So this first chapter will be in first person point-of-view. If I should change it let me know. Oh and to all you peeps who think my story would be great if my OC would stay human. Well I got 4 words for you: It is my story. So R&R.

Forged Bonds

Chapter 1:

Turn of Events

when I next opened my eyes I closed them just as fast from the light. When I got used to the blinding light I looked at my surroundings. I was in what looked like a hospital room. Strange, very strange. It was whenI tried to move that I was engulfed in pain that threatened to make me pass out again. I was yelling. It felt like I was hit by a bus, I could rule that out because I was still alive. The pain subsided after 2 minutes, in that time I never noticed a blue vixen walk in to the room.

When I actually could think again I was startled by a caring voice that had a British accent to it, "Are you okay?" I looked around searching for the source of the voice, prompting another flash of searing pain. "Does it look like I'm okay because I... I'm a freaking wolf. I'M A WOLF?!" I screamed when my vision caught a mirror. The vixen looked into my eyes "My name is Krystal. I found you in our ship's storage room." I fainted after she said ship because my head hurt so much my body shut itself down.

...Krystal P.O.V...

What the heck is wrong with him... wait it can't be... An age old prophesy is about to unfold?

"Hey Krystal find out anything about our guest" I jumped as a voice projected over the speaker system. I reply uneasily. "No he has not woken from his sleep yet, Fox." Fox replied "Okay, make sure you get sleep Krys" and he cut the comm.

This boy looks no older then me, and he looks as if he was brought by magic... No the sacred ring of the wolven tribe. The prophesy states one will change all outcomes of the future, the one who will bring peace or destruction. The one who is brought by the mystical ring of the Cerinian wolves. His blue fur, white ears and tail, his muscular form... I mentally slapped myself. Krystal get back to what you were doing... but his fur is very unkempt. Thought to myself as I grabbed a brush and started to brush the lupine's fur, which was the same shade of blue as mine. "Strange"

… Jay's P.O.V...

As I was waking from my unconscious state I looked around again and my eyes landed on the vixen brushing the fur on my chest. "You said your name was Krystal right?" I asked when she was putting down the brush. She then turned to me and replied in an accented voice "Yes I did say my name was Krystal, but you never told me yours." I looked into her lush blue-green eyes and she froze "My name is Jay... Jay Slasher."

"Slasher? Hmmm honestly I've heard that before" an orange vulpine with a white stripe at the top of his head came in and literally scared me to the floor. And when I got up I fell back down in shock "HOLY FRICKEN SHIZNICKLE IT IS FRICKEN FOX MCCLOUD! MY FATHER WAS RIGHT ABOUT KNOWING THE JAMES MCCLOUD AND HIS SON!"

After Fox uncovered his ears he was very curious, "what do you mean? Your father?" I looked at him while he sat down "My father Colton Slasher. He died when I was eight. Every story, every detail, and his whole life in this system, I believed. Everyone thought he was crazy" I chuckled "but I didn't think he was, me being eight. I loved the man. Did you know him?" Fox thought for a moment and finally replied "He was there when my mother died, that was the only time I saw both that man and my father cry" Fox looked down his ears laid back "But Andross never gives up because the next week Colton disappears then when I'm 16 Andross kills my father, Well FUCK you Andross, you can go suck a dick. Also I've killed you twice asshole" Fox was fuming.

I on the other hand was crying because my father met the James McCloud. "Come to think about it the last thing my father did was give me this ring." when I held the ring up Fox was curious, but Krystal I noticed was thinking. "Hey Krystal are you okay?" She gave me an answer without looking at me, "Yes I am, but I have a feeling that you are a direct descendent of the Cerinian Wolf tribe. You are the last one. I on the other hand watched my whole race die." I was about to say something when a blue falcon walked in. It's Falco Lombardi, let's have some fun.

"Hello Falco" I said and he just went into ballistic. "Fox did you tell him my name?" I answered for Fox "Nope I already knew your name, Lombardi." Falco froze when a voice came over the speaker system "Hey Fox get up to the bridge, now. And bring Jay with you. Got it?" I was not surprised of the fact that Peppy Hare of all people knew me, he knew my father. "Got it Peppy." Fox said as he got up from his seat and walked to the door and turned around. "oh and Jay, welcome to Lylat" and went through the door followed by Falco.

I turned to Krystal "Any others I should know?" and I looked into her eyes, but then instead of her freezing we both froze. Eyes locking in curiousness.

"You two on your way?" Falco called. Krystal answered "we are on our way, Falco." She then turned to me "Lets go Jay. Follow me and watch your tail on the elevator."

"Okay Krystal I'll follow." I said standing up then nearly falling over. "Gah my legs feel like I never used them" Krystal then said "Well you have not used them for four days." Four days?

"Yes Jay, you have been out for four days." Krystal said acting as if she read my mind. "Did you-"

"Did I read your thoughts? Yes I did Jay because we come from a race of telepathic minded people." Krystal interrupted me. "Wait what?" I then asked as I could see a vision of younger versions of Krystal and I surrounded by lush jungles. "Krystal d-did you see that?" the vixen froze and I thought I caught a whisper from her. "Brother?"

"Wait your my sister?" I asked and she gave me a look that only a sibling would make. "and I guess as fate would agree we found each other" and we shared an embrace that was filled with tears of joy.


As we finally got up to the bridge Krystal and I were catching up on what each other has done in our 10 year absence from one another. Then as I was getting out of the elevator the damn elevator door closed... on my tail.

"AYE! OPENTHEDOOROPENTHEDOOROPENTHEDOOOOOOOOR!" I was yelling as Krystal was on the floor laughing. "I t-t-told you t-to watch you t-tail!" When the door finally opened I fell down and held my tail like it was about to fall off. Finally when I began to regain feeling in my tail a white collie walked over to me. I knew right away this was a female, not only from the way she walked, but how she held her hand out to me, kindness that I was never shown. I took her hand and she must have panicked because just when I got up I started falling forward, and landed on her.

Make it less embarrassing Jay. But I wasn't the only one showing a shade of red looking at her fur which was solid white except her cheeks which were red. As I was picking her up I tried breaking the ice. "Are you okay uh..." she then said her name "Fay Spaniel daughter of Kari Spaniel." Then an android looked at the two of us. "Sensors indicating sudden increase in Fay's temperature, are you alright Fay." that seemed like the breaking point for the rest of the people in the room because everyone started laughing, Fay was severely blushing, and then Fox said something to Krystal that my new high sensitive ears caught "That is the first thing that ROB asked me when you first got on the ship, remember?"

When the room finally, which felt like hours, fell silent ROB spoke again "General Pepper is on the comm line, Captain McCloud" Fox turned and pressed a button on the a control panel and a holographic picture of an anthro bulldog formed from a projector "Fox I believe you have a sto... oh hello and who might..." I interrupted him them and there "Jay Slasher sir." The general looked at me and it looked like he smiled "your father was a great man. Very skilled with a blade too. Also you look like him."

I looked away "So I have been told"

Then the bulldog changed the subject "Also you came at a good time, because it is the best time of year..." I finished his statement "Christmas?" This caused everyone to look at me "What? I remember my father's favorite time of year." The General shook his head "team your estate has been fully prepped for your arrival, I assume you are going to spend time with your mother, Fay?" The collie nodded "Yes and my mother would be happy to let Jay have the guest bedroom" I was shocked that Fay had already taken a liking to me... "Whaaaaa?" She silenced me "Wasn't asking. And sir I want my mother to have a surprise this time so..."

"Yeah silence or get yelled at" The general sighed in defeat. "And Fox, keep Jay's appearance disclosed until he wants his identity released to the system." Fox agreed with this. "Thanks general" The general saluted "Pepper out" and the holo-projector shut off.

Fox turned to the rest of us "Team I want all of you to be ready for the media also Jay... make sure no one notices you..." I questioned him "How the heck are you expecting me a blue-furred wolf to not get noticed? I want these people to notice me, but there is the safety of Fay and her mother if I'm exposed and there... Gah my head!" I fall to my knees holding my head. My vision blurs as my mind feels as if it were being stretched, then I start to hear things that I can't make out. Then my vision starts to refocus and I hear Krystal tell me not to fight the pain. "Jay, don't fight it, let your mind view others"

"H-How... W-what is h-happening t-to me?" I was panicking while Krystal kept calming me "Jay, your mind is reacting to your sixth sense. Let your mind wander, and focus on me and only me" I looked at her and my mind started to push through her mental barriers, which caused the pain to lessen. Jay? Your mind is reacting naturally to your telepathic sense. Now that I know you can somewhat control it I can help you make your control stronger, but try to stop reading my thoughts. I tried doing so and blacked out.

When I woke up in the med-bay I noticed Fay next to me. I was able to think to myself about what happened. Fay spoke "we are on Corneria. I called my mother after the others left. Let me help you up." I was already trying to stand up. When I got out of the bed she started to trip. Instinctively I pulled her upright causing me to lose balance making me fall to the floor. As I was falling I pulled Fay down with me, and when she landed on me our muzzles connected in an awkward kiss. We shared looks of surprise as we pushed away from one another.

"Are you alright Jay?" She asked me "I-I just m-met you, b-but I am already in love with..." she silenced me with a finger "My mother will kill me, but she can't keep me from love." And then she kissed me again, this time it was a less awkward one. After awhile she stopped.

"You will get more, later" Fay said with a smile. "Dang, we were just getting started too" I said as I helped her up. Then I mentally slapped myself. "Sorry for asking but... How old are you?" She looked slightly annoyed "16. and you?" we were headed out to the hanger when I stopped. "16. also do you think your mother would like me?" Fay giggled "Your a curious one. If my mother found out about what happened she would consider shooting you" I fell silent for awhile feeling a familiar presence.

After about 15 minutes a blue hover car pulled into the hanger. It looked like an SUV, but hovering. Then the door opened as a gray collie got out and walked over to us and gave Fay a hug. "Welcome home Fay" She then lowered her voice which I caught what she said anyway. "I like how you never tell me you have a boyfriend." Fay instantly turned red "MOM STOP IT" Her mother turned to me and held her paw out "I'm Kari" I took her paw and shook it "Jay Slasher"

As we were on our way to the Team's estate I said what I have done in my past, and I learned a lot about Fay from her mother.

"Fay has always been shy around boys. It looks like she has not gotten around that." Fay instantly shot back "Says the one who refuses to get a boyfriend." her mother looked at her for a moment "Well I raised you fine on my own, dear. Also I think men have... issues" I thought about my father, "My dad said he wished he had raised me in a mother's care" After I said this no one said another word.

Twenty minuets later we get to the team's estate we get out of the car and walk up to the door and Fay walks right in. "Hey, Fay shouldn't we kno-" Fay made me stop with a glare. "I know what I'm doing." I never knew a sweet girl would become so hostile. As I followed Kari and Fay into the estate I started to smell... food. Holy crap that was an understatement. Even father could never make this much food.

"Well Jay welcome to the home of Star Fox." Kari said as she shook her head. When we got to the kitchen we were greeted with food... lots of it, and the cook... not Krystal. "Falco? You cook?" I jaw dropped.

"Yeah, so what?" Falco asked as he put a casserole into an oven. "You never looked like you cook..." he just shrugged, "What happens when you have a mother who likes to cook" True that...

… Meanwhile at an undisclosed location on Papletoon...

Three cloaked figures walked silently through a small facility. one held a posture that was seen as a higher up would keep. She was the first to talk.

"You know your job, get the ring and kill the rest of them, but the blue bitch is brought to me, also keep Fox alive" she continued. "I have made arrangements to get you on the team, don't blow it. You have two days to pack." the other two nodded. "Good" after the two left the figure pulled out a remote detonator. "My master's revenge will prevail!" and pressed it.

-Back With Jay-

When we finally sat down to eat Krystal, who was next to me, decided to put me to the test. She started communicated with me via her mind.

So how are you and Fay doing? Kiss her yet? She asked me. My response was my entire face going red... well purple because of my blue fur. You did... you two are perfect for one another.

"Jay you alright" Fay asked as my ear started twitching. "Does anyone else hear a faint ticking?" I asked unsure until the ticking stopped. "Everyone outside NOW!" I yelled but then the a large explosion threw everyone out of their seats and a piece of debris hit me and knocked me unconscious... again.