by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own The Scorpion King, or its characters.

Summary: What would happen if Mathayus actually shot his arrow at Memnon in the Training Courtyard?



Mathayus looked over the small wall of the tower that overlooked the Training Courtyard of the impressive City of Gomorrah. Seeing his target, the evil warlord Memnon, fighting against two men while the rest of his court watched in amusement, Mathayus smiled as he tossed the blood ruby to the boy who had led him into the palace

The boy caught the ruby and smiled.

"Shukrin." he said in thanks.

Mathayus smiled as he watched the boy run off, before turning his attention back towards Memnon.

Crouched under the reddish leather roof of the awning in the tower, Mathayus readied his arrow as he kept his eye firmly on Memnon.

He didn't think it was strange that Memnon was just standing out in the open, completely exposed. His arms at his sides, his hands open, as if he was waiting for something.

He then saw, across the courtyard, another man, elderly, with a bow and arrow in his own hands.

Curious, Mathayus just looked down and watched, as the elderly man let loose his arrow at Memnon, only for the warlord to slam his hands together, catching the arrow.

The court cheered and applauded.

"No! Let me go!" a voice caught everyone's attention.

The whole court, including Mathayus, looked behind Memnon and saw that two of the Red Guards had caught the boy who had lead the Akkadian into the palace. (Though, they didn't know that)

"I didn't do anything!" the boy shouted as Memnon pried a red jewel out of the boys hand.

"You know the penalty for thiever -URK!" Memnon gasped and cried out as an arrow pierced his skull.

The entire courtyard was in shock, as their lord fell to the ground, his eyes devoid of life as blood and brain fluid leaked out of the holes the arrow had made.

Lost in their confusion, the boy was able to make a quick break for it, running out of the palace as everyone's attention was focused on where the arrow could have come from.

Another arrow flew through the air, nailing the traitorous Prince Takmet in the chest, dropping him down to the ground.

A third arrow imbedded itself in the forehead of Thorak, the head of the Red Guards, before any of the other guards started to open fire.

Mathayus disappeared, escaping through the palace, and heading out to where the horse thief, Arpid, was waiting at the bar with his camel.

"Time to go." Mathayus said as he grabbed his camel and was out the city gates in less than a minute.

Word eventually spread to the city, and the rebels who were fighting against Memnon, that the evil warlord was dead.

Without their king, the armies and the people turned to Cassandra, the sorceress, for leadership and guidance.

Free of Memnon's evil, Cassandra lead the people to a new era of peace and prosperity. She made peace with Queen Isis and Balthazar, and offered them a chance to regain much of what they once lost because of Memnon.

Mathayus continued to use his skills to kill people, eventually finding another Akkadian woman and continuing the traditions of his people.


Authors Notes:

This is just a short little idea I had after watching The Scorpion King again.

I thought, how easy would it have been to kill Memnon when his back was turned and addressing the captured urchin boy, especially when no one knew he was there?

There was nothing stopping him.

So, here it is. Hope everyone likes it.

And yes, it's short on purpose.

I mean, after Memnon was killed, what else was there for Mathayus? He couldn't kidnap The Sorceress because she was merely bait. A whole sequence of events ruined because of one mans death. Nice and simple.