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No Blondie Can Be That Bad.

"So I guess this is the end... I fought a war against dragons... I survived anything that was thrown at me – from dodging blazing fire balls, to falls from cliffs – to getting SWALLOWED by a dragon, and here I am... dying of starvation next to the grave of some dead person – HOW CAN I DIE LIKE THIS? – IF I DIE LIKE THIS – ILL KILL MYSELF!"

Thought a blonde haired boy around the age of fourteen. You see the blonde had been sealed inside some tree for nearly four hundred years, until at last the seal on the tree broke. The blonde had explored the world – he was in the future, it had changed – there no longer was dragons roaming freely. Wondering around aimlessly for days: he got tired, and hungry – and at last he collapse by a grave in the graveyard.

The blonde was starting to see darkness, he closed his blue eyes for a second, before hearing a noise, he quickly opened them to see a pink haired woman placing food in front of a grave.

"O-Old hag... will you gimme some food?" Naruto asked her, as he stared at the food.

"Hmm, you'll have to ask my friend.." The woman replied, as she curiously stared at the blonde.

So that persons grave was her dead friend's grave? The blonde slowly but surely got up.. he walked over to her friend's grave, and begin eating the food, the pink haired woman just stared at the blond, he had a clam aura surrounding him, his blue eyes showed that he had been through so much, and he looked to be around fourteen years old.

At last Naruto was done, and the woman named Porlyusica asked, "So... what did my friend say to you?"

The blonde turned around and with a smile said, "Nothing, I didn't ask your friend... how could I bother a dead person? How could I ask them for food? But instead.. I'll protect you – and I'll protect everybody precious to you until I die – even after I die I'll still protect them – I don't ever break a promise!"

The pink haired woman couldn't help but smile, she didn't like human's but she somehow already took a liking to the blonde.

"Come with me, kid," She then said as she began walking away, the blonde stared at her, and followed her...

XxX-Scene Change: Three Years Later-XxX

"I finally found that wretched cat!" Grinned a seventeen year old Naruto Uzumaki, "All I have to do is slowly walk behind it, and grab it, then its payday!"

The cat was in front of a building that said, "Fairy Tail" in the front. The cat was basically scratching the door as in trying to go inside the building. Naruto slowly walked towards the cat, not making any noise, when he got close to the cat, he dove towards the cat to try and catch it, the cat however was fast. The door to the building somehow opened up in the process, and the cat ran inside.

"Hell no! You aren't running away!" Naruto got up and ran inside, after the cat.

The blonde was dodging or breaking down anything in his path. The cat was really fast, the cat jumped up into the air, and landed on top of the head of a pink-haired boy. Naruto jumped and kicked the pink-haired boys face, causing him to go flying off towards a table, the cat however jumped off the dude, and ran towards a red-haired chick. Naruto chased after the cat. HE WOULD CATCH THAT CAT NO MATTER WHAT!

At last the blonde caught the cat, "Muahah, fur-ball, remember this as the day Naruto Uzumaki captured you!" Naruto laughed at the cat.

The blonde then looked around the building, "What the fuck happened here?" he asked.

"YOU HAPPENED, YOU BASTARD! WHY THE HELL DID YOU KICK ME?" The pink-haired boy from earlier yelled at Naruto.

"I was trying to kick the cat – your face got in the way," Naruto replied calmly, causing Natsu to growl.

"Uh – Mr. Cat-Man, what are you doing here? Why were you chasing the cat?" A beautiful blonde haired girl with huge breasts named Lucy asked the blonde.

Naruto looked at her boobs and with his free hand he grabbed one of Lucy's breast, "Whoa! They are big, they are as big as melons!"

"SEXUAL HARRASMENT!" Lucy yelled as she kicked the blonde's face, the blonde flew backwards and crashed into the floor.

"Geez, you didn't have to kick me... and to answer from earlier... I am Naruto Uzumaki, I do odd jobs that nobody really wants to do, this cat that I'm holding a woman payed me to find it, see here's the picture!"

Gray a shirtless boy looked at the picture than his left eye started to twitch, "UH – the cat in the picture is black... the cat you're holding is white.."

"Eh, a cat is a cat – I'm bringing the woman a cat, she should be happy!" Naruto shrugged his shoulder's as he got up.

"YOU DESTROYED THE ENTIRE GUILD TO CAPTURE A CAT YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO CATCH!" Natsu yelled at the blonde, "I'm going to kill you!"

"Flame-brain, we should make him fix the entire guild instead!" Gray told his pink-haired comrade.

"We should kick his ass instead, stripper!"

"Then who's going to repair the guild?"

Naruto took the chance to begin walking away, he didn't have time for this crap, the faster he returned this random cat, the faster he would go home, and sleep.

However, before he could leave the guild a red-haired woman appeared in front of him, "You caused all this damage, you're going to have to repair the guild!" she placed a blade to the blondes throat.

"Hey, ladies shouldn't be playing with dangerous toys like that, you might break a nail!" Naruto told her, causing her to growl, this kid knew how to piss people off.

"You shouldn't piss of a woman, it'll be the death of you!" Erza the red-haired girl told him.

Before anything else could be done or said, a little boy yelled, "THAT ISN'T THAT FAR AWAY! GO LOOK FOR HIM OLD MAN!"

"I told you, your father is a Mage, he will be okay, everyone in this guild knows how to hold their own!" Makarov, the guild master said, "Sit back, and watch the show, Erza is about to kick the blondie's ass!"

The little kid seemed to be crying, he clenched his fist, and he was about to punch Makarov when Naruto somehow appeared in front of the boy.

"Hey kid, here's my card!" Naruto handed the boy named Romeo a white card that said: Uzumaki's Odd Jobs!, "I'll do anything for a fee, you name it kid!"

"Uh.. you sound like some sort of prostitute.. do anything for money? Just how desperate are you?" Natsu laughed at his own remark.

"Are you hungry?" Naruto asked Natsu, "Because in a second I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich!"

"Come on then, I'll take you on any day!"

Before Naruto could say anything else, Romeo tapped him, the blonde turned around, Romeo handed him a toy,"This is my favorite toy... are you willing to bring back my dad for this toy?"

"Uh... FUCK NO! RISK MY LIFE FOR A CRAPPY TOY? DO I LOOK CRAZY? If I heard correctly your father is over at Mt. Hakobe, it's fucking cold over there! Not only that but its home to all sorts of strange animals! Your dad could die for all I care, call me when you have money!" Naruto began walking away.

"Y-You bastard..." Natsu growled, he really wanted to kill Naruto. How could he say that? He was about to run after the blonde when Makarov spoke, "Leave him!"


"Just leave him!" Makarov could sense something odd about Naruto, he wanted to see what Naruto would do.

As Naruto walked away from the guild he whispered, "Oh boy, Mt. Hakobe... here I come!"

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