Stage 12

Mother Base, dawn, between 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM

4 hours have passed since the end of the invasion. The ruins caused by said invasion was cleaned by the crew and staff members of MSF. Many Britannian weapons, equipments, Knightmares, armored vehicles, tanks and aircrafts were salvaged to be used in either for combat or for experiments.

The Avalon was repaired by the R&D members for the Britannians to return to their homeland. It was repaired surprisingly in 1 hour, although they were feeling strange that they have to repair the enemy airship. Their curiosity was answered by Big Boss, who said that he is doing this as a proof that MSF is not a warmongering nation and that all fights they have done are only business. But this didn't stop him from allowing them to hack the Avalon system and steal every data and content for their own use.

Once it was repaired the Avalon, the Britannian prisoners, the surviving Knights of Rounds: Nonette and Monica, along with Schneizel and his staff members, boarded the airship and left Mother Base with a warning that Big Boss gave them before; never invade again or they will face the consequences.

The injured MSF soldiers have been treated by the medical staff members and were left to recover.

Big Boss received the accounts from his staff members of the casualties. MSF lost 90 members, including some from The Forgotten Knights and the Werewolf Corps, while the Britannians lost ¾ of their soldiers.

At this moment, the whole Mother Base was holding a ceremony for the fallen MSF soldiers outside of the main strut.

Every known member was there: Miller, Ocelot, Hideo, Alligator, Amanda, Chico, Cécile, Gregory, Adalhelm, Eliza, Viktor and several MSF officers.

Big Boss stood in front of them, with the cameras focused on him and broadcasting it through Mother Base.

"My fellow soldiers and comrades, you all fought well during the invasion orchestrated by Britannia. They came here to take away everything that was meaningful for us in Mother Base. All of you managed to hold them and fight back. We won this battle, but at a cost." Big Boss made way to show a medium sized rectangular like monument.

"All these soldiers written on this monument gave their lives to defend their home. They fought with valor, and the dignity of giving their lives in defending their home from those who wish to seek our destruction."

Then Big Boss raised his right hand and did a salute.

"These soldiers deserves to be remembered and not to be forgotten"

Start the ost "Sadness" from One Punch Man

All the MSF soldiers, officers and long time members saluted. The Forgotten Knights and The Vikings of the North stood with sword on hands and lowered their heads in respect like the medieval knights. The Werewolf corps and The Brotherhood of Iron and Steel saluted since they are raised as soldiers.

Miller assisted the memorial without his signature sunglasses. He didn't want to feel disrespectful for the fallen soldiers that fought for Mother Base.

Ocelot wasn't strange to death; he lived through his whole life in the battlefield and always witnessed the death of soldiers and comrades of his Ocelot Unit.

Hideo had a sad look. He wished that there were only peace and no violence. Though he became a soldier and joined MSF, he wanted to use his knowledge to prevent conflict.

Alligator recognized all his friends amongst the fallen. Small tears slowly poured from his eyes as he saluted at the monument. He could remember the time he spent with them, all the joy and friendship they shared since they joined MSF.

Amanda kept a firm position to show that even though your friends are gone; you must not give up and live on for their sake.

Chico had his hat on his left hand while he saluted with his right hand. This made him remember that conversation he had with Big Boss when he was captured in the banana factory back in Nicaragua.

Cecile was crying a little. She was no soldier so she couldn't resist this kind of stuffs.

Gregory prayed as he is a religious man.

Adalhelm kept a firm stance while saluting at them. He may not show it, but he was sad from the inside.

Eliza and Zangief may not have lost any soldiers, but they respected the fallen soldiers who sacrificed for their home.

Big Boss stared at the monument, a sad frown as he decided that he will try to prevent fewer deaths as possible. Of course there will always be casualties, but he wants to try.

End of the ost

And with that, everyone went back to do their work on repairing Mother Base.

5 days later, In Ashford Academy

Inside a classroom, Lelouch sat on a chair and was on his thoughts about the result of the invasion. He was amazed and surprised that Militaire Sans Frontieres was able to resist, defeat 3 Knights of the Round and most importantly, defeat Schneizel, who was considered to be an unbeatable adversary, he wasn't even been able to win against him in chess, so this came to a surprise when Schneizel was beaten by a "bunch of terrorist, extremists and pirates" from the point of view of Britannian nobles.

This result gave him good and bad things

The good thing was that, with the defeat of Britannia, their economy and military strength decreased. It would most likely recall a 50 percent of Britannian soldiers from the Areas to return to their homeland to replenish their military strength, but only enough to defend Britannia or hold any attempt of rebellion. This was good for him since there will be less Britannian soldiers to fight in Area 11 and more time for him to do any planning.

The bad thing was that he lost the opportunity to interrogate Schneizel in Mother Base. He was irritated that he couldn't do anything to get there and use his Geass on him. If he had helped Big Boss by assisting him, he would have interrogated Schneizel and get his answers.

Lelouch mentally sighed. There was nothing else to do. What happened, happened and he had to move on.

"Come on Lelouch, quit moving your face!" Suddenly spoke Rivalz in annoyance.

Lelouch was brought out of his thoughts as he remembered that he was being used as a model for the art class.

"O-oh, sorry" Lelouch apologized as he resumed the pose.

"No! Your sight line was lower" Corrected Rivalz.

"Like this?" Asked Lelouch as he lowered his head.

"Too far! Higher!" Said again RIvalz.

"Like this?" Asked again Lelouch as he raised his head.

"Oh ! Now your expression's totally different from when we started!" Complained Rivalz as he went to readjust Lelouch's pose.

"it was like this….like this….like this… There!" Rivalz finished with a smirk. Which turns out that the pose was completely different. This caused most of the girls in the class complain at Rivalz.

During the discussion, Nina entered with her sketch book. She sat on a chair next to Shirley and asked her.

"Don't we have math for first period?"

"It's Art Week. Remember how Prince Clovis declared it?" Replied Shirley with a smile.

"Oh, I see" Said Nina as she opened her sketch book and was about to draw.

She stopped when she felt that someone was watching her. She looked around and saw at the entrance the teacher Vanessa Marshall, leaning on the door as she stared at her with a seductive smile.

Nina started to blush. She got even redder when the teacher flew a kiss, which caused her to quickly advert her eyes and concentrate at the drawing.

Huey and Strangelove continued working in the school as teachers while analyzing at these young boys and girls.

During the first day after the invasion, they sent messages to Big Boss about what has happened. Big Boss told them what has transpired: the loss of many MSF soldiers, new mercenary companies and recovery off huge amounts of Britannian equipments, as well as the data of the Avalon.

These reports pleased Huey and Strangelove, but they were also sad about the deceased soldiers.

Huey worked on his project of making an exoskeleton legs that can allow people who had leg injuries or crippled, to walk. He had it 50% done and it was expected to be finished in a week.

As for Strangelove, she inspected and analyzed all the boys and girls. She found out nearly all these kids are smart, but the ones who outstand them all are Lelouch Lamperouge, Kallen Stadfield, Kururugi Suzaku and Nina Eisntein. Though the first 2 are sometimes absent for whatever reason, they are able to keep up their good grades.

And in her free time….Well, let's say they she went a little bit far with "getting closer" to the students.

Meanwhile in lelouch's room. C.C was lying down on his bed, wondering what has happened to Mao. Ever since that Geass user interfered with his plan, there hasn't been any words from Mao.

"If you are wondering why Mao hasn't appeared yet, you won't have to about him anymore" Suddenly a voice spoke.

C.C quickly looked to her right in surprise to see the supposed Geass user, Veg Linxing. Sitting on a chair.

"I must say, you are one of the few people who managed to pull surprises on me" Said C.C with a slight surprise tone.

Veg chuckled softly "That is what I do"

"What have you done with Mao? Asked C.C with a frown.

"It may have looked like I did damage on him, but i wasn't the one who finished the job" Replied Veg.

"Tell me already, what happened?" Almost demanded C.C.

"Mao is dead, Big Boss shot him, finishing him up for good" This revelation caused C.C to look at him in shock.

"Mao is dead?" Asked C.C with a sad tone.

Veg nodded "I know that you two were once close. But you of all people knows that he lost his mind when he lost control of his Geass."

"What? How do you…?" But C.C was interrupted by him raising his hand.

"All in due time, C.C., for now I must deliver you something that may find it interesting."

"You may want to know that the prime minister of Japan, the minister Kururugi, didn't commit suicide"

C.C felt interested when he talked about this. It was about Lelouch's frined, Suzaku. So decided to play along and leave her questions for another time. "If he didn't commit suicide, then what happened?"

"He was killed…By his son, Suzaku"

This revelation caused C.C to be surprised.


"That is right, it was a lie this whole time"

"Why are you telling me this?" Asked C.C curiously.

"I thought that your partner Lelouch would like to know about his friend's unspoken secret. But it's up to you if you want to tell him"

C.C lowered her head in wonder if she should tell him or not about this.

"You might want to think quickly…. Ragnarok is half complete" This words made C.C to quickly raise her head in shock and disbelief.

She turned her head to question him, but he was gone, disappeared, as if he as never been there in the beginning.

"Just what is going on here?" Said in shock C.C.


In Mother Base

After 5 days of reconstruction, Mother Base was once again rebuilt and stronger than before. All the damages were fixed and there were additionally extra ports on the hangars in order to house all the Vikings of the North battleships and cruisers.

Big Boss was ready to go back to Japan to continue the assistance with the Black Knights.

Before he departed, he was remembering the reports he received from his staffs in the command center.

There were reports about Britannia testing weapons on the Africa continent, which once belonged to Europia United. Even though the war of Britannia with Europia changed drastically, resulting Europia recovering many territories lost to Britannia, all Africa was still under Britannia's control.

Another report was about the princess Euphemia. During the hacking of the Avalon, they got information that she is in Japan for a ceremony, a Knighting Ceremony to choose a knight as her protector. Big Boss thought about what to do about it, and then he got an idea. He might regret it; but "he" was the best choice for this operation. The plan was to plant a mole in the Britannian army by showing off his combat skills to the princess and have him selected as her knight. He decided to choose "him" because he is the most loyal amongst his soldiers and he knows that whatever happens, he will not betray his him.

There was another report that caught his attention, and it was the possibility of forming a second base, although not as big as Mother Base, in Australia. Australia is basically the only country not forming part of any superpower and is pretty neutral with all of them. He didn't like the idea of transforming a neutral country into his second base, but if anything happens to Mother Base, there would be at least a secret place for his soldiers to hide.

The last reports were the most interesting; it was about a new member and 2 additions for Mother Base….


We see Big Boss walked through a hallway after finishing an inspection, until someone called him.

"Boss!" Called Ocelot as he approached him.

"What is it, Ocelot? Asked Big Boss as he kept walking. Ocelot walked next to him with 2 folders in his hands.

"I've got some interesting profiles you will surely like" Said Ocelot with enthusiasm.

"Go on" Said Big Boss. Ocelot smirked as he opened the first one

"The first one we have here is someone who will greatly useful in the R&D facility. He is very skilled on technology and machinery. So skilled; it would put Huey in shame"

This caused Big Boss to sigh humorously.

"I find that hard to believe, Huey is the best engineer we got"

"Well, this guy claims that he has huge knowledge of the earliest designs of the Knightmare Frames. He also said that he knows how Zeke and the Ai weapon works without even showing him. His name is Yoshiyuki Tomino, a 50 year old man from Japan" Ocelot showed him a picture of this man.

And close enough, he was really Japanese. He was wearing a scientist outfit with a pair of glasses , a pair of black gloves and he was bald.

"Sounds promising" Commented Big Boss. "Who else?"

Ocelot closed the folder and opened another one.

"This will surprise you, it's about a mercenary faction"

Big Boss raised an eyebrow curiously.

"You sure? During the time we spent in this world, we found out that there were no mercenaries. And now all of a sudden, several are starting to pop out" Said Big Boss in wonder.

"My guess is that these guys are very good at hiding" replied Ocelot.


"This mercenary faction is from the Chinese Federation, they specialize on demolition and at some degree stealth, and their leader are not one, but two." Said Ocelot with an amazed tone.

Ocelot showed Big Boss 2 profiles. Big Boss saw the first one.

It was a young blonde girl, like 17 years old. She has a heart sized head and with Asian features, she is fair skinned with big purple eyes and bright golden hair worn loose that fades to pale gold at the tips with a cowlick sticking out at the top. She wears a tan jacket that shows her lower stomach, with golden brown piping and short, puffy sleeves with black cuffs that feature two gold buttons. She also has big sized breasts, which was a little distracting. She has a pair of black pants and she wears brown boots. Oddly enough, this girl reminds him of Eva.

"Her name is Yang Xiao Lang. Roughly translated to "Little Light Wolf". She is an expert on hand to hand combat. Her main weapons are 2 shotguns that resembles the CAWs, but she sometimes she prefer close combat. She doesn't have Knightmares, but it's written that she can drive one pretty well. As for her personality, she is cheerful, energetic, bright, flippant, carefree, adventurous, social, confident and straightforward. Hmm, she looks to be the kind of person "who would teach someone how to swim by pushing them in the water". She also tends to lose her cool and get angry, especially if something happens to her hair." Explained Ocelot.

"And she likes to flirt… Hhmmm, doesn't she remind you of a certain blonde woman we know?" Asked Ocelot with a smirk. This made Big Boss to chuckle lightly, knowing who he was referring.

He flipped to the other profile and took a good look. "Who is this?"

It was another young girl but with wavy rose pink hair, her face shows confidence and maturity, but also notes some coldness. She has European features; she has pink lipstick on her lips, small nose and blue eyes. She wears a white coat, a pair of dark blue gloves, a brown mini skirt and a pair of large brown boots.

"She didn't put her name, all she wrote was "Lightning". It seems that she is the kind who only tells her true name to the people she trusts. As far as I can tell, she is the cold and calculated type, not much to say about it. Strangely, she is Yang's older sister and she loves her little sister very much, and due to their different features, they must be adopted siblings. This also shows that she is willing to do anything for Yang to stay safe. Huh, it didn't turn out like she expected since Yang is the one who started the mercenary faction "The Fire Dragons", making Yang the leader and Lightning, reluctantly, the second leader. Her main weapon is a sword, a sword that can switch into a gun. Pretty impressive if you ask me. AndLike her sister, she doesn't have a Knightmare, but knows how to drive one." Finished Ocelot.

Big Boss was kind of pleased with this faction, although Lightning might prove to be someone difficult to deal with.

"What made them want to join?" Big Boss asked.

"They were going to join us before the invasion, but they were late. So they decided to wait for the outcome of the invasion. As it turned out, we won and this made them to want to definitely join us."

Big Boss nodded "Are they here?"

"They are currently on a mission of their own. I heard that Yang wants to give you some sort of present" Said Ocelot, causing Big Boss to wonder what this "present" is.

"There is another mercenary faction" Spoke Ocelot. Big Boss raised an eyebrow.

"We are having another one?"

"Yeah. In fact, they are already here" This surprised Big Boss.

"Are they clean?" Asked Big Boss, a little skeptical since he didn't want another invasion.

"Of course. We checked them and they are clean. This group also hates Britannia, so I don't think they would dare anything." Assured Ocelot. Big Boss nodded.

"Where are they?"

"On their way to the command center, with our soldiers escorting them" Said Ocelot.

"Let's go"

The two walked out of the command center. The two encountered 10 MSF soldiers escorting a group of 20 soldiers wearing military fatigue colored with desert tan and white.

"Boss! Here are the members that want to join us" Informed one of the MSF soldiers.

They stepped away and showed Big Boss the new mercenary faction.

There stood 2 young women; a light brown skinned woman with short and spiky with red hair, green eyes, with long nose and sharp face. She wears a standard Britannian pilot suit, except that it's black with red lining and the top half off revealing a blue bikini top. The other was a pale woman with long clean blonde hair, aqua blue eyes, small sized nosed with a beautiful face. She wears the same outfit as the other woman, except that it's a white suit with gold timings on her but the zipper is down to below the chest, a bit of cleavage, revealing her huge….assets. Both woman have a patch of a lion on top of a Knightmare roaring.

The other members also wear the standard Britannian pilot suit, but with desert tan color, there are some who also wears a green colored suit.

"The legendary soldier, Big Boss" Spoke the light brown skinned woman as she approached him. The two stared at each other, like two lions preparing to fight each other.

"That is me indeed" Spoke Big Boss not looking away from her. The woman let out a predatory smile as she raised her right hand and points her index finger on his chest.

This prompted the MSF soldiers to slowly raise their guns as they can feel a sense of aggression going on.

"You don't look so tough" She said with a daring tone. This caused the tension to increase more.

The blonde woman felt nervous as she slowly walked forward to reach the other woman.

"S-Shira! Don't be so rude with Big Boss! Are you forgetting that we-"She was interrupted when the woman known as Shira raised her right hand telling her to stop.

"I know Liz. We came here to join him. But I'm not sure if we made a mistake by coming here. All I see is an old man" Said Shira with a slight aggressive tone.

This caused the MSF soldiers get angry as one of them decided to retort.

"Hey! Watch your tongue woman! Show some respect to our leader Big Boss, he has done deeds far greater than any man has ever….!" The soldier stopped when Big Boss raised his left hand to stop.

"So, you say that I'm not what you expected, that YOU don't want to join us because I don't reach your standards" Replied Big Boss not affected by her rude words from before.

"Yes" Replied Shira staring intently at him.

"How about I prove you wrong?" Said Big Boss with a calm tone.

She leaned forward and was close to his face.

"Is that a challenge?" Said Shira with a daring tone.

"You are damn right" Replied Big Boss.

They kept staring until Shira closed her eyes and sighed humorously. She leaned back and said.

"Not today. Today we are joining the great mercenary nation known as Outer Heaven" Said Shira with a grin.

Big Boss, Ocelot and the MSF soldiers were confused at the sudden change of mood.

The young woman, Liz, walked forward and she quickly bowed.

"Please forgive Shira's rudeness. She tends to be aggressive and brash when she meets new people" She apologized with a timid tone.

The MSF soldiers lowered their weapons now that all the tension is gone.

"So she was testing Big Boss, huh?" Spoke Ocelot.

"Yeah, I wanted to see how the so called "legendary soldier" would react when he meets a a rude and disrespectful woman "Replied Shira with a grin.

Starts the ost "Rebirth" from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Shira pointed herself with her right thumb and with a grin spoke.

"My name is Shira Maharaj, also known as the "Lioness"" then she pointed at the blond woman.

"And her name is Elizabeth Garner" Then she pointed back at herself.

"We are the founders of our mercenary group "Lions of the Kalahari"" She spread her left arm at the members of the Lions of the Kalahari.

"These men and women were once rebels that looked for the African continent freedom. They may look like normal pilots, but they are the best pilots, including myself and my Liz here" She said as she put her arm on Elizabeth's shoulder.

"Our specialty is the air force as you can notice with our outfits. Knightmares we can pilot, but aircrafts makes them puny. All the Britannian Knightmares that we destroyed was because of our skills in air combat."

She walked closer and stood in front of Big Boss.

"You and your soldiers display during the invasion earned my respect and admiration, and also replenished my hope on getting a new place that I can call home."

Shira stared at Big Boss with a smile.

"This is out of my character, but I, Shira Maharaj, would like to pledge my allegiance to you, as well as all of our soldiers" Shira extended her right hand to Big Boss.

Big Boss let out a small smirk and shook her hand.

"Glad to hear that you want to join us. Outer Heaven is the home for free soldiers. You and your comrades are more than welcome" Said Big Boss.

Shira, Elizabeth and the pilots were feeling very happy at being accepted to MSF.

All the mercenaries of the Lions of the Kalahari cheered. Elizabeth hugged Shira tight.

"We did it Shira! We finally did it!"

Shira caressed her head" Yes, we did"

Then she turned to Big Boss.

"There is another matter that I would like to talk"

Big Boss raised an eyebrow."What is it that you want to discuss?"

"I've got some information that you may be interested to hear, but I will need your help" Said Shira with a serious tone.

"What is it?" Asked Ocelot as he joined in.

"Have you ever heard of Britannia's testing weapons in Africa?"

"We have reports of Britannia testing their weapons in Africa, but our intels in Africa are low" Said Ocelot.

"We can assure that there are testing's in Africa. We encountered several equipments and weapons that are causing extreme damage to the people in Africa." Said Elizabeth

"Even worse, there are experiments of a Knightmare that was never used in the battlefield before. It was the same Knightmare that killed our families and friends" Added Shira, which caused her to grip her hands in anger, remembering that this Knightmare killed her family and friends.

"Seems that you had a history with this "Knightmare"" Commented Ocelot.

"Yeah, I don't know the name of this Knightmare, but I have come to known it as "The Metal Demon" Said Shira with an angering tone.

Big Boss closed his eyes for a moment, then he opened and he said.

"Do not worry, we will help you" Assured Big Boss. Shira and Elizabeth have not ever been so happy in their lives for this help.

"Thank you so much, Big Boss. We will do everything to repay your kindness" Said Elizabeth.

Big Boss nodded at them. He moved aside and motioned them to enter the command center.

"My second in command, Kazuhira Miller, will fetch you"

With that they entered the command center. Shira was about to enter the command center, but first she whispered at Big Boss.

"I'm still expecting that match" She said with a challenging grin.

Big Boss chuckled and said "I will look forward to it."

End of the ost


As Big Boss walked away, Shira, Elizabeth and her soldiers talked to Miller. She told him about herself, Elizabeth and the Lions of the Kalahari. Miller was pleased with this group, they are considered to be the best pilots in the world, and having them added in MSF would be great.

Miller gave them the locations to the barracks where they are going to live with other soldiers: MSF soldiers( which includes secretly former marines, US soldiers and from CIA) former Soviets affiliated to the KGB, soldiers from the Sandinista National Liberation Front, prisoners of war rescued by Big Boss, Forgotten Knights, Werewolf corps, Vikings of the North, Brotherhood of Iron and Steels and many former soldiers from this world (Britannians, Europians and Asians from the Chinese Federation)

And due to his habits, he tried to flirt with Elizabeth. Only to receive a terrifying glare from Shira, which it turns out, to his shock, that Elizabeth is Shira's wife, adopted sister and wife. With this, Miller understood it and decided not to pull this stunt on Elizabeth, finally making it all clear between Shira and Miller.

End of Flashback

Big Boss reached to the hangar and entered his personal helicopter transport.

"Good day, Big Boss" Morpho greeted him.

"Hello Morpho, is everything ready for us to depart?" Big Boss asked as he sat on the helicopter sit.

"We are ready sir" Said Morpho as he started to turn some switches from the helicopter and in a second, the helicopter hovered and started to depart.

Suddenly, Big Boss's radio started to ring. He turned it on and answered the call.

"Boss, you ready to go back to Japan?" Asked Miller.

"I'm on my way now, Kaz"

"Good to hear. Also, we received a small briefing from the Black Knights about our next involvement"

"Im listening"

"The Black Knights had some unexpected guests that asked for their help. It turns out that those guests were formerly the elite of the defunct Japanese Liberation Front, the Four Holy Swords" Briefed Miller.

"Hmm, interesting. What happened then?"

"The Four Holy Swords requested the Black Knights help to save their leader, Kyoshiro Tohdoh, who was captured by the Britannians and he is set to be executed at night"

"Oh, and this gets even more interesting. Guess who is going to be the executioner. Warrant officer Kururugi Suzaku, his old student. Originally it was going to be a random executioner, but the second princess and Viceroy, Cornelia, decided to have him execute his former master."

"Seems that Cornelia wants him to prove himself that his loyalty lies with Britannia and not Japan" Commented Big Boss. "Where is the location of the prison?"

"In the Britannian Prison of Area 11, close to the viceroy palace"

"The princess Euphemia is still in Japan, right? Acting as a judge for the best art of the Art Week"

"That is right. Speaking of which, is it now the chance to do that operation? We have the opportunity to make a little "show" for her and the nobles to see" Asked Miller.

Big Boss thought about what kind of factor would affect if there are any interference. One that would most likely happen is the appearance of the Lancelot since it always appear when the Black Knights are involved. After thinking for a moment, an idea came to his mind.

"Kaz, I have found a way to have our mole inside their system" Replied Big Boss.

"Ooooh yeah, that's the way, what is the plan?"

Area 11, Dawn, outside of the mobile base of the Black Knights

At this moment, the members of the Black Knights were preparing their equipments for the rescue operation. The Four Holy Swords were standing or sitting outside while watching at the Black Knights work.

"You sure it's a good idea to throw in with the Black Knights?" Asked one of the members of the Four Holy Sword, Asahina.

"Is there any other way to rescue col. Tohdoh?" Asked the female member, Chiba.

"Well, we could have asked for help from the mercenary nation Militarie Sans Frontieres" Commented the other member, Urabe.

Chiba made a small angry frown at that. "They are mercenaries. The second there's a problem; they will run away and desert us. I don't trust them"

"Don't be like that Chiba. They may be mercenaries, but they have never left a job undone" Said Asahina.

"The reason we didn't ask for their help, is because we don't have enough money to pay them. Beside the fact that they were invaded by Britannia not too long ago" Added the oldest member of the group, Senba.

"Yeah. The Black Knights are a promising resistance group that are willing to help anyone indiscriminately. And they are kinda related to Militaire Sans Frontiere due to the involvement of his leader, Big Boss" Said Urabe.

Chiba relaxed her face as she closed her eyes. "Still, I don't trust them."

"Look, just stuff'em in and close the lid already! Its almost time to move out!" Complained Tamaki at his friends who are preparing the Guren.

"Treat it with more care!" Spoke a female voice. They turned around to see a young light browned female scientist along with other 2 scientists. Once of them had a large case on the ground.

"It was a hundred times more delicate than you guys when I gave birth to it!" Said the female scientist with a demanding tone.

"Ah? Who the hell are you?" Asked rudely Tamaki.

"I'm it's mother!" replied the scientist.

"So, you made it" Suddenly spoke Zero, making his appearance, with Big Boss next to him. This time Big Boss was wearing his stealth suit (From Peace Walker).

"Are you Zero? It's a pleasure, I've heard all sorts of things about you"

"The pleasures mine, Rakshata. I used to read a lot about you on the net." Said Zero as he shook her hand

"About me?"

"The articles relating to medical cybernetics"

Rakshata sighed humorously and said "I hate talking about the past"

Then she turned her gaze and saw Big Boss.

"So you must be the famous Big Boss" Said Rakshata with interest. She stared at him from toe to head.

"I must say, you are quite handsome" Complimented Rakshata.

"I get that a lot" Replied Big Boss as he extended his hand and shook her hand.

"I have seen the battle in your base. That was a spectacle for my eyes, specially at your strange machines. How did you make them?" Asked Rakshata, interested on how he made them, specially the giant walking one.

"I met many scientist and engineers. Many are our best scientists in MSF and their chief is one of my friends" Replied Big Boss.

"Ooh, I would like to meet this man" Said Rakshata, feeling interested on meeting this man.

She turned her attention to Zero and said "Anyway, here" She showed him what it looks like, a pair of keys.

She opened the case to reveal pilot outfits. "A souvenir from Kyoto"

The Black Knights dre

"Um… is this really going to improve the linkage system?" Asked Kallen once she dressed the pilot outfit, which it was a red one.

"Of course not, it improves your life expectancy" She said with a smirk.

Big Boss used his radio to contact his forces and told his forces the execution of his plan.

1 hour later

Half an hour before Tohdoh execution, there were some events happening. The exchange of the executioner of Tohdoh, the ceremony of the best art work for the Art week, and the inevitable rescue operation.

Euphi was deciding which art is the winner, which in her heart; she likes the painting of the village, but the nobles wants to reject it and want her to pick the painting of the emperor Charles. After that, she will have to proclaim who of the list, which she was given by Cornelia, are going to be her knight.

In a room, Lloyd was doing paperwork while Cecile and Suzaku sat by his side. Suzaku was horrified that the one he was going to execute was his childhood master and instructor, Kyoshiro Tohdoh.

Then suddenly…


One of the outer walls of the prison exploded, startling all the guards and officers.

"What the?!" the officer inside the room with Lloy, Cecile and Suzaku said in shock.

"Oh, good! Something to end all this paperwork" Said Lloyd happily.

Back to the outer wall, a squadron of Sutherland was deployed to investigate, only to be greeted by bullets. From the flames, Knightmare SNAKE dashed in with the patriot on hand and the other hand with its combat knife, then behind it, the Japanese Knightmares, the Gekkas, dashed out with swords on hand.

In circumstances like this, it would have been better if Big Boss infiltrated the prison and rescued Tohdoh, but Zero explained him about how Tohdoh is an honorable man and he would rather die than betray his code. Zero also said that he would like to be the one who rescues him and make him join the Black Knights as he would like to have someone like him in his army.

Big Boss understood Zero's reasoning. Big Boss may or not, had plans to have this man to join his mercenary nation, but he wants his soldiers to decide for themselves and not to be forced. A man as honest as Tohdoh, would surely join the Black Knights in order to end conflicts. He had read a biography about Tohdoh's hate against conflicts. Taking this in mind, Tohdoh would never join MSF.

Back to the battle, SNAKE fired at the Sutherlands, destroying several. The Gekkas were slashing down other Sutherlands. Just then, one of the Sutherlands was about to shoot the Knightmare of Chiba. She noticed the Sutherland but there was no time since she was cutting down 4 Knightmares in front of her. Suddenly, bullets rained down on the Sutherlands. Chiba turned her head to see that the one who saved her was Big Boss.

She simply turned away and kept slashing at the Knightmares, she still doesn't trust him, but she was thankful for his help.

In the mobile base, the group was monitoring the situation.

Rakshata watched her Knightmares performance, she complained a little, but then her focus was on the Knightmare SNAKE. She was impressed by its performance. It looked like the Lancelot, but it's system was more or less changed to make it look different from the original.

With Euphi, she was on the process of deciding which pictures will be the winner.

In the prison, 10 minutes have passed and, according to that time, the next phase started. SNAKE dashed forward to the other part of the outer wall. It changed the patriot gun to a grenade launcher and fired at the wall, causing it to explode.

After the explosion, a truck belonging to the Black Knights entered and the Gekkas and Snake escorted it.

Close to the prison building, the Guren and Zero's Knightmare appeared. The truck stopped as it opened, revealing a samurai like Knightmare. Zero's Knightmare stopped in front of the Knightmare and the cockpit opened, revealing Tohdoh, free.

The Four Holy Swords arrived as they opened their cockpit to greet Tohdoh.

"Colonel!" Said happily Chiba.

"Welcome back, Tohdoh!" Greeted Asahina.

"You all have certainly worked hard for this" Said Tohdoh with a proud tone.

"That was nothing. The credit goes to the legendary soldier. He did most of the job and provided support for us" Said Senba as he looked at Big Boss's Knightmare.

Tohdoh trailed where Senba was staring and saw SNAKE. They both stared for a moment, until Tohdoh let out an approved nod and hopped into his Knightmare.

"Cooperate with Zero and Big Boss! Eliminate the remaining forces!" Commanded Tohdoh.

"HAI!" Everyone got ready to fight.

Suddenly a slash harken sound was heard as it flew straight to the group. But it was stopped by the Guren.

In front of them, the Lancelot dashed out, ready to fight.

"There they are. Zero, the Black Knights… and Big Boss" Suzaku glared at them.

"What is he doing here?" Said angrily Kallen at the Knightmare that has been thwarting the Black Knights plan.

"Well,well, the remaining problem has come here on his own" Said Lelouch pleased that he will eliminate the Lancelot once and for all.

Back with Euphi, she was still undecided on who to choose. But then, all the phones coming from the nobles started to ring, interrupting the event.

During the fight, the Lancelot started to fire its VARIS at the enemy, but they were all dodging it. The Gekkas started to attack with slashings, but the shield was able top stop their attacks.

"They are used to fighting!" Said Suzaku.

"My my! Aren't those new enemy models amazing? However , in hindsight, it certainly is lucky that the Lancelots trailer is our only means of transport, isn't it?" Commented Lloyd while watching the fight.

"In hindsight, that's because you spent our entire budget on the Lancelot itself" Replied Cecile.

"Is that it? The White Helmet that's given Zero such trouble?" Asked Rakshata as she stared at the Lancelot.

Meanwhile at the museum. The nobles,officers and Euphi watched the battle.

"That's crazy! It's one against eight!"

"Look! That one belongs to the legendary soldier Big Boss!"

"Lancelot will be able to defeat them! Including Big Boss!"

"Show them, White Knight!"

The nobles commented while Darlton was giving instructions to his officers

"That's right, send in everything we've got. Give Kururugi support. Have them report that were wiping out the terrorists" Whispered Darlton through his communicator.

Back to the fight, Lancelot kept fighting the saw that Guren, Zero and Big Boss are not fighting yet.

"Zero, do you have any data to give on this unit?" Asked Tohdoh.

"There is a chance, I want you to do as I say, though" Replied Lelouch.

"ZERO!" Suddenly screamed Kallen as she maneuvered her Guren to push Zero's Knightmare.

A bullet flying very fast hit the Guren's right arm, damaging it in the process.

The Guren fell to the ground with sparks emitting on its right arm.

"What?!" Said in surprise Lelouch and the other members.

"What? Who?" Questioned in surprise Suzaku as he, as well as the Holy swords and Tohdoh, looked at where the bullet came from.

On one of the outer walls, stood a Knightmare, a black Gloucester without cape with silver colored outlines stood there with a rifle like gun.

It jumped down from the wall and landed on the ground smoothly. Then it switched the rifle to a machine gun and opened fire at the Gekkas.

"A gloucester?!" Said in shock Urabe that the rifle was able to damage the Guren.

"Take it down!" Commanded Asahina as the four dashed straight to the Gloucester.

The black Gloucester withdrew its machine gun and activated the the close combat pincers, but instead of pincers, it was a pair of long sharp blades.

Chiba slashed horizontally, but it managed to block the attack. It surprised her that the blade of the Gekka was not able to cut it.

Then the black Gloucester started to display an amazing skill of fighting with dual blades as it started to slash and block at the Gekkas attacks.

Lelouch glared at the Gloucester. It was preventing him to destroy the Lancelot.

"Damn it! What is this Knightmare?!" Said in shock Asahina as he continued attacking, but he was unable to hit a blow on it.

Then the Gloucester managed to jump upward and then dash towards Lancelot's side.

"What are you doing?! This is dangerous, You must retreat and let me handle this!" Protested Suzaku, not wanting more soldiers to die.

The Gloucester just looked at him and then went into a combat stance..

Suzaku let out a sigh "Fine, but be careful. These pilots knows how to fight"

The Gekkas arrived and dashed circularly around the two Knightmares. The Black Gloucester and the Lancelot were back to back with each other.

"Who the hell is he? I have enough problems with the White Knightmare!" Though Angrily Lelouch.

"Ooooh, would you look at that Knightmare" Said with interest Lloyd.

"It's looks like it's a modified Gloucester" commented Cecile.

"Hmm, this Gloucester managed to damage my Guren" Said Rakshata curiously, although she was angry that her "baby" was hurt.

"Look at that Knightmare!"

"Who is that?!"

"It managed to damage one of the enemies powerful Knightmares!"

The nobles started to cheer the newcomer.

Euphi stared at the screen watching the two Knightmares fight against the Black Knights.

During the fight, the two Knightmares were slashing and blocking the Gekkas swords. Strangely, the two Knightmares fought well together and their movements were very coordinated, as if they have known each other before.

"Who is it? He fights just like me… As if we have the same mind" Thought with astonishment Suzaku.

The Black Gloucester then moved his hand to Suzaku as it was motioning a plan.

Sruprisingly, Suzaku understood his plan.

"Kallen?! Are you alright?!" Asked Zero as his Knightmare came to her side.

"Yeah, im fine. But the Guren's arm is damaged"

Meanwhile, the Lancelot used its swords and started to fight one of the Gekkas. As the Lancelot kept slashing at it, the black Gloucester drew out its rifle and aimed it at a ground. Then it shoot the ground, causing a small crack to appear. Then one of the Gekkas tripped against the crack, causing it to fall.

"WHAT?!" Said in Shock Asahina, not believing that a crack caused his Gekka to fall.

"Damn you!" Chiba roared with the sword ready.

The black Gloucester withdrew its rifle and activated the blades. It blocked the sword and then with the other blade it cut its left leg.

The Gekka fell on the ground and was unable to move

"Chiba!" Urabe shouted as he quickly went to her side and took her away. The other 2 Gekkas stopped their attack as they face the two Britannian Knightmares.

"Damn, just what kind of Knightmare is this? We had enough with the white one, now we must fight this one?" said in annoyance Senba.

"Hold it! I'll take care of it!" Spoke Tohdoh with his Knightmare ready to fight.

"I am too" Big Boss spoke too as he joined Tohdoh.

The 4 Knightmares faced at each other.

The black Gloucester made a motion with his hand to Suzaku that he will take care of Big Boss.

"Are you sure? He is the hardest one to take down" Said Suzaku with fear that whoever is driving this Knightmare may die.

The black Gloucester made a motion with its hand, indicating that he will be fine.

With that, the two fought their respective opponents.

The lancelot drew out the VARYS and fired at Tohdoh.

Lelouch started to think. This Knightmare fought almost like the white one, so one of his options was to eliminate one of the two. Sadly he knows nothing of the black Gloucester so the only thing left to do is destroy the white one.

Thankfully, Big Boss was there to fight the black Knightmare, so he will be able to execute his plan.

"All remaining units! Big Boss will keep the black one busy! We will attack the white one!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Take your distance from him!" Commanded Lelouch.

The 2 gekkas and Tohdohs Knightmare Zangetsu chased the Lancelot.

"It's movements have a particular pattern! Its initial attack is straight on! There is no way it's a feint! If that's dodged, move immediately to avoid the next attack. Read the movements data im transferring to you!" Instructed Lelouch as they did what he said.

After several dodges, it created the opening they needed.

"S-5-7!" Said Lelouch.

One of the Gekkas managed to sneak without noticing and attacked the Lancelot, managing to disable the VARYS.

"Then his next's action will be falling back to the rear! Coordinate: X-2-3!"

Zangetsu sneaked from behind where the Lancelot landed and delivered an horizontal slash. Lancelot managed to dodge, but it only hit the cockpit.

"He anticipated my triple thrust? Who are you?!" Questioned Tohdoh.

With a lot of force, the blade cut the cockpit horizontally, but only the upper part, which showed who was piloting the Lancelot. Which turned out that it was Suzaku.

"It can't be" Said in shock Lelouch at this revelation.

"Suzaku…is that you?!" Said Tohdoh in surprise.

Big Boss was able to see Suzaku in the Lancelot. He was a little surprised that it was this young man who piloted this Knightmare. He resumed his fighting with the black Gloucester which was a little bit difficult since he can dodge every attack in CQC.

Kallen was in disbelief that the pilot was her classmate this whole time. "No… I can't believe it!"

"Hey, isn't that?"

"Yeah, it's that Eleven!"

"That's Kururugi Suzaku!"

"The one accused of killing Prince Clovis?!"

"How could they let an Eleven pilot a Knightmare?!"

The nobles started to whisper in disgust that someone like him would be controlling a Knightmare.

"Kill the video! That is enough" Spoke Darlton.

"Wait please! I wish to see this to the end!" Suddenly said Euphi.

The Lancelot charged at Zangetsu and the two fought in a clash.

Tohdoh opened his cockpit to talk and soon they began to talk to each other.

Meanwhile with Big Boss, he kept fighting the black Gloucester with the combat knife; the black Gloucester retracted the blade and used the right arm to block two jumped backward at the same time and landed on a safe distance. The two charged at each other and then they started to have consecutive punches in CQC, but every punch they attempt to blow, they were all blocked.

If one who has mastery of CQC, he/she would have realized that the attacks or punches between Big Boss and the pilot are rather slow, instead of fighting fast to defeat the enemy.

The black Gloucester kicked the left leg of SNAKE and it caused it to fall on the ground.

"HUH!" Grunted Big Boss. He was about to maneuver SNAKE to get up, but the black Gloucester pinned him down with a blade close to the head.

Big Boss quickly aimed the slash harken and hit the head of the black Gloucester, this made it recoil and stumble back.

SNAKE quickly got up and went into combat stance.

"Stop! We have done enough!" Suddenly shouted Zero gaining everyone's attention.

"We have achieved our objective. Use escape route 3" Said Zero with a displeased tone.

"Withdraw at once!" Shouted again Zero.

Just at that moment, Britannian reinforcements arrived.

Big Boss was ready to retreat until he saw that the black Gloucester stood up and secretly, the head eyes blinked several times for 4 seconds.

Big Boss closed his eyes and then….. He smirked, knowing the meaning of the blinking.

With that, SNAKE retreated as the Black Knights released smokes through the whole area to retreat.

Suzaku stood on the Lancelot as he saw how they escaped.

Suddenly, the black Gloucester dashed and stopped next to him.

Suzaku turned his head to the Knightmare and said with a smile.

"Thank you very much for your assistance, if you had not arrived, I could have died. You have my gratitude" Said Suzaku.

The Gloucester cockpit opened revealing who the pilot is.

It was a man in his 30s, wearing a black Britannian military outfit, he had short black hair, a battle hardened face with medium sized nose and brown eyes.

"You are welcome, warrant officer Suzaku" Said the man nicely.

Suzaku stared at him in wonder.
"Is there something wrong?" Asked the man.

"For a Britannian pilot, you are treating me rather nicely" Said Suzaku with a surprised tone.

"Oh, of course I would. I'm ….different from the others" Said the man as he chuckled light.

Suzaku laughed softly and said "You are really a good pilot. It was as if you know me very well.

"Haha, yeah. We fought together rather well, as if we're a good team" The 2 laughed softly together.

"So, what is your name?" Asked Suzaku.

"My name is…. Ishmael Ahab, but most people call me "Alligator" " Said Ishmael as he extended his hand to Suzaku.

Suzaku shook his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you"

"They fought back the Black Knights and Big Boss?" Commented one of the nobles.

"Suzaku…Well done" Thought Euphi with relief. She turned her gaze at the man and she felt very happy that this man was treating Suzaku well.

"Damned traitors! Why won't they follow them!"

"it's because they are Eleven like him"

"And the other one is an Eleven sympathizer!"

"Of course! I thought that 2 against 4 were a little too much to be real!"

The nobles started to say negatively at the duo. This made Euphi make her decision.

"All of you!" Euphi called them, gaining their attention.

"I'll answer the question you asked me before. You wished to know who I'd decided on as my knight, correct?" The nobles stared at her with anticipation.

"Well, it's not a knight, but two Knights and they are standing right before you!" She proclaimed as she used her right hand to the screen showing Suzaku and Ishmael.

"Warrant Officer Kururugi Suzaku and the pilot Ishmael Ahab!"

This caused loud whispers from the noble.

"Excuse me, Princess Euphemia. You can't choose two soldiers as your knight. It is dictated that there should be only one!" Spoke Darlton.

"Yeah that is right!"

All the nobles started to protest.

"You are all wrong! The way I see it, these two fought together and supported each other, they showed bravery and skills of a true knight! These two fought as one, thus they acquired the right to be my knight! If that is not enough, then I will go as far as to change that rule that obliges me to only choose only one knight!" Finished Euphemia.

The nobles were shocked at this proclamation. Darlton was impressed and shocked that Euphemia would go this far. At the end she made her final decision and nothing will change her mind.

30 minutes later

Back in the Black Knight mobile base. Everyone was relaxing, except Zero who hasn't shown himself.

"Zero hasn't come out yet?" Asked Ohgi

"No I called him, but he wont answer" Replied Kallen

Then the two saw Big Boss walking to them.

"What is going on here?" Asked Big Boss.

"Well, Zero hasn't come out of his Knightmare since you all came back" replied Ohgi.

Suddenly Kallen heard a small laughter from her communicator.

"Kallen? Whats wrong?" Ohgi asked in wonder.

Big Boss also heard the laughter from his radio. The two stared at Zero's Knightmare, wondering what the hell was happening.

End of Stage 2

Side Story

While Big Boss was helping Zero with the rescue of Tohdoh. In another place, in Area 7 to be precise, an event is about to occur.

Area 7 is one of the most polluted areas since Britannia decided to turn it into a factory area. The aborigines of Area 7, formerly known as Hawaii, were suffering with sickness and their life style is a horrible sight to see. The only people who are not suffering this condition are the Britannian nobles, who are exploiting all its natural resources.

Though the invasion of MSF resulted in their defeat and the decrease of soldiers, there were still Britannian soldiers guarding all these industries and facilities.

This changed when a group appeared….

In a military Britannian facility, things were normal. The scientist and researchers worked normally, the soldiers guarded the outposts and were resting, even though there weren't many personals due to shortage of manpower.

At the entrance of the facility, a supply truck arrived as it stops in front of the toll.

One of the 6 Britannians guarding the entrance approached the truck and went to the window. He was astonished when he saw who was driving the truck.

It was a beautiful young girl dressed in a Britannian cargo uniform, a busty blonde girl with Asian features.

The Britannian whistled as he spoke "What do we have here?"

The girl stared at him for a second and then she smiled "I have come to deliver the daily supplies"

"Oooh, supplies?" He said as he checked his clipboard. After checking the papers, he found the date and time of resupplying.

He waved his hand to his companions to open the gate. Once the gate opened, the truck drove in, followed by 3 soldiers, including the one who greeted her. The gate closed when the truck passed.

After parking the truck, the blonde girl opened the door of the truck and got out. She walked in a seductive fashion and was slowly opening a lock on the trunk. The 3 soldiers stared at her butt with pervert looks.

After finishing unlocking the trunk, it started to open vertically. And just when it started to open. The same soldier who greeted her, started to walk forward until he was behind her.

"Alright, it's almost done, now I need to…..May I ask what you are doing?" The girl asked when the soldier patted her butt.

"You are a pretty girl, for a Chinese" Said the soldier with a pervert tone.

"Oooh? Really?" She turned around and stared at him and the other 2 soldiers who looked at her with lust.

"I wouldn't mind if you can "supply" us" said again the soldier.

She stared back at him. After a second, she let out a beautiful smile. "Is that so?"

The soldiers stared at her with a huge blush.

"How about a kiss? Before we get kinky here?" She said seductively.

The soldier in front of her was excited as he closed his eyes and was about to kiss her.

She did the same as their lips got closer.

Only to meet a fist on his face!

"UAAAAGHHHH!" The Britannian stumbled as he covered his injured face with his hands.

The other 2 were shocked as they quickly drew out their assault rifles and pointed at her.

"You little….! You are under arrest for assaulting a Britannian officer!" Shouted one of the soldiers. Luckily there weren't many guards inside the facility, so they didn't get too many attentions.

The Britannians didn't notice that once the truck opened, darts flew to their heads and they fell on the ground unconscious.

The soldier covering his face was able to open his eyes and saw the blonde girl approaching with a grin.

She stopped in front of him and said….

"I guess you are "surpplised " now, eh?" As she said that, a young woman with long pink hair approached him with a glare.

"Consider yourself dead for touching my sister!" She said angrily as she stabbed the soldier with a knife.

"Jeez sis, I could have handled him, you didn't need to be so overprotective" Said the blonde girl slightly annoyed.

"I knew you could, but my blood boils whenever I see these soldiers taking advantage of you" Said harshly the pink girl.

The blonde girl sighed humorously, she turned around to see her soldiers coming out from the trunk of the truck with weapons.

"Time to get rid of this annoying clothes" She said as she threw away the clothes she was wearing, revealing her signature outfit.

"Lets get the job done, Lightning" Said the blonde girl to the young woman now identified as Lightning.

Lightning closed his eyes, she sighed and then let out a small smile.

"Of course, Yang" The girl now known as Yang.

Yang grinned as she turned around to face the facility.

"Alright you big butted factory, prepare to be yanged by the "Thundering Sisters!"" Proclaimed Yang as she raised her right fist.

The members of The Fire Dragon mentally groaned on her leader's bad puns, but they didn't complain since that is her charm.

Starts the ost "Razormind" from Payday 2

Yang, Lightning and the other members of the Fire Dragons entered the facility through a building located next to the truck she parked.

Yang was the first one to enter as she peeked through the door. After not seeing any guards, she motioned Lightning and her soldiers to move in.

Lightning entered with a silence gun on her hands. She pointed her gun forward as she stealth walked. The other members followed her also with silence guns.

Yang closed the door and then followed them from behind and watched for any enemies from the rear.

They walked through a hall with their silence guns.

After reaching to a corner that leads to the left side of the hall. Lightning raised her hand and formed a fist as a sign to stop. She peaked through the corner and saw 3 guards talking to each other while guarding in front of them a big elevator. She opened her palm and made a motion with her hand indicating that there are 3 guards and that she will take care of it.

Lightning reached to her pocket and took out 2 coins. She peeked again through the corner to see the 3 guards still talking. She threw the 2 coins forward and it formed an arc, flew passing the guards.

*Metallic thud*

"Huh? What was that?" Said one of the guards. They turned their head to their left and walked to direction where the noise was heard.

Lightning stealth walked to the first guard looking at the other 2 guards. She put her left hand on the guard's mouth and she wrapped his neck with her right arm. Then she choked him with all her strength until he passed out.

One of the guards kneeled down to pick up what it was on the ground.

"These are coins"

"Why are there 2 coins? And who tossed them?" Asked one of them.

Suddenly they felt that something was wrong. They quickly turned around, to see a sword with electrical sparks close to them.

Lightning swung her sword horizontally to her left side and scratched the guard's abdomen as it released an electrical shock, paralyzing him in the process. Later she swung the sword vertically at the other guard. It hit him on the head causing him to pass out.

Lightning whistled at her soldiers to move out.

Yang and the soldiers quickly moved to the elevator. Lightning was the last one to get inside and hit to the top level of the facility.

Once they reached the top, the door of the elevator opened, revealing a huge room with a medium sized cylindrical container and a giant window. Inside it has a spherical purple crystal that functions as the main energy core of the facility.

"Alright boys, it is time to work" Yang said with a grin as they quickly moved to the container and proceeded to open it.

"Yang,you know what is going to happen if the core is taken out of its container" Warned Lightning.

"Of course I know, when that happens, we will be prepared for some action" Yang grinned as she punched her right fist against her palm.

After saying that, the core was taken out by the soldiers, causing it to set an alarm.

The room which had blue lights turned to red.

The alarm caused that the nearby guards to arrive with their weapons.

10 guards arrived with assault rifles on hand.

"FREEZE!" Yelled one of the guards.

"It's about time you guys showed up" Yang had an excited face as she drew out her main weapons, her shotguns Caws.

"Say hello to my little friends!" With that, Yang started to fire at the guards.

2 of the guards flew backward due to the sheer force of the shotgun.

The guards took cover and fired back.

Some of the Fire Dragons members retaliated with their guns. Lightning charged forward with her sword on hand.

The guards fired at Lightning, but this proved to be useless as she ran very fast and the bullets seem to just deflect every time it hits her white coat.

She started to slash at the guards. She went to a guard who was shooting at her. Lightning used part of her coat as her shield; she quickly changed her sword to gun mode and shoot at his shoulder, disabling him. Then she went another one who was holding a grenade. He threw it at her, however, Lightning hit it back like a baseball bat and it went straight to him.


Yang kept firing her dual shotguns at the other guards.


She continued firing her shotguns nonstop.

"WOOHOOO! TAKE THAT!" She shouted with excitement as adrenaline was coursing through her.

"Boss! We are done here! Let's go!" Shouted one of the mercenary soldiers as they blasted the window, allowing the winds from the outside to get in to the room.

"Aaaaw come on! Just 5 more minutes! Im having a BLAST here!" She complained as she continued her shooting.

"We are leaving now sister!" Lightning retorted back as she grabbed Yang's shirt from behind and pulled her.

"Uuugh, fine" She groaned. The mercenaries jumped off the window and activated their parachute. Thanks to the intel they got before the mission, the weather was windy, so when they activated their parachute, it allowed them to get away from the facility quickly.

The two sisters then ran to the window and made a leap of faith.

As the girls activated their parachute, Yang saw a truck with soldiers arriving to the entrance of the facility.

Yang grinned as an idea popped in her head.

She drew out one of her CAWs and aimed at the truck, she knew that shotguns are only good in short range, but that is all she needed because she wasn't aiming for that.

She fired a shot at the hood of the truck, which caused no damage. However, the shell that was fired was printed on the hood and it had a low beeping sound.



A massive explosion erupted at the entrance.

"HAH! Nailed it!" Shouted Yang with a satisfying grin.

End of the ost

10 minutes later, the whole Fire Dragons members stood on a hill which viewed the giant facility, with Yang and Lightning standing in front of them.

Yang had in her hand the purple crystal core.

"Time for the fireworks boys" Said Yang.

Suddenly, the top level of the facility exploded, causing the building to slowly crumble and fall apart.

"Isn't that beautiful sis?" Commented Yang to her sister Lightning.

Lightning closed her eyes and chuckled lightly. "Yeah"

Yang stared at the crystal with a pleasant face. "He will surely love this present"

"I hope he will, otherwise I will make him regret if he were to decline it" Threatened Lightning.

"Nah, I'm sure he will like it" Assured Yang.

"Well, our job here is done" Yang turned around and started to walk away.

"Are we finally going?" Asked Lightning.

"Yep, to our new home" Replied Yang happily as she played the crystal in her hands.

"And to meet the badass and sexy Big Boss" Yang giggled as she walked away with her sister and her soldiers while the facility was reduced to ashes.

End of side Story

And here im done with the chapter.

I know I said that I would be on a hiatus, but it seems that I had a small motivation so I decided to write the chapter.

As you can see, there are various references I made in this chapter, which it was fun to make and it kinda helped me with writer's block.

I want to thank Helghast Honor Guard and RabidArmenian for the ideas of the mercenary factions. RabidArmenian characters are references to Ace combat

I will also provide some back stories to the leaders of the mercenary factions in more side stories.

Now i will take serious the hiatus and rest. In 2 weeks my college will start, so there will be no time for writing.