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He looked down at the ticket he was holding, that said Platform 9 ¾. All of a sudden, it hit Harry.

He was eleven again!


Chapter 1: Kerwyn Anpu and Mnemosyne


Harry went to the same compartment he was in the last time he did this.

'I can't believe I'm eleven again,' Harry thought.

"Well you are kid," said another eleven year old from the doorway. He looked familiar to Harry. The boys black hair was tied back in a pony tail and he had dark violet almost black eyes. Harry quickly realized why the boy was so familiar.

"Anubis! What the hell are you doing here?" he exclaimed, "Don't you have to guard the gates of the underworld or something like that?"

"Easy kid," Anubis said, "I'm just here to make sure things go smoothly. I had Thanatos replace me for a while. It's about time he got off his lazy ass anyway. And by the way, the name for now is Kerwyn. Kerwyn Anpu."

"Kerwyn?" Harry asked.

"It's Irish for 'little dark one'," Kerwyn said, "Blame Ishtar. It was her idea.

"I think it's cute," Harry teased.

"So did Ishtar." The compartment door opened again, as Ron walked in.

"Can I sit here," he asked, "Everywhere else is full."

"Sure," Harry said.

"Go ahead," Kerwyn replied. Ron nodded his thanks and sat down across from the other two boys.

"I'm Ron Weasley."

"Kerwyn Anpu."

"Harry Potter. Nice to meet you."
"You're Harry Potter," Ron said with a look of awe. Kerwyn took a good look at Ron's face.

"I'm not dealing with that look for seven years, and neither are you, Harry," he said, "Mnemosyne! Get you're memory giving behind down here!" A light shone in the compartment on the seat next to Ron and a woman appeared.

"What do you want Anubis," Mnemosyne whined, "I was torturing your replacement. Apparently Thanatos is afraid of dogs…more specifically Cerberus." Ron and Harry looked at Mnemosyne like she was crazy.

"I need you to…wait, what? Thanatos is afraid of Cerberus. Oh, that's too good. I'm never gonna let him live that one down," Kerwyn laughed.

"Yeah, yeah," Mnemosyne said, "Now what do you want?"

"This ones memories to be returned," Kerwyn said, pointing at Ron. Mnemosyne scowled.

"You interrupted my torturing of Thanatos for that? Ah well. I, Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory, bestow upon one Ronald Bilius Weasley his memories. There can I go now." Mnemosyne didn't even wait for a reply and left the same way she came, as Ron went through his memories. Some stood out more than others.MEMORY START

(Fifth Year Two Days After Sirius Fell Through Veil)

"Harry must go back to the Dursleys," Dumbledore yelled at Ron, "It is the only place that will protect him. There are blood wards."

"I did my research on those blood wards," Ron yelled back, "They're useless now that Voldemort was resurrected with Harry's blood. You're keeping him there so he'll become you're little pawn. I see your game Dumbledore, and I won't allow Harry to be apart of it anymore." Dumbledore's eyes narrowed and he raised his wand.



(Two Weeks Later)

Ron watched from under the cloak as Hermione left Dumbledore's office. He took the cloak off and confronted her.

"Telling all of Harry's secrets to Dumbledore now, Hermione," he accused. Hermione whipped around.

"It's for his own good, Ron," Hermione argued, "I'm helping to keep him safe."

"Safe! You're telling Dumbledore things Harry told you in confidence!" Ron yelled, "How does that keep him safe? It only keeps him from trusting people. I can't believe that you'd betray him like that!"

"I'm not betraying him," Hermione said, "I'm keeping him safe."

"That's not the way I see it, Hermione," Harry said, coming out of the shadows. Hermione gasped, and Harry glared at her. His glare softened and he shook his head.

"I don't believe you Hermione," he said, before grabbing Ron's arm and leading him down the corridor.

"Thank you for sticking up for me," Harry said softly.

"No problem, brother," Ron replied.


(Three Weeks into Summer Between Fifth and Sixth Year)

"But we have to go get Harry!" Ron exclaimed, "He's hurt!"

"Ron, Dumbledore said we can get Harry after his birthda-" Molly started.

"But we have to go get Harry, now," Ron interrupted, "The Dursley's are abusing him."

"Ron, don't interrupt your mother like that," Arthur scolded.

"I'm sure Harry is fine," Ginny said.

"The Dursley's wouldn't hurt Harry," Molly said, "Dumbledore never would of placed him there if they would."

"But that's exactly why he put Harry there," Ron argued, "He's manipulating Harry, can't you see that?"

"Ron," Molly scolded, "You shouldn't talk of the Headmaster that way. He's only doing what he believes is best."

"Your sister and mother are right, Ron," Arthur agreed, "Harry's just fine." Ron shook his head and stormed out of the room. He met his other five brothers on the stairs.

"We want to help Harry," Fred said.

"I can alert the ministry to the abuse," Percy said, "the Minister is ready to do pretty much anything to save his career."

"Let's go get him," Bill said.

"I'll go make a portkey," Charlie said, going back up to his room to get his wand.

"And I'll stay here to distract Mum, Dad, and Ginny," George said.

"I'll stay too," Fred said, "Be careful, you four." The four boys nodded as Charlie came back down and they portkeyed away.


(Next Day)

"Ronald Weasley!" Molly yelled, "I cannot believe you went against Dumbledore's orders and got Harry! And you dragged your brother's into it as well!" Ron, Charlie, Bill, and Percy had gone to Privet Drive to find Vernon nearly about to kill Harry. They had portkeyed him back to the Burrow. Molly had worried about Harry and healed his wounds the best she could. Now she was yelling at Ron for saving his life.

"All summer, you've been trying to go against Dumbledore's orders, and this is the last straw," Molly yelled, "Get you're things and get out! You are no longer part of this family!"

"Then neither am I," Harry said, limping into the room, "C'mon Ron." Harry limped over to the Fireplace and Ron followed. They threw floo power into the flames.



(one hour later)

"Are you sure you want to do this Harry?" Ron asked.

"You bet I do," Harry replied, signing a few more papers, then giving them back to Griphook.

"Thank you Mr. Potter," Griphook said, taking the papers, "Mr. Weasley, if you're mother goes through with her threat to disown you, you will automatically become a Potter. We have also sent a house elf to gather both of your things. I believe his name was Dobby."

"Thank you, Griphook," Harry said, "C'mon Brother, lets go home." With that Harry activated the Portkey that took both him and Ron to Potter Manor.


(Four Months into Sixth Year)

Over the past two months Draco had become friends with Ron and Harry, but now Ron was confused. Draco never stuttered before.

"I-I was w-wondering if y-you would maybe l-like to-" Draco's stuttering got to bad for Ron to understand him.

"Just spit it out Draco," Ron said.

"Iwaswonderinifyou'dgowithmetoHogsmeadeonSaturday? " Draco said in a rush. It took Ron a few moments to work out what Draco had said.

"You're asking me out on a date?" Ron asked, and at Draco's nod, continued, "Of course, I'll go with you. I've had a crush on you for the past year anyway."


"Yep!" And with that Draco let out a 'whoop', jumped in the air, then grabbed Ron and kissed him.

It was the best kiss Ron Potter ever received.


(Two days before the end of Sixth Year)

Ron wondered if this was how Draco felt when he asked him out on their first date. They were at a fancy restaurant that Harry had paid for, and they had just finished dinner.

"We leaving yet?" Draco questioned.

"Not yet," Ron said, doing the one thing he knew Draco would never expect from him.

He got down on one knee and held up a ring.

"Draco Malfoy, will you do me the honor of being my husband?"


(One week before the beginning of Seventh Year)

Draco, Ron, and Harry were collecting the things they needed for their last year of Hogwarts, when Death Eaters attacked. They were split up within two minutes. Ron saw one of the Death Eaters firing the killing the curse at Harry and knew he'd never make it in time. Ron's world came crashing down when he saw Draco leap in front of the curse.

"Draco!" he cried, knowing that his fiancé was gone for good. Ron started firing off curses like mad and when he got to the Death Eater that had killed Draco he picked up a long piece of glass from one of the shop windows. Ron shoved it through the Death Eater's heart, then took the mask off to see the face of the one who had killed Draco.

Lucius Malfoy.


(Halloween of Seventh Year)

The Death Eaters had attacked during the Halloween feast. The only good thing that had happened so far in Ron's opinion was that Dumbledore had been killed. He saw Narcissa Malfoy, this years DADA teacher, cast the killing curse at Harry. What is it with Malfoys and trying to kill Harry!

'At least I'll see Draco again,' Ron thought as he stepped in the way of the curse. Harry never knew until the battle was over, that his brother was dead.


Ron gasped and sat up. Sometime during the memories Harry had laid him down on the compartment seat.

"What the hell?"

"Those were you're memories," Kerwyn stated, "They were unlocked so you could help Harry here."

"Are you really called Kerwyn Anpu?" Ron asked.

"For now," Kerwyn stated, "But I am Anubis, if that's what you mean."

"Anubis?" Ron asked, "As in God of Death Anubis? Gate Keeper of the Underworld Anubis? Guardian of the Veil Anubis? That Anubis?"




McGonagall went through the sorting, but Harry and Ron only paid attention to the important ones.

"Anpu, Kerwyn." "SLYTHERIN!"

"Granger, Hermione." "GRYFFINDOR!" Ron and Harry looked at each other and made a silent agreement to get in a different house.

"Malfoy, Draco." "SLYTHERIN!"

"Potter, Harry." Whispers started as soon as McGonagall said his name. He walked to the stool and put the hat on.

'Ah, back again, Mr. Potter. I see you no longer wish for Gryffindor.'

'No, I don't. Hermione is in Gryffindor.'

'You realize the headmaster wants me to put you there.'

'You realize that I don't give a rat's ass where the headmaster wants me?'

'I hope you have fun, Mr. Potter, in SLYTHERIN!'

Harry took off the hat and handed it to a shocked McGonagall. In fact the whole hall was shocked, except for Harry, Anubis, and Ron. Most students even had their mouths open.

"What are you lot staring at," Kerwyn said, as Harry sat next to him. At Kerwyn's statement, many students stopped starting at Harry, and at Kerwyn's glare, the rest looked away too.

"Weasley, Ronald." Ron put the hat on his head, hoping desperately to avoid Gryffindor because of Hermione's placement in it.

'So you've done this before too, eh?'

'Not quite. I just have the memories.'

'I see. And you don't want Gryffindor for the same reasons as Mr. Potter. You realize that your mother would more than likely disown you if I were to place you with him.'

'I stood by Harry last time, didn't I? I can face disownment again.'

'Very well, Mr. Weasley, then I shall place you in SLYTHERIN!'

Harry grinned as Ron stood and handed the hat to McGonagall, who was almost as shocked as she was when Harry made it into Slytherin. Harry took a glance at Dumbledore, and seeing the look in his eye, Harry knew Dumbledore was going to try something, soon. But how soon, was the question?


List of Gods and Goddesses in this (or mentioned in this) chapter:

Anubis - Egyptian God of the Dead (I'm going to switch back and forth between using the name Anubis and the name Kerwyn)

Ishtar - Assyrian Goddess of Love

Mnemosyne - Greek Goddess of Memory

Harry's Animagus Forms or Powers used in this (or mentioned in this) chapter: