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~Event Horizon~


It was the waiting that got to Jack. That and the helplessness. Of knowing that Daniel was out there - somewhere, possibly needing his help and there was nothing Jack could do. Jack's mind felt stupid and stiff as his eyes traveled back and forth between the gate technician and the silent gate which has remained inactive since Daniel's dramatic departure, just over twenty minutes ago. Words had begun to form themselves in Jack's mind.


They said themselves over and over, coming out of the dark places of thought and swelling up into sound - louder - louder - louder.


He didn't know the words had forced themselves between his rigid lips and that they had reached the technician until he heard the splutter and saw the man's face change.

"I don't know sir.... After he dialed up to where he went, the computer deleted it and no one can remember it."

"Well find him, Jack." General Hammond said. Jack gave a short nod and stood up.

"I'm going to go and see how Janet and Nath are doing." he said and walked out of the room, feeling, rather than seeing the glances of pity that were directed on him. He simply carried on walking, glad to be doing something other than waiting.


"Can I talk to you?" Nath asked, suddenly appearing in front of Jack. He lowered his voice. "Alone." Jack sighed and walked into an empty room, Nath following, his tail swishing from side to side.

"What is it?" Jack snapped. Nath looked at him, his whiskers flickering all over his furry face.

"We managed to make enough of CD66 for both Asshlya and your friend. However..." he lowered his voice and looked around to make sure there was no one in ear shot before continuing. "There was a side effect."

"What!" Jack said harshly. Nath gestured wildly for him to keep his voice down. After yet another look around he leaned forward and whispered in Jack's ear.

"Asshlya regained her memory however she still had her powers. As far as I can tell the reason it that because it took so long to be treated the 'power' process became permanent."

"Meaning..." Jack began slowly. Nath cut him off.

"Meaning that if we don't find your friend and give him CD66 soon he could be stuck with his powers and from what your friends have told me of this world that would be... bad. You humans seem to fear what is different. Or new. I do not understand that." Nath finished. Jack nodded, his face perfectly calm. Inside though he was fighting the urge to be sick. Jack O'Neill knew only too well how much danger Daniel was now in. If the NID found out about his powers then they would try and take him like they tried to take Teal'c.

For the first time since Daniel had run though the gate, Jack was almost glad that he had done so.


It was about half an hour before Jack returned to the General's office to see if any progress was being made. It was then that his worse fears were justified. Standing by the General's desk was a colonel Jack had never seen before, dressed in full military clothes.

"Colonel Jack O'Neill." General Hammond began, clearly unhappy with the situation. "This is Colonel White, he has come to remove Dr. Jackson from Dr. Mackenzie's care and take him to a NID facility."

"Dr. Jackson became NID interest when he contracted this alien disease. We are confident a cure can be found." White stated smugly at Jack, convenient that he would get what he came for. Jack started at the fat face that was smiling at him and fought an urge to punch him. That would help nobody, no matter how... satisfying it would be. He forced himself to remain calm.

"I'm sorry to hear that Colonel. As you may or may not know Dr. Jackson escaped through the Stargate about an hour ago. We don't know where." Jack finished. The smug look on White's face didn't falter or change in any way.

"I'll take Dr. Jackson, now General Hammond. I have my orders." he said, clearly not believing Jack.

"I'm afraid what Colonel O'Neill says is true Colonel White." General Hammond smoothly answered. The smug expression faded to be replaced by barely controlled anger.

"Fine. When you find him, he will be coming with me." with that, Colonel White spun on his hell and stormed out. General Hammond rubbed his face with his hands.

"If, when Dr. Jackson is found he has already been given the antidote then there would be no need for him to be taken by the NID." General Hammond said, seemingly at the world at large. Jack heard and understood.

"Thank you Sir." he said, before slipping out of the room to find Major Carter.

It took him ten minutes to track her down, to Daniel's office. He pushed the door open slowly, expecting her to be gently fingering his items or just standing there, looking lost. Instead she was pulling out journals, reading the titles then putting them back.

"Carter? What are you doing?" Sam jumped as if she had been shot. She spun round, a journal held tightly in her hands.

"Oh, Sir, it's you." she said with clear relief. She gestured for him to shut the door, which he did.

"Carter?" he asked again. Sam looked at him, an excited gleam in her eyes. It was the same gleam she had when ever she worked out a partially difficult problem.

"Sir, I've been thinking." she said, barley able to control her excitement. She carried on, sounding slightly flushed in an effort to tell him as fast as she could.

"Daniel has no memory, so he wouldn't have opened the gate with any particular destination in mind. I mean we are assuming it was Daniel who opened the gate using, this 'power'."

"So?" Jack asked, not seeing where this was going. Sam flashed him an angry look because of his interruption. She took a deep breath.

"Daniel's memories are still there, buried right? Well, Daniel was running, trying to fins somewhere safe right?"

"Right..." Jack said slowly.

"The place Daniel feels the most safe is Abydos." Sam finished triumphantly. Jack started at her as his face broke out into a huge grin.

"Carter, you'll a genius!" he exclaimed. Sam tried to look modest.


After finding Teal'c, they headed off to the gate room. Standing outside the gate room door was Colonel Makepeace and SG-3.

"You don't think we'll let you go on your own do you?" Makepeace asked. Jack hesitated before leading them all into the gate room. He looked up to the control room. There stood Lou Ferretti, hands over the keyboard, ready to open the gate.

"Just tell me where he went." Ferretti said with a grin.

"How did you know?" Jack asked.

"Come on, Jack, we know all about White, so we knew that once the Major used her brains and worked out where he went, you would try and sneak through the gate after him. It was just a case of keeping an eye on you so that we knew when you were going." Ferretti said. Jack nodded.

"What about White?" Sam asked suddenly. All of SG-3 broke into identical evil grins.

"It's funny you should say that Major." Makepeace answered. "It's quite tragic really. There he was, sitting, drinking coffee when all of a sudden he became incredibly sleepy. He only just had time to get to a bed before falling asleep. They just don't make Colonels like they used to." Makepeace sighed dramatically. "Clearly the sight of the Stargate excited him too much, poor guy."

"And when he wakes up?" Sam asked, a smile on her face. The evil grins became, if possible, even wider. It was Ferretti was answered her this time.

"Apparently, there is a 24 hour flu going round the base." he said. "Dr. Rothman, Lt. Flow and Dr. Mackenzie are all suffering from it. To make matters even worse Lt. Flow was sitting next to Colonel White so who knows what will happen."

"Dr. Mackenzie's ill you say?" Jack asked. Makepeace nodded. "And two others?"

"That's right."

"He went to Abydos." Jack said, his face a perfect mirror image of the evil grins on the faces of SG-3. Ferretti typed in the address as fast as he could. Teal'c turned to Carter.

"MajorCarter. Am I to understand that someone put sleeping pills in ColonalWhite's coffee and that Dr.Rothman and Lt.Flow infected themselves with flu on purpose and then infected both, MajorWhite and Dr.MacKenzie?"

"Uh... yes, that's right Teal'c." Sam said. Teal'c thought about this for a few seconds.

"Good." The gate opened, casting a blue light on on all of there faces.

"You don't have to do this." Jack said, looking at each member of SG-3 in turn. The only female of the team stepped forward.

"With all due respect Sir, yes, we do have to do this. Dr. Jackson is a member of the SGC and we are leaving him behind. He wouldn't leave any of us behind." she said. Jack gave a small nod to show that he understood and the seven walked up the ramp and through the gate. Ferretti watched as the gate shut down. He wished he was going with them, but he had sprained his ankle on his last mission. There was no way he was fit enough to go.

"...oops. How do I delete the last gate address thing?" he asked himself, with worry in his voice. If, no when, Colonel White found SG-1 and SG-3 missing he would demand that the computer be checked and then he would send someone after them.

"What are you doing?" a voice asked behind him. Ferretti turned round. There stood the gate technician holding a steaming cup of coffee and yawning. Ferretti's mouth fell open as he tried to think of something. The technician moved over to the computer, where the gate address to Abydos was still flashing.

"We have to go after them!" Asshlya called, crashing into the gate room, Nath panting after her. "They took the wrong antidote!" Ferretti didn't hesitate and punched in the redial sequence. The gate came to life again as Asshlya and Nath ran though it. Though out all of this the technician had simply stood there. He moved forwards, putting his cup of coffee down and began to tap away at the keys. Ferretti watched, unsure of what he was doing. The technician sat back, leaning against the back of his chair and sighed. The screen in front of him went black, it flashed, then began to reboot. As Ferretti watched the technician began to examine his fingernail's trying to appear casual.

"Last gate activity, SG-1 returning at 22:32." he said in a bored tone of voice. Lou's face broke into a grin as he patted him on the shoulder.

"It is for Daniel you know." he turned and began to limp out of the room.

"I know."


~Daniel's PoV~


Somewhere in the desert...

I fall. I stand. I walk a few paces. I fall. I stand. I walk a few more paces. I fall.

I've been doing this ever since I found myself on this world. It was all so strange. In that room was a giant stone ring, standing upright. There had been a great puddle of blue water in it. Yet when I thouched it, went though it, I didn't end up on the other side of the water. I ended up somewhere else.

I feel safe here.

If only I knew where 'here' was. I'm... I'm home? Yes, home does seem the right word. Could it be, that place, with it's empty temples and huge seas of sand really be my home?

After I came though the stone ring and found myself here I realized I was being drawn some where. It's as if I'm being pulled by an invisible rope and I'm powerless to fight it.

I took my shoes off a while ago. I can fell the sand under my feet, between my toes, it's a strangely familiar feeling. I mange to half walk, half crawl over a large sand dune and - there, resting on the sand... it's... it looks like...

It's a grave. But whose?

//Dan-yel, I love you.\\

"I love you too." I say, reaching the simple grave. My memories are just there, just out of reach of my stretching fingertips. As I sit here, the sand begins to blow, gently at first but then faster, harder, hitting me in the face. I glance up, my vision blurry - having lost my glasses long ago in the sand. Something is moving a little way away, just over the next sand dune. I crawl up.


It's like... a flying pyramid!


I wonder how I can get closer?


Coming soon (I hope). Part 5. Abydos.

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