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Marys POV

"Mary!" Bash gasped as I tumbled into his room. "How did you get here?" He asked stepping closer to me.

"Well there was this sort of passage leading out of my quarters and, I had just fought with Lola and so I went exploring it, to you know gather my thoughts , and it lead here," I rushed looking around his quarters.

"What were you fighting about?" Bash asked steppin even closer to me.

"Colin," I whispered, just the thought of it all sent a chill up my spine.

"I'm sorry, would you like to sit down?" Bash gestured to sofa in front of the wall which I fell through.

"Yes, that would be nice," I said, sitting down and wiping a tear from my face.

"Don't cry, Mary" Bash said sitting down next to me, so close that our knees touched and it sent wave of warmth throughout my body, and a small part of my mind whispered that I was engaged to Francis but I didn't move. "Tell me whats wrong."

"Colin," I sigh, "If Lola says he was forced I believe here, but even if he was, I cannot do anything about it because he is already dead!"

"That is not all thats troubling you my lady." Bash whispered sliding dangerously close to me, and for a moment all I can think of is how close his body is to mine.

"Lola, she said, anyone whos close to me lives in constant fear and i have been giving it a lot of though and she's absolutely right, every one around me is in danger, people around me keep dying and I cannot stop it! And the worst part is I know it could happen again and I keep asking myself, who's next, Kenna or Aylee or Francis, or you" I finish just above a whisper and turn to him, our gazes lock and tHe world narrows down to his eyes, and he places a gentle hand one my face, and I feel my skin burn under his touch.

"You are worth the risk," He whispers pressing his lips to mine.

I'm still in shock for a moment but when I feel him about to draw away I place my hand on his face and return his kiss, deepening it. Passion need and joy all swirl in my stomach and our bodies press close together and I revile in warmth of his touch. Until my brain begins to process what's happening and I pull away.

"I'm engaged to Francis," I say more to myself than him, " This shouldn't have happened." I turn away from him heading towards the passage back to my sleeping quarters away from Bash.

"Wait," he pleas grapping my wrist turning me to face him, "You do not have to leave," he whispers in my ear rubbing my arm, and i feel my skin crakle like a burning hearth where his fingers caress my skin.

"But I do! Do you know what would happen to me if anyone were to know of this?" I ask.

"But no one will find out!" Bash soothes. "We will be careful, never go out in the open," His eyes flash to the passageway secretly connecting our quarters.

"But is that what you want, Sebastian a love you have to hide away? A love kept in the shadows?" I ask "You deserve better!"

"I deserve to be happy, and nothing would bring me more joy than you, and I take a love hidden in shadows than no love at all beacuse, Mary I truly want to be with you, more than i have wanted to be with anyone my enitre life!"

"And i want to be with you." I breathe pulling his face towards mine. The kiss is like nothing I have ever felt befoee i felt like all my life i was searching for something and no I had found it and for the first time since I have arrived at court I felt at home.