A Limp Tale

Author's Note: This story was inspired by a review from Stoney Angel. We were talking about how affronted Sam would be over the LimpSam classification LOL.


"You know, you could have opened the door for me ya big Jerk," Sam informed his brother as he bent down to pick up three shopping bags he had placed on Bobby's porch when Dean had ignored his banging on the door in an attempt to get him to open it since his hands had been full at the time.

"Sorry, I didn't hear ya, Bitch," Dean returned, as he focused his eyes once more on the laptop sitting in front of him.

"Guess that means you found some good information on the Myling we'll soon be hunting then huh?" Sam queried as he began to pull some grocery items from one of the bags to place in the refrigerator as Bobby walked into the house, wiping his hand on an old grease rag.

"Huh? What? Oh…yeah, I did," Dean answered as he began to laugh at something that had caught his eye on the computer.

"What's got your funnybone so tickled, ya idjit?" Bobby asked, as he reached out accept the cold beer Sam was offering upon entering the kitchen area.

"Noth…nothing much," Dean replied, as he watched his brother begin to chug a mouthful of brew. "Just the fact that I never knew my brother was known for being a 'limp noodle'," Dean guffawed as he leaned back in his chair, nearly falling to the floor as he did so.

"Wha…what?" Sam spluttered out in offense as he nearly choked on the beer that had managed to come out through his nostrils somehow, causing a burning sensation that in turn made his eyes water.

"That's what it says here Dude," Dean informed his brother with glee as he spun the computer around and pointed to a story posted on the Supernatural Fanfiction page. "See, it says it right here….'Story contains LimpSam,'" Dean howled as he pointed to a story titled Fighting to Breathe on the fanfiction website that was written by someone named Sammygirl1963 no less.

"Sonuvabitch," Sam swore as he leaned in closer and did indeed see the words LimpSam. I'll have that twit know that I am no limp noodle. I can get it up just as easy as the next man."

"Yeah, well, you can't prove it by her," Dean snorted as he finally fell out of his chair laughing and just lay there on the floor.

"Hey Dean, I hate to inform ya man, but you seem to have a limp noodle problem yourself," Bobby chortled as he read further on down the author's page.

"What, you have got to be freaking kidding me," Dean replied in outrage, his laughter instantly subsiding at the insult to his manhood.

"Bobby's right Dean, seems you have a little problem getting se-se-se sexually aroused there yourself Bro," Sam stammered as he pointed out The Bridge Over Troubled Waters story before he himself bent over double from laughing.

"Stop laughing Dude, it ain't funny," Dean groused as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted. "That dimwit is making me look bad in front of the ladies."

"Aw, quit yer bellyaching you knucklehead. A little Viagra and you'll be good as new again," Bobby snorted before he burst out laughing at the affronted look on Dean's face.

"That's it, I am so out of here," Dean voiced as he grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and started for the door. "I am going to go find me some twins and show that witch just how virile I really am."

Slapping his hand on his leg in merriment as he watched Dean march out the door, Bobby looked at Sam and said, "Damn, but It is too much fun getting that boy riled up."

The End. Hope you enjoyed this small bit of fun I had at the boys' expense. But I just couldn't resist writing it.