The Beginning of the End – Book 1 - Metal

Chapter 1 – Peace and Quiet?

Author's Note – Hey guys! First things first, This is my first story, but please if I make any mistakes (grammatical and spelling, etc) or if you think I could improve, let me know via review or message me. I'm welcome to constructive criticism. However this is going to be one interesting series. Yes, series! This is going to be book one in this series, and there will be 7 books in this series. However, they will be in different sections of the fan-fiction world so click on my profile to see the where the other books are at. But enough of me, let's get on with the story. (This is more of an introduction chapter in case you are wondering.)

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Copyright of Song to CaptainSparklez – Fallen Kingdom


Time: ?


I gaze off into the boundless skyline.

"Funny." I gasped for breath. "How that song..." I would have continued talking but it's hard to do so when you are blocking a demonic attack with my sword, which knocks my sword out of my hand.

"What's so funny? Hehehehe, maybe me decapitating your head, or maybe the fact your sword is gone now!"

Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine.

I glare at the demonic scoundrel who is busy taunting me like an idiot and look at the remains of both our armies. Ok, so maybe he has cause to taunt me, considering he has an army still...barely. My army is just the remains of Star Fox, Star Wolf and various corpses. And I mean remains. An arm there, a head, a burned wing over there, and it pains me.

I turn around and pick up my sword to wield, the blade that once forced evil monsters to yield.

What was I saying? Funny how that song popped into my mind, considering my rule over 30 billion or so people, animals, and angels, just fell apart. And all because I didn't fight as a team. I was so blinded in taking revenge for my family that without leadership, each and every system, planet, and living person, fell to this demonic scrounge. I summon my sword and turn around and decapitate a demon right behind me. There one more down, just 1,500 more to go...and this leader that is still looking like I barely did anything. Maybe...maybe I should give up, hopefully save a couple of people...

"What are you waiting for? Give up already."

Maybe I should...just maybe

And if this battle should leave me slain, I know the enemy calls my name. Better to take a stand, but that was when I ruled the world.

No, there is one resort, one resort that will give me, all of us a second chance. A second chance to


Oh great...more darkness.

"That's enough you demonic beast!" I blast light all around me and knock him 1000 yards, give or take a 100 yards. Hopefully, that's enough time to do what I have to do.

"Προειδοποίηση Ώρα" *

Yeesh, I hope I said that correctly. I sense the charging bull, and I look up and he is moving so slowly but he is only 100 yards away. Hopefully...just maybe this might work.

"אלוהים, תן להם לדעת שהדרך!" *

Time unfreezes, and the bull now has a hand around me.

(A/N: One of my readers had a question as to why the narrator here let time unfreeze. Well, here is the explanation. The narrator was already exhausted. The sword was knocked out of his hand not because of brute strength but because he was tired. When you consider defeat, it is because you think that you cannot possibly win. So, after commanding time to freeze, the demon sensed the time had frozen and starting counteracting it. For the fighter, the effort was more than he could take and he lost his energy completely.)

"I felt what you did, now tell me what did you do?!"

I can't talk, but he knows I can communicate still...mainly because I am a telepath...

"Well, simple, I used simple Greek and Hebrew sentences to command time to freeze and to send prophesies back into the past."

His grip tightens on my throat and his sword plunges into my stomach. He yells, furious, but I can't hear him because of the pain. Despite the pain, the song intrudes back into my mind.

It was the zombies and skeletons that broke down the walls and boxed us in.

Oh, how I detested that ability of the demons, to resurrect the dead. Even then we may had won, if it weren't for my rage.

Arrows whizzing by like streaks of light

I tried all that I could to stay and fight,

I was so consumed in my rage that in trying to take revenge I had allowed them, the enemy, to build up to the point that they attacked and devastated us. Horribly devastated us.

As the undead roamed the streets

Families broken at my feet.

Life itself suspended by a thread

Oh why is it that I wasn't dead.

They attacked. They attacked my home, my home planet, killing everyone on the planet...including the love of my life. I was on the planet at the time, and despite the ferocity of the attack, I wasn't dead.

One minute we had it all

Next our world began to fall

Away from all that it had become

They all cried for my help, but I stood there numb.

That's IT! ENOUGH OF THIS RAGE! Time to fix all that I had done wrong. And hopefully another chance for me...for her...

The demon blurted out some more words. I focus my mind to understanding the words despite the pain. "Well, the good news is that I can kill you and then erase your writings and be victorio."

I interrupted him. Rudely. "I may not know the true name of the God of this universe, but...", I gasped for breath, "I know a name by which He responds. JEHOVAH, RIP OUT THESE PAGES OF HISTORY AND GIVE THIS FALLEN WORLD ANOTHER CHANCE!"

He sneers at me. "Hehehehe, you really think he will respond to that, the poor snively weakly 'god' this CANNOT BE HAPPENING."

I force open my eyes that I had closed because of the pain and I see everything starting to disappear in swirls of light.

"Well, at least I know how to kill each and every one of you again!"

I shook my head, "No, you won't. If He is ripping out these pages, what makes you think He is gonna let you keep your memory?" with a smile on my face, a genuine smile. That felt so good, it felt good to smile again after so long.

The demon yells so loudly I go deaf, but I can tell that he is yelling...*gasps for breath* "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

(A/N: * Time Warning (or freeze)

* God, let them know the way!)

Relative Time: A year after the Aparoids

Place: Aboard the Great Fox

November 2, 2013 - Everything is going great. The ship has been upgraded and now has better defenses should the Aparoids appear again. Pepper and Peppy are fine and fully recovered...along with Star Wolf...Wolf has been confirmed. Panther...well...not so much. Krystal saw him today...


"Hahahaha, Foxy, you really need to speed up."

I shake my head. "Krystal, it's been one year and you can't handle not going faster than 2 miles per hour. Relax, calm down, and enjoy the new and repaired scenery of Sauria. And yes, Tricky is still going to be there in an hour. It's not like another war is going to start in one hour. And besides the Great Fox is above us, along with Falco and Slippy constantly being paranoid. Me? I wanna relax."

"Foxy, I am gonna call down a landmaster and have you get in it so we can get there in a faster time than, *glances at watch* 3 hours and 52 minutes."

"Well, to be honest, I am not exactly too happy about his honeymoon statement last time we met. "

"Hahaha, that was priceless. Except for the Aparoids..."

"And Falco was useless. I had cleared out the skies, and he gets the only fighters in the skies. Figures that"

I hear a familiar voice. "Foxxxx!" Krystal is now giggling. "Krystal? Did you call Tricky and let him know where", I get squashed by Tricky. "Oomphhh!

"So great to see you again!"

"Ah...the lovely Krystal. Words do you no justice. Here's to us."

"Tricky" I manage to say, "If you see a flying red Arwing, let me know...or get off of me."

Tricky rolls off of me, and I see that Krystal is in a landmaster. "Umm, Krystal, where did we get that landmaster."

"That was what I was giggling about. Not Tricky. Now, Panther, please show yourself."

Panther responds with a comment that I don't hear because I am too busy trying not to throw up. Mostly because of Tricky's weight and Panther's idiotic charm. I see Krystal charging up a shot on the landmaster as Panther appears in his Arwing.

"Krystal it's me, you don't wanna shoot me down! You charging up for Leon not me!"

Krystal responds with the classic liner, "Ok, Got one!"

(End Flashback)

Continue Log: So, Panther is dead and I am considering asking her out before someone else starts flirting with her. So, you know what, I am going to do so now.

I sit back. "ROB end log."

"Ending log. Krystal is in her room in case you are wondering where she is at."

"Ok, thanks ROB."

I march over...ok, so marching is not the best idea to go somewhere, but it is a habit now. But anyway, I march on over to her room. "Krystal?" I knock on her door. "Krystal?" I hear her telling me to come in, so I come on in. She is sitting in her room meditating. She gets up, and asks me, "You wanted to see me?". I nod. I am so nervous right now so I am about to run out of her room...again.

Hey you! You ask her right now! Or ELSE!

You again! Why don't you just shut your trap, subconscious!

Well, how long has it been? A year since the war, another couple of years since you met and you still haven't asked her out on a date. Do it NOW before someone interrupts.

"Well, ummm, you see..."

Come ON! Hurry UP!


"Hey you guys! Fox you need to see this!"

Of course, Slippy interrupts, oh well, nothing I can do about that now I have to go and see what he wants.

AHEM! Ask her now, you probably won't get interrupted again.


"Yes Foxy?"

I blush so hard I am absolutely positive that she can see it. "KrystalIloveyouwillyougoonadatewitme?

Krystal looks confused at what I said to her. "What did you say?"

I try to calm my heart down and I repeat myself a little slower. "Krystal, Iloveyou, will you goona date withme?"

Krystal looks shocked, and I am scared that she is going to say no.


I smile.

"Let's go find out what Slippy wanted us to see before he gets too curious."