The Climb

In a matter of one week things had finally settled down, well, for Bianca at least. Anson had been put in jail, and Bianca had made a final decision about the move. She just wasn't sure how she was going to approach the situation. Clare and Bianca's relationship seemed to grow rapidly in that one week. Clare and Bianca talked about faith, relationships, and about the situation that Bianca was in and Bianca had to admit, she liked it. It was nice to have a girl to talk to. Hanging out with Fitz and his friends wasn't exactly rainbows and sunshine. Even though she adored Fitz, she couldn't stand Owen and his disgusting crew.

But even though things settled down drama was still stirring in Degrassi. Alli seemed to notice Clare and Bianca smiling at each other as they passed the hallways, and once she even caught them walking to class together! It wasn't just Alli that noticed either, but a few other people who began spreading crazy rumors. Everyone was furious with Clare: Eli, Adam, and Alli.

"Clare I just don't understand it...why would you hang out with Bianca after what she did to Adam and Alli?" Eli asked. The two were sitting together as they ate their lunch while Alli and Adam ate elsewhere, not wanting to be bothered with Clare today. Eli was still upset but he loved Clare, and he couldn't just ignore her.

"Everyone needs a friend Eli...Don't you think that a person should be forgiven if they make a mistake?"

"Not really," Eli muttered.

"Ok so if you made a mistake you wouldn't want me to forgive you?" Clare raised an eyebrow at him.

He sighed, "Ok fair enough but come on, this girl is trouble. I'm not trouble."

"Um, you kind of are," Clare chuckled, "You own a questionable car, you're a little cryptic and you're not exactly the type of guy that parents just adore when they first see you."

"Gee thanks," Eli pouted, "But I guess if anyone can change a person for the better it's you Clare."

Clare paused for a moment, "Me?"

"Yeah...I know you've certainly changed me for the better," Eli smirked and Clare felt her cheeks flush. He leaned in towards her and kissed her and she returned the kiss wholeheartedly but looked at him with a playful expression on her face, "I didn't know you were a fan of PDA."

"I'm a fan of a whole lot of things when it comes to you," he smirked.


While Eli and Clare ate lunch Bianca was just getting out of Principal Simpsons office. The two of them were discussing Bianca's decision to leave Degrassi. They had to make some arrangements, and Principal Simpson said that he would give her a letter of recommendation for her other schools. She was more than grateful for that, especially considering all of the things that she did at Degrassi that she knew would drive any principal crazy. As she made her way inside the cafeteria she passed by Adam and Alli who rolled their eyes. She was about to continue walking, not really caring what they thought, (especially Alli), but then she sighed and turned back around, "Hey you guys."

"What do you want? Don't you have a boyfriend to steal?"

Bianca rolled her eyes, "You know I was gonna apologize to you Alli, but you don't even deserve it. Your boyfriend could have said no if he wanted to, but the problem is that he didn't want to Bhndari. And you know...he really enjoyed the boiler room experience. It was probably the best time he ever had."

Alli stood up, ready to tackle Bianca to the ground but Adam held her back. He looked at Bianca with an annoyed look on his face, "Why don't you just leave us alone?"

Bianca sighed, "Look I'm sorry-"

"It's too late for apologies skank!" Alli said a little too loudly, gaining some attention from other tables, "You screwed up everything for Adam and for me. I don't know what kind of lies you told Clare, but you're not a good person, you never will be a good person."

At this Bianca felt her eyes watering, because maybe, just maybe she felt like Alli was right. She could never be a good least not here. It was then that she became even more thankful for the move.

Adam still showed sympathy towards Bianca. He nudged Alli, "Alli maybe you should stop."

"No, this slut needs to hear it. She's a terrible person and everyone needs to know!"

"Alli stop!"

This time it was Clare who stood up and said something. She made her way towards the table and looked at Alli, Adam, and Bianca, "This has been going on for far too long ok! We all make mistakes and I know what Bianca did was just terrible, but don't you think she realizes that? Just let it go."

"Whose side are you on Clare?" Alli crossed her arms over her chest, "Because it can't be both."

"I'm not on anyone's side. But Alli come on you should be able to understand what it's like to constantly be judged for your mistakes. Remember what happened with Johnny?"

At this Alli fell silent.

"You know what...I really don't give a fuck what any bitch has to say about me. I'm sorry about what happened Alli, but it doesn't make me like you anymore...And Adam I screwed up your life, I realize that now...And I'm sorry ok? I'm really sorry. But I didn't come here to ask for your guys' forgiveness because quite frankly, I couldn't care less. I just wanted to make amends before I leave here."

"So you really are moving? I thought it was still undecided," Clare said softly.

"Yeah well, I just decided it today. Thanks for everything Clare, and goodbye. I need to go find my boyfriend," Bianca said, and with that she walked off.

School passed by much too slowly for Bianca's liking. Her and Fitz had decided to meet up at the Raven before Bianca left tomorrow. They were sitting down together, surrounded by smokers and drinkers, and for the first time the two of them weren't joining in on the smoking and the drinking. Bianca and Fitz were having a heavy makeout session when Fitz suddenly pulled away from her.

She raised an eyebrow at him, "What is it Fitz?"

"I think we should talk...about what we're gonna do when you leave."

Bianca sighed. This was not a conversation that she wanted to have at all. In fact, it was the very one that she wanted to avoid. She looked at him seductively, "I didn't come here to talk Fitz."

She pulled him in for another kiss and he couldn't help himself. His hands traveled her curvy body, and he pulled her closer. His tongue explored her mouth and she let out a raspy breath. He tried to remember what he was going to say but he suddenly couldn't find the words. It took all his strength to pull away for a second time.

"Fitz!" Bianca hissed.

"Bee I'm serious...what are we gonna do?"

"We're gonna make the best of this night and realize that after this there is no more Bee and Fitz because I'm moving and you're gonna find some other girl to screw around with," she said harshly.

" know that's not gonna happen right?"

Bianca sighed, "Look...let's not be like those couples in the cliche movies ok? They always say that they're gonna wait for each other, but you know what I've learned from those movies? Long distance never works out."

"Bianca there's no other girl that I wanna be with."

"Yeah, not right now, but what about later? What about in a few years?"

"Nothing's gonna change."

"Everything's gonna change Fitz! So can we just enjoy this night?"

"Bee I love you," he said, rushing the words out in the process.

She looked back at him, shocked, "Fitz...please don't do this to me."

He pulled her in for another kiss, and then looked at her, "Just promise me you'll keep in touch?"

"Only if you promise me you won't wait around for me?"

He sighed, "Bee-"

"Please promise me that."

"Fine...I won't wait around, but if I don't find someone as wonderful as you then..."

"Shut up!" Bianca chuckled.

Before they could continue talking someone called Bianca's name. She turned around and was shocked to see Clare standing there, and with her Jesus Club friends nonetheless!

"Clare! What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to say a proper goodbye...I know things got kind of wild today during lunch, but I didn't wanna just leave things like that. Jesus Club and I bought you a little gift," Clare said, gently taking the gift basket from Will.


"It has a Bible in it, one with a good translation. There's also some Christian films and some cross cookies."

Bianca raised an eyebrow, "Cross cookies?"

"Yeah you know like...cookies in the shape of a cross."

Bianca chuckled at this.

"It's too much huh?"

"It's just enough for someone like you. Thanks a lot," Bianca smiled.

"Ok I'm lost...since when do you hang out with the Jesus Freaks?" Fitz questioned.

"Fitz shut up," Bianca hissed, "Anyway Clare...thanks for the gift basket and Jesus Club thanks too I guess."

"No problem...well...I have to get going. I just wanted to bring that. So I guess this is goodbye, for real this time?"

"Yeah...Bye Clare."

"Bye Bianca."

The two stared at each other for a while before Bianca hesitantly got up and pulled Clare into a hug, "Thanks for everything..."

"No problem," Clare smiled as she returned the hug.

And ten years later Bianca still remembered Clare as the girl who helped her get on the road to salvation.

A/N: I didn't wanna leave this unfinished. Sorry for the SUPER LONG AWAITED chapter! I just didn't have much inspiration to write it. But I hope you guys enjoyed it. Sorry if it seemed rushed.