Chapter 1: The Promised Land

This story begins with a gull flying over a hill, screeching.

While in the woods bunch of rabbits and bunch of young rabbits while one of them with pink fur was chasing butterfly.

"Stay close, Pipkin." Said a rabbit with a lion's mane looking over Pipkin while also looking at a little version of him with a little cross on his forehead, sleeping, and he smiled.

Just then a little rabbit with orange fur with a brown pelt on his head and began to gasp and then just stared.

"What can you see, Fiver?" Said an older version of Fiver but larger then put his paw on Fiver's shoulder and little version of the elder with the same colour as Fiver and Hazel with a silver stripe on his back, looks at Fiver worriedly.

"High Lonely Hills were the wind carries every whisper." Said Fiver as he spoke while seeing the same hill the gull was flying over.

"That's were we have to go, Hazel." Said Fiver looking over to Hazel.

"That's were we'll find our new home." Said Fiver.

"Is it far?" Asked Hazel hoping not to walk much further.

But as Fiver was about to say something he was interrupted by the same gull from the hill, thus waking up the little one that as next to the one with the lion's mane.

Everyone then ducked just as the gull then passed through.

"I've never seen bird like that one." Said Pipkin as a blue doe and a grey buck with a little black and a white version of him came over. [A/N if your wondering, yes it's the same one from the full series DVD cover, but not the white one.]

"He's not Elil, is he?" Asked Pipkin while the blue doe chuckled.

"Not all birds are enemy Pipkin, He's just a gull." Said the blue doe.

As the rabbit with a lion's mane then chuckled.

"Young Bucks these days, Don't know anything about the world." Said the rabbit while shaking his head.

"And being an Captain of Owslar you must know everything, eh Bigwig?" Said/Asked the grey buck.

"Eh, you wouldn't have gotten this far without me, I know that much." Bigwig replied.

"We should have never have left Sandleford Warren, in the first place." Muttered the grey buck with his ears down.

Just then Fiver's voice then came to them.

"Darkness come in the light of day, No future at all to those who stay." Said Fiver as everyone looks at him.

"Oh by Frith he's off again." Said a Yellow Buck with a smaller brown version of stares at Fiver.

"Oh my noise tickles, it's a sign from Frith, the end of the world is coming run away." Said the grey buck while the other one laughs.

While Bigwig wasn't amused he suddenly heard a bark.

"Quiet." Bigwig said sharply at the others while gently at his little one.

Everyone then got down with their ears up.

As the barks got closer while Bigwig was hearing to see how much.

"A dog, Close." Said Bigwig as the barks got closer.

"Sounds like he hasn't got our scent yet." Said Bigwig as he turned his head.

Hazel and the little one then came down the rock.

"Let not wait, till he does." Said Hazel as he and the others ran away.

The dog was then barking at a squirrel who was in a tree, he then gave up and found the rabbit's scent and ran towards them, while barking.

Hazel and the others heard the dog barking and stopped.

"He's on to us, Coming fast!" Said Bigwig to Hazel.

Hazel then turned to face the group.

"Keep running, we'll be right behind you." Said Hazel as almost everyone ran to the bushes, but two little ones.

"That mean's you two." Said Hazel at his little one.

"No, we want to stay with you." Said the little one as the other one nodded.

"Do as your told, Now!" Shouted Hazel as the little one shrived with fear as did the other one.

The two little ones ran to the bushes to catch up with the others.

Bigwig turned to Hazel.

"You may have been a little mean to Blaze and don't you think you can yell at my Hawklaw, if there's you can say about Hawklaw, you can say it to me." Said Bigwig sharply.

"Don't worry, I'll apologize to them." Said Hazel as he sighed.

"Anyway, they don't have a chance, unless we can clear off that dog." Said Hazel.

"So we offer ourselves as a dog's breakfast?" Asked Bigwig.

Hazel then saw a log.

"Not necessary." Said Hazel as he turned to Bigwig.

The dog later catched up to Hazel and Bigwig.

"Hey dog, hey you there!" Shouted Hazel getting the dog's attention.

The dog later found Hazel sitting on top of the log and as soon he got close to Hazel he went inside the log.

As the dog got close to Hazel's side Bigwig came up and the dog saw him.

The dog then later ran to Bigwig's side and then Hazel came up again and the dog saw him.

The dog then got to Hazel's side and got inside the log, snarling at them.

"Go." Said Hazel as he got out of the log.

"Right." Said Bigwig as he agreed and also got out of the log.

Hazel and Bigwig then got to the front of the log and pushed forward.

The log didn't stop until it hit a tree and snapped into two and the dog then got out but he got dizzy cause of the spin.

Meanwhile the same gull from earlier then tried to get a fish from a pond but failed he then tried to bite butterfly that Pipkin was chasing earlier and then started to fly away but then fell into the water.

Meanwhile at the lake the rest of the group stopped at a river hoping to find a way to get across.

Blaze and Hawklaw were still shivering due to Hazel's shouting.

The grey rabbit and the yellow rabbit later came back to the others as did the blue doe.

"There's no way downstream." Said the grey rabbit gasping to catch his breath.

"And it get's wider up that way." Said the blue doe as she pointed to the right.

The dog then began to bark again as Fiver and the others gasped.

"Well that's the trouble with dogs, eh." Said the yellow buck as he shrugged his shoulders.

"They don't know when to give up." Said the yellow buck.

"What happened to Hazel and Bigwig?" Asked Pipkin.

Hazel and Bigwig then ran up to the group, thus answering Pipkin's question.

"What are you lot hanging about?" Asked Bigwig as he saw no one moving.

"Well, we didn't fancy ourselves on hopping on water." Replied the yellow buck.

Bigwig then saw the river.

"We'll swim, now everybody in." Said Bigwig as almost everyone was near the water.

"Oh wonderful, follow Hazel and Bigwig to protect Warmth and Frost, and see the world, drown." Muttered the grey buck as he and Warmth and Frost was at the edge of the water but only he and the yellow buck jump in.

As the dog's barks got closer.

However Pipkin, Blaze, Hawklaw, Warmth, Frost and the last young one stood still and shivering.

"I don't think we can, father." Said Hawklaw hugging Bigwig.

"Well you all can't stay here." Bigwig replied hugging Hawklaw back.

"They won't make it, Hazel." Fiver said to his brother.

The blue doe then ran to the right.

"I might have an idea, wait there." Said the blue doe.

The dog's barking then got closer.

Fiver, Pipkin, Blaze, Hawklaw, Warmth, Frost and the last young one then ran toward the blue doe.

Hazel then turned around toward the dog's barking and putting up his paws.

"You can't fight a dog." Said Bigwig in disbelief.

"I lead the young ones into this, I won't leave them." Hazel said sharply as he turned around to face Bigwig.

"If you stay, I stay." Said Bigwig.

Just then the blue doe then shouted.

"Here, there's a way across!" Shouter the blue doe as she was holding a large plank.

"Thank Frith, I didn't really fancy a 'heroic last stand' due to the Hawklaw's safety." Said Bigwig to Hazel as he nodded in understanding what he meant.

Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver, Pipkin, Blaze, Hawklaw, Warmth, Frost and the last young one later catches up to the blue doe holding a large plank.

"I thought you said there was a way across?" Said/Asked Hazel as he was out of breath.

"Yes, on this wood, look it floats." Said the blue doe.

"And toads hop, so what?" Asked Bigwig.

"Blackberry, that's brilliant!" Said Fiver as he realized Blackberry's idea.

"I'm missing something here." Bigwig said to Hazel.

"Get on the wood." Said Fiver as Pipkin and the young ones climbed on the large plank as Fiver joined in.

The dog later came bushes sniffing for the rabbits and later ran to them.

Blackberry then pushed the plank before starting to swim with the others.

"GO!" Said Bigwig as he pushed Hazel into the water before getting in himself.

The dog later stops at the edge of the water and barks at the rabbits.

Although the plank that the young ones and Pipkin and Fiver were on started to turn around.

"We'll never make it." Said Fiver as they were getting close to the dog.

The grey and yellow bucks were the first one to reach land.

Although the grey rabbit turned around and gasped as the young ones heading toward the dog he then saw that Bigwig wasn't far from them.

"Bigwig, Behind you!" Shouted the grey buck.

Bigwig then turned around to see that the young ones nearly reach dog and gasped he then dived underwater.

They then tried to kick the water hoping to get away from the dog but no luck.

"I don't know if your vision was true about Sandleford being destroyed, but I'm glade I came with you, I had the chance to see some of the great big world." Said Pipkin as he looked around the woods.

"I'm glad too." Said Fiver.

The dog then jumped into water, splashing the young one, Fiver and Pipkin.

The dog then swimmed to them.

"I'm sorry it has to end this way." Said Fiver.

Just then Bigwig then came up in front of them.

"Nothing's ending while I'm around." Said Bigwig as he pushed to plank towards the others.

"That it Bigwig, not much further." Said Hazel as the plank was getting closer to land.

The dog then came back to where he jumped in and shook the water out of his fur and walked away.

Bigwig then got the plank into land and the young ones except Blaze ran to their fathers, Hazel then worried that his son may fear him, due to him shouting at him earlier.

Bigwig then later came up Hawklaw.

"Nice one Bigwig." Said the yellow buck as his son was still hugging him.

"Good swimmer." Said the yellow buck.

Bigwig then shook the water out of his fur.

"Thank you Bigwig, that was really brave." Said Fiver as he walked up to Bigwig.

"Nothing at all." Said Bigwig while Hawklaw was still hugging him.

Hazel and Blackberry then came up to the plank.

"Good trick, Blackberry, almost worthy of El-Ahrairah." Hazel to Blackberry who then blushed with embarrassment.

"Yes, I think so, worked rather well didn't it." Said Blackberry.

"Right, let get moving." Said Hazel as he got to the top of the hill.

The grey buck was then catching his breath.

"We're nearly half dead Hazel, give us minute, will you?" Asked the grey buck as his twin sons nearly fell to ground but he then catches thud proving his point.

"We'll have time to rest when were get where we're going." Said Hazel looking behind.

"You hear Hazel, hop to it you lay abouts." Said Bigwig and everyone then started moving.

The gull later came around again.

After a long walk [or in their case hop] the rabbit then stopped at a hedge.

"This looks like a safe place to rest." Said Hazel as he looked around.

"It's so peaceful here." Said Fiver in amaze.

"Enjoy it while it last, the next disaster can't be far off." Said the grey buck

The young one except Blaze then lie down next to their fathers while Blaze just lie down on his own, and that made Hazel even more worried.

Pipkin then ran around.

"You should rest Pipkin, we have a long way to got yet." Said Hazel as he saw Pipkin still moving.

"I will I just want look around a little." Said Pipkin as he was sniffing at a leaf with a ladybug on it.

"Don't go to far." Said Hazel.

"I won't." Said Pipkin as he saw a small toad and chased after it.

"Ah, the boundless energy of youth, eh." Said Bigwig as he law down next to Hawklaw and saw Pipkin chasing a small toad, Bigwig then saw Hawklaw asleep and Bigwig smiled.

Hazel then lay next to Blaze but Blaze then moved away from Hazel.

"What's the matter, Blaze, you keep avoiding me all of a sudden?" Asked Hazel as he then finally asked his son.

"Father yelled." Blaze said finally.

"Huh?" Asked Hazel in confusion.

"Back when the dog was chasing us, I wanted to stay with you, but you yelled at me and Hawklaw." Said Blaze as tears came from his eyes.

Hazel then remembered his 'talk' with Bigwig about apologizing to Blaze and Hawklaw.

Hazel then walked to Blaze.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you, it's just after you mother's death, I had to protect you from dangers, I didn't want to loose you." Said Hazel as he hugged Blaze and much to his delight Blaze hugged back.

"Tell you what, when we get to the high hills, we will find a farm and let you have the most delicious carrots in the world." Said Hazel.

Blaze then had a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"Really." Said Blaze and Hazel nodded.

Blaze then hugged his father tighter, nearly loosing Hazel's breath.

"Thank you." Said Blaze as Hazel then rubbed his head.

"Your welcome." Said Hazel as he and Blaze lied down together.

Meanwhile Pipkin was still chasing a small toad till he stopped as he heard a noise and looked up and saw the same gull, he saw earlier.

"Hello." Said Pipkin as it gave the gull a fright.

The gull looked down and saw Pipkin.

"You crazy!, why sneak up on Keehar for?!" Asked/said Keehar.

"I'm sorry, your a gull aren't you?" Asked Pipkin as he apologized for sneaking up on him.

"Yah, gull from Big Water." Said Keehar as he introduced himself properly.

"What's a 'Big Water'?" Asked Pipkin in confusion.

Keehar then tsked and rolled his eyes at the young rabbit.

"Sea, water forever, Full of fish." Said Keehar.

"You know, where Big Water is?" Asked Keehar with hope.

"No, are you lost?" Asked Pipkin wondering why he wants to go back.

"Lost, hungry, want fish." Said Keehar as he complained.

"I wish I could help." Said Pipkin.

" I saw you fly, it must be wonderful to fly, then we could find our home in the high hills." Said Pipkin as he drops his head.

"You lost too huh?" Asked Keehar.

"Like me, like Hannah." Said Keehar.

"Hannah's another gull then?" Asked Pipkin hoping for another friend.

"Nah mouse, she say 'If you got no home, make were you are'." Said Keehar.

"She nice, but confusing." Said Keehar.

"Pipkin, Pipkin, where are you?" Asked the grey rabbit looking for Pipkin.

"Who that?" Asked Keehar wondering whever Pipkin has friends or not.

"Hawkbit, I'm Pipkin." Said Pipkin as he introduce himself.

"I suppose I should get back now, it was nice meeting you Keehar." Said Pipkin.

"It would have been nicer if you had fish." Said Keehar.

Pipkin then went back into the field and to Hawkbit.

Keehar then sighed.

"Everybody lost, nobody got home." Said Keehar as he sighed again and then flew away from the field while screeching.

After the rest from the field the rabbits then continued their journey to the high hills.

The rabbits seem to be traveling that looks like the middle of nowhere.

Warmth then had his leg stuck in brambles and his brother and father then helped him out of it.

Hawkbit then sighed.

"That's it, I had enough." Said Hawkbit as he stopped.

"Me two, Thyme is tired, hungry and he's sore." Said the yellow buck as his son fell on the ground.

Hazel then turned his head to the group.

"We can't stop here, it's too open." Said Hazel.

"We can't do this and we can't do that, we've been following this vision of Fiver's forever." Said Hawkbit as he moved his ears.

"And it's not like it's getting any clearer here." Said the yellow buck to catch to Hazel with Thyme behind him.

"Do you see any high hills?, I don't." Said the yellow buck as he shrugged his shoulders.

"And look at this place, it the end of the world." Said Hawkbit as he looked around.

"We're going back." Said Hawkbit as he turned around but was stopped by Bigwig.

"Nobody's going anywhere, so get going." Bigwig said sharply at Hawkbit.

"Your afraid to go back, because you deserted the Owsla, your afraid that captain Holly and his son will arrest you."

"Hawkbit, Sandleford's gone, I feel it in my bones, there's nothing to go back to." Said Fiver hoping it would stop Hawkbit from leaving.

"Well that's what you say, what if's like your promised land that doesn't exist, what if we left for nothing." Said Hawkbit as he hummed.

"I said move, I won't say again." Said Bigwig sharply again and Hawkbit then turned around.

The others of the group except Hazel and Bigwig stayed behind.

"What if Fiver is wrong?, we can't keep them and the little ones going on about dreams." Said Bigwig.

Hazel then turned around to look at the group.

"Dream are all we have Bigwig." Hazel replied before hopping back to the group followed by Bigwig.

"Oh great, storms coming, that's all we need for the little ones." Said Hawkbit as he saw rain clouds and the rain came on.

The rabbits then continued their journey to the high hills during which Blaze and Hawklaw then fell in mud and being picked up by Hazel and Bigwig and then continued their journey.

The rabbits then jumped over a puddle, but Fiver got his foot trapped by a tree branch and fell in the puddle.

Hazel then ran up to Fiver and Fiver turned around to look at Hazel.

"Come on Fiver, the high hills can't be far now." Said Hazel hoping to give his brother some hope.

"What if Hawkbit is right, Hazel, what if there is no safe place for us." Said Fiver as he dropped his ears at the back of his neck.

"But you saw it Fiver, the high hills." Said Hazel hoping to not give up.

"In a dream, in my head, maybe they were right back at Sandleford, what if I am mad?" Asked/Said Fiver feeling nothing but despair.

"If we stop believing, we're lost." Said Hazel hoping to give his brother some confidence.

"Hazel, come here." Said Bigwig as Hazel the others stopping on top of a hill.

"What it is?, what's wrong?" Asked Hazel as he and Fiver catched up to the group.

"Just for a moment I thought I saw." Said Bigwig.

The fog then cleared up to reveal a hill with a tree on top.

"The high hills." Hazel said in disbelief.

Everyone then looked at in disbelief that Fiver was right.

"You were right, you were right all along!" Yelled Bigwig as he laughed in celebration that they found their new home.

"Wow, that looks so very far away." Said Pipkin.

"But it's there." Said the yellow buck.

Just then Hazel and Bigwig then smelled something.

"I smell Cabbages." Said Hazel as he continues to sniff.

"I smell Carrots and Lettuce." Said Bigwig as Blackberry sniffs as well.

"Flayrah!" Said Blackberry as she know what the food is.

The rabbits then found a farm from where the smell came from.

"Me and Hawklaw could run all the way to the high hills with a belly full Carrots, what are we waiting for?." Asked/Said/Yelled Bigwig as he was to run down to the farm but was stopped by Hazel.

"No, there may be Cats and Dogs down there, not mention Man." Said Hazel.

"In the Owsla we have a saying 'who dare wins'." Said Bigwig hoping to change Hazel's mind.

"Everyone is exhausted and the little ones are really tired, we need our wits for a raid." Said Hazel pointing to the little one as they on the ground and quickly falls asleep.

"And we and the little one's need food, if we're going to get the high hills," Said Bigwig pointed out.

"Bigwig's right." Said Hawkbit as he agreed with Bigwig.

"That's a first father." Said Warmth while Frost laughs.

"If there's Flayrah, Thyme needs some and he needs some now." Said the yellow buck waving his paw up and down.

Hazel then turned his head to Bigwig.

"At least wait until it's dark." Said Hazel.

Bigwig then turned his head to the farm and then Hawklaw seeing how tired Hawklaw is, he then sighed.

"Alright, we'll wait." Said Bigwig as he lay down to his son.

"What about a story Dandelion?, it will help pass the time." Said/Asked Hazel.

"Oh yes please father/ 'Dandelion'." Said Thyme and Pipkin said at the same time.

"How about Frith's Blessing, sort of appropriate considering the running we've been doing." Said Dandelion as he cleared his throat and began his story:

"Long ago when Lord Frith made the world all the animals were the same. They lived together sharing the sweet grass of the hills. Now the greatest animal in the world were the rabbits and El-Ahrairah was the father and prince of all the rabbits and soon his people covered the world, eating some much there was none left for the other animals. Now Lord Frith saw this and was worried for the other animals. He turned the prince rabbit and said 'El-Ahrair you must control your people there are to many!' 'That is because you have made them the best in the world Lord Frith, I can't control them.' 'Then I will do it El-Ahrair ." Frith then summoned all the animals to his sun cave to grant them a gift making each one different from the rest. To the Fox to the Weasel he gave claws and teeth and desire to hunt and kill El-Ahrair and his people. When El-Ahrair heard about this, he knew Frith was angry at him and his people. He feared what Frith might do next and so when Frith came looking for him he tried to hid but Frith found him. 'El-Ahrair come here and I will give you my blessing.' 'I can't the fox and the weasel are coming for me so I must hide' But Frith shine upon him anyway 'Never again will your people covers the world El-Ahrair , for it is filled with enemies now, and when they catch you, they will kill you . But First they must catch you. Runner, Digger and Listener, be cunning and full of tricks and your people will never be destroyed.'"

"And here we are, So even if Sandleford Warren is gone, we are still here." Said Dandelion finishing the story.

"Well told Dandelion, we needed to here that story." Said Hazel as he was impressed with Dandelion's story telling skills.

Bigwig then looked at the farm again

"Right, let's be cunning and trick man out with some lettuce." Said/Yelled Bigwig.

Meanwhile on the farm a small brown mouse then came to the farm door looking for some food.

"Hello, Hannah!" Yelled a familiar voice which turns out to be Keehar and thus surprising Hannah.

"Give me a warning, next you drop from the sky." Said Hannah.

"What do you want now?" Asked Hannah wondering why Keehar came again.

"Fish, Keehar not good at catching fish in little water, Big Water far way." Said Keehar as he explained.

"We were lucky to get way from stealing the fat cat's fish last time, after this no more you silly bird, hush up." Said Hannah as she and Keehar walk through the door.

The rabbits then later got to a create full of vegetables.

"This must be all the Flayrah in the world, father." Said Hawklaw while holding an already bitten carrot.

"So who's going to miss a few carrots, eh son." Said Bigwig winking at him.

Hannah and Keehar managed to make to a cat's bowl full of fish on the ground but no cat about.

"Rotten cat somewhere else." Said Hannah after not seeing the cat.

"Come on." Said Hannah as Keehar walked to bowl and got a fish.

Keehar then failed a few time to pick up the fish but successfully managed to swallow it.

Keehar then turned to face Hannah who shrugged her shoulders but when Keehar turned his head again he saw a yellow cat with green eyes and jumped at Keehar while screeching.

Bigwig then heard a noise and stood up.

"There's a cat about." Said Bigwig standing protecting Hawklaw and also looking around.

"Let's not overstay our welcome then." Said Hazel as he and the ran toward the high hills but Pipkin stopped at the farm doors when he heard Keehar.

"Stinking Cat get away from Keehar!" Yelled Keehar.

Hannah ran outside and bumped into Pipkin.

"Rabbits, run for you live, cats got Keehar!" Yelled Hannah.

"Keehar? the gull?" Asked Pipkin wondering if it's the same Keehar.

Hazel and the others realized that Pipkin wasn't following them.

"Pipkin, no!" Said Hazel as he turned his head.

"Oh, that idiot young buck doesn't know when the running's good." Yelled Bigwig as he and the other ran toward Pipkin.

"Come on Cat!, I show how to fight!" Yelled Keehar as Pipkin and Hannah were watching from the doors.

"Get away from there Pipkin!" Yelled Hazel, getting Pipkin's attention.

Pipkin then pointed the door.

"It's Keehar, he's lost just like us, we got to help him." Said Pipkin.

Hawkbit then raised his ears.

"Against a cat?!" Said/Asked Hawkbit as he hummed.

Keehar was still facing against the cat.

"Won't be easy cat, Promise you that!" Said Keehar as he was flapping his wings.

The cat then screeched and scratched one of Keehar's wings.

Hazel, Bigwig and Hawkbit were watching from behind from a bunch sacks.

One of the rabbits pushed the pots and landed on the cat.

"Come on, Keehar." Said Hannah.

Keehar managed to grab another one of the fish from the cat's bowl before leaving.

Hazel, Bigwig and Hawkbit managed to escape through the door.

The cat didn't bother chasing after them, but instead ate one of the fish from her bowl.

The rabbits, Keehar and Hannah managed to escape by using the front gate.

Everyone was then exhausted and gasping for breath.

"Are badly hurt Keehar?" Asked Pipkin hoping his friend was alright.

"Not to bad." Said Keehar but as he released his wing he flinched.

"Maybe, flying to good for a while." Said Keehar.

"You won't last long in the open with a bad wing Keehar." Said Hannah.

"Then come with us, were going to the high hills over there, Fiver says it's safe there." Said Pipkin as he pointed at the high hills.

"Now hang on a minute." Said Bigwig as he looked at Keehar and Hannah

"He's a friend, Hazel, let him stay please." Said Pipkin with eye full of hope.

"We're all new comers here , we need to help each other, I think Keehar should come along with us." Said Hazel as everyone nodded.

"Right, let's get going." Said Bigwig as they continued their journey.

The rabbits, Keehar and Hannah then continued to walk to the high hills.

When they moon was up high and full, the rabbits, Keehar and Hannah finally reach the high hills.

"We going to have a little rest, no?" Asked Keehar.

"How far is it to the top Keehar?" Asked Hazel as he and Bigwig turned their heads to face Keehar.

"Not far if you fly, long way if you walk." Said Keehar.

Hazel and the others then walked their way to the top of the high hills and just like the sun came up.

"This is were will start again." Said Hazel as he and the others looked at the tree.

"Yes it's very good place." Said Keehar.

"It's called Watership Down." Said Hannah.

"Watership Down, home." Said Fiver as he repeated Hannah.

Everyone continued to watch the tree.