All of my pictures- the ones of Tara and I when I first moved here nine years ago, some when we were out with friends and the newer ones. The ones from last night, we had taken a couple pictures of us and I hadn't even printed them yet. How the hell did they get printed?

"What the fuck is this?" Chibs asked and I rushed towards my phone, frantically dialling Tara's number. "Rosanne." His hand touched my back as I waited for Tara to answer, she was still at work so I didn't think she'd answer.

"Hello?" Tara said into the phone. "I can't really talk, Rose-"

"Thank God!" I whispered.

"Rose? What's wrong?" Tara asked, worried. "Did Chibs hurt you? I swear if he-"

"No, no it's not that."

"What is it?"

"Josh." She was silent so I continued. "He broke into my house, took all of pictures and tore them up. My face was all shredded up, yours wasn't."

"How did he..."

"He was watching us."

"Fuck." I heard Chibs whisper as he leaned down to pick up a piece of my shredded face.

"You can't stay there."

"I know. I'll talk to you later." I took a deep breath and hung up. Chibs was busy looking at all the pictures and running his thumb over pieces of my face. "That's okay. I still have those pictures somewhere on my camera." I shrugged and picked up the pictures, throwing them in the trash.

"Get ya things." The Scotsman told me, his eyes hard. "Ya not stayin' 'ere tonight. Ya will stay with me."

"I'll go to Tara's, it's okay."

"No. I heard ya talkin' ta her." Chibs shook his head. "That guy is after her and ya ain't stayin' with her."


"Rosanne, no." I nodded and walked off to my bedroom to grab some clothes and needed things. Chibs waited in my kitchen, his elbows leaning against my counter top, watching the door. He took my hand and led me outside, making sure my door was locked before taking me to his bike. Securing my bag on my back, I climbed on the motorcycle and let Chibs take me to where he stayed. I was surprised when he parked outside Teller-Morrow garage and led me to a clubhouse that was hidden in the back. It was a large open space with a huge bar, a pool table and many tables. There were men and women all over the place, doing many things that I would never do in public. The women wore shorts that barely covered their asses and too small tube tops that practically made their boobs fall out. I was somewhat happy I was covered up but intimidated by how all the women looked at me. They made me feel out of place. "Come on, love." Chibs put his hand on my back, ignoring the looks we were getting. "Don't worry bout them." He shrugged and I noticed Jax standing by the bar. His eyes moved around and when he saw me he did a double take.

"Dr. O'Malley." Jax shouted, earning the attention of some others, making me cringe. "What brings you here?"

"Someone broke into her house, damn bastard." Chibs supplied to him. "I brought her 'ere to sleep for tonight."

"Her dad?"

"No, someone else." Chibs stated. "Someone involved with Tara." He whispered quietly so only Jax could hear.

"Take her to your room." Jax nodded and gave me a smile. "Is Tara working tonight?"

"Yeah, she had the graveyard shift." I stated, tightly.

"Come on, lovely." Chibs grabbed my hand once again and led me down a back hallway. He took a key from his back pocket and unlocked the door, giving me a smile. "This is my room, ya can sleep 'ere. Lock the door and don't open it for anyone, only me."

"Okay. Chibs, what are you going to do?" I questioned as we entered the room. It was small with a full sized bed, a dresser, a nightstand and some boxed food and a mini fridge. Clothes were scattered around the floor and his bed wasn't made, the sheets tangled at the end of the bed.

"Nothing, just gonna look 'round ya house and make sure that guy ain't there."

"Alright." I looked at my feet.

"Ya know why he broke into ya house? Ya know him?"

"No, Tara mentioned him once and awhile a long time ago. Said he did some nasty stuff to her when she was in Chicago."

"Ya 'ave no connection ta him?"

"Only through Tara." He nodded and kissed my cheek.

"I'll be back." And he was off, leaving me in the room. Slipping my heels off I sat them in a corner and started picking up some of the clothes scattered around, needing something to do. Finding a hamper in the bathroom I deposited some in there and smiled at the now clean floor. Men, always throwing shit around. Dropping my bag on one of his dressers I decided on taking a shower, ignoring the lack of cleaning it had had. Stripping my clothes and climbing in the shower, I let the water run down my back, enjoying the feeling. Why would Josh break into my house? He didn't know me, all he knew about me was that I was a friend of Tara's. Chills ran up my spine as I thought about how he knew where I lived. He had to had been watching us last night when she was over at my house... I shuddered and squeezed my eyes shut.

Chibs only had one kind of shampoo in the cramped, dirty shower, and it was Old Spice. Shrugging, I used some and smiled at the smell. I had always preferred Old Spice over Axe and Chibs always smelled like Old Spice and cigarettes. When I had washed the shampoo out of my hair I climbed out of the shower and used a towel to dry myself off. Deciding on not wearing my night clothes I packed, I dug through Chibs's dresser and grabbed one of his t-shirts. Sliding it on over my underwear and bra, I slid into the bed and covered myself with the sheets, enjoying how they smelled like Chibs.

"Lassie?" I flipped over to my side and groggily opened my eyes to see the Scotsman kneeling next to me.

"Yeah?" I wiped my eyes.

"Tha' me shirt ya wearin'?"

"Yeah." I groaned, glaring at him for waking me up.

"Ya look good in it."

"Is that why you woke me?"

"I was gonna join ya but I didn' want ta scare ya." He admitted and I smiled lightly.

"Well, go on." I urged him. "Hop in." And Chibs gave me a smirk and started stripping of his cut, his shirt and pants, leaving him in his boxers. He slid in beside me, tugging me to his chest and laying a hand on my stomach. "Did you find anything?" I asked him quietly, worried.

"Nothin'. Jax talked ta Tara, she said she didn' know he'd go after ya."

"I didn't know either." I sighed. "When she came home, she told me about Josh and what he did. He hit her and said some horrible things to her."

"Jax will handle it."

"Why is he bothering me?"

"I don' know, love." We grew silent, my eyes tired once again. Turning to face Chibs, I rested my face into his chest and I felt his arms tighten around me. "Does this mean I get ta tell the guys I slept with ya?" I chuckled, feeling his laugh vibrate in his chest.

"I guess."

"They'll all be jealous, ya the prettiest lass in the whole town."

"I don't think so."

"None of that, Rosie."

"Why are you so perfect?" I mumbled, annoyed that he always knew what to say and when to say it. I had just met this man a few weeks ago and now I am falling for him, I never thought this would happen. I remember when Tara told me about Jax and his little 'biker gang'. I had thought the Sons were terrifying and could easily hurt me like my father but they weren't that scary. I still had yet to meet the other members, only because I saw more men wearing similar cuts.

"I'm not tha' perfect, love."

"Yeah, you kinda are."

"Sh, go ta sleep. Tomorrow I'll take ya ta see Donna, she'll like seein' ya."

"Thanks, Chibs, for everything." He didn't say anything but his lips kissed my hairline, making me smile into his chest. Soon I was falling back asleep, safe and happy in Chibs's arms.

Chibs woke me up trying to get out of the bed quietly, his hair laying in a shaggy mess in his face. I admired his body from the behind as he stood and smirked, he did look good in just boxers. Sighing, I sat up and wiped my eyes, making Chibs notice me.

"Did I was ya?"

"Yeah, it's fine." I shrugged and grabbed my phone, seeing a bunch of missed calls from Tara. "I have to call Tara anyway." He nodded.

"I'll be in the shower if ya need me." Smiling at him, I watched him enter the bathroom before calling Tara on her cell. I knew she was sleeping but I needed to wake her.

"Hello?" She asked, her voice raspy from sleep.

"Are you fine? You called me four times." I told her.

"I am, I just wanted to know where you stayed last night. I was worried."

"I stayed with Chibs, he took me to the clubhouse."

"Jax came to the hospital and we talked... he thought I only moved back here for his protection."

"I'm not gonna lie, it kinda seems that way."

"Rose, you know I moved to get away, not for protection from him or any of the Sons."

"I know, but he has a right to think that way." I sighed and laid back on the bed. "Do you work again tonight?"

"Yeah, we'll talk tonight. I have to sleep." Tara told me and we both hung up, not wanting to have a long conversation on the phone. It was ten o'clock so I decided on getting dressed and ready for the day. Chibs said he was going to take me to Donna's today so he could do club business, he didn't want me to be all alone. Sliding off Chibs's shirt I had been wearing, I bent down to search through my bag when I heard someone cough.

"You keep bent over like that and we'll have a real problem." A voice I had never heard before stated and I gasped. Turning around I came face to face with the man who had the crazy hair and permanent scowl etched into his face. This time the scowl was a smirk and that made me uneasy.

"Uhm..." I managed to say, trying to cover myself from his roaming eyes. "My eyes are up here." I glared at the man before me.

"But I see two more I like a lot, and I mean a lot." The man chuckled and my eyes went wide, nervous.

"Chibs!" I called out, hearing the curtain of the shower being pulled back and a grunt.

"Ya, lassie, what ya need?" Chibs called back.

"Can you, uhm, come out here..."

"What's- Tig! What the fuck!? Get out!" Chibs shouted when he saw his friend eying my half naked body.

"But she's so nice looking!" The man, Tig, complained.

"Get the fuck out, man!" My Scotsman shoved Tig out of the room and slammed the door. "Damn bastard..." He muttered. "Sorry bout 'im, he's a perv."

"I can tell." I huffed and bent back down to grab something to wear, once again.

"What time do ya work?" He hadn't left the bedroom and was watching me change.

"Seven tonight until seven tomorrow morning." I groaned, I hated working the night shift. "Can you pick me up before and take me to my house? I need to get my car."

"Sure, ya can jus' call me." He nodded. "Donna already knows ya are comin' ova." I slid a gray tank top over my bra and then slipped on light washed skinny jeans. I turned around to see Chibs still in a towel and staring at me.

"What?" I smiled, blushing under his gaze.

"Nothing." He smiled back and then went to his dresser to find a shirt to wear. He found a regular, navy blue shirt and put it on and then grabbed some pants and clean boxers to wear. He went in the bathroom to change into that and brush out his gray hair. When he came out, he had put his cut on over the shirt and added his work boots. "Ready ta go?" I nodded and took his hand in mine, surprising him. He smiled down at me and I knew that this was a perfect moment.