"Oh my God!" Eren yelped, watching the guy fall into the snow. He was lucky that he didn't fall straight onto the pavement. "What I do?" She turned to Jean. "Jean, what do I do?!"

Jean didn't reply. He only swished his tail at her as if to say, 'What do you expect me to do?'

"You are so worthless!" Eren cried, turning back to the man in the snow. She squatted down slowly next to him but didn't dare touch him. Her eyes widened. There was a trail of red blood seeping from his lips. "Did I accidently touch him?"

She glanced at Jean who appeared at her side, rubbing against her legs in silent comfort. "I couldn't have! Did you see me touch him?"

Once again, Jean couldn't reply. Eren found herself rubbing at unshed tears in her eyes. "I'm the worst," she said quietly. Moving closer to the man, she snapped her fingers near his ears. "Please don't be dead!" He didn't react to her snapping; he didn't move at all, in fact. "Oh God," she moaned, pressing her face into her hands in despair.

"Hey, do you need help?"

Eren glanced up through blurry eyes to find hand mere inches away from her. She flinched but looked up at the person. It was a boy with long blonde hair and blue eyes with his hand outstretched to her. Beside him was a girl about the same age. Her black hair hung limply down to her shoulders and she watched Eren with soft dark eyes.

"This guy," Eren choked out, turning her attention back to the man on the ground. "He needs help. I don't know what's wrong with him."

The blonde boy's hands were still outstretched to her but Eren pulled herself without his help, completely ignoring his hand. The boy looked a bit hurt but Eren had no time to worry about that. "Can you help him?" she begged.

The boy leaned forward and started checking for a pulse. "He's alive, but he needs to get out of this cold."

"He lives at the coffee shop," Eren said immediately, pointing in the direction of the shop. "Could you carry him? I'm a bit… weak." She watched them, hoping to God that they would take care of it.

The girl eyed Eren but eventually nodded. The two leaned down and positioned themselves to pick him up. Immediately, Eren scooped up Jean while the two were distracted and backed away. She had to get out of here.

Turning, Eren began running away down the path with tears prickling underneath her eyelid. Chancing a glance back, she caught a glimpse of the black-haired man's sleeping face. Her heart thudded once before she turned away. She wouldn't come back here ever again.

Mikasa and Armin lifted the stranger up. He wasn't exactly heavy but he was still hard to carry between the two of them. Mikasa held him underneath his armpits and Armin held his legs.

"You said the coffee shop?" Mikasa asked, looking over her shoulder. She frowned. The girl was gone… and her cat.

Armin looked just as puzzled. "Do you think she did this to him?" he asked, glancing at the unconscious guy's face.

Mikasa scowled. The girl had left them to do her dirty work. "Come on; let's just get him to the coffee shop."

They struggled him across the road in the direction they had been pointed in. It was especially awkward to be carrying a man down a busy street.

By the time they reached the coffee shop, both of their legs burned and Armin kept complaining that his arms were going to fall off. The bell rang overhead as they pushed through the door. The shop was almost empty.

"We have a delivery for you!" Mikasa called, slowly laying the man to the floor.

"Mikasa!" Armin scolded but he put down the guy's legs, leaving him to lie on the dirty floor.

A towering man rounded the counter and the two read his name tag. Erwin. "Jesus Christ," Erwin said, turning pale. "Really, Levi? Again?"

"What's wrong with him?" Armin asked, looking worried.

"He's really sick and he's really stupid. He knows he's not supposed to go outside in his condition, but he does anyway." He paused to let out a long breath. "He's okay though. Want to help me get him upstairs?"

Mikasa looked sideways at Levi. He didn't look okay to her but… whatever. She immediately reached down and lifted him again.

Levi coughed roughly and he shot into consciousness, groaning loudly. He felt terrible… but it could be worse. He's definitely had worse. "Fuck," he swore, turning uncomfortably in what he assumed was his bed.

A warm cloth was pressed to his forehead and Levi sighed. It was a relief on his cold face. "You're a little shit, you know that?"

Levi squeezed his eyes tighter. "Not now, Hangi."

She continued to press the cloth against Levi's forehead but in silence. Levi let the comfort wash over him and he relaxed into his thoughts. Wait… How he ended up here?

Levi sighed and opened his eyes and glanced at his roommate. Hangi stared back him with a slight, sad smile. "How did I get here?"

"Mikasa and Armin. They just happened to be walking through the park and they found you, luckily. You would be a popsicle by now if they hadn't found you."

"What about Eren?"

Hangi looked startled. "Who?"

"Eren," Levi said, slowly sitting up with a hand pressed to his pounding head. "It's this little brat that sleeps in parks and crosses streets wrong…" He looked at Hangi and she was looking at him oddly.

"Did you hit your head?"

"You didn't see her? She has this stupid face that…" he trailed off. "Did she just leave me out there?"

Hangi brightened then. "Oh! Armin did say that there was a girl there and she asked them to help you. But then she just disappeared."

Levi didn't know why but that royally pissed him off. He tore back the sheets of his bed and jumped out, powered by pure annoyance.

"Wait," Hangi said, gathering pill bottles from his bedside table. "You have to take your medication!"

Levi ignored her and went to his window and peered out angrily. It was dark already and the thousands of strands of lights were lit up, covering the park with light. Levi stared at it, taken aback. That wasn't what he had expected.

Casting his surprise away, Levi sat on the edge of his chair and got out the binoculars, scanning across the park quickly. "Where the fuck are you?" Levi cursed, looking for Eren. Would she sleep in the snow again?

Hangi appeared at his side, rattling his pills in a Dixie cup. "You better not complain this time."

"I'm busy."

Hangi groaned. Suddenly she grabbed his head and forced the pills into his mouth. "There," she said, clearly frazzled. She passed him a glass of water and he took it broodingly.

He washed back the pills and she disappeared into another part of the apartment, leaving Levi alone to his own devices. Levi wasn't sure how long he sat there searching for the girl but around 2 AM he gave up, putting away his binoculars in disappointment.

She was gone.

The next morning, Levi went through his morning routine. First he took a shower. A shower for him took about… twenty minutes. You can never be too clean was his motto. Afterwards, he would clean about everything else. His teeth, his bathroom, the microwave, you name it. He needed the apartment to be clean if he was going to endure another day in it.

Hangi laughed at him as he scrubbed the front tiles by the door as she pulled on her boots for work. Levi promptly told her to fuck off.

Then after that, he would make himself breakfast. It was never anything to big since the meds made him more nauseous than they were worth, but he forced it into his mouth nonetheless.

Then he would brush his teeth again.

Finally, when he sat down in his recliner to people watch, it was about ten in the morning. He sighed, leaning onto the window sill tiredly. He didn't even move to pick up his binoculars.

Levi's mind wandered as he watched the same old, same old outside his window. He found himself wondering where Eren had gone. Was she homeless?

Levi slammed his fist against the window sill. If she was homeless, she should go find help! Don't be sleeping on park benches, idiot! Levi was seething just thinking about the girl. And who was there to make sure she didn't kill herself crossing the street? Didn't anyone ever teach her to look both ways?! He ground his teeth.

Calm down, calm down, he told himself. But then he froze.

There she was! She was walking in his God-damned street with some dumb-looking guy! Now she was really going to get it!

Levi stood sharply but paused when she stopped in front of the coffee shop with the guy and pointed up at Levi's apartment, talking to the guy. After a second, she glanced up to where she was pointing and froze when her eyes caught Levi's. She immediately looked flustered.

Levi glared down at her and then made a motion of his hand to STAY THERE.

He marched away from the window and threw on his shoes before flying down the stairs into the coffee shop. He again ignored whatever Erwin was muttering about and found his way to the door, throwing it open.

Eren and the guy stood there, staring at him. "Get in here," Levi demanded. He wasn't wearing a coat, so he didn't want to be out there any longer than he had to.

"You're alive," she said, looking completely shocked.

A vein in Levi's temple pulsed. "Why the hell wouldn't I be? I'm not that weak."

Eren sputtered, trying to correct what she said but Levi cut her off. "Just get in here."

Looking at Jean, Eren cocked her head questionably at him. Jean grimaced but said, "I'll meet up with you later."

Eren nodded and watched Jean go. He disappeared into the crowd and Eren turned back to Levi, following him inside. Levi led the girl to a little table in the corner on the far side and sat down roughly, turning to stare at her. She sat down a bit more slowly.

Levi did not waste any time. "Who the hell are you?"

Eren laughed as if Levi were joking. He was not. She stopped laughing after an awkward moment of being glared at and said, "Are you serious?"

"Are you homeless? Do you need help?"

She looked confused. "Like I said before… None of your business?" She said it like a question, not sounding very sure of herself anymore.

Levi groaned. "That's it. You need my help."

"I do not!" Her face heated with anger.

"Yeah. You do," Levi said calmly.

"You don't know anything about me."

"You don't know how to cross streets correctly."

Eren blinked at that. "What?" She shook her head, letting it go. "I don't even know your name, how could I trust you?"

"Levi," he said immediately. "Okay? Are you happy now?"

"I still don't know what you want to help me with."

"You've got nowhere to stay, right?" She looked at him with wide eyes but she didn't say a word. Levi nodded, knowing he was right. "You can stay with me."