The Beginning of the End – Book 1 – Metal

Chapter 4 – The Vision

The Reason for Rage


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Time: December 18, 2013

Time: 6:15 PM

(Antonio's POV)

Staring. Staring. Staring. Yeesh. This bus is taking forever to get to the drop-off location. I lean back. I stare at my reflection in the window. I guess I should describe myself. Why? Because I am bored out of my mind. Going on the athletic bus at 5:00. The bus leaves the school at 5:30. I get at the drop-off location by 6:00. Takes me five minutes to get to the youth center. Need to be there by 6:30. No problem right? Oh, yea, service starts today at 6:30. And it is 6:15 now…actually 6:20. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!? Stupid construction… I look at my reflection. Tall, handsome, and I guess a little cute. Black hair that is parted in the middle and is straight. Kinda between short and long right now. Starting to get in my eyes though. Barely. I push the hair out of my forehead. I guess I am athletic because of my skill in sports. Mostly fast and agile. Back to my height. 5ft 4 inches I guess… I glance at my watch. 6:30 PM. I look at my outfit. Casual. Blue jeans with short sleeves and jacket if necessary. But luckily not today. I reach into my pocket. Yep. My iPod is still there. Got an appointment to make though at today's service. Going to sing. I smile. Just then the bus stops.

The bus driver speaks. "We're here!"

Finally! I grab my backpack and put it on my back. Then I sling my other bag over my shoulder. I look at my purity ring on my left hand. Funny. I am the only one in my family who is left-handed and the only one who doesn't take the purity ring off a lot. I take off in a sprint to the building. Ok here is my plan, go to the Pastor and let him know why I am late. Then go to the sound man and give him the iPod for my three songs. And finally check for Bethany. I smile. I stop on a grass turf about 100 yards from the building. As I walk the rest of the distance, I smile. She is perfect. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met both inside and outside. She was the first person to be my friend when I came back here. Long, black hair sometimes tied up, sometimes not. About half a foot shorter than me. She is in the band and personally I think she is great. Despite her playing an instrument that is her size. I laugh. I never was much for band, just choir, sports and chess. But anyways, Bethany has an inner beauty that outshines everyone I have met so far. Just two problems. One, I am shy around her. Two, I am only 14 years old and she is like two years younger than me. I'm in the 9th grade and she is in the 7th grade. For now, I just have to wait. Wait and be friends with her. Just continue building my relationship with her. I realize I arrived at the building. I walk inside. Weird. Why are all the lights off? I look around but can't see anything due to the lack of lights both inside and outside. Stupid sun setting at 6 PM not at 7…yeesh. I walk through the second set of doors due to having this building's layout memorized a long time ago. I flip on the light. These lights always did take a while to turn on. As I wait for the lights to turn on, I hear silence. Something not right here. I pull the iPod out from my pocket and check my notes for today. Yes, today is the correct day. Yes, I am here at the correct time. Yes, this is the correct building. The lights turn on. Finally. I look up. I turn around.

Since when did the church repaint this building red? I pretty sure I would've noticed that. And what is up with this pungent smell. You'd think that the church would've done something about that already. I move forward. Nah, the red paint doesn't go with the building color scheme. Looks interesting though. Very bad quality, considering I can still see the original wall. I step on something squishy. I look down.

When you awake and you can't believe your eyes,

Because all the truth that you knew has turned to lies.

This better be a joke. I better be having a nightmare. I mean, who in real life walks into a building and steps on a face with brain oozing out. Who? I chuckle weakly. It's ok. It is just a nightmare. I fell asleep on the bus and the driver is probably trying to wake me up. That would be awkward but anything has to be better than this. I pick up my foot. Ugh. I turn again. Facing the wall.


Why am I staring at a bloodied face? Why!? Please let this be a horrible nightmare. I am going to have crazy dreams from this nightmare for a while. I turn to run. And of course I trip over a body. I fall facedown into a person's intestine. Or what was left of it. I shake my head to clear some of the blood and other stuff off my face and run. I don't know where, just got to go somewhere other than here.


I trip over a chair. That hurt. I push myself up slowly. Ok, so this is not a nightmare. I move my hands to wipe them off on a chair. I touch a cloth and I wipe my hands off on it. Then I look. Figures.


Scratch cloth. Try hair. And a slit throat. I look away. I want to vomit so badly but I restrain myself. I have to remain strong. For who? For me and my family. And for those still alive. But who is still alive? I shake my head. Time to sort out the dead and the living and make an inventory check of my friends. Never mind… As I look around the room, I see people that I knew but weren't my friends. Let's see: Trinity, Brooklyn, David, Annalisa, Ashleigh. I'm going to stop there otherwise I'm going to cry. And I have to remain strong for my family and for my friends. I put forth all my efforts to keep back my tears. This was supposed to be a happy night. I was going to sing a couple of songs in order to lead the worship and instead where am I? A nightmare. A living nightmare.

When you're scared and you can't see past a …

I force the song from my head. That was the intro to my first song but now. Now it's just the reminder of this ache. I sigh. I really hope Bethany is not here. Nor my family. They both said they would be here and well, I am hoping they broke their promise…and at least arrived after this happened. After this carnage. I sigh. I pull out my phone and my Dad iPhone. Well, I have my Dad's phone so calling him won't let me know if he is here. I dial my Mom's number. Waiting.


I instantly hang up. The ringing stops. I feel my eye twitch while staring intently ahead of me looking for movement. I see the shadows slowly creeping over as I stealthily move. Please, let that be pure chance. I dial the number again.


I use my ears as a homing device and hone in on the location of the ring. I rush over nearly tripping over a squishy object but not looking down at it and see. My parents, my brothers and the phone with its call screen. The cracked phone is still ringing as I stare in shock over my family. Or what's left of them. I close my eyes in fear. Bethany. Is she still alive? Calling her number may be the worst thing to do but I can't stand this. My friends are dead. The only people I don't know about are three people. Bethany being the only one of those three who would be here. I call her number.


I look down at my display and see that someone has answered. My heart beats rapidly. Maybe yet she still lives. I pull the phone to my ear and inhale deeply.


I jump. That came from my phone but was certainly not Bethany's voice. I pull the phone back to my ear and listen intently.

"…don't know sir. It stopped ringing though and no one here answered so"


"Not me"

"nor me"


"So…that's everyone. At least in this van. Boyce! Trail! GET YOUR SORRY ASSES OFF THE SEATS AND HELP ME SEARCH THEM LADIES. FIND THAT PHONE! Before the boss finds out we have a rogue phone and decides to have a little fun with y'all"

"Yesssss Sssssirrr! Rightttt noooowwww siirrrr!"

I hear thumping sounds occurring each getting consecutively louder. Finally I hear someone groan.

"Where are we? What am I doing here?"

My heart skips a beat. That's a girl. Bethany?

"Oh, aren't you a pretty thing? What's your name dearie? And your friends here?"


"And do you want a little lecture on what we're going to do? Oh, you quiet thing. Well, here's the plan. SLEEP YOU LITTLE B…"

My hearing aids squeals at that yell. I hear a muffled scream follow and then something hit the floor. Dang hearing aids. I clamp my hand over my hearing aid trying to stop the noise. I have had these things since when I was two. I've gotten so used to them that sometimes I forget they are even there. Unfortunately they are still there.

"Ooohh. Hello there, sleeping beauty. And what's this? BOSS I've found the phone."

"Well end the call!"

A dial tone emits from my phone. I sigh. Well she is alive along with Brooklyn but why was she sleeping? And…wait a minute. Wasn't Brooklyn among those I counted dead? I look over to those I counted dead earlier. I walk over staring at the carnage. She's dead yet she is alive. How is that possible? I kneel down and check her pulse. Yep. Truly dead. I hate the idea of what I'm about to do but…I have to know, how is that possible? I glance over and notice another body underneath her. I shove Brooklyn's body as my curiosity carries over. I glance at the person's face. Bethany's face. How is that? Even remotely possible? Didn't I call her number and hear only silence earlier? What is going on here? I see a knife nearby. I grab it and started examining it. I hear a noise.

"Who's there?"

My voice shook with fear. I look around the room. I another noise and instantly look across the room to the source of the noise.

"Who's there?"

My voice slightly stronger now. I glance down at Bethany's face and feel a surge of despair. I shake it off, reminding myself she is not here, she's somewhere else. But in danger still. I look down. But why does she look so much like her? Is it maybe her? But how can I know for sure? I hear a noise directly across from me. I look up. Blood red eyes stare back at me.

"Who are you?"

It stares at me. Every second ticked by with as much speed as a year in prison with nothing to do.

"Is she real?"

My voice and my fears combat each other for victory. I see it produce a knife and stab it into the body between us. I see sparks fly up and I look down for as the cause of these sparks. I see a robot between us with a knife in the chest. What? How did he know? The robot starts to dissolve before my eyes. I leap up and back.

"Who are you?"

He gets up and summons a sword. His body is blood red with metallic armor covering the entire chest. Every step he takes leaves a smoldering foot print. What is this guy? A sorcerer? He swings his sword and I duck. It doesn't get close to me but from the tip springs lighting. It strikes every single body in the room but me. Some of the bodies get a smoldering hole in their chests while others reveal themselves as robots. Thankfully, they remain still. I look back at the apparition with fear striking my heart.

"Who are you?"


My vision grows hazy.


I open my eyes. What just happened? I look around. I see pictures on a white wall, a blood red floor and a black ceiling. I walk forward and look at the painting. I reach forward and touch it. Right before my finger reaches it, a dragon looking mouth extends it head out of the painting. I yelp, jump back and slash at it with a sword. The dragon whimpers and goes back into the painting. I look at my hand. Weird. I could've sworn it was empty before. I look at the painting. I see myself in my room, crying to sleep. I see a calendar marked August 13, 2013. I sigh. I remember that date all too well. It was when I was forced to quit the BSA due to their collapse in morals. I feel tears and doubt coming to my eyes but I force them back. Where am I, I wonder? Where in the world, am I?

"The Dream world. More Accurately your dream world."

I turn around towards the voice. I see the blood red creature from before. I hiss at it.

"Who are you?"

"Fear, Despair, Doubt, Tears, Hate, Rage. I am all these and more. Demon some call me, anger some call me, their dark side others call me. I am these and still more. I am Hitler. I am Stalin. I am what made these men great. I am the war loving 'terrorists'. I am you and you will be made great. I am the fears all men face. I am your worst nightmare. My name is Insanity. But you can call me, Baal Bile. Or like most people prefer when they meet me, WRATH. My human name, I have none. Only what people deem me. Ashura shall do."

"And let me guess, Ashura, you're here to make me a crazy dude. Insane? Ha ha ha." I state bluntly and in a mocking tone.

"No. I'm here to fan that little spark of hate till I laugh with glee with your murder of all you love. You're only able to see me right now because I have not been able to figure out how to enter someone without them entering this state. Well, just those that are strong willed. And you are pretty strong willed. *shrugs* I love a challenge though. Oh well, whether I'm known that I'm inside you or not, my goal is always fulfilled. And you shall be the first tool in my conquest. Before you ask of what, I shall tell you. Or not. Be gone you little pest."


I opened my eyes. I glance at the time. 7:00 PM. I sigh. I need to get home now. I look up and feel something inside me.


Oh great…you were actually real.

What you thought I was joking?

You suck. I was hoping this was just a nightmare. Then I would just wake up.

Yep. You're a brat. At least you will be perfect for my purposes once you're subdued.

You'll never rule me! At least you can't fly cause you could've scared me real badly with that.

How do you think I surprised you.

What? You mean…oh… I hate you…You really can fly.

Exactly. Wanna see them?

Is that a yes?

NO! I do not want demon wings sprouting on my back.

It's working. You're getting angrier by the minute.

You're a brat.

You are a brat.

You are a brat.

No, you are!


No. I'm not yelling so you shut up.


No. I like it here. This shall be home. And I shall annoy you to death.

Shut the hell up. Go to hell.

Been there done that.

You are an annoying sadistic brat. And I WANT…wait…you're doing this just to get me mad.

So…you're a smart one…I always love a challenge.

I'm ignoring you.

And I'll be here.

I groan. What did I do to deserve this?

I can still hear you.

I glance around at the robots and bodies. Maybe I can find out who made the robots and trace them back. I don't know what I'm going to do now but as long as I have hope that Bethany is alive, I'm going to fight for her. Whoever took her is going to die...badly.

She is dead.


Dead. She doesn't like you. She hates you and ran off.


I'm having fun with your memories. Especially when you had to leave the Boy Scouts of America.


Awwww, is the little kitten mad.

I hate you.

Awww, you're no fun.

You better be easier to deal with later on.

You'll be a challenge since I now see that you have great anger management.

And how would you know?

Your school days. How someone named Cory annoyed you to death and you wanted to swipe his throat out or some other shit.

Seriously? How do you even look through my memories?

I'm in your mind.

I hate you.

That's your best insult? Aww, so cute.

What are you? Gay?

I'm sin remember?

And you are annoying as heck.

But it's fun Anthony. Or better yet Antoni. Or Tom Tom.



HEY. That's my line.

Like I care.

Groan. I grab the nearest robot. I fish through my mom's purse for the car's keys. As I fish for the keys I notice my mom's family pictures. I feel tears falling down my face.

How do you like that?

Shut up.

Let me think…no.

You're a brat.

And you're fun.

I shake my head. Dang Ashura. You really are going to be a brat. I sigh. I pick up this robot. What? Why is there robots here in the first place?

Maybe you can trace them back to the owners and kill them for this atrocity.

Wait…why are you helping me?

Who said I was helping you?


Aww so cute. But here's all I have to say. I bite my thumb at you, sir. Actually I flick my finger at you.

Haha. Hilarious.


Go ahead. Growl. I don't give a crap.

I hate you.



And I'll be here.

ACCCK. This guy is an annoying brat. Not going to ask right now, I'm just going to grab this robot, get in my car and get home. As of NOW. I bolt out the doors carrying a robot with Ashura annoying the hell out of me.

But I want the hell to be annoyed into you.

What he said.

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