Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"Good-bye Edward. I'll miss you." I said as me, Rose and Alice got into the car heading to Las Vegas. My life was finally going right me and Edward are getting married in a couple weeks so Alice and Rose (Who has suddenly started to like me, I guess that she was warming up to the idea that I will be her family…) said they had to throw me a bachelorette party. But, not a normal one where you get some alcoholic drinks or do an extremely embarrassing experience; No, we are going to Las Vegas, which is about 20 hours away from the Greek God himself, Edward. I am properly just going to go there and read anyways, I don't know why I'm going. I will most likely just go to the hotel and read.

"Bella don't even think about it." Alice said, most likely seeing a vision of me in a corner reading. I sighed, well plan 'A' failed…

"Love, it will be fine." Edward chuckled. I stuck my tough out at him and he just chuckled more. I had an idea I kissed him so he would shut up, it worked very well. He shut up and I pulled away for oxygen and said "Love you, Bye." Then went into the car going to Sin City.

We finally got to the hotel, we stopped at a hotel and I ate. All together it took about a day. But we are here now and it's dark. Rose and Alice had to go hunting, so it's just me. I went to the room finding a note saying:

Bella, I left only a dress for you to go to the casino in. Don't even try going to bed, I'll do a completely embarrassing thing for you to do… *Evil Smirk* Go have fun. Beat a guy at poker like we taught you to. You can do it! I took you flats to so don't even think about it.

-Love Alice & Rose

Oh yes the private lessons…


"Rose do I really have to do this?" I questioned for the billionth time today.

She rolled her eyes with Alice. "Yes, if you're going to Vegas you need to know how to beet and distract a guy playing poker. So you need to know the rules and how to win…" Alice said.

I signed, I may be stubborn but I know she will win this one.


"Oh and Edward can't know about this" she said.

"Oka- wait what?! He doesn't know? And why can't I tell him?" I asked.

"Do you really think he would allow this? And Bella you need to let loose on this one. Be a bad girl." She said. I know Rose is trying to persuade me and to tell you the truth it's working...

"Fine." I agreed because I need to be bad, sometimes. I need that adrenalin rush, once and awhile…

***Flash-Back Over***

That's what happened, I had extreme Everything-in-Vegas-Lessons. Not just Poker, but everything. Rose was really surprised she said I was a natural. I, of coursed blushed at the complement.

Alice gave me a simple blue dress with wrinkles and a white belt.

I need to make this week memorable so I did my hair, curled it put it to the side of my head. With a simple touch of make-up. I think I looked amazing. And I don't say that about myself often…

I went down to go play at a table and said "Deal me in."

He looked at me surprised and said "Sure beautiful." I blushed at that comment and nodded; like I said I need the rush. But I'm not stupid enough to do 'it' I am engaged…

Damon's POV

Elena was happy with Stefan and I can't do anything about it so I decided it was time for me to make some mistakes. So the first place I thought of was Las Vegas, Sin City. Over populated, a few deaths go unnoticed, so why not? I need some fun anyways.

So, I am in Las Vegas when I smell this delicious sent. Like strawberries. Absolutely mouthwatering… I go look for this sent, and it is in a casino. I look more and find her at a table playing poker, she is absolutely stunning. Brown hair, big doe eyes, a blue dress, legs that go on forever, pale but not too pale. She was just beautiful, and I don't say that often. She has a drink with her maybe she will come with me willingly…

"Hello beautiful." I say "What are you doing playing poker? You don't look like the poker type to me." I question her. She is blushing 'awe isn't that cute she is so innocent and native' I think. Then she smiles.

"Maybe I was waiting for a real poker game. Do you play?" she says.

"I am the master." I smirk at her and she smirks back.

"How about we make this a game, if I win you buy me 10 shots and if you will I buy you 10 shots? Deal?" she says. I smirk at her again, I like her already. She is going down…

*Some time later*

I can't believe I lost! To a girl! My God! I'm losing my touch. I am at the counter buying 20 shots 10 for me 10 for her. But I like this girl. She is different from the rest.

"So what's your name?" I finally ask, I played poker with this girl and still I have no idea what her name is.

"Bella soon-to-be-Cullen. Yours?" Bella says.

"Damon Salvatore. So who is the lucky guy?" I question.

She blushes and says "Edward, he is back at home I'm with my best friends, we came here for my bachelorette party." She says having a glint in her eye talking about this Edward. For some reason I dislike this Edward for taking MY Bella from me. Wait, what? She isn't mine. She is engaged! For Pete's sake! She can't be mine, I'm a vampire. Vampires don't want to make random humans theirs.

Rose's POV

We finally finished hunting; it took about five hours to do.

"Bella is probably in the casino sleeping or reading a book." I say giggling, that is something Bella would do. Alice laughs with me.

We get to the hotel to change and go down to the casino wearing a green dress that goes mid-thigh with some 2"high heels with a tad bit of make-up. Alice is in a purple dress exactly like mine but she has 7" high heels. We go down and look for Bella, but the unexpected happens. She isn't here; and she isn't in the hotel room so where is she?

A/N: Another Story! Yeah! I am still on the other stories don't worry! But, I needed a story for Nanowrimo. So this is the story! I love these kind of stories so I'm excised to do this kind of story! :)

-Love You All, Don't Die!