The Invisibility of Edward Elric II: Return of Sezzen

(A/N: Ok so I know that I'm working on a lot but my friend really wants me to make a sequel of Invisibility. I wanted to go ahead and post the chapter for them. Just a heads up, I won't officially start posting this until Broken Brothers and Personality are done because I'm working on too much! XD I'll also start posting this if I get a certain amount of favs. follows, and reviews. A won't tell you how many I want so this should make things more interesting. A lot of sequels don't seem to be good so I just want to see how many people are actually going to read this. So enjoy this teaser and see you guys when I start uploading.)

Chapter One – Scars of the Past

Edward and Alphonse quickly dashed through the wet streets of Central. Military soldiers were also trying to keep up with them as they hunted the deadly Alchemist Killer known as Scar. It had been 2 months since Meyu had left and Sezzen had fallen to his death in a raging river off a high cliff, but to Edward that was all in the past. Meyu and her Brother had felt like one big dream. And believing that magic really existed was locked tightly in the back of his mind.

"Alphonse! Have you seen him?" Edward called back to him.

"No! He could be anywhere! This is a heavy rain! And on top of that there are just too many alleyways to keep up with him!"

Ed cursed under his breath and then stopped the military. "Why don't you guys split up into pairs and search for him. If anything happens try to find me or Mustang!"

The men saluted and quickly rushed off leaving the Elric Brothers to search alone. This all happened about a few hours ago, when Scar had grown the guts to attack Central Headquarters head on. It wasn't the smartest thing he had done either. Now not only were a large amount of Alchemists after him but packs of soldiers were too.

"Such a coward! He can't hide forever!" Ed slammed his metal fist on a wall and growled, the rain drenching his body and pasting his golden hair to his head.

This was just perfect!

He had expected his day to be relaxing; after all it was his day off. But sadly this happened and even though the Colonel had forced him to join on the hunt he wasn't going to refuse anyway. Scar had put him through a lot. He almost gotten him killed.

But then that all tied back to Sezzen. Mysteriously, they couldn't find a body but Ed had still heard the thud when he hit the water. Sharp rocks were under them too. That had to have killed him. Right?

"Brother! LOOK!" a nearby roof suddenly exploded hurling chucks of debris at Ed. Al quickly rushed in and shielded him. But by the time they had turned around they saw Scar charging at them with his hand open reedy to completely destroy them.

Edward flipped over while Alphonse jumped into the air, then they clapped their hands and sent frozen ice sharps at Scar. Scar jumped into the air and blocked the attacks by destroying a brick wall. This was also an advantage to him because it created a light mixture of rain and smoke in the air that acted as a blanket.

But Edward had seen this trick before! He clapped his hands again and pressed down onto the road. Huge chunks brick charged into the mist. A snap was heard.

"Got you!" Edward jumped and with his sharpened Auto-mail blade cut through the mist. A yellow piece of fabric flew into his face. He had managed to rip his jacket and leave a tiny scrape...

He growled because when the mist cleared Scar was gone yet again.

"He got away again. I can't believe this!" he screamed as he kicked the ground "I'm in pain from the rain with my Auto-mail and I'm soaked and he gets away!"

"Brother, its ok. We'll defiantly get him next time." Al was trying cheer him up but it really wasn't working.

"Your right, we can't give up. Maybe I'm being too rash about this. Let's just go and try to find Mustang." Alphonse already knew that Ed was being sarcastic because he still looked angry.

Edward stomped out of the alleyway, his younger Brother noticing that he was still aggravated. When leaving the Alleyway they didn't notice that Scar was still there, escaping into a nearby manhole and getting away for good.

~ Central HQ ~

"I knew that bastard would get away! He always does! Why start a fight he can't finish!" Edward was going on and on as he sat in front of Colonel Mustang's office.

"They're searching high and low for him Fullmetal. There isn't really much we can do right now."

"Who are they?" Ed griped "The soldiers? They sure as hell aren't doing anything!"

The Colonel tried to ignore Edward's comment but with the annoying vibe he was giving off it was hard for Mustang not to say anything to the boy, "Listen, they don't have Alchemy like us so just try to calm down Fullmetal and let them do their job." There was a pause in the room before the aggravated Colonel continued "Look, why don't you just take the rest of the day off?"

Edward glared at him, "Like I would let that bastard get away! Have you completely lost your mind Mustang?"

"Ok fine, then this is an order! Go back to your dorm and clean up your attitude!"

Edward growled in anger, quickly rushing out of the room. An apologetic Alphonse bowed to Mustang and chased after his brother.

When Mustang was sure that the brothers were gone he sighed and slumped in his chair, closing his eyes. But it wasn't before long that Riza came into the room and caught him off guard.

"Hawkeye! Y-you startled me!"

"Why? Because you're supposed to be doing paper work?" that was when she placed a pile of papers on his desk, "Get to work sir. Fuhrer's orders." And then she left the room leaving an even more ticked flame headed Colonel to deal with his paper work.

~ ? ~

"I want you to hunt Scar down. He's the traitor that did this to me. And traitors don't live while I'm still alive."

"Yes my lord! B-but what about Edward and Alphonse Elric?!"

"Hehe! Those two idiots? Don't worry I have a plan for the oldest one. If you use this against them it will surely slow them down and distract them while I'm working on finding her…"

"But my lord, she could be anywhere! After all she is a Foreteller like yourself."

"Haven't I already told you that I have far more capabilities than her. She is the youngest and the oldest is always the wisest!"

"Yes, you are the wisest my lord. Whatever you ask of me it will be set in stone for all to see and carried out immediately!"

"Good, take what I have given you and head to Central. Once your sure that no one is around or looking slip this into his food and or drink. Then we'll let it do its magic and my plot of revenge…will begin!"

To Be Continued… (Maybe)