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Shrek and Stalin were very happy living together and they were eventually doing everything together, eating, sleeping, and they fucked all day. Stalin was very happy with shrek and shrek was very happy with Stalin. The one thing shrek forgot about was Fione, how was he gonna break the news to his wife?She didn't know shrek was a big gay sex machine. Stalin had left behind Russia and devouted his life to spending time with shrek. Shrek and Stalin hatched a plan to make Fiona catch them fucking. One night, when Fiona came home to the cottage, she found shrek and Stalin fucking on the kitchen counter, shrek's cock was throbbing inside of Stalin and Stalin's erect penis was also throbbing and pulsing.

"thees is the ugly trewth Fiona, liek it ur not dis is how eet is" says shrek as he cums his onion sperm in Stalin's stretched anus.

Fiona, immediantly turned on, takes off all her clothes, she begins sucking Stalin's erect penis and it became a huge fuck-fest. Stalin was happy, yet unhappy, he wanted Shrek all to himself, so he hatched a plan to kill Fiona. One day while Fiona was cooking breakfeast, he took a pan and Stalin killed Fiona. Then he fucked the open hole he bashed with a pan, then hid the body. Shrek was not upset, shrek was pleesed. Stalin was still upset because he had been away from russia, he missed it. When Shrek and Stalin went back to Russia, the people were unhappy and chased shrek with torches and pitchforks. the Russians chased him to a cliff.

"if you fuckers want to kill shrek you will have to get through me" Stalin says

Stalin proceeds to rip off his clothes

all of the russian people glare at his majestic throbbing penis. Shrek notices it, it is bigger than ever, shrek starts taking off his clothes and eventually, all of russia is in a huge orgy, over 150 million people all fucking.

Shrek and Stalin lived happily ever after.