The Invisibility of Edward Elric II: Return of Sezzen

Chapter Five – Too Much to Drink

Edward and Alphonse stepped in front of the small restaurant door. Both honestly didn't feel like dressing up for the occasion. So they dressed in their usual attire. It didn't look like a fancy restaurant, but it wasn't too shabby either. There was a small red carpet in front of the tented glass door with the windows the same way. There were small tables for couples and families to eat outside.

"Well, this…" Edward sighed

Alphonse remained quiet, wondering if people were staring at him. He knew they were. Why would someone wear a suit of armor to dinner?!

It was out of nowhere that the Colonel came strolling casually towards them. It made the Elric Brothers look like fools, especially since they both seemed nervous and out of place.

"Well, are you ready to go in?" he asked.

The Colonel wasn't dressed in his usual attire. He wore dark blue jeans with a medium blue shirt. His hair was unusually shiny along with his attitude. He was completely out of character. And Edward was utterly shocked; he did keep his thoughts to himself. Expect for the attitude part.

"Why are you being so nice?!" Edward yelled, his face was extremely red and the Colonel couldn't tell if he was blushing from embarrassment or if he was angry.

"Fullmetal, I know that you've been very stressed lately and all you've been thinking about is Scar and now if Sezzen is going to come back. So, why not treat you to dinner?"

Edward turned his head, "Sure, let's go in already. And don't start acting like your my father!"

Alphonse sighed, "Brother, you could at least say thank you…"

Edward didn't respond. Instead he pranced into the restaurant, his brother and the Colonel slowly followed behind him.

But in the distance, there was a small shadowy figure watching them. He was about to make his move. Not only that, there was a tall man behind the corner looking down on him, giving him orders.

"Why must you insist on being stubborn? I told you to slip him the powder. You're lucky that I am able to be with you. If the military saw my real face my entire plan would be ruined!"

"S-sorry master! I'm heading in right now. I'll handle everything from here!"

The figure stepped out of the shadows. He had dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes. His blue and long sleeve collar shirt flapped in the night wind and his devilish smirk terrified the poor servant. He was what the ladies would call the perfect male teenager.

"And let this youth disappear? I think not, Kallem. This is why I'm watching you from inside this body."

Kallem was a short man; he had very short hair and was currently wearing black so that he could fit in with the staff at the restaurant.

"So, Master. What you want me to do again."

The boy smacked his head out of frustration and glared down at the shaking man, "You moron! Slip that damn powder into Elric's drink!" he yelled.

"R-right away!" Kallem scurried out of the alleyway and into the restaurant where he saw Roy, Edward, and Alphonse sitting at a table. He straightened up; once he made sure that no one was looking he made his way to the table.

"Hello!" he greeted "Can I get any of you something to drink?"

Roy glanced down at the menu, "I'll take a glass of water."

Alphonse shook his head, "I'm ok. Thank you."

When it was Edward's turn he rubbed his chin and thought for a moment, making Kallem nervous. The longer the wait, the more danger he was in. He simply just could not be caught. It would make his master angry...and when he got angry...death usually followed behind him.

"Actually I don't want anything..."

Kallem froze, "But s-sir! You seemed very parched nonetheless! S-shouldn't you have some water or..."

"Parched? I guess you right. Fine! I'll have water too."

Kallem nodded quickly, "Alright then! I'll be right back with your drinks! Hehe!" Kallem laughed. Quickly, he rushed into the back grabbing two glasses of water. With it being so chaotic in the back no one even realized that he was even there. Once he took the small bag full of powder and dumped it into a glass. After that he said a few words under his breath: "Oh magic of the Earth heed my call. Make this teenager boy's life fall. With his blonde hair, golden eyes, and skin so pale, turn it red as blood, white like the moon, and his skin golden brown as it says in the book of Ishbalan Tales."

A small puff of smoke erupted from the glass, and within seconds it disappeared. Kallem quickly grabbed the glass and rushed back outside.

"Here are these drinks you ordered! A water for the father and a water for..."

"Father?" Edward hissed "This guy isn't my father!" he took the glass of water and sat it in front of him. "Now, about my food-!"

"Sorry gentlemen! I'll be right back with...uh brand new menus!" Kallem bowed and once again he was off. But not to the back of the restaurant. He was down the street before Edward could even take a sip of his sketchy water.

"What is taking them so long to come back? Something about brand new menus! Are you serious? We have the same menus as everyone else!" Edward pouted. That was when he picked up his glass...and took a sip of his nice cold water.

Instantly, his head busted and began to pound. He almost dropped the glass as he placed his hands on his head. Mustang didn't realize anything was wrong until he heard Ed go quiet for a while and he saw him covering his face.

"Fullmetal? Are you alright." He asked.

Edward uncovered his face quickly, "I'm fine. Just a small headache. Maybe it's because I'm hungry." He lied. He was hiding major pain. His skin was burning, and his eyes were incredible itchy.

"Y-you know. Our food hasn't come yet and doesn't look like it'll be coming for a while. Maybe we can just do this some other time."

"Fullmetal? It's not like you to turn down a good meal."

"Yeah, is something wrong brother?" Al asked.

Edward just stood, his feet feeling like jelly. "I'm fine. I...I'm..." that was when it all went downhill. He fell back into his seat. "I'm not feeling too well..."

~ Central: Elric's Dorm ~

Edward had gotten worse over the course of trying to get him back home. After he had fallen back into his seat, the headache had gotten to him so bad that he could hardly stand. Alphonse and the Colonel had managed to get him out of the restaurant without drawing any attention. Alphonse had put him to bed immediately after entering the dorm. Mustang had decided that it was best if he spent the night.

"It's probably from stress. He's been worried about Sezzen coming back and hurting us. Remember in the forest he kept spacing out and acting strange?" Roy asked.

"Hm...yeah I do. He seemed like he was fine right before going into to the restaurant. Well, either way. I know how much he hates doctors but we have to take him tomorrow if he isn't feeling better."

In the other room, Edward was shivering, running a high fever. And this voice. This familiar voice. It kept speaking to him in his mind.

"Oh magic of the Earth heed my call. Make this teenager boy's life fall. With his blonde hair, golden eyes, and skin so pale, turn it red as blood, white like the moon, and his skin golden brown as it says in the book of Ishbalan Tales."

And now the plot finally begins! What has made Edward sick? Will we ever know? And how will he feel the next day? And has Sezzen really returned from the grave! All these questions will soon be answered!

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To Be Continued...