A: Alcohol

Jason knocked and knocked and finally she answered. He noticed the bottles of Alcohol that littered the room of the Palace Hotel and he took a deep breath. "How much have you had to drink tonight?" Jason asked as he walked in and shut the door.

"Not enough to dull the pain or make me forget that my Aunt Kiki sold everything that my parents left me. I have nothing left of them Jason," Marty said as she picked up the bottle of Vodka and took a swig.

"That's not going to help."

"It will eventually make me feel good if only for a little while."

"You don't need the alcohol to make you feel good, I can take away your pain and make you feel good," Jason said as he pulled Marty into a kiss.

"What are you doing?" Marty asked.

"I'm not going to hurt you or kill you like that alcohol will, but I can take away your pain and replace it with pleasure," Jason said as he wrapped his arms around Marty.

"Are you sure? I don't want to use you."

"You're not. I love you Marty and there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you. Let me make love to you."

"I love you too Jace," Marty said as she lifted her shirt up over her head.

Jason picked her up and carried her to her bed. He helped her remove the remainder of her clothes as he kissed and sucked on her neck.

He removed his jeans and boxers and laid down next to her on the bed. He didn't want to hurt her so he inserted his finger into her hole as he sucked on her breasts until she was wet with excitement.

"I want you...I need to fill you inside of me," Marty stated.

Jason laid on top of her and slowly inserted his penis into her. He thrusted harder and harder until she reached her orgasm. He wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could so he let her hit orgasm after orgasm until he couldn't take any more and he hit his own orgasmic high.

After he was done he rolled off of her and walked away.

"Where are you going?" Marty asked as she tried to keep her tears at bay.

"I'm just going to turn out the lights so that we can get some sleep."

He turned off the lights and then headed back to her bed. "I love you Marty and I promise that I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be here for you as long as you need me," Jason whispered as he took her in his arms and held her until she fell asleep.


B: Bedtime Story

Victor laid down by Marty's side. He placed his hand over her stomach and could fill the life that they had created together.

"She's restless tonight...she just can't seem to get comfortable no matter how much she moves inside of me," Marty stated.

"Hey little one...if I tell you a story will you go to sleep and stop kicking your mother?"

"Don't you think that it's a little too soon for bedtime stories."

"Shhhh, I'm talking to my little girl, besides it's never too soon for a really good bedtime story. There was an evil witch Irene who cast a spell on her son prince Victor and made him forget who he was and where he had come from. The evil witch Irene imprisoned prince Todd and tricked Prince Victor into taking his place. Irene had cast a very dark spell that made Prince Victor do bad things. He hurt a lot of people for a lot of years until he met Princess Margaret," Victor stated then he kissed Marty on the lips.

"Princess Margaret was the only one who saw the good in him and she had convinced Prince Victor that he could be good if he believed in himself. One night Princess Margaret came to her prince wearing a black dress. She looked so beautiful and the prince wanted to show his princess how much he loved her." Victor paused his story for long enough to help Marty remove her clothes. He removed his clothes and laid down.

Marty climbed on top of Victor as he began to massage her tender breasts. Marty could feel the tip of his penis next to her Vagina and she grew wet at the anticipation of making love.

"When a man and a woman love each other they combine their souls and their body's to become one. One night Prince Victor and Princess Margaret became one and the love that they shared was very powerful" Victor stated as he guided his penis into Marty's wet enticing hole.

She bucked her hips and he could feel her walls closing in around his cock as they released their cum in an intense orgasm

"Princess Margaret and Prince Victor's love broke the spell that the Evil witch had cast. Princess Margaret's love helped Victor remember who he really was and their love created a child. That's how you were created my sweet little princess," Victor stated as he lifted his head to kiss Marty's stomach. Goodnight my sweet little princess."

"I love your bedtime stories," Marty stated as she laid her head against Victor.

"I love you Princess Margaret," Victor stated.

"I love you too Victor. Thank you for giving me our little princess," Marty stated as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.