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*Now Re-formatted*

Spoilers: Stargate the movie and any ep where Danny dies.


The slow steady footsteps of Jack O'Neill echoed around the quiet Gateroom. Sam Carter opened her mouth to say some thing, then seemed to think better of it. Teal'c simply stood there, an eyebrow raised as he watched.

The Gateroom door opened and Dr. Daniel Jackson (or dead-again-Danny as some members of the SGU called him.) entered. Jack glared at Daniel.

"Is this your idea of two minutes Daniel?" he asked, his voice dangerously soft. Daniel looked up from his backpack, his wide blue eyes looking at Jack in confusion.

"What do you mean Jack? It only took me five min-" he began.

"Forget about it." Jack interrupted. "I don't want to hear about it. Now get your ass thorough that gate or don't come at all!" he snapped. Everyone but Daniel started at Jack in amazement.

True, the Colonel was well known for his short temper but they had never seen him lose it like that to Daniel of all people. Daniel on the other hand didn't seem at all phased. He simply nodded and walked up the ramp. Jack turned to Sam and Teal'c.

"Well? Why are you just standing there? Let's go!" With that he walked up the ramp and through the gate. Sam looked after him in surprise then she and Teal'c followed him through.


Jack sat on the metal seat, his head in his hands.

//God, Danny, why did you let me do it?\\

The Gateroom incident had happened five hours ago, but the guilt was still fresh in his mind. That hadn't been the only time this week Jack had bitten Daniel's head off when Daniel hadn't deserved it either.

Jack gave a small sigh and just sat there waiting. A minute later Sam came out of the infirmary and sat down next to him.

"How is he?" Jack asked quietly. Sam sighed.

"Same. Teal'c is still standing guard. He blames himself you know." Jack ran his hand through his gray hair.

"I know." Jack admitted.

"Why..." Sam began. She stopped, took a deep breath and carried on. "Why were you so short with him sir?" she asked.

"Because... because he knew what was going on, he knew what next week is..." Jack trailed off and fixed his gaze on the wall opposite him. Sam shook her head, she knew when Jack ended a conversation and right now he had.

"He'll be all right sir." Sam said.

"I hope so." Jack replied, the guilt written all to plainly over his features.

//This is all my fault. Dammit Daniel! Why do you always have to play the hero?\\

he thought. At that moment there was a quiet cry from the infirmary. Jack and Sam instantly jumped up and ran inside. Janet looked up from the bed she was bending over.

"He's waking up." she said, a faint smile on her face. Sam pushed herself forward to stand next to Teal'c. Jack paused, his eyes fixed on Daniel.

"Will he be all right?"

"Dr. Daniel should be fine. I can detect no sign of brain damage." Jack nodded and moved forward. Daniel's eyes fluttered, then slowly opened.

"Daniel." Sam said in relief. Daniel started blankly at her. His gaze traveled over Teal'c, then Janet. As he looked at Jack, there was a flicker of something in his eyes.

"Danny?" Jack gently said. At that simple word Daniel's eyes widened. He jumped off the bed, screaming as he did so, trying to put some space between him and Jack...


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