rest, and at sunset tomorrow get to work. We'll use the cover of darkness to our advantage. Don wanted to move on it quicker, but we have to be smart about this."

"What will we be doing?" she asked.

He looked around before leaning forward. "Too many ears. We'll talk about it tonight. I promise. Until then… Enjoy those peaches."

"Hmm…" She flicked her spoon at him, a glob of peach hitting him between the eyes. He glared, she snorted, and then both laughed as he picked the peach off his face then flicked it at her. "Very mature."

"You started it," he said, watching as she ate the pieces of chicken without complaint. "So you talked to Michelangelo?"

"Just for a little bit," she said, returning to her peas. "Then I played with the little communicator thingy you got me."

"I still wished you'd have gotten the chip," he said with a frown.

"I don't need that," she said, making a face of distaste. "I don't like the idea of someone tracking where I am. Doesn't the communicator have that option anyway?"

"Communicators can be broken or disabled. At least with a tracker we have some time to get to you before they pull it out," he argued, suddenly upset again. Didn't she see he just wanted the best for her? He resumed eating and the rest of the meal passed in silence. When done she rose and he followed. When they entered the elevator he pushed the button for his floor before placing a hand on her shoulder. "I don't want to fight."

"Neither do I," she said, deflating a little.

"We have some time before the meeting." The doors opened and he walked toward his room. "Come with me."





She followed behind him, well aware they were going to his room. She swallowed the sudden anticipation that filled her as he opened the door and waited for her. Upon entering she waited for him to turn on the light, and blinked when a lamp was flicked on. Her eyes traveled around the room. She saw weapons mounted on the wall, a small table with some dishes on it, another table with weapons littering the surface, and finally the nightstand that had a few empty liquor bottles and some half full. She watched as he opened a drawer then smirked when noticing what was in his hand.

"Went on a raid once and found a bunch of these…" he said, sitting on his unmade bed. She sat beside him, taking a piece of the chocolate he offered. "I handed most of them out. Just kept a couple."

"Sweet tooth, huh?" she asked.

"Not really," he said with a shrug. "Just something to erase the taste of the mess food."

Alice laughed. She remembered a time in her world when she shared chocolate with the Nightwatcher. He'd been working on his bike and hadn't appreciated her interruption…

"Hey," said Alice, plopping down on a stool, twisting around on the leather seat while her toes pushed off against the concrete to make the wheels turn. The stool rolled to a stop close to the bike Raphael was working on. "What'cha doing?"

"What's it look like?" said a gruff voice as the sound of clanging metal assaulted her ears.

Alice pursed her lips to fight a smile before breaking off a piece of chocolate. Donnie had just taken ounces upon liters of her blood and she felt a little woozy. Splinter made it a point that their lessons would not commence until she had eaten something. After pounding down a bowl of cereal she had found a chocolate bar and decided to go on a hunt for the turtle she was currently screwing like some hormonal teenager. She just couldn't keep her eyes, or hands, off of him.

"I'm bored," she said, trying to sound whiny before plopping a piece of chocolate in her mouth.

A bald, green head popped up from the other side of the bike, amber eyes narrowed in slight annoyance: but she was certain she caught some amusement in those depths as well. She watched as he took in her jeans and tank top. It was cold as hell but she was trying to be seductive by not wearing a bra and his eyes lingered since her tank top was white. She watched as he stood to his full height and smiled triumphantly as he came closer to her. His hands were full of oil, even after he wiped them on his grease rag, and somehow the thought of him dirtying up her clothes had her wanting to cross her legs to ease the sudden jolt of arousal.

"What'cha got there?"


His hands went to her thighs and his amber eyes connected with her mirthful blue that had shades of dark desire around the pupils. She sighed as his fingers clenched slightly, blunt nails indenting the skin beneath the denim.

"Y'know… sharing is caring. You know you wanna…"

"But I don't wanna…" she said, almost pouting. "I'm a thief! I don't share! I take!"

"Y'sure…" He leaned forward, nipping at her lips. "You dun wanna…" His tongue dipped in and she sighed. "Share?"

"Hmmm…" She leaned back before taking another bite. "Nope."

"Oh that's it," he growled, pulling her in closer, the wheels on the stool working against her. "Yer mine now."

"Oh you think so?" asked Alice before holding up a small chunk of chocolate. "Last bite…" She popped it in her mouth and his eyes widened comically. She giggled before leaning in, kissing him sensually while the sweetness of the chocolate spread over both of their tongues. When the sweet treat was gone, she pulled back with a delighted smirk. "Hmm, you're right… I want to share now… Sharing is good…" She leaned in and kissed him again, smiling into the kiss as his oily hands traveled down her back.

"Thanks for the chocolate," she said, shaking her head of the memory. She looked at him now and he seemed nervous, fingers curling together. "What is it?"

"Nothing," he said. "We should get going."

"Raph…" She reached out, hand sliding down his arm. "You know you can tell me anything, right?"

"I threw a bombshell at you today," he said, rubbing at the back of his neck. "The whole kid thing…"

"Hey… Is that what you're worried about?" She moved closer, head resting on his shoulder. "I'm not going anywhere." He relaxed. "Having kids is the last thing on my mind now."

"If… If we win this…"

"Then you still have me," she said.

It was as if a large weight had been taken off his shoulders because suddenly his arms were around her and lips were pressed to hers and she tasted chocolate and HIM. She whimpered as his tongue deviled into her mouth and then sighed as his mouth traveled over her jawline, down her neck, and to that sweet spot where neck met shoulder.

"Stay here with me tonight?" he asked.


"As much as I'd like to continue this we have a meeting to get to," he said, nuzzling her neck. "But after…"

"Oh yes, definitely."





He felt a new sense of purpose. The last thing he remembered was skewering that traitor bitch in the heart, then a burning heat as his brother slayed him with his sai. He'd been betrayed! By his own brother! Now, his return meant he could get his revenge. For his death, as well as his fathers. Something… Annoying tickled at the back of his head. Something that had him DOUBTING what he had planned was actually the right thing to do. He hated it. Hated that voice and instead chose to listen to the sweet, beautiful angel with her silver hair and promising eyes… She brought him back to make it all better. His angel. His queen. He looked down at the message he was leaving his brothers and smiled. It was perfect. He couldn't wait until they got it…

Because that was when the fun would begin.