"Argh yes Ms Campbell, thank you for joining me so promptly", said Mr Henrik Hanssen, Holby City's CEO and director of surgery in his usual clipped tone.

His female colleague silently closed the door eyeing him rather wearily, being summoned to the head master's office at such short notice was never a good sign.

"Please take a seat", ordered the seated Swede.

"So how can I help you", she offered looking him straight in the eye.

"I gather your daughter arrived on Keller ward last week and caused quite a disturbance. Whilst I appreciate the difficulties of you combining your work in this hospital with that of being a single parent, this is now the third time such an occurrence has happened and I simply cannot allow such instances to disturb patients in my hospital in future. Please consider this as an official warning Ms Campbell", Hanssen regarded her trying to judge her reaction.

"Was there anything else Mr Hanssen? Her words sticking in her throat as she felt her anger rising.

"Yes actually there is, Mr Hope has been bending my ear again about sending some additional medical equipment to Romania, you know how he is about his little pet projects. I was wondering if you'd join me in the basement to assess what we might let him have"

He glanced down at his watch.

"I have a few phone calls to make but I will be free in half an hour, if that's agreeable to you?

Serena regarded him, a moment ago he was giving her an official warning and now he was asking her for help, she simply could not work the man out but she had to get out of that office before she killed him.

"Yes, I'll see you down by the storerooms in half a hour then", she spat out.

"Until then Ms Campbell, thank you for your time", at this he began typing on his laptop, obviously a cue for his female colleague to leave.

"Oh my god the bloody man is so infuriating", Serena despaired as she closed the door behind her.

"He obviously understands nothing about family, relationships or children, the bloody automaton properly materialised one day as a fully suited and booted consultant in the middle of busy ward. She couldn't imagine Mr Henrik bloody Hanssen as a child or helpless baby but materialising was not commonplace, so he must have actually been born and grown up just like everyone else, so what on earth had happen to the man?

Half a hour later

Hanssen heard voices as he rounded a corner, he entered one of the basement storerooms and found a rather scruffy looking young man riffling through a set of metal shelves.

"And may I ask just what you think you're doing young man", asked the director of surgery in his usual authoritative tone.

The youth turned to face the tall Swede, "What the hell is it to you? , he spat aggressively.

"As this hospital's chief executive officer, I think you'll find your actions are of great interest to me young man and will be of great interest to the hospitals security staff".

Hanssen reached inside his dark suit jacket and took out his phone.

"No wait!", shouted the boy.

"A little late for regrets now young man", snapped Hanssen.

Suddenly he caught sight of something out the corner of his eye but before he could react he felt his abdomen sear with pain, he staggered gritting his teeth as the agony ripped through his lower body and he sank to his knees.

As he tried desperately to collect himself but then his head exploded with pain, his vision swam and he felt something warm and sticky running down his face, he tried to hang on but could feel consciousness slipping away from him, his vision began to blur and he was enveloped by blackness as he slumped to the floor.

"Not so clever now are we Mr CEO you pompous bastard", laughed the older man.


"Mr Hanssen?" Called a well spoken female voice.
"Where the hell has he got to", she muttered to herself as she reached the doorway.

Suddenly Serena Campbell found herself being unceremoniously shoved into a store room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!", the feisty woman demanded banging on the heavy door, she tried the handle but found it wouldn't open. She reached for her phone and cursed as she remembered it was still on charge in her office, she'd kill Eleanor when she got home for borrowing it.

"Oh that's just great!", she muttered to herself. "The staff would find it highly amusing when they found out about this, the great Serena Campbell stuck in a cupboard, they'd have a field day with this one, especially Hanssen where was the smug git anyway?"

"Right no use feeling sorry for yourself", she mused surveying the room, she suddenly caught sight of a figure slumped in the corner.