Title:If Your Girl Only Knew

Author: SunflowersAndHoney (formerly ChinaTeaSunflowers)

Rating: M (what else?)

Summary: AU. Letty's alive with her memories. Dom's still with Elena. But that doesn't mean he can't still have fun with his ex. Twisted!Dotty. Really just an excuse to write a dirty one-shot.

A/N: This was a strange daydream that I had that came to fruition. Once I started typing, I couldn't stop. And the title is based off of a song by Aaliyah, though this isn't a songfic. (: All mistakes are mine. Enjoy.

"No me and Jesse picked up lunch yesterday. Make Dom and Letty do it." Vince huffed. He twisted the top of the oil barrel until it clicked.

"Why do we have to do it?" Letty demanded, pointing a monkey wrench at herself.

Shutting the hood of the car, Brian responded, "Because you two haven't done it since last week."

Dom forced down the urge to smirk.

Oh, if only Vince knew how true that statement was.

April, Toretto house, Tuesday, 2:34PM

"Letty." Dom groaned.

"Shut up." Letty panted. Her left hand left its place on the headboard and clamped around his mouth as she continued to ride him into oblivion.

She didn't want to hear his mouth; they had five more minutes to finish and grab a quick pizza to take back to the team before anyone at the garage became suspicious of their whereabouts.

Dom's hands held onto her waist as he encouraged her body's movements. Gritting his teeth, he tried his damndest to hold off until Letty came first. Their bodies were slicked in sweat, making it harder for him get a good grip on her hips. His left hand slid off and he used it to his advantage, squeezing her ass before smacking it hard.

"Fuck!" Letty yelled. As much as she despised herself in that moment, her body responded to his actions and it was just enough to send her over the edge. She tensed and her walls fluttered while her essence coated his shaft. He followed right behind her, her name on his lips.

Without waiting to catch her breath, or give Dom a chance to try to kiss or hold her, Letty slipped off of him and began to gather her clothes.

"Jesus, Letty."

Letty lifted her head from under the bed where her panties had miraculously wound up. Her hair whipped around her face at the sudden movement before she snapped, "What?"

"Just leave the money on the nighstand, why don't you?" He replied, icily.

A wry laugh from the brunette. "You'd know all about that wouldn't you?"

"Oh, for God's sake, Letty. I just made you come and you're bringing up the DR again?"

"You walked right into that one." She shrugged, a smug smirk gracing her Hispanic features. Dom narrowed his eyes and reflexively caught the work pants that she threw at him.

"Letty." He started, his voice softer this time. Letty slipped her tank top over her head and averted her eyes, knowing what was coming next.


"No what? You haven't even heard what I was going to say."

"Fine. Say your piece, Dom." Letty sighed as she pulled on her dark grey jeggings over her underwear.

"What happened to us? Why do we have to settle for these... lunchtime... quickies? Can we just try again?"

"No." Letty repeated.


"Elena." She spat out as if just the woman's name left a nasty taste in her mouth.

Dom sighed. "I can break up with her."

"It'd be weird. We all live together." The Latina told him, lacing up her Dr. Marten boots.

"We don't have to. We could get our own place. You and me." Dom finally stood, in all his naked glory to slip into his boxer shorts. Letty smiled smugly and turned away from him as she wrapped her hair into a bun.

The brunette snorted her laughter. "While I do enjoy having my own personal boy toy, I should probably remind you that Elena's pregnant, Dom."

And there it was. The god honest truth; the one thing that Dominic could not deny. He was having a child with another woman. A woman that wasn't Letty. Since his late teens, Dom always thought that Letty would be his future wife, the mother of his kids. But, here he was, loving one woman while being in love with another.

He loved Elena, sure. But Letty... well, she was his addiction.

He was the proverbial moth to her flame. The bee to her honey. And it made sense that he was addicted to her. She was the female version of him; with all her badassery and hotness. Just watching her walk into a room or drink a cold Corona made his dick hard. There was just no getting around the fact that he would always want her.

And if he had to, he'd break up with Elena. Of course he'd remain true to self and take care of his child. But Letty was his heart. He wanted her. He needed her. Though he knew he was being the man that his father had set out to make sure he'd never be, Dom couldn't help himself.

And Letty loved the power she held over him. He wanted her; mind, body and soul. The man made barely any attempt to hide that from her. When he was deep inside of her, learning every ending of every nerve in her body, Letty loved what they had, not caring who they were hurting. She even took pride in knowing that she could truly take Dom from Elena if she really wanted to. But then, afterwards, when all that was left was the afterglow of their primal sex, Letty hated herself.

What kind of woman had she become? Since when did she smile smugly when Dom had to come up with an excuse as to why he was washing the bed sheets for the third time that week?

The stolen moments that they managed were no longer enough for him and he knew, deep down, that they were no longer enough for the Latina either.

That's why she was lashing out. That's why she hated herself after their little trysts. But that was also why he needed those small fragments of time with her. Because Dom was beginning to believe that they were all he'd ever have with her.

Wednesday, Toretto house, 9:04PM

Laughter rang around the wooden picnic table where most of the team sat. Letty, however, had made herself comfortable on the steps leading to the back door of the house. She drained the remnants of her beer and looked up to the dark sky. The night was clear and the stars were vibrant.

Leaning back, Letty rested the weight of her upper body on her elbows and forearms, the empty beer bottle still in her grasp.

"There she is." Dom greeted.

Letty smiled; the first genuine smile he'd gotten from her since they returned from London.

"You hungry?"

A slight shrug of her left shoulder. "I had a little something."

Dom gave her a look.

"I'm good." She assured him.

"Listen, about our conversation yesterday.

Shaking her head once, Letty dismissed his worries, "Forget about it. I'm good."

"Letty, I-."

"I'm going to go away for a little while."


"What do you mean no?"

"I mean no." He hissed. They both looked over at the table of their friends and family to confirm that no one was eavesdropping. "I lost you once. I thought you were dead, Letty. I'm not losing you again."

"It's not your choice."

"It is. Don't think I handcuff you to something if I have to."

Letty raised an eyebrow, suggestively, effectively drawing a smile from Dom.

"Do you ever get enough?" He wondered aloud.

The Latina countered, "Do you?"

"Mm." Was all Dom responded.

"Hey, you two. Come play 'Never Have I Ever' with us." Mia interrupted.

Before Dom had the chance to get the last word, Letty stood up from the steps and made her way towards them.

Friday, DT's Auto Garage, Los Angeles, 1:19PM

"What's for lunch?" Brian asked.

"Chinese? Thai? Italian?" Mia suggested.

"Thai takeout sounds good. Am I drafting people or are their any volunteers?"

"I'll go." Dom and Letty said in unison. The two glanced at each other quickly.

Jesse's eyebrows furrowed. "Whatever, just get the grub."

Twenty minutes later, Dom was fucking Letty frantically in the backseat of his Daytona in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse.

"This is the last time." Letty panted.

"Shut up." Dom told her.

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