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Naruto was running down the street towards the 6th person he could smell, he was followed by Erza the girl with red hair he had just saved. As it turned out, the 6th person he could smell was someone she knew.

Speaking of Erza, he couldn't help but look at her every now and then. She resembled his mother so much, well, her hair resembled his mothers. But he couldn't help but feel as if he had heard her name somewhere before.

Naruto came to a stop in the middle of the street and sniffed the air. He scratched the back of his head and looked around.

"It should be right here..." He said as he looked around slightly confused.

Erza pushed him away and went to a large box that was infront of him and opened it. Naruto looked over her to see what was inside of the box.

Inside there was a small girl smaller than even Erza. Her hair was black with slightly purple in it. She was sitting in the box looking up at Erza with her brown eyes. As they looked down at her they could see tears still going down her face.

She wiped her hands over her eyes to remove the tears before she quickly leapt into Erza.

"You're still alive." She exclaimed.

"Of course I am" She answered with a confident smirk.

However Naruto had to cut the reunion short, people needed help and the more time he wasted here the less people he would be able to help.

"I'm sorry to cut your reunion short but people might need my help." He looked at the newcomer."Lets start with a short presentation, My name is Namikaze Naruto, and it seems like you already know Erza." He gestured towards the red head.

The newcomer nodded." Kagura Mikazuchi."

"Nice to meet you Kagura. Now where are you two going?" He asked.

Erza looked at him confused."We are coming with you of course"

Naruto shook his head. "You can't come with me! I'm heading towards the danger not away from it."

"Where are we supposed to go otherwise?" She countered.

"Why would I know that?" He asked.

"Why would we know? It's not like this have happend before. Besides you can protect us, you're strong!" She countered once again.

Naruto nodded. That was true, of course they didn't know were to go. He wasn't too sure if he could protect them though, It would be hard to fight his enemies while protecting them, even though the invaders were weak. But it was true that they would have a higher chance of survival if they went with him, if they encountered someone alone they wouldn't stand a chance.

Naruto sighed in defeat."You got me there... I suppose you could come with me, but you have to listen to what I tell you, this is dangerous!"

Both of the girls nodded. Naruto started to run away at a slightly slower pace than before however he only had time to take a few steps before Kagura spoke something.

"Wait, have you seen my brother?" She asked.

Naruto shook his head."I don't know, I haven't spoken to anyone. Everyone else ran away after I saved them."

Kagura looked down in the ground as tears started to build up in her eyes once again.

Naruto took of again towards were he could smell people. However he noticed this time that there was even more people in the village than it was when he got here. Naruto didn't get far before one of the girls spoke up again. This time it was Erza.

"How do you know were to go?" She asked him.

Naruto sighed, why are they asking so many questions? " I can smell them." He answered. Erza looked at him as if he was stupid.

"You can... Smell them? She asked disbelief evident in her voice

Naruto sighed. 'so many questions why wont they just accept that I can smell them?'

"Yes! I'm a mage after all, my magic gives me enhanced sense of smell!."

Erza looked at him in awe."Your a mage? Sugoi! I've never met a mage before."

"Yes! I'm a mage now stop asking questions and lets go!" He answered starting to loose his patience.

The girls stopped asking questions and followed him. He had to go at a slightly slower pace due to them being youger. Especially Kagura, her legs were short and she couldn't run as fast. It didn't take long before Kagura slowed down. She was exhausted, she wasn't used to running across the town in such a fast pase.

Naruto realized she was tired and stopped, he went down on his knees infront of her. " Hop up, I'll carry you."

Kagura nodded and quickly climbed up on his back. Erza was keeping up well, she was slightly winded, but she managed to keep up well. Kagura rested her head on Nauto's back and closed her eyes. She was tired, she was already asleep when the village was attacked, when she woke up her brother was already gone. Naruto had this calm aura, it felt as if when she was close to him she felt safe and secure. Despite the current situation.

It didn't take the group of three long before they met up with more creeps with masks, Naruto had slowed down his pace considerably and put Kagura back to her feet much to her dismay. She quite liked being on his back, his body was hot and the comforting aura he was emitting was indescribable.

The invaders they met up with was quickly dispatched before they moved on to the next group of enemies. So far they were always in groups of 2 or 3 but sometimes they found someone split up from his group.

The group of three arrived at a big open place it looked like a market-place and they could see several stands destroyed aswell as burning houses. However the place was full of people, and carts.

Naruto, Erza and Kagura was hiding behind a corner in order to observe before they acted. At a closer inspection Naruto could see that the carts had bars and that the people standing there were the invaders and not civilians.

Naruto narrowed his eyes when he noticed a hand coming out from the cart, the invaders were keeping the civillians inside the carts. Without noticing he clenched his fists. This made him really angry it was obvious that these civilians were going to be used for something. Naruto suspected it to be slavery since slavery was something that was still used fairly often. Judging by the sheer amount of people it had to be something they needed alot of people for.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a whisper to his left. "This is horrible." Erza was looking at the carts with her fists klenched, this was her home village after all, how dare they hurt her and the people of her village.

Naruto turned around in order to talk to Erza and Kagura. " You know I told you to listen to whatever I said right?" Both Erza and Kagura nodded at his words.

"Good, this is dangerous so I want you to stay here out of trouble while I go free the people in the carts. I will stick to the shadows as it seems like they are arguing about something and I will use that to my advantage." Naruto pointed towards the people as Erza and Kagura looked at them, they couldn't quite hear what they were saying but they could see people waving their arms at each other and arguing about something. The girls agreed to his condition and Naruto made his way to the first cart.

Since it was right now very late in the night it was dark outside, Naruto used that to his advantage as he stuck to the shadows of walls and objects to avoid attention, as he got closer to the first cart he started to hear what the people were saying.

"Taichou!/Captain! We can't wait any longer! We should've gone with the previous groups, the Rune guards are just about to enter the village!" Naruto smiled, he knew what the Rune Guards did, if they were close by he would soon get some assistance, if he could just delay them a little longer this would all be over. If he took care of these guys the Rune Guards would take care of the others.

The man called Taichou glared at the man that spoke." The Rune Guards are nothing! There are still several carts to arrive, we need those slaves! It's important to our purpose! If needed I will make a new exit." The captain was a big man with a very deep voice, he looked very young about his early twenties but his body was big and the muscles were extremley big. He was well over 6 feet tall.

"That's right as long as we have Taichou there is nothing to worry about!" Announced another.

Naruto had by now gotten to the first cart undetected, he didn't know if any of them could sense magic and was therefore surpressing it as much as possible in order to maintain undetected. He looked into the cart and saw atleast a dozen of people, they were looking at him with eyes full of hope, a few people still had tears running down their cheeks. Even if he was just a small boy they still had hope.

Naruto held a finger over his mouth to tell them to keep quiet, he stood up slowly looking for a way to open the cart. He found a lock but unfortunatley it was out of his reach, he started to climb the cart. When he reached the lock he took it in his hand and looked at it, the lock was nothing special and he could easily break it. He closed his hand and channeled a bit of lightning as he crushed the lock within his palm.

The people in the cart smiled brightly when he broke the lock. Naruto started to open the cart but he wasn't prepared for the squeaking sound it made, he gritted his teeth as he stopped opening it, he looked around the cart and sighed out in relief, no one noticed it. He opened the cart and the slaves started to leave it, he got several thanks and even a few hugs.

When the slaves had left the cart he moved on to the next, he moved within the shadows until he heard one of the invaders. "The slaves! They are escaping!" The man screamed. Naruto cursed inwardly when the civillians got caught and jumped into action immideatly, he jumped infront of the invaders to give the civilians time to escape.

The man laughed as he looked at Naruto. " Playing the hero? How brave of you." Naruto didn't let the man speak anymore before he kicked the man's kneecap. The man stopped laughing and it turned into a scream as his leg bent the wrong way, he lied down on the ground as he continued screaming.

"Oi, Seriously he got taken out by a kid? You have to be joking with me." Said another invader, Naruto stood still waiting for something to happen suddenly a man to his left charged him with a short sword high up in the air ready to swing down at him. When the man arrived at Naruto he swung his sword down but Naruto caught the mans arm with his hand.

The man didn't have any sort of experience with a sword or any stance, he just swung it. The man was surprised by the young boys strength, a small boy more than half his age stopped his arm without any sort of problem.

Naruto pulled the man towards him and as the man fell towards him he jumped over him and gave him a kick in the back of his head knocking him out. When Naruto landed on the ground again he had the perfect positioning for a spell which would take out several of the invaders. He took a deep breath as his stomach swelled up with magic before he shouted out the name of his spell.


The large stream of lightning bursted out of his mouth as it struck the guards, the spell caused an explosion as smoke started to cover the area. When the smoke started to fade away, bodies was lying on the floor with burns all over them and their clothes were mostly destroyed, a few unlucky individuals were screaming in pain since they didn't get knocked out. These men were no soldiers, they weren't used to feeling this sort of pain. He didn't even put that much magic in the spell.

Meanwhile Erza and Kagura was watching in amazement as Naruto's attack tore through atleast a dozen invaders. "Nii-chan is amazing!" Whispered Kagura in awe, Erza could only nod as she kept watching the fight.

Naruto decided to act while the enemies were still shocked and coated his fists with lightning as he charged towards the group of enemies using his lightning in order to move faster. For an untrained eye it seemed as if he almost dissapeared out of sight before he reappeared again. Naruto was too fast for most enemies to react. He arrived at the first enemy and quickly kicked him in the stomach due to him being shorter the kick sent the man flying up in the air as blood came out of his mouth.

Naruto continued his charge and decimated several enemies within seconds before they started to come out of their shock as one of them shouted. " He's a mage don't underestimate him!"

Naruto completley decimated the enemies with using only his faviourite tool, his own fists. Naruto quickly charged but this time he didn't charge towards an enemy this time he went towards one of the carts. He arrived and took the lock in his hand and crushed it, he opened the cell door and moved on to taking care of more enemies while allowing the captured civilians to escape.

Naruto charged up lightning through his arms as he charged towards his enemies and swung his arms as the lightning started to take the shape of wings.

"RAIRYUU NO YOKUGEKI!" The wings of lightning was sent through the enemies however as it went through the enemies it suddenly stopped and an explosion erupted. When the smoke cleared a man stood with his fist raised in the air as he looked at Naruto.

Naruto's eyes narrowed at the man, he had stopped his attack by raising his fist, he didn't know how powerful he was but he had to be careful.

"Let's leave this to Kouta-Taichou this boy is out of our league." Said one of the few remaining invaders, the rest seemed to agree as they left the area leaving the giant of a man by himself.

The man stepped forward, Naruto could see the ground under him breaking with each step. This was no man he was a monster, the ground shook with each step, his weight had to be at least 5 times more than Naruto. the man looked Naruto in the eyes before he spoke up."Impressive... For someone so young to be this powerful, I can see that you're not exhausted at all. I may not be that skilled in sensing but I can sense an impressive amount of magic from you."

Naruto looked the man in the eyes waiting for him to continue.

"My name is Kouta, may I know the name of the man I am about to kill?"

"Namikaze Naruto, and I am definetley not going to loose to the likes of you!" Kouta grinned, usually people started to tremble just by looking at his massive form but this boy that wasn't even half his age was standing up against him without showing a trace of fear.

"Namikaze Naruto, show me your strength!" Roared the giant as he charged Naruto, Naruto was slightly surprised when he came at him at such a high speed, he didn't think someone that big would be that fast, Naruto sidestepped the attack and went down on his hands, he brought up his heel and hit the man in his chest. However Kouta didn't even budge.

Naruto pushed away with his hands and did a frontflip and landed back on the ground. He felt pain in his right foot, that kick hurt, it didn't hurt Kouta but Naruto. It felt like kicking steel, he couldn't believe someones body was as hard as steel.

Kouta stood up straight once again and cracked his neck. "That tickled... You can't defeat me with kicks like that." The man took of running towards Naruto as the ground shook with each step. He threw a punch towards Naruto but he once again sidestepped to his right, while Kouta was fast Naruto was still faster. Kouta brought his knee towards him but Naruto dodged it by leaning backwards slightly. Naruto jumped up in the air towards his opponent and channeled lightning through his foot and used it in order to launch his knee to Kouta's face. The knee hit and Kouta's head flew back allowing Naruto to pass him, Naruto once again channeled lightning through his foot and slammed it in the giants back sending him face first into the ground.

Naruto landed again a few meters infront of Kouta's body. Kouta slowly got up again and Naruto noticed that he was still mostly unscratched, his clothes were ripped apart and he was slightly dirty. Naruto couldn't see what damage his foot did since it hit him in the back and he was facing Naruto right now.

Naruto watched as Kouta ran up to a stone pillar on the ground, the pillar was coming from a church that was just next to where they were fighting. Suddenly the giant took both of his arms around the pillar and lifted it into the air. Naruto stared wide eyed at the man, he just picked it up!

Kouta charged at Naruto once again he held the giant stone pillar to the side. The giant swung the stone pillar toward Naruto surprisingly fast, but Naruto managed to jump over it and immideatly charged towards Kouta while the pillar was still swinging the other way.

"CONDENSE!" Naruto felt the pillar crash into his back and sent him flying, he hit a building and went right through it. He layed on the ground in a building he shakily put his hands on the ground and pushed himself up. He coughed several times, blood could be seen coming from his mouth. He rose up and walked back towards the battlefield.

Kouta watched as the young boy came limping out of the house. He was leaning against what was remaining of the building breathing heavily. Naruto looked up and laid his eyes on the pillar that was almost completley unharmed, he narrrowed his eyes.

"How? The pillar barley have a scratch on it."

Kouta looked at Naruto with an amused look on his face sometimes he couldn't help himself from getting excited from matches like these, any normal man would've been dead by an attack like that if not dead they would be severley wounded.

"That's my magic, Density Magic it allows me to change the mass of object and also change their weight, there are more to this type of magic but revealing it to you would take away the fun wouldn't it?" Kouta grinned at Naruto with the pillar resting on his shoulders as if it was nothing at all.

Naruto sped forth and crashed a punch to Louta's chest, the giant was pushed backwards by the impact. Naruto followed up by twisting and slamming his elbow againnst the giant's ribcage and then spun around to get behind him. Reachinn back, he grabbed the giant of a man and with strenght Kouta wasn't suspectiong of such a small body he hurled the giant over his head. Kouta was sent flying and Naruto continued his charge towards the man by jumping towards him in mid air.

"CONDENSE!" Cried the giant as he put the pillar infront of his body to stop the incoming dragon slayer. Naruto however continued his charge towards the man..

"RAIRYU NO TEKKEN!" Naruto lunged a fist coated with cackling lightning straight towards the pillar, the fist hit and first nothing happend causing Kouta to grin on the other side of the pillar. However suddenly the pillar cracked and Naruto came flying through, his fist still infront of him. Kouta's eyes widened slightly at the show of strength, he didn't have enough time to react before Naruto's fist impacted in the stomach of the musclebound man. The giant's stomach caved in by the force of the impact, and spit escaped his mouth as he was sent flying like a rocket.

Kouta crashed into a building and then through it. Naruto landed back on the ground still keeping his guard up, waiting for the giant to make a move he stood still looking towards the building he was sent into. A chuckle echoed through out the area, as Kouta came out of the same hole as he entered from, a trickle of blood coming down from the corner of his mouth, he wiped it away with his hand.

"Such power, it seems I underestimated you because of your size. However I wont do that mistake again."

The giant of a man raced towards Naruto at a slower pace than earlier but this time the ground beneath him made giant holes in the shape of his foot every step. Naruto followed and did the same. Kouta continued to race towards Naruto, as they approached each other Naruto waited for the man to lung his fist towards him. The fist came flying straight towards his face, Naruto waited until the fist was only inches away before he twisted his body in what was almost a flash of light. Naruto had twisted his body to the left and was right now staring right at the chest of the giant where he was open. Lightning was cackling in Naruto's mouth and his stomach swelled up.

"RAIRYU NO HOKO!" A yellow stream of lightning exited his mouth and flew towards Kouta's chest area, suddenly the ground beneath them shook and it felt as if they sunk into the ground itself. Naruto's roar hit the man but he didn't move out of his current position, smoke was blocking Naruto's sight and he couldn't see Kouta. Using his element of surprise he quicky threw a punch covered with yellow cackling lightning towards the giant.

Naruto's eyes widened when he felt something grab his arm, the smoke cleared and there was Kouta staring down at him murderously his shirt was torn of and marks could be seen on his chest. Kouta pulled Naruto towards him and usedd his other hand and delivered a punch towards Naruto's abdomen. The stomach caved inwards as Naruto opened his mouth in a silent scream, he could feel the punch in his spine, it was more powerful than anything he had ever felt before.

Kouta still had a grip on Naruto's arm, he once again pulled him towards him and threw him over his shoulder and into the ground behind him with a crash, as dust started to spread. Kouta slowly walked over to Naruto and once again lifted him up by his arm and threw him once again but this time straight into a stone wall. Naruto's body impacted before he fell down onto the ground unmoving.

Kouta once again walked up to him before he grabbed him by the head and lifted him up and held him infront of his face.

"Huh, still conscious? Seems like I was holding back too much, well whatever now DIE!" He started to press his fingers into his head as Naruto clenched his teeth tightly too keep himself from screaming out in pain. He could feel the fingers dugging into his head crushing it.

"Taichou! We have a problem! The Rune guards are upon us!" Came the sudden shout of a invader running up from behind Kouta, the giant turned his head to glare at the man. Naruto seeing his opportunity to escape used the last of his strength to deliver a powerful kick to the giant's abdomen, the giant bent fowards slightly aswell as he started to loose is grip on Naruto's head Naruto brought the his hand up and quickly swapped away the arm arounnd his head before he pushed of Kouta's chest, he did a backflip and landed on the ground a few feet away. He stood up holding his throbbing head with both hands as he looked at Kouta, his legs was swaying and he was barley standing up.

Kouta looked at Naruto for a second before the invader came up beside him, he turned around and snatched the sword away from his subordinate's hand and drove it right through the mans heart. The man's eyes widened before he fell backwards and landed on the ground with a thud.

"That's for letting my prey get away." Kouta was looking at the body with disgust before the sound of footsteps approaching reached his ears and around the corner came the Rune guards. Kouta looked back at Naruto before he spoke up.

"It seems like you wont die today, I will spare your life, now train and get stronger, I love strong opponents. See this as an opportunity to get stronger and one day we will finish this fight. The next time we meet each other we will both be in top shape and only one of us will leave alive." Kouta took of running wihtout waiting for Naruto's reply, the ground crumbling beneath him. He went straight through a house and continued.

Naruto let out a sigh and fell down on his knees before he leaned backwards and fell onto his back. he started coughing and blood exited the corner of his mouth. He closed his eyes in relief, it was finally over the Rune guards are here and everything would be alright.

"Naruto!" Came the sudden cry as he opened one of his eyes, he could see out of the corner of his eye as Erza and Kagura was approaching him. They ran up to him and sat down on their knees next to him.

"Are you okay?" Asked a Erza with concern evidennt in her voice.

Naruto laughed slightly. "Ofcourse I'm not okay... But I'll live" He smiled weakly at them before he closed his eye again and let some long deserved sleep take him, he was exhausted and wounded but he felt safe Erza and Kagura would make sure he would get medical care.

Several days had passed since Naruto's fight with Kouta and he was recovering well, he had just left the day earlier this morning and was staying in a orphanage together with Kagura and Erza. They had stayed with him in the hospital almost all the time and when he woke up he suddenly had two girls hanging over him giving him hugs. He hadn't known Erza and Kagura for long but they were his friends and he liked to be around them even if they were several years younger than himself. These were his first friends since he left Sasuke.

The village was recovreing just fine, people were still depressed over their lost ones and some even got away with everyone in their family alive. There was some people that was taken away, Naruto didn't manage to save everyone. The people of the village was working together with rebuilding the damaged village and rying to keep the everyone happy it was actually really heart warming to see everyone work together to rebuild the village.

Unfortunatley they couldn't get any information from the ninvaders they caught, they didn't even know where the people were taken, the only got money from the job and then left the carts on the chosen rendezvous point and then got money after that they left until contacted again and then repeated the same course of actions. The only one who could have some informatio0n was Kouta, but he escaped. Naruto blamed himself for that. If only he had been stronger if only he had trained more he kep telling himself...

After the fight with Kouta he had been thinking alot, it showed him that he was still able to get stronger, his opponent might've been strong but he had to be even stronger, if he were going to fight Kouta gain then he wouldn't loose. He would be the one leaving alive. Naruto just had to train more and get stronger to both protect himself aswell as the people he loved and cared about.

Naruto was right now sitting on a table in the orphanage looking through a book, or well the same book as always, the picture book of his family. Everything he had left to remind him of his parents. He was looking through it calmly and smiling at all the pictures and all the happy moments he had spent iwht his parents. There were many pictures in the book, pictures of Naruto and his parents on a family phot, pictures of Narutos birthday, pictures of his mothers birthday, pictures of Naruo and his parents on a picnic, and even Naruto's fist steps. His parents sure loved to take pictures.

As Naruto looked through the pictures he didn't notice the person sneaking up on him from behind. Suddenly in he felt someone jump ontop of him and he saw red hair infront of his eyes and he dropped the book onto the floor.

"What are you doing?" Came the voice of Erza as she leaned over his shoulder.

"Oh, It's just you Erza. I was looking at my picture book." He bent down and picked it up and started to look through it again. Erza juqmped down from his back and went over to aa place on the floor, she bent down and picked something up.

"What's this?" Naruto looked at her and saw her holding a photo in her hand, Naruto raised his eyebrow, he hadn't seen that photo before. Erza turned the photo around and started to read something on the back but was stopped when Naruto snatched it from her hand.

"Hey, I wasn't finished reading that!" She pouted cutely at him and crossed her arms.

Naruto looked at the picture in his hand. It was a picture of a very small Naruto lying on the stomach of a woman with beautiful crimson hair, this was his mother's stomach, he had a grin on his face as his mother was looking down at him with teary eyes. His father wasn't in the picture so he asumed he was the one that took the picture.

Naruto turned the picture over to read what was on the back, there was no text on any of the other pictures he was surprised there was text on this one. He read it silently to himself.

Oh, Minato he's speaking to her again. Don't worry Naruto she will be here soon! Just a few days left until she's here. Your little sister.


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