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When Harry woke up Eddy was sleeping, being careful not to wake him he shut the door soundlessly behind him and went to the basement cafeteria.
He found Hermione, Ron and Ginny sitting at their usual table, arguing as always.
- Good Morning! - said Harry hoping to end their discussion.
The table now was completely silent, it scared him.
- What's the problem?
He was now receiving looks of pity from everyone. The color draw out from Ginny's face as she passed him the Daily Prophet:

Harry Potter: the real chosen one
by Rita Skeeter

Dears readers, Daniel Potter it is not the boy-who-lived. After Dumbledore's reunion with our dear Minister and Dumbledore's fellows. They discovered that Daniel Potter was never the chosen one, he was mistaken with his brother, Harry Potter, who disappear four years after the attack in the Potter's Manor.

Sources inform us that our true hero was forgotten by his family and friends. No one knows what truthly happened to our savior. Now we can only pray for him to be alive and in our side.

And now I ask you my dears readers whose fault is this?...

Harry was tremulous, his anger was about to explode. Now they were after him? Where were they eleven years ago when he needed them? Playing with Daniel and making him a spoiled cry-baby.
Of course everyone in the camp new is birth name, but no one ever dared to speak of it in front of him.
He was shocked, so he did the only thing he could now. Run. He left and just came back around midnight with a lot of bruises.
He closed the door slowly, knowing Ginny would be there waiting for him. But she wasn't, at least not alone. Duvel was there and he didn't seem happy, the atmosphere in that room was tense, very tense. Harry just smiled as if nothing had happened:
- Er... Good Morning?
-Good Morning?- asked the head of the army already furious.- You disappear for a whole day without telling anyone where you went and the first thing you say is good morning? We'll talk about it tomorrow.
And with that he disapparated, leaving Harry and Ginny alone.
After a few moments of disturbing silence Ginny spoke:
- So you'll just stand here and stare at me as if nothing happened?
- What do you want me to say?! - Exploded Harry- I needed space. Don't you know how bad I am? After ELEVEN years they started looking for me now! Since my dear brother isn't the precious thing my parents tought he was... They only want me because I am the chosen one. If they hand't found out about it, I bet they wouldn't even be looking for...
Ginny kissed him before he could finish speaking the. And slowly the fire started and they made love for the first time.
When Ginny woke up she was naked and alone in Henry's bed. Finding a note in the pillow she read smiling remembering the night before.
My love, my life,
Uncle Duvie called for me in his office.
I will meet you in the lunch time, won't I?
Don't be late for the classes.
With all my love,

After she finished reading the note, Ginny realized how late it was and ran to classe.